8 April, 2006

Remember Women?

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mdixon.jpgArmy women’s basketball coach Maggie Dixon shouts instructions to her team during first half action of the Tennessee-Army NCAA Division 1 Womens Basketball Championship first round game in Norfolk, Va., March 19, 2006. Dixon, who led the Black Knights to their NCAA tournament debut, died Thursday, April 6, 2006. She was 28.

Women’s basketball is ridiculous. Women are too pendulous for quick movement, and their psyche’s at odds with the aggression it demands. Yet women’s basketball grows bigger every year. How and why? Simply put, it advances The Agenda, and so it is promoted nonstop, and a market is made, even against interest.

Women’s sports are used to keep girls’ focus off becoming women and on niggers and sex and entertainment. Girls are conditioned to believe they’re not real women until they make of themselves inferior men.

At the head of the pro basketball leagues are niggers and lesbians, while jews run the corporate/promotional structures. Nor jews nor niggers nor lesbians are famous for producing white babies. Title IX, which mandated sports-spending equality, came in just after the loxist laws of the sixties. IX was premised on the lie that women want to play sports as much as men, or at least they should, or would, if the patriarchy hadn’t shunted them to tea and knitting. The upshot of Title IX and the girl-power mentality is that there are few women left in America, but there’s a sea of adult boys with breasts.

Look at the picture below and think about what you’re doing. You think the Indians were dumb, trading Manhattan for trinkets? What did you trade your lives for? Look what you’re doing to your children. You’re feeding them directly into a system that makes them third-class citizens when you encourage them to admire niggers and nigball. Teaching your kids to admire niggers will lead to the types of hush crimes you can read about lower on the page.


When these girls go off to college, as they are likelier to than the boy, given the way things are skewed these days, and the third-string affirmative action running-back recruit hits on them in the bar, what do you think they’ll say? And when her tubes are scarred from whatever VD’s currently starring in the coon’s gastrointestinal system, and she can’t give you grandchildren, or she’s raped raped raped raped raped raped and afraid to say anything to you or the administration because let’s face it nobody holds niggers even to legal standards — then what are you going to do? Not a damn thing. You’ve been fooled and wasted, and you don’t even know it. This, too, is the price of allowing the jew to take over our society and destroy White identity.

Choose life – choose White.

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  7. 13 Responses to “Remember Women?”

    1. Agis Says:

      Even if these girls are not ‘totally’ converted to the multicult, fembimbo mindwash, the system gets them by increments. Instead of being 100% horrified — i.e. the correct, natural and healthy reaction — by the ape-like creatures that niggarows objectively are, these girls will grow up into women maybe only 40-10% horrified. They are inculcated by degree and every degree counts against our racial survival. TV just makes them smell better.

    2. Socrates Says:

      Great comments about feminism. Every year, Western women seem to become more like men.

    3. JimSummers Says:

      There are two aspects of the White women and basketball indoctrination:

      1) The women who play basketball and then cop an attitude that they are “like men”. This crowd becomes more vulnerable to pro-dyke, man-hating propaganda.

      2) The women who watch basketball and yearn for nigger cock. Seriously, have you ever known a woman who liked anything with men involved in it that she wasn’t sexualizing? Just look at the music women enjoy, they refuse to like music unless there is a “cute guy” in the band so why should their code reaction to sports be any different? If you run across a White woman who tells you that she loves the NBA she’s either had sex with nigger men or wants to!!!! Get as far away from her as you can!

    4. Mr. Antisemite Says:

      Advancing wumins basetball is part of the agenda because it puts more over sexed niggurs in contact with more brainwashed white wumins.

