15 April, 2006

Science Fiction a Clef

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[O’Farrell discusses Urusula LeGuin…]

A Scream of Jewish Hate

How One Brain-Washed White Has Worked to Destroy the White Race

Vultures, vampires, snakes, scorpions, leeches, lice, maggots. All these words have been used to describe Jews, and richly though they deserve every last one of ’em, I want to look at a Jew-word that might not sound so bad: termite. Everywhere you look in the West today, you’ll see Jews working like termites: a-gnawin’ and a-nibblin’ at the foundations of White society, working for the day when everything comes crashing down in clouds of dust.

And waves of blood. If you think a “termite” isn’t such a bad thing to be, take a look at what Jewish termites have achieved in Rhodesia and South Africa. Thanks to Jews like Joe Slovo and Helen Suzman, what were once prosperous, law-abiding White nations are enjoying the blessings of black rule – rape, murder, torture, corruption, disease, massacre, famine – and the ordinary blacks over whom those Jews shed so many crocodile tears are now much worse off than they were under White “tyranny”.

Jews would like the same thing to happen in all White nations and have been working steadily since the nineteenth century to make it happen. We all know about Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud, but far fewer people have heard of Franz Boas (pronounced “BO-azz”). He was the founder of “Boasian anthropology”, a pseudo-science that pretended to be objective but was in fact designed to elevate non-whites over Whites and destroy White resistance to mass immigration and multi-culturalism. Boas is still celebrated for his stand against White “racism”, and his example has inspired countless termites, both Jews and brain-washed Gentiles, to continue the good work of destroying White civilization.

One of those Boasian termites gnawed at my mind when I was a kid, though I’d never heard of Franz Boas and didn’t realize what the termite was up to. She was the daughter of Alfred L. Kroeber, a German-American anthropologist who studied under Boas at Columbia University, but she’s gone under a different name since the 1960s: Ursula le Guin. Members of the science-fiction and fantasy “communities” – as liberals like to put it – will know her work well. She’s most famous for a book called A Wizard of Earthsea, first published in 1968 and never out of print since. I read it and enjoyed it as a kid, though even then I found something curiously dead and depressing in it. The sequels were less good and gradually became so feminist and politically correct that I started to think le Guin must be Canadian.

That was before I recognized the Jewish problem, and perhaps books like that were part of what kept me blind for so long. Now that I’ve opened my eyes I can see Ursula le Guin for what she is: one of many thousands of Boasian termites working to destroy my race. In 2004 A Wizard of Earthsea found its way onto TV in a mini-series broadcast on something called the Sci Fi channel, but Ursula was spitting feathers about the results. The script-writers and producers had raped and mutilated her book. They’d done something so disgusting I wonder that my keyboard doesn’t short-circuit as I type the words in.

They’d made the hero and his friends White. And that wasn’t Ursula’s intention at all. As she explained in her cri de coeur about what they’d done, this was what Earthsea was supposed to be like:

Everybody is brown or copper-red or black, except the Kargish people in the East and their descendants in the Archipelago, who are white, with fair or dark hair.

Now, sit and think for a moment. Ursula le Guin is a Boasian. Everybody in her book is non-white except for the “Kargish and their descendants”. Ask yourself: what will the Kargish and their descendants be like? Okay, have you asked yourself that? Well, see if you’re surprised by this description of the Kargish from A Wizard of Earthsea:

They are a savage people, white-skinned, yellow-haired, and fierce, liking the sight of blood and the smell of burning towns.

But when the Kargs invade the home island of the dark-skinned hero, he manages to trick them with mist and shadows – an authentic Boasian touch, that – and they’re soon slaughtered to a last yellow-haired man. Later on, the hero comes across an old Kargish couple who were abandoned as children on a tiny island, where they’ve scratched out a long, miserable life of hardship and semi-starvation. That’s what A Wizard of Earthsea is like, you see: non-whites are gentle and civilized and Whites are cruel, blood-thirsty savages. I suppose that must be why it’s called a fantasy novel. Le Guin explained her intentions like this:

The fantasy tradition I was writing in came from Northern Europe, which is why it was about white people. I’m white, but not European. My people could be any color I liked, and I like red and brown and black. I was a little wily about my color scheme. I figured some white kids (the books were published for “young adults”) might not identify straight off with a brown kid, so I kind of eased the information about skin color in by degrees – hoping that the reader would get “into Ged’s skin” and only then discover it wasn’t a white one.

Just imagine that: a “wily” Boasian trying to trick White children and teenagers into “identifying” with non-whites. But she didn’t succeed in corrupting our northern European tradition as well as she wanted. Publishers stubbornly – psychopathically, Boasians would say – kept making the dark-skinned hero into a White. The picture on the cover of the first British edition, le Guin says, was “this pallid, droopy, lily-like guy – I screamed at sight of him”. Even though le Guin is a Gentile, that scream was a scream of Jewish hatred – hatred for “sallow”, “pallid”, “droopy” Whites. And if you’re in any doubt that Ursula le Guin hates Whites and wants to destroy us, this is what she said about why it was important to have a dark-skinned hero:

I didn’t see why everybody in heroic fantasy had to be white (and why all the leading women had “violet eyes”). It didn’t even make sense. Whites are a minority on Earth now – why wouldn’t they still be either a minority, or just swallowed up in the larger colored gene pool, in the future?

Just swallowed up. Just destroyed, in other words. Ursula le Guin is an example of how Jews like Franz Boas have managed to create a unique psychopathy among Whites: the desire to see their own race vanish from the face of the earth. Even though Boas died in 1942, his termites are still gnawing away and unless we stop them we’re going to see White nations crashing down well before the end of the 21st century.


