17 April, 2006

Real action or fantasy feel good? Do we have a choice?

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As I was reading the comments about Pedro Varela arrest, I began pondering the following message by Megasaurus.

“V for Vendetta condones violence and resistance against rotten systems. You’ll notice in the film, the state is totalitarian, menacing, policed, Fascist in leadership, (unlike democratic 30’s Germany) and socialist.

V for Vendetta treats V and the girl caught up in a grand adventure very sympathetically and in the end, the symbolic bombing of Parliament was met by the vast support of the people.

Duke makes a bad comparison there. That’s all. Duke should cheer Parliament getting destroyed. As did the average people in the film who gathered to pay tribute to V for his act of rebellion/resistance/patriotism.

Wouldn’t most people secretly be overjoyed if some rogue blew up Congress and the White House. Only the media would be upset.�

Everyone reading this post needs to realize that the jews are masters at this game. They learned long ago that when they impose their draconian laws and oppressive taxes and restrictions on a host population, the pressure against their oppressive arrogance builds until invariably the host population rises up and physically drives them from their presence. After repeatedly experiencing this expulsion, the Freudian parasites began studying human nature for a solution to this problem. What they discovered was ability to control the mounting anger of a host was population by providing a catharsis that would channel the anger harmlessly into fantasy. If an outlet for anger were provided, then instead of taking real action against a real threat, the members of a host population would vent their anger harmlessly through the fantasy medium provided. As Jacques Ellul states, the purpose of propaganda is to incite action. This then is the other side of propaganda, the design of these emotional outlets is to invoke passive action that will prevent real action from being undertaken. Is anyone beginning to feel like a lab rat yet?

The jews have now installed numerous types of these emotional outlets throughout American society. Today jewish talk radio shills like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly et al, provide examples of one type of outlet. They are sounding boards that provide emotional, cathartic, relief on a wide range of issues by allowing the listeners and callers a harmless vent for their mounting rage. As such, these talking clown’s primary purpose is to provide a relief valve specifically designed to keep the goyim’s anger from building to the point where they take action against the jews who are turning up the heat on the kettle. Another example of the jew’s relief valve technique is found in certain movies created for the same purpose. The “Dirty Harry� and “Death Wish� series comes to mind in this regard. Such movies provide an even more effective emotional outlet then talk radio, as the cinematic vehicle visually and aurally immerse the viewer in the jew’s fantasy world of “raging against the machine�. Megasaurus demonstrates this technique in action when he poses the question, “Wouldn’t most people secretly be overjoyed if some rogue blew up Congress and the White House?� This very statement points out that his fantasy has been at least partially fulfilled by watching it played out in this movie. In the same manner that pornography provides phony, virtual, sexual release, these movies provide a phony, virtual, release for pent up rage.

Dirty Harry was the perfect emotional outlet to misdirect the rage of those feeling frustrated and enraged by the increasing legal entanglement presented by the jew’s influence in the justice system. When the “Dirty Harry� and “Death Wish� series was released in the seventies and eighties, the “conservative� faction was in full heat, railing at the mounting legal entanglements and injustice justice that typically allowed criminals to walk free and resume their predatory activities. The popular perception was that the police were hamstrung in their efforts to pursue their bovinian concept of justice.

The steely eyed Charles Bronson and Clint Eastwood had no such restrictions. In fact, they were part of the police system, but they comprised the part of the system that knew what justice was and how it should be properly administered. In these movies, their characters never had to put up with the rapidly evolving legal tar baby that entrapped real life cops. Because the characters were either cops themselves or working with cops and because they were part of the system, they were free to pursue justice to its rightful end even when it meant opposing or working outside the justice system and losing their job over it. The “insider� aspect of the cop was portrayed in a scene where Dirty Harry tapes an illegal stiletto switchblade to his ankle and his superior does nothing more then make the statement that it is disgusting that cops would even know how to use such weapons. The idea presented by this scene is what cops do is legal, so don’t go overboard and try this on your street because when you do, it is illegal. So just watch the movie and leave this justice stuff to the cops who are trained experts and have a license to kill.