      Anybody ever see the niggur coach in charge of the Dallas Mavericks? Christ! This gangling ape couldn’t pass for human in an anthropology study. And yet how the judenpresse glorifies this monkey

    5. Manuel Zejariah Says:

      WOW nunca habia visto un sitio con tantas pendejadas jaja pinches blancos se creen superiores y lo real es que tienen el IQ mas bajo de todas las razas, ni siquiera van a ser capaces de leer esto puesto que esta en español… Pero bueno ojala y los mataran a todos ustedes y asi el mundo sería feliz…

    6. Christopher Says:

      Si, pinche pendejo, you are the little brown grease spot we love to hate. Tell me, Sr Zejariah, what dog do you have in this fight? Do you encourage your sisters and daughters to fawn over black beasties as well? It’s always nice to have a visit from a real spic with real-world concerns. In this case, Sr Zejariah drops by to let us know that we are not smart enough for the future and are already too feminized to put up a fight. He’s here to join Mexico’s best and brightest stars who reach daily for that 151st word addition to their slowly expanding vocabularies. Has anyone here ever experienced the joy of speaking to low-rent wetbacks in their native language. Good lord, it’s tedious. If you’d like to get beyond hearing them describe what they had for lunch or who they would like to sleep with next, plan on no more than 15 minutes.

      This of course brings up a good point. Under what circumstances does one encourage their children to study the Spanish language. What career path are your children placed on that would require such bilingual talent? The service industry or social work. That’s really all I can come up with. That is not to say that learning the language can’t be an enriching experience in the end, but really only if you can use it in Spain, Uruguay, or Argentina. The problem for little brown Manny is that these three countries, as well as the U.S., don’t need him around for 7th grade practice drills.

      So, prattle on Manny. The longer you cling to your slave language, the longer you will continue to fume toward combustion with all your fellow Mestizos. In the mean time, I guess we can find you working hard, drinking hard, and sleeping hard. More lettuce, anyone?

    7. Timothy Says:

      ‘Civil rights’ and integration was just as much about destroying White females as it was destroying our communities and schools.The future of a people lies in the wombs of its women,and if enough of those women are raped,made sterile via abortion and std’s,popping out mixed-race offspring etc,. then you have gone a long way toward genociding a people.
      Making White females more accessible to black males is biological warfare by other means.
      The jew is truly the devil incarnate.

    8. Agis Says:

      To put it another way:

      By increasing physical interaction with natural competitor/predators whites are lulled into a false sense of security and are brought over time to underestimate the urgency and danger of negro proximity. And so we are made ‘tolerant’ of the parasite/pathogens in their midst that we may be more easily devoured: culturally, financially and physically.

      Only the christian can find a ‘silver-lining’ to this pathological murdering of white society.

    9. Jerry Burnett Says:

      It seems like another era, but, over 50 years ago most of my aunts played high school basketball and loved it. They were all white, all ladylike (no gouching with elbows), and some were actually pretty good dribblers and shooters.

      They all went on to marry and have a bunch of white children. I never thought something like girl’s basketball would be seen in such a bad light – they had such fun at it and it was also fun to watch – of course, they could never compete with boy’s baskectball – but that was another world in a far away time and place.

    10. Outis Says:

      I believe dat niggas is da future,
      let them in, let them have their way,
      show them all the booty dat we gots inside,
      give them a chance…for crime,
      and make it easier
      to fuck your daughter’s little bubblegum twat.

    11. Carpenter Says:

      The women who watch basketball and yearn for nigger cock. Seriously, have you ever known a woman who liked anything with men involved in it that she wasn’t sexualizing? Just look at the music women enjoy, they refuse to like music unless there is a “cute guy� in the band so why should their code reaction to sports be any different?

      Now, some may say this is too radical. Surely men sexualize more than women, they’ll say. But look at concerts: have you ever seen young boys scream and shout over a female singer? They don’t, but young girls shout, cry and even faint over their beloved boy bands. Look at old film clips from Beatles concerts; it’s the same today with N’Sync.

      Why? Because women are suckers for authority and success. They get all hot and bothered over the successful man, because he is a protector and provider. It is their instinct, and it’s neither good nor bad, it just is. Men, being the providers, don’t have this instinct, and therefore don’t fawn over female singers. Or female athletes.

    12. Dani Gambera Says:

      What a crock of shit. My great grandmother coached girls’ basketball in the 1920s. There wasn’t any money in it, but it was popular with the White women who played and with their mothers.

    13. Billy Boobus Says:

      my gf left me for a nigger. she said his cock was huge and made her little white pussy cum like never before. she was always watching b ball and foot ball and boxing… i should have known tht a big black cock was gonna shoot me out like a glop of nigger jiz!