16 April, 2006

“Our Revolution is Not Conservative” – Truth Is No Defense #12

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The Truth Is No Defense broadcast number 12 is available for download.

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Our Revolution is not Conservative

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  7. 4 Responses to ““Our Revolution is Not Conservative” – Truth Is No Defense #12”

    1. Orion Says:

      Why is Beck only 14 minutes? Hour is better.

    2. Olde Dutch Says:

      Jeff, nice speech, and you have an excellent radio voice.

      I hope you realize that the alternative government you describe, is exactly what the Founders constructed in the first place.

    3. Geoff Beck Says:

      Hello Orion:

      Unlike Alex, my brain to vocal chord time is very slow. I have to build an argument slowly, brick by brick. I can’t imagine how much material I would have to pour through to round-off an hour concerning the subject of revolution.

      When I find the time, I’ll be doing a show on the thinking of Hans-Herman Hoppe, an interesting thinker whose ideas are not in opposition to ours on VNN, or at least that’s what I argue. And I’m sure the respectable Libertarians at Lew Rockwell won’t like what I have to say.

    4. New America Says:

      I think this is the next, Creative step in our Awakening.

      You are correct to dismiss the men who want to live in a past that never was, the (so-called) “Constitutionalists.” An easy way to deal with them is to ask them WHICH “Constitution” they want to go back to, and exactly what Amendments would they incorporate? Why? Indeed, would their “Constitution” incorporate the Amendments into the BODY of their “Constitution?” (Incidentally, this issue was addressed by the NSM’s Bill White on Peter Shank’s old show on RBN. Ask Peter Shank what happened soon thereafter…)

      I casually point out that the “Constitution” is simply a system that establishes a framework for governance; contrary to popular myth, this document was formed BY extraordinarily well-read Aristocrats to assist them in governing their Realms. Thus, for example, they knew the limits of law, and lawyers – the Constitution explicitly allows Congress to overrrule ANY Supreme Court decision with a simply majority vote of both houses…

      Yet, not ONE of the “Conservatives” has ever proposed this, as a solution to Brown v. Board, or any form of “judicial activism.” Any ideas why that is? Feel like you’ve been had yet, Patriotards? Libertarians? Constitutionalists? Ready for a NEWER DEAL, or a NEW “Contract With America?”

      They were Aristocrats, and made sure that the APPOINTED body – the Senate, which was APPOINTED by the governors of the states – would ALWAYS be in session – there would be no national mischief against THEIR interests…

      EVENTUALLY, we shall return to the most stable and effective form of government, the meritorious aristocracy, where democratic forms – consultation with the people – are balanced by a meritocratic aristocracy that thinks in terms of their collective responsibilities to generations yet to come, and that is bound to the soil, and to the people that live there today, and will live there, generations from now.

      The Europeans recognized the need for a flexible Aristocracy, recognizing that mere hereditary rights should not include the right to rule. Leadership, to them, is a privilege, and must be earned. Thus, the Junker aristocrats, under Bismarck, served in the armed forces, and thus were in a position to quickly make the changes needed to meet the new threats faced by the new Germany. The French, stubbornly class-based as ever, open spots in their Grand Ecoles to the meritorious, regardless of birth.

      Contrast that with us, where OUR Elite won’t go within fifty miles of serving in the military…

      Harold Covington has been working on some ideas around this with his concept of Northwest Migration (his blog is thoughtcrime.blogspot.com, and links to his Northwest Migration blog); I would argue that something like the Swiss system of governance might well serve us well, as an organizational design. Incidentally, the Swiss take the concept of citizenship very seriously; people that have lived in Switzerland for generations have been denied citizenship.

      Eventually, in practice, we will move to some sort of – dare I say it – National Socialist state. To give the flamers time to cool off after THOSE two words, I give all and sundry Savitri Devi’s famous caveat, that the NSDAP movementent was but one example of National Socialism. (It is useful to remember that the Propasphere has jumbled terms beyond useful recognition.)

      I would begin with this foundation:

      America is my country, but my RACE is my NATION.

      The idea of new nation-states developing on an essentially organic basis is exactly the antithesis of the plans our mortal enemies have for us; thus, the idea has all the more merit.

      This is an excellent point made by Peter Shank, and Alex Linder – loosely paraphrasing and modifying – America, to our enemies, is a Proposition Nation, and this conception represents the triumph of the French Revolution over the American Revolution – “all men created equal” is part of the Declaration of Independence, used as a marketing tool for French support, whereas “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” was originally, “life, liberty, and property” – remember, whose intrests were the Founders representing?

      However, the organic unity from which the nation arises is NOT a Proposition – it is Blood and Soil – literally, an organic unity.

      We have far more in common with the people of Iceland than we do the people of Somalia who come here, raise their hand in a courtroom, and become “Americans.”

      Our Race Is Our Nation – to be more precise, Our Race, Writ Large, Is Our Nation.

      RACE involves far more than the presence or absence of melanin…

      Here is an idea Hoppe might well consider; look at the German enclaves in Argentina and Chile, and tell me what is their country, and where is their nation?

      New America! An Idea Whose Time Is Here!