16 April, 2006

Republic Broadcasting Network

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It seems, at first glance, that RBN radio – the network that banned radio host Peter Shank – is run or partly-run by Robby Noel – who is Jewish but is often referred to as merely a Rhodesian [1]. Noel is the webmaster of a financial website that has the same street address as RBN, and even the site names are kind of similar, each having “republic” in them. But if not, then why the same addresses?

http://www.rbnlive.com/contact.html Republic Broadcasting Network,
1015 South Mays Street, Suite 100, Round Rock Texas, 78664

http://www.republictradinggroup.com/ RTG, 1015 South Mays,
Suite 100, Round Rock Texas, 78664 [see very bottom of page for “webmaster” contact name; a redirect from Noel’s website EaglesUp to RTG:: http://www.eaglesup.com/ ]

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  7. 33 Responses to “Republic Broadcasting Network”

    1. GasEmAll Says:

      Yes, they’ve been exposed, finally.

      Just another way for kikes to get shekels from the goyim.

      This network is literally simply a tool for this kike to sell gold…

      Time to call into these jews and give them hell.

    2. Theseus Says:

      It’s a bit embarrassing to listen to Noel.

      He has the “guest” on from “Republic Trading Group” who basically takes over the show when he’s on. The whole thing is over-obvious.

    3. jr Says:

      Is John Stadtmiller still collecting disability like Nancy Koernke alleged?

    4. Robby Noel Says:

      I’m not a Jew get your facts striaght…I’m a Rhodesian…deal with it…

    5. A Anonymous Joint Says:


      Posts like this are bad for your credibility. There is no reason to believe Noel is a Jew. If you’re going to make that claim, back it up.

      I thought it was obvious that RBN was the advertising wing of Republic Trading Group. They don’t try to hide it.

      I am under the impression that Stadtmiller runs the show over there. Also, I think there was a period when Robby Noel ceased to be affiliated with RBN, though he is now back.

      In the future, focus on things that matter. And pay the fuck attention. Thanks.

    6. GB Says:

      Rhodesian? Rhodesian like Nicholas Hoogstraten?


      Text: http://www.natvan.com/free-speech/fs005c.html

    7. Socrates Says:

      Robby Noel Says: “I’m not a Jew get your facts striaght…I’m a Rhodesian…deal with it…”

      I used to post at EaglesUp forum. Did you, or did you not, tell posters at one point that you were Jewish and from Southern Africa? Did you, or did you not, pull posts that were critical of Jews?

    8. Robby Noel Says:

      Never had a chat page so never pulled posts there was a link to a TRT chat page of which I was not a moderator if you go to RTG site you will notice articles very critical of US policy with Israel something which I speak about often..as for the Jewish question my last name Noel which is french have I talked about Jewish South Africans of course I have but I have never claimed to be a Jew which is a really stupid statement.. .like I said get your facts straight

    9. Robby Noel Says:

      GB….Nicholas Hoogstraten….is a afrikaans name he is a boer aka South African…another stupid statement

    10. Geoff Beck Says:

      Rabbi Noel,

      Nicholas Hoogstraten is a landowning Jews from Rhodesia. Really, you act like a Jew, Noel: ranting and shouting, and accusing others of what you do.

    11. Robby Noel Says:

      He is not a Rhodesian….wake up learn something before you spew

      Van Hoogstraten’s life of controversy

      Nicholas Van Hoogstraten was jailed for manslaughter but later released
      After a judge ruled that millionaire property developer Nicholas van Hoogstraten was involved in the murder of a rival, the BBC News website looks at his business practices and private life.

      Once heralded as Britain’s youngest millionaire, Nicholas van Hoogstraten has never made any secret of his robust approach to business.

      During one of his many court appearances a judge described the tycoon as a “self-styled emissary of Beelzebub”.

      From an early age he aspired to be what he calls a “quality person” and was a great fan of Margaret Thatcher because she made him “proud to be English”.

      He left school at 16, joined the Royal Navy and travelled the world. Just a year later he sold his astutely acquired stamp collection for £1,000 and embarked on a business career, buying property in the Bahamas.

      Now he is believed to have homes in Barbados, St Lucia, Florida, Cannes and Zimbabwe.

      He has spoken warmly of Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, whom he once described as “100% decent and incorruptible”. He holds vast fortunes in the African country and once said: “I don’t believe in democracy, I believe in rule by the fittest.”