One drawback was that a few dimwitted cops watching these movies also took them to heart and as they were obviously insiders themselves, these cops felt that like Dirty Harry, they had no need to conform their actions to laws designed for the little people. Of course never at a loss to capitalize on their mistake, the jews managed to use these stupid rogue cop’s illegal actions to their advantage by kvetching long and loud about police brutality and thus were able to actually increase the restrictions on genuine police action. So while the white man found a phony, virtual, release in these movies for anger over injustice, the jews made real life justice even more difficult to apply, thus engendering even more rage among the goyim. Round and round it goes, where it stops only the jew knows.

This mindless, Hollywood, faux violence was embraced by every “gun nutâ€? I knew at that time.* Every one of these guys wished he could have been Dirty Harry using “the most powerful handgun in the world that would blow their head clean off” to bring justice to those evil criminals prowling the streets. And for a few hours, and a few bucks, Hollywood conveniently provided the venue to entertain that possibility, while profiting handsomely from the effort. The results? The jews were able to continue their legal machinations unimpeded and unopposed. In doing so they have now created a legal, year round, open season on white people for any and all of the mud-predator classes. What do the angry whites do about this travesty? Why they watch movies like “Vâ€? or whatever, so they can fulfill their fantasy of actually doing something about the situation while never having to leave the comfort of their easy chair. Alternatively, they listen and call in to idiot demagogues like Shaun Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly who bloviate about the evils of the justice system and how it cripples the cop’s crime fighting abilities while allowing criminals to walk free.

Masters that they are, the jews, also use the opportunity to use these relief valve movies to insert desirable propaganda messages. As “WhiteFight�, points out in his post, “Am I the only one who thought V for Vendetta was an insidious propaganda piece? They portrayed the government as Nazis hell bent on squashing dykes and homos, had a scene right out of Shindler’s list (shaving the heads of prisoners) and the preservation of a Koran which was illegal. Sorry guys but this movie was a royal propaganda piece; “Let’s make the world free for dykes and homos�, nice message.� Thus, while providing a harmless emotional outlet for the bovina’s misdirected rage, these movies also serve as a vehicle to deliver the jew’s alternative political agenda. The movie goer is treated to a never ending parade of standard stereotypes like that of the evil, blond, white men, oppressed or sympathetic Negroes, sensitive jews, dumb blonds, tough broads and a host of other contrived images advantageous to the jew’s agenda.

Therefore, while the enraged white man finds relief in getting his nut off on the fantasy violence, at the same time they also absorb the pro-jewish agenda portrayed in these movies. As I said, the jews are masters at this game; they have spent around five thousand years perfecting their techniques. Just imagine for a moment what the case might be if there were no jew-provided fantasy relief valves, why we might have an entire nation of real life Dirty Harrys going around with ropes and making sure that justice is actually served. Worse in an effort to make things right in the future, these vigilantes might even begin to look for the cause of the injustice and that just wouldn’t be very nice would it; after all what would our nanny state think of its children taking such adult actions against Yahweh’s chosen pets?

* At least those guys under the age of fifty and not combat vets. Combat vets know exactly where to go if they want to continue practicing the type of gunplay depicted by the Hollywood fantasy masters. However, there are indeed few Thomas Chittums out there that ever actually pursue the genuine reality for as those who have been there know, while it may be exhilarating for the moment, the lifestyle isn’t conducive to a long and healthy existance.


Arch Stanton

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  7. 20 Responses to “Real action or fantasy feel good? Do we have a choice?”

    1. Megasaurus Says:

      Sometimes I wonder if life isn’t just an elaborate joke, of which I’m the butt. The end of my each and every day should be met with one of those drum rolls accompanying the delivery of the punchline.

