14 April, 2006

Somalis Destroy Norway

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Youths are destroying Oslo (Norway)

Aftenposten ^ | 04.11.2006 | FRODE SAETRAN

Posted on 04/14/2006 6:57:05 AM PDT by Eurotwit

Criminal youths are in the process of destroying the social environment in Oslo, concludes the Oslo City Court. Small girls are raped and robbed. Schoolchildren’s are threatened with death, robbed and assaulted.

The Stovner-police is now uncovering another violent gang in the Grorudvalley on the outskirts of Oslo. Four boys were robbed Sunday night, February 5. Eight youths, ranging from 15 to 18 years old, were arrested, and are now charged with the robberies. All suspects are of foreign origin.

One of the suspects, a Somalian who turned 17 years old last week, appeared in court and was sent to jail in order to protect society. Only four days after being apprehended he was due to stand trial in another robbery case. To avoid letting the youth loose among his peers, he was sent directly to a jail in Oslo to serve time for several robberies, a rape, and assisting another rape.


The 17 year old Somalian has several serious crimes on his conscience, but the worst is probably the rape of a young girl at Hoybraaten (Oslo suburb) one year ago. Oslo Court states that the rape was unusually brutal, and lasted for several hours. The young girl was threatened with a knife and beaten. The Somalian choked the girl so brutally and for so long, that the medical doctor who afterwards treated the girl, said that she could have died. Her voice has changed. She was raped without a condom in a very humiliating way. The girl is now suffering from severe psychological problems in the aftermath of the attack.

The Youth was sentenced to four and half years in prison, where three years was made conditionally, which means he will serve only one and a half years. The sentence also included another rape, where his Norwegian-Moroccan friend raped a 13 year old girl, whilst the Somalian helped to threaten her and keep guard. She was also brutally treated, and is experiencing serious problems after the experience.

The Court states that the girl was harassed by the family of the Norwegian-Moroccan and his friends. It went so far that the girl was angry at her own mother for giving the name of the rapists to the police. The girl wanted to pay the offenders to make them leave her alone. Her psychological condition became so bad she had to be forcibly sent to a psychological institution. Her schooling is destroyed.


The Norwegian-Moroccan was on trip with city social services when he raped another 13 year old girl in the toilet at a major Oslo Cinema. Also this girl was raped in a very humiliating manner, and is suffering from serious problems in the aftermath.

The Norwegian-Moroccan was sentenced to the same punishment as his Somalian friend. The Court showed leniency because the youths were young, and that both have had a difficult childhood with domestic violence. Recently, both of them appeared again in the Oslo court February this year. This time as well, the Norwegian-Moroccan told the court about difficulties growing up, and added that he had attended for three years a quranic-scool in Morocco where he was frequently beaten. This case primarily involved the robbery of a young girl, where the Norwegian-Moroccan and three others beat the girl to the ground and robbed her of her purse and her cell phone. In addition, the Norwegian-Moroccan participated when the Somalian and some others robbed three young men in Strommen, outside Oslo, last summer.

�They got into the car and threatened us. One of them laid his arm around my neck and squeezed. We saw no other opportunity other than to get out of the car and run away. They took off with the car, my money and all my valuables�, says Ole-Even Hebbenes (19). The boys called police, but the car was not found until a day later.

“When we met them in court, the shook our hands and seemed really nice. Weird. But, I am not going to be bothered to think about it anymore. I just want to forget about it�, says Nebbenes.

In the sentence, Oslo Court, writes that the consequences from children-robberies are very serious both for the individual victim and for society, and particularly for the younger generation who cannot move freely in public without fear of being exposed to humiliating treatment.


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  7. 22 Responses to “Somalis Destroy Norway”

    1. Megasaurus Says:

      Damn, you’d think there was a race war on or something and the White West was unaware of anything amiss.

      Another brutal black on white rape? How very peculiar. Let’s put the lad in prison until he’s atoned for his sins.


      Niggers in Norway? What is the world coming to? I used to think the cocktail “Black Russian” was just an amusing name for a drink. Not so anymore.

    2. whiteskelet Says:

      Strange, one is informed of those events only on sites like this.

      In my newspaper, they say the problem is racism. That’s what they said at school, too. Since races only differ in colour…

    3. Edward Teach Says:

      And it’s not like Israel has a large body of troops there enabling the shitskins, Reconstruction-style.

      In Norway, more than in America, the enforcement of the current state of affairs are made by deliberate traitors and weak-minded fools among the whites who have gravitated to positions of power. They must be neutralized, even before the jews, if we hope to approach White survival with any practical unity.

      Anyone play that game Age of Empires II? Remember the Barbarossa campaign, the Aztec campaign, and the Attilla the Hun campaign? The very first step is to unite all your own people behind you or under you. Like in the epilogue to Turner Diaries, only sooner in the process.

