27 April, 2006

Reese Riot in San Leandro

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They must hate each other. Isn’t that a crime? How come it’s never mentioned on national TV? Does anyone know?

Note that in the video the Principal pretends that fights were caused by “boredom from testing�. That’s right! The tests weren’t challenging enough for the apes and beaners so they decided to enliven the atmosphere by beating on each other- so she said with a straight face. “Hey, I’m bored. These tests are too easy. Want to duke it out?�


Police took over a dozen students into custody Wednesday as racial tension at San Leandro High School sparked a number of brawls between Latino and African-American students both on and off campus.

Officers rushed to the school at around noon after a large group of Latino students faced off with a similarly sized group of African-American students. The conflict resulted in fights at lunch, and after school.

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    1. Raza Day! Says:

      The principal says that they are going to have “RAZA” day for the spics because of all the “tension” and “anxiety” that they are going through because of the immigration “discussion”. Goddamnit I hate this country and stupid white cunts like that principal.

    2. Christopher Says:

      Examine what the principal had to say. Latinos are the majority among the 2500 total student body. Adminstators will set aside a special La Raza Day so that the spics can learn to become more politically empowered. Wake up White Man!

    3. Jim Says:

      “Divershitty will be our Downfall.” I saw that on a NBC “The More You Know” infomercial once.

    4. van helsing Says:

      Stupid white women are actually the worst. They are the one group who most needs to and should trust white men. And they dont.

    5. Stan Says:

      I think that one morning the “students” should all be provided with automatic weapons and plenty of ammunition when they arrive in the school. Then the doors should be locked so they can do what comes naturally to them!