      I understand what you mean when you propose that all these Holllywood silver screen fantasies and rebel radio talk shows are “used” as a way to let off some social steam, while capitalizing on the wallet contents of the disgruntled 30 somethings. It’s impossible to say whether the makers of such movies and all the other anti-system fantasy get together and plot out how they’re going to help the angry mobs release their pent up rage and thereby keep any real action from occurring in the “real world”. Like we’re all stomping about outside the Versaille Palace while Marie Antoinette throws us tasty bits of cake.

      I know you’re not really denouncing what I said about the movie. It seems you just got to thinking about the strong possibility that any anarchist cook book fare in the society at large must be designed by jews and their collaborators to defang any possible real action. Like a twist on A Clockwork Orange, where instead of being reprogrammed to abhor violence, we are reprogrammed to become sedate and accepting of any injustice since we know that there are moviemakers out there who feel our pain and who are making cool movies where the lab-rat-expirement-gone-wrong good guys destroy the government and a new day dawns for humanity. It’s possible, even probable.

      But in the music industry I’ve had years of listening to cynical, angry, fed-up White guys and I know they aren’t trying to be part of any grand social engineering schemes. They’re just trying to make money and say what they have to say. And if it sells, then the people want to buy it and listen to it. Same with movies. In the case of V for Vendetta, the Wachowski brothers are speaking to the revolutionary in all of us who recognize the system for what it is. If they’re making moeny then that shows that there is a market for their cinema. Whether that cinema is something more than just popcorn and a couple of hours in a dark room is up to debate.

      I don’t know but that’s my two cents. Hope I got some kind of point across.

    2. Megasaurus Says:

      I just wanted to ad that I didn’t get my rocks off when V blew up Parliament. I just thought that it was nice to see, even if it was nothing more than an illusion. This is the age of movies, video games, TV and ILLUSION. We take what we can get.

      Unless they start selling high explosives at Home Depot at competitive prices, there isn’t going to be much real resistance. When the market develops enough, I’m sure some jew will come forward with Kitchen C-4. Then we’ll surely show the system who’s boss.

      Aren’t we all living in a kosher dream world? Where nothing is as it seems, and nothing is as it should be, and everything we know or think we know is irrelevant in the end?

    3. karakazov Says:

      It’s impossible to say whether the makers of such movies and all the other anti-system fantasy get together and plot …

      Well … it’s not THAT impossible …. Remember the jewish Wachowski brothers also made “The Matrix,” an allegory about jewish mind-control through the control of information.

      Unless they start selling high explosives at Home Depot at competitive prices, there isn’t going to be much real resistance. When the market develops enough, I’m sure some jew will come forward with Kitchen C-4. Then we’ll surely show the system who’s boss.

      Aren’t we all living in a kosher dream world?

      But that’s just it! That is the kosher dream world right there! Wait till the Jews sell us C-4?? The Jews could stock C-4 on store shelves, and nothing would happen. We’ve still got access to pretty good guns, and nobody’s doing a thing with those. We’ve got to fight for power, whatever form that fight takes; that’s the only way to accomplish anything, and that’s how Hitler won back Germany. Rockwell goes on at length about this towards the end of White Power, which everyone should read. We will never receive power as a gift from the jews, we will never luck into it … we won’t even get power from typing anonymous comments on WN blogs …

    4. Elite Aryan Crack Smoker Says:

      … we won’t even get power from typing anonymous comments on WN blogs …

      I remember a recent posting to this site about whether to fight or flee the mud invasion. One of your authoritative Arch Luminaries plans to escape by sailboat (due to his elite, razor-sharp, superwarrior military training). I know alot about traveling on and living aboard sailboats: Because of the decades of their involvement in drug smuggling, you can barely take a shit on a sailboat ANYWHERE ON EARTH without being under *some* sort of surveillance. Rotsa ruck trying to outrun the “Global Air Police” at the sailboat’s max speed of six miles per hour. What a “Maguire”!

      Nope, there’s no way out but through the Jews.

      Why don’t you guys at least start with something simple, something doable and useful… something that would also vanquish your biggest bugaboo – social marginalization.