    4. Nortonryder Says:

      I used to be proud that I was decended from Vikings. It appears we have lost a bit of the ‘edge’.

      Maybe Cyrl M Kornbluth was right.

    5. [email protected] Says:

      There is absolutely nothing more depressing than have a young Valkyrie violated in the heart of Thule.

      We utterly fail our blood.

      The Lion of Judah laughs at us.

      Wer ist Der Fuhrer?! Mach schnell, Mein Fuhrer! Bitte.

    6. Kalafan Says:

      A nation gets what it deserves. It isn’t MY fault they couldn’t distinguish between kittens and tigers…

    7. Mark Says:

      What’s worse, that they suffered these abuses or that they have no sensible reaction to it? I find the whole situation disgusting. Where is their survival instincts, and where are the men?

    8. N.B. Forrest Says:

      �They got into the car and threatened us. One of them laid his arm around my neck and squeezed. We saw no other opportunity other than to get out of the car and run away. They took off with the car, my money and all my valuables�, says Ole-Even Hebbenes (19). The boys called police, but the car was not found until a day later.

      Let me see if I can get this scenario straight in my mind: 3 young, almost certainly healthy young White men are in a car; a handful of bipedal turds muscles their way into the vehicle (and considering the size of European cars, certainly not more than two or so); One of the filthy shits gives the neck of one of the Whites a squeeze – and they “saw no other opportunity other than get out of the car and run away.”

      How about fighting like men, you fucking cowards?

      It’s truly incredible how the goddam kike scum have transformed White men from the lords of the earth who ruled wherever they walked only a few short decades ago – who would often spontaneously band together to destroy any nigger bastards who dared attack them – into cringing pussies who won’t even defend themselves and their women in their own nations.

    9. WhiteFight Says:

      I was in that neck of the woods recently (Denmark) and it seemed the whites there find hating Nazis to be a great way to pass the time. I saw shirts, posters,pins and tours all commemorating the communist movement and I also saw a lot of anti-nazi stickers and pins. I’m pretty sure Norway has the same mud lovin commie mentality that I witnessed in Denmark. I also noticed in Sweden that dredlocks are all the rage with white kids so it appears that the whiter the nation the more egalatarian/genocidal it is. White Europeans seemed to me more concerned with turning up their noses at their white neighbors in bordering countries than uniting against the real enemy.

    10. Noctir Says:

      This is a fucking shame. You know, when Varg Vikernes, a Norwegian, burns down a few churches in order to rid his homeland of the Asian temples of Judaism and Christianity, he gets sent up the river without hesitation. Sure, he murdered some poor bastard as well, but all in the true spirit of his Viking ancestores. Here, we see fucking nigger trash getting away with much worse crimes against our people. This is the way of the world, it seems; even in the heart of Aryan civilization, niggers get top billing, sepcial treatment, if you will. Once they’ve conquered the homeland, it’s only a matter of time before we cease to exist all together…

    11. Noctir Says:

      Hehe, fast typing will lead to a few typos. Excuse them.

    12. jimbo Says:

      Just another re-affirmation that the ‘West’ is virtually finished. This is ‘Camp of the Saints’ in TalmudColour! I’m advocating RUSSIA as the new ‘White Home-land’ Everything’s NOT ROSY THERE, of course, but at least white people there ain’t getting bashed, mugged and assassinated going about their lawful daily business. Also: Russia’s now getting crap tipped on it by the ZOGist media…..that’s PROMISING! ‘what`s bad for kikes MUST be good for Aryans’ There’s plenty of space East of the Urals…..those white people with families of small children should seriously consider moving there (hope and pray youse are some-how gunna read this and TAKE NOTE!) Any white people who want to stay and fight for their home-lands: DO SO!….i’m just advocating that our most precious resource(white children) be moved to a place of comparative safety first!
      The % of the white population(a dramatically shrinking one, i’d say) who still think multi-cult/’political correctness’ is OK, including all the dread-lock-sporting ‘anti-nazis’, and aren’t prepared to fight their race enemies can stay and get cooked/eaten by the apeoid/Morlocks! (it’s probably TOO LATE for them any-way!)

    13. Sulla Says:

      I agree with Jimbo. The anti-white whitey needs to be liquidated by the nigger/mud hordes. Those genes are foul and should not go down the line.
      Incidentally, it was observed some time back that liberals have less children than conservatives. Racialists should pump out the children. Demographics is the key, folks. If you can handle polygamy/polyamoury, all the power to you. There are many, besides Mormons, who are practicing it, albeit quietly.