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  7. 12 Responses to “Science Fiction a Clef”

    1. Iranian for Aryans Says:

      Excellent essay, and well-written!

    2. apollonian Says:

      Alright, dear Luke delivers argument for home schooling, apparantly. Thanks; really needed it; compelling too. A.

    3. GB Says:

      I’ve seen le Guin’s books read by college and high school students. Noticing her books I read one of them, something about anarus and uranas – or some such non-sense.

      I thought the book was Science Fiction, but it was nothing more the propaganda.

      Anyway, her books are a summary of bromides and platitudes, and as such have been inserted into the government run schools.

    4. WhiteFight Says:

      Now I know why a lot of hippie commie academic types like her in my neck of the woods. You guys here at VNN are doing a great job at taking some of these people to task. Too many anti-white untouchables such as Leguin never feel they will someday be held accountable for the evil they sow. The people getting paid for spreading anti-white propaganda WILL pay for their transgressions against us. Itz coming!!!

    5. Graachus Says:

      Science Fiction, as a genre, has always extolled left wing politics and social engineering. The Star Trek universe represents all the supposed glories of living in a ‘collective society’; egalitarian, totalitarian, race destroying ( all those alien/human characters, beginning with Spok) fascist (economy is utterly under government control, no money allowed) and even glorifies the United Nations model of empire; the ‘Federation'(just try NOT joining). What better way to corrupt a civilization than by targeting the youth? What better way to target the youth of a society than through their fantasies and myths? Even Science Fiction commonly labeled as conservative in character typically extols left wing collective thought. A very good example is the work of Robert A. Heinlein. Starship Troopers could have been written by Donald Rumsfeld, it is the epitome of Neoconservative philosophy. Heinlein always advocated absolute government control over the citizen, race mixing and empire in almost all of his novels, he only wrote very little that was not a blatant attempt at propagandizing his corporate fascist point of view. Ray Bradbury, Isaac Asimov, Larry Niven, they all wrote in favor of a future of absolute control of government over the individual. Don’t point out one obviously corrupt author, without demonstrating the rot pervasive throughout, and much more insidiuosly perpetrated by more talented propagandists. ‘Science Fiction’ has always been a vehicle for carrying out the fight against western civilization by presenting the victory of their collectivist vision as a fait acompli, and the source of a wonderful and paradisical world of adventures and easy labor as opposed to the reality that would result from their overthrow of our western society; mass death, mass poverty and racial extinction of our western peoples.

    6. Alex Linder Says:

      All jewish media is science fiction, newspapers most of all.

    7. Sulla Says:

      Hey Appy,

      I noticed your comments were succinct and to the point. Very rare for you. You must be slipping, because you forgot to mention the fed, free elections and how Cuntstantine’s Christ-insanity is the answer for the current insanity including the repackaged version of Christ-insanity.

    8. Unreconstructed Strom Thurmond Says:

      “Thanks to Jews like Joe Slovo and Helen Suzman….”

      Don’t forget Red Ronnie:


    9. Carpenter Says:

      Graachus, I don’t think science fiction as a genre is liberal or anti-White. There are a whole lot of writers, so a whole lot of different stories.

      Why would empire be anti-Western? We have lots of empires in our history. The loose confederation that the U.S. started out as may be the cure-all for the conservative, but not for the conservative Nationalist.

      Sci-fi includes empires because empires are natural, as history shows. Sci-fi is usually simply fantasy literature in space, and fantasy literature is the Middle Ages with magic. Hence the empires.

      You mention jew Isaac Asimov – this is one of maybe two prominent Jews that I actually like. An atheist who ran from the Soviet Union and spent his life studying math and the stars. I have read more than a dozen of his novels, and they are far from anti-White or liberal – as a matter of fact, he paints an all-White future. His future has conservative values straight through, and democracy is a sham that pops up every now and then but is soon discarded for more honest, non-totalitarian dictatorship. You can tell he is honest with the reader, and does a good job at it. His message, that mankind must improve and expand and not just settle for comfort, is in the same line of thought as Pierce’s philosophy.

    10. Carpenter Says:

      I read A Wizard of Earthsea as a kid, and the sequels. Being no more than ten or eleven the racial stuff escaped me, for which I am grateful. Ged, the young wizard, goes to an academy where he learns the values of discipline and hard work, like when he has to learn the magical name for every plant and animal in the world. Good stuff. But later on, like the essay writer says, she goes into surreal stories.

      One short-story in a collection is about how the glorious revolution finally begins, against the oppressive society where people shave their heads. All the heroic revolutionaries live in happy collectives. (Unclear why they are allowed to do so; and funny that countries taken over by the commies LeGuin admires would never allow any revolutionary collectives living in plain sight.) Far from everything she writes is political, but enough of it is for her to have been banned from libraries had she been writing from the other side of the political field. Ah, well.

    11. Carpenter Says:

      The best fantasy available is A Song of Ice and Fire by Martin R.R. Briggs. Finally an adult fantasy series! No more “chosen peasant boy comes to the big city to fight the evil one,” the story that has been told again and again since Tolkien invented it. Instead, ASoIaF gives us a realistic world where the noble families are the movers and shakers. Political intrigues mix with battlefields and plenty of individual action by the main characters (who have a tendency to die on occasion, probably the only fantasy story where that happens). When the king of Westeros is murdered, the North revolts against the South, and the families choose sides; and you find that there are rapists and scoundrels in all armies, as well as noble knights and loyal servants. Realistic. And highly recommended.

    12. Carpenter Says:

      Sorry, that’s George R.R. Martin