      With the time and money you guys devote to Jew pursuits, like cinema & cable, you could be mentoring some poor White kids who otherwise wouldn’t stand a chance because they have no idea what they’re facing (affirmative action, etc., etc.). Real resistance starts now – today. It starts when you decide that you’re going to stop sending monthly checks to the Jew cartels. It’s that simple. “C4”? …my fucking ass… only in your Jew video games.

    5. Megasaurus Says:

      TV and movies are jew. Video games, not nearly, nearly as much. This is true.

      Sorry if I need some entertainment when I’m not plotting the overthrow of ZOG.

      The C-4 at Home Dejew was a hypothetical sarcastic remark on the apathy of our White male population. Why bother when nothing is going to change? They say it has to get worse before it gets better but what if it only gets worse, and worse, and worse and we keep finding ways to survive it until one day we die?

    6. apollonian Says:

      Patience Is Primary Part Of Necessary Patriot Plan
      (Apollonian, 17 Apr 06)

      Yes “Karakozov,” but I’ll go further and say nothing is gonna happen other than the Spenglerian cycle of history–which we white patriots do best to observe w. outstanding journalism and analysis. Hitler “won” only as Jews supplied him massive funding–see Antony C. Sutton’s “Wall Street And The Rise of Hitler.”

      Presently we patriots MUST BE PATIENT above all, but at same time most informative for our volk–and all possible, potential allies against the Jew-puke and allied collaborators fm among the gentiles

      Hence military targets will present themselves all in good time as the volk acknowledge necessity of self-defense for much greater cooperation–in contrast to the treasonous loyalty too many still reflexively give to establishment traitors, the dupes so stupidly desperate for their social security check payment-bribery-corruption.

      Concrete military action of greatest effectiveness then will flow most naturally fm a rationalist and most practical political program: REMOVAL OF FEDERAL RESERVE BANK (Fed) counterfeiting fraud which underlies every other and consequent practical (political) activity of the Judeo-oligarchal enemy. Such is the necessary Plan for CONCRETE objective.

      Regarding the gentile collaborators of Jews, this aspect for plan-strategy is handled by means of attacking the common subjectivity Jews prey upon and exploit, for example, idea it is “good” for Christians to tolerate, forgive, and ally with Jews–as presently in Israel.

      CONCLUSION: Thus we treat the large abstract popular mentality by means of rationalization and, for example, preaching word to Christians that Christianity is necessarily antisemitic. Such is the necessary large cultural-political activity, abstract and concrete, consistent with basic values of simplicity, honesty, patience. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

    7. karakazov Says:

      Ah, I missed the sarcasm in your comment. (Darn inflectionless internet.) Yeah, as far as “worse is better,” I understand the theory but as you say there seems to be a bit of a hole in the argument, since worse is also, of course, worse.

      Yeah, I quit the movies, TV, and my nemesis video games, and spend a lot more time with my family; that’s healthier and more natural.

    8. [email protected] Says:

      You are The One!

      C-4? Overrated.

      Try this: Go to the Nuremberg 60th Celebration in the nearest major shitty and ask the Talmudic jurisprudents why they celebrate the legacy of Julius Streicher’s hanging for his Freedom of Speech, First Amendment Judeo-Exorcizer Machine, Der Sturmer cum Der GiftPilz, et al.


      Don’t be polite during the Q&A. Get that question in. Guarantee your head will blow higher than that of a used car pool lane dummy stuffed with C-4 at the Tel Aviv pizzaria.

      Aryan Butt Crack Dealer is right, we’ve got to get the word to the Aryan Youth who are drowning in Gangster Rap & Grand Theft Auto.

      The only time we should be feeding Federal Reserve Notes into the greasy fingers of Tinselstan is when we’re willing to analyze their Kwanzian Kunst thoroughly enough so as to be able to alchemize these cathartic sedatives into the high octane combustible needed for the fire of a Fuhrer WHO WILL RAGE AGAIN!