      Nicholas van Hoogstraten, 60, is no stranger to controversy and his list of previous convictions includes ordering a grenade attack on the home of a business associate, a Jewish clergyman who he claimed owed him money.

      For that he spent four years in Wormwood Scrubs in the 1960s, but he would later face much more serious charges.

      In 1999, Mohammed Raja, 62, was shot dead by two men identified as Mr Hoogstraten’s henchmen, but the tycoon’s conviction for manslaughter was quashed by the Court of Appeal in July 2003 and he was freed five months later.

      Following his release from prison Mr Raja’s family brought a £6m civil action against him.

      In December the civil courts – where the standard of proof required is much lower than the criminal courts – ruled that on the balance of probability, Mr Van Hoogstraten was involved in the murder.

      High Court judges ordered him to pay £500,000 interim costs but the businessman was typically defiant and has stated that Mr Raja’s family would “never get a penny”.

      Mr Van Hoogstraten also hit the headlines during an ugly spat with ramblers over a public footpath through the grounds of the enormous mansion near Uckfield in East Sussex.

      Called Hamilton Palace, after Bermuda’s capital, it is neo-classical, with a copper dome. It is estimated to have cost £40m so far and is reportedly the most expensive private house built in Britain for a century.

      It is bigger than Buckingham Palace and has a 600ft art gallery and a mausoleum designed to hold Mr van Hoogstraten’s body for 5,000 years. The mausoleum’s walls are three feet thick because he said he wanted to “make the building last for ever”.

      Never afraid of a fight, he has described taking on a nun at school.

      She “tried to whack me with a chair-leg once – I grabbed it and hit her and she never tried again”.

      The only purpose in creating great wealth like mine is to separate oneself from the riffraff
      Nicholas van Hoogstraten
      He was born in 1946 in Shoreham, East Sussex, as plain Nicholas Marcel Hoogstraten – the “van” was added later. His father was a shipping agent and his mother a housewife.

      With the profits he made from his Bahama property deals, he moved on to the British housing market, buying six properties in Notting Hill, London, before moving on to Brighton.

      By the time he was 22, he was reputed to have had 350 properties in Sussex alone and to have become Britain’s youngest millionaire.

      But he also gained a sinister reputation and was accused of using strong-arm tactics against tenants of slum properties which he bought cheaply for redevelopment.

      In the 1980s, as the housing market boomed, he prospered, acquiring more than 2,000 properties.

      By the 1990s he had sold 90% of them, making massive profits and investing in other areas, including global mining.

      When a fire broke out at one of his properties in the early 1990s in Brighton, he described the five people who died in the blaze as “scum”.

      ‘Filthy tenants’

      To Mr van Hoogstraten his tenants are “filth”, while people who live in council houses are “worthless and lazy”.

      He has also said he believes that “the whole purpose of having money is to put yourself on a pedestal”.

      He has five children – four sons and a daughter – by three different mothers.

      He said he is preparing his eldest son Rhett, 20, to take over his empire – which he says is worth £800m.

      In a BBC interview last year the property baron said he had no plans to retire, but wanted his son to be groomed to eventually take over.

      He said: “I’m still young and fit and I’ve got a long time to go. I’d like him to shadow me and find out everything that’s going on.

      “But it’s a difficult task because I keep everything close to my chest, nothing’s in writing, there are no records of anything.”

    12. Socrates Says:

      Robby Noel Says: “Never had a chat page so never pulled posts”

      EaglesUp was not your message board?? Or, you did not moderate there?? I posted there for a long time!

    13. Socrates Says:

      Dr. Pierce says that Hoogstraten is Jewish. That’s good enough for me:

    14. Robby Noel Says:

      EaglesUp was a news page with links to other chat pages

      As for Hoogstraten…my point is he is NOT a Rhodesian…big difference in your argument

    15. Socrates Says:

      “EaglesUp was a news page with links to other chat pages”

      NEWS PAGE?? I posted there for months!! What are you talking about??

    16. Socrates Says:

      Then what is this: http://www.eaglesup.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl
      Is that just my imagination, or is that an EaglesUp message board??? Go to WayBack web archive and enter that URL above.

    17. Socrates Says:

      Please explain why that says “EaglesUp forum” at the WayBack archives. Hmm?

    18. Socrates Says:

      And, that message board appears to be the NEW version, not the circa 2000 version which I posted on.