    9. SHMUELY Says:

      Arch, you need to collect your balanced, well reasoned thoughts and put them into book form. Ditto for Alex, but his needs needs to be in a more reader friendly vernacular. You guys have shrewd, laser-like, psychological incisiveness about racial & political reality, like few others can articulate. Can I suggest a few titles? How about “America Anesthetized”, or “America: A De Facto Jewish Colony”.

    10. Carpenter Says:

      Like we’re all stomping about outside the Versaille Palace while Marie Antoinette throws us tasty bits of cake.

      Marie-Antoinette never said “let them eat cake” to the report that the people were out of bread. That was a satiric cartoon in a revolutionary rag. But of course, in our present state history telling is assembled by little lies like this one.

      I know you’re not really denouncing what I said about the movie. It seems you just got to thinking about the strong possibility that any anarchist cook book fare in the society at large must be designed by jews and their collaborators to defang any possible real action.

      So it seems he says. And like you, Megasaurus, I have had some contact with the entertainment industry, and can report a lot of fed-up faces, and there doesn’t seem to be any central scheme passed on from on high. Instead, there is a line people know not to cross. Dirty Harry and Deathwish were not made as a plan to let people release steam, they were made by movie makers who wanted to write stories on the fight-crime theme, but knew they couldn’t cross the race-blind line, if they wanted to keep their careers in the Jewish environment.

    11. whiteskelet Says:

      Dirty Harry
      This is a franchise where you learn to hate White males because they are pictured as cowardly psychopaths.
      Why would Whites feel good watching this?

    12. WhiteFight Says:

      Nicely put Alex, thanks for quoting me as well. Just to add one more point to your great rant I’d say the movie is another method of getting the goy inspired to do the jew’s bidding while making them (the goy) feel as if they are attacking their oppressors. The jews would love nothing more than to destroy the parliment building in Britian as it stands as a cornerstone of Western civilization within the nation of Great Britian. It would be a huge feather in their cap to know they destroyed a landmark which is an expression of gentile society and having the gentiles do it themselves is an even greater accompishment in their minds. Evil loves to see it’s victim destroy themselves out of ignorance. The true twisted schizophrenic mind behind this movie shows how far propaganda has developed; while the goy are destroying their own heritage (ie:the parliment) the 1812 overture (a great piece of classical music) is played. This creates a schizm in the goy viewer in an insidious way. It makes the British achitecture seem different from the classical piece and seemingly puts them at odds with each other when in fact they both were created from the same aryan wellspring. I’m sure someone will contradict me and say some jew architect made the parliment or whatever but my point is that the jew knows how to make a goy destroy himself by making him his own worst enemy. Ultimately, it is the white man’s own vice and ignorance which makes him a victim…

    13. Carpenter Says:

      Dirty Harry shows a man protecting people by any means. That appeals to many Whites, who dream of hard action setting things right. As we have explained, the movie makers wouldn’t cross the boundaries set up regarding race, so the DH movies are not racialist. But that they would teach you to hate White males, that’s untrue. The crooks are both White and Black. “Go ahead, punk, make my day.” Remember?

    14. Carpenter Says:

      V for Vendetta points out that a Christian zealot is in charge, right? Sounds like the movie is about how racist, religious Whites are waging war on Iraq, and they should be blown up – the leftist way of turning the Iraq war into a White vs. oppressed darkskins, as usual. The comic that VfV is based on was about slandering Margaret Thatcher, so they simply adjusted the symbolism somewhat.