    19. Socrates Says:

      VNN readers, go to: http://www.archive.org/ and then type in http://www.eaglesup.com, and then click on 2000. Look to the left, where it says “The Forum.”

    20. Socrates Says:

      Just a news page, huh??

    21. Socrates Says:

      Now, what exactly is your ethnic background?

    22. Jerry Burnett Says:

      Take Note: Measure the LENGTH of Robby’s response concerning Hoogstraten – about HALF of all other responses together. This is so typically jew – when threatened with exposure, take any opportunity to SWAMP the discussion with something OFF TOPIC. Who cares about Hoogstraten – the question is about Robby’s genetic heritiage.

      Robby Noel, if you are truly non-jeiwsh, please give us a breakdown of your parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents. Any white man is PROUD of his ancestors, and would revel in telling interested parties about them. You are a PUBLIC FIGURE, so, the public, at least here at VNN, would like to know about the bloodline from which you came. ok?

      If you truly have no jewish blood in you, then, since you seemed to behave like a jew, can you respond to a question about your personal philosopy?

      Do you approve of jews residing in white nations?

      Yes OR no!

    23. Mightbeone Says:

      Here’s a pic of Van Hoogstraten.


      He could be tribal!

      Here’s some pics of Noel:; http://www.silvereagletaphouse.com/set-e-rn.html

      He looks like my jewish English Teacher from jr. high, Mr. Goldblum

    24. Robby Noel Says:

      This is getting silly I don’t have to prove my genetic heritiage to you or make any statements to support your warped view of things…my personal philosopy is well documented in print as well as thousands of radio shows I have done,in the event you were not paying attention I was one of a very few hosts in America to interview Ernst Zundel I have no problem with Jews I have a problem Zionists

    25. Socrates Says:

      Didn’t you say, or at least suggest, that you DIDN’T have a message board/forum/chat site or whatever you might call it? Why, then, did I find an EaglesUp.com forum in web archives? WHY??? Please explain that matter to VNN readers. And again, please give your ethnic background.

    26. Socrates Says:

      Robby Noel Says: “I have no problem with Jews”

      Really? Why is that??

    27. Robby Noel Says:

      You are talking about pre 2000 when EaglesUp server was being used for the TRT until they got own domain…if you had posts pulled it was done by them for being a jerk…I’m English by birth Church Of England… get a grip…if I was Jewish I would not hide that fact …I’m proud of who I am and don;’t have to hide anything from the likes of you or anyone else…if you don’t understand the difference between Jews and Zionism then I can’t help you…you lost in your own little world

    28. Geoff Beck Says:

      Looking at his photo, Socrates, I have to admit your hunch about him being a Jew seems unlikely.

    29. Socrates Says:

      “if you don’t understand the difference between Jews and Zionism then I can’t help you…you lost in your own little world”

      Many Zionists are, in fact, Christian.

    30. WhiteFight Says:

      I don’t know, Michael Piper (whom I definitely wouldn’t call a racialist) does go after the jew quite a bit. He does preach a lot of tolerance of 3rd worlders though…

    31. Robby Noel Says:

      Many Zionists are, in fact, Christian…..Well at least on this we can agree!

    32. Carpenter Says:

      Got Jews, got Zionists. No Jews, no Zionists. I guess that is too hard to understand for some.

      No Jews, no Bolshevism, no Immigration Act of 1965, no “civil rights movement,” no Susan Sontag et al, no Boasians, no anti-White media pushing miscegenation day in and day out. Or maybe we would have had all those things anyway, even if the media weren’t controlled by Jews – seems logical that the White race would commit suicide all of a sudden, right?

      No, not all Jews have been involved in these affairs. But Jews were the sine qua non in each and every case, while they are not the sine qua non in White survival, even though a handful of them are concerned about that. So it is clear that Jews are an affliction we cannot afford.

      Funnily, I have noticed that this is way easier to talk to an intellectual from the Third World about, than brainwashed Whites in our own nations. I guess non-Whites don’t need to have it explained what race loyalty is. Also, to them it’s not a taboo concept that makes them run away screaming “eeeek, race is hate!”

    33. Disillusioned WN Says:

      “Looking at his photo, Socrates, I have to admit your hunch about him being a Jew seems unlikely.”

      You can tell if someone’s Jewish or not by looking at a couple photos in which their face is barely discernable?