    15. WhiteFight Says:

      I’m really amazed how veiled the propaganda in the media is these days. Maybe it’s always been this way, I don’t know but it seems to me there is a deeper connection these days between the military agenda and the media. Looks like the more the jew bridges it’s gaps in power the more military propaganda techniques are introduced in the mainstream media. Remember a long time ago when they’d show a brief shot (unnoticable to the naked eye) of popcorn or something during a film which gave you a craving for that image subliminally? That idea is now on steroids and makes you want to do much more god-forsaken things. If anyone can get the movie “the ape” I’d reccomend it to better hone your senses on how the propaganda is sneaking up on the lemmings these days. It basically encourages one to let go of all inhibitions because that’s how the nigger does it and this is how to truly be human. Go here:
      and scroll down to the audio archive of “crash course in propaganda” Edgar Steele does an EXCELLENT job of showing how deep the propaganda is going. Also, check ot “live and let die” where he discusses how brokeback mountain is setting a new standard in modern day propaganda techniques. Keep up the fantastic work VNN!!!

    16. whiteskelet Says:

      About Dirty Harry:
      Yes, there may be black villains, but not as disgusting as White Scorpio.
      The movie intends to make you hate Scorpio and justify his killing. In comparison, Blacks look “OK gangsters”. They rob a bank because they’re hungry, and when Harry says “make my day”, they don’t try. They’re OK.
      Scorpio, described on the car radio as “blond, pale…”, buries a little girl alive and let her die.
      He plays a cowardly and sadistic game with Harry. He’s really hideous. He beats Harry up under the menace that the girl will die. But she’s dead already. When Harry stabs his leg, he screams like a pig. He’s made horrible.
      The only positive in him is that he’s racist, but that’s supposed to be negative.
      Later, Scorpio hijacks a schoolbus. Children again… When Harry challenges him (his last chance…), he runs the risk and dies, so that’s his doing in a way, that’s the message: Scorpio completely deserved to die.
      But the hidden message is: Scorpio is a symbol of the White man. The “peace & love” symbol on him is a deceiving trick.
      Don’t you realise what attack it is on White males? Wake up! I used to be a fan of the franchise until I realised the incredible anti-White bias in it.

    17. Carpenter Says:

      Scorpio is not a symbol of the White man; if they wanted to make him that, they would have made him openly racist.

      I am awake, I just don’t see a conspiracy everywhere. Again, the Dirty Harry movies were made by men who wanted to show conservative values, but had to stop short of race-realism. That they stop short of race-realism doesn’t mean they planned the movies for the purpose of making anti-White propaganda. Absence of intention X doesn’t have to mean the presence of intention Y.

    18. whiteskelet Says:

      When Scorpio says he’s going to kill a nigger or a Catholic priest every night, or when he calls mr punchman “fucking nigger” or something, he’s openly racist.

      We’re not talking conspiracies but pervasive racial hatred.
      This is no planned anti-White propaganda, it’s a general attitude to Whites, and one may believe it is innate more than cultural. Isn’t it logical if they are not White? What else do you expect from non-Whites, if you are not naive?

      Maybe the people who made those movies had conservative thoughts, but their manner reflected their hate of Whites.

      Note : I suppose it is very hard to admit since posts like this are censored at Amren

    19. Transvaal Says:

      Worse is better has some validity. Whites in the US, and in Europe for the most part, are comfortable. When the string pullers take off their masks, remove the kid gloves, then you’ll see whites forced into action. That’s the way things are. That’s the way white people are. They aren’t out looking for conflict. But when when they have to fight, only a fool will bet on the other side. The artificial situation we find ourselves in cannot maintain itself. The cracks are showing. When all those beer swilling whites are stuck having to fight with Clerow and Juan over a gallon of bottled water it will collapse – with the caring folks in DC actually increasing their control and presence for a while before it all goes down, and it will. Enough social chaos, and the media goes down the toilet. The military will fracture along racial lines, despite agent provocateurs telling anyone and everyone it’s silly to think such an impossible thought. The good part is that we are going to see this happen.

    20. whiteskelet Says:

      Still about Harry:

      Isn’t the character of Scorpio a way to associate racism with negative traits, like in, see, this racist guy, he kills little girls?


      You are racist => you kill little girls

      => But you don’t want to kill little girls

      => You will not be racist like the evil Scorpio

      Isn’t it nice propaganda?