    14. jimbo Says:

      re: Sulla
      I advocated ‘polygamy’ for whites a while back on a White Power Forum
      wb/st (NOT stormfront, BTW!) and got castigated by some of the resident WN ‘females’ there as ‘chauvinistic’ or some such…..ho hum!……naturally: they didn’t bother refuting my assertions that its been practised by white communities like the Mormons for yonks and that no less a personage than the Bishop of Chichester advocated it after the massive losses of white man-hood on the Western Front (1915-1918). Guess ZOG mind-control extends a bit further than we thought?!

    15. Carpenter Says:

      What surprises me is that any of you can be surprised by this. Excuse me guys, how fucking stupid are you if you didn’t know there are niggers in Norway? Don’t you know anything about the world? Do you only read news about the U.S., if at all? The whole West looks the same in this matter, except for Finland which has only a small amount of immigration.

      Fortunately for Norway, the anti-immigrant Framstegspartiet, the Progress Party, is now the largest party in the polls. It is as soft as can be as anti-immigrant parties go, but it’s something. Also fortunate that Norway is not part of the European Union – one less international gathering to be pressured by in everyday politics – and that they have no national debt and are rolling in oil money. If the Progress Party would ever start kicking out muds, they can’t be pressured economically.

    16. Ole Næss Says:

      I live in norway and the prospect of rule of the progress party(fremskrittspartiet) does not look good. The party is the most pro-israel in the country. The biggest problem for this party is extreme islam, ethnicity is not a concert, if the muslim extremists are handled everything will be fine. This party do not want to stop immigration but slow it down, in the end it all means racial death eventually. In 2100 projections will have it that over 50% of the population is non-white. I think something will happen in the meantime though. One more thing, the leader of the party ( carl hagen) said one thing multiple times when the us entered the war with iraq which really pisses me off. It concerns the iraq war and saddam hussein. It goes something like this ” war appeasers in england was warning against adolph hitler for years before he killed 6 million jews, we can`t let this happen again with saddam hussein, the US should attack now”. I voted this party when i became eligble for vote but became early aware that this is not the solution but the disease. It`s like voting for bush instead of democrats.

    17. Manco Says:

      The Norweigians are getting their just reward for not supporting the National Socialist – these “heros” that offered resistance to the Germans defending their stupid butts – see how incredibly stupid Scandi’s are – don’t even defend their women and run like scared little rabbits when Big Nig says boo – kind of like the modern White American.

    18. Viking Says:

      It is the same in al European countries. I’m coming from another white North-European land. In the city I live already up to 25 % is non-white. The 4 big major cities in my country have between 40 and 50% non-white population. The worst is that very white girls and woman dating and have sex and marry/ live together with non-whites. everyday I see more and more white woman with non-white bastards and mulattos. I always look at them with disgust. Those non-white shitmonkeys those white women have always look back at me. I look at them with hate. They don’t like that. I don’t care. i have my pried and they can’t stand conscious white men. On the other hand they know they are in control of us that we have the law against us in our own country. These brown monkeys and niggers, they know they can do our women and get away with it. They hate white men we all know this. Well we hate them to and our hate will be bigger. We will pay them back double and will show no mercy to those white whores and black pimps.

      Those white whores. Now I know why woman should have no rights that belong to men. Because most of them have no racial solidarity whatsoever are danger to us. It’s is in the white men’s hand to secure our existence. If the winds are changing and we will clean up house we must bring the women back to were she belongs. And start finishing off all that multi cultural feministic poison what only has one goal and it is jewish: let whites get instinct.

      How sorry al those whiggers who let their own sisters, mothers, girlfriends and daughters get f**ked by shitskins. Assholes that’s what they are. Be at least consciousness but even that they can’t. They love niggers and have no proud on their own heritage and race and culture.

      The white race is going extinct rapidly in Europe. I recon only 1% of the whites is really consciousness and hate ZOG. We must take power somewhere somehow and start pro-white and anti-semitic propaganda on large scale. We must sabotage propaganda out of Snollywood. Doing so we can reach at least 40% maybe 60% of the whites and get them on our side. The internet is a good basis to start. We are doing good. The rest of the whites will stay drugged by the Jewish filth and we will have to consider them enemy and traitors. Eventually they will fight against us together with what at that time will be their skinshit masters.
      I also think Russia is the key. If a pro-white revolution can occur there from there we can start building and later take back what is rightfully ours. We have a duty towards our forefathers. If we fail we can only do this: destroy everything on this planet. If we have no right to live we will take the live from all the others. Then we will end it all. We can’t let the white race be enslaved and exploited by non-whites and Jews. We can’t not to this accordingly to the will and struggle of all our ancestors and forefathers who fought and died for us.

      We want a own state and a pro white state it will be!

      We will blackmail them to do so with the possibility of releasing deadly viruses worldwide.

      We will enforce our will upon them.

      We will do so.

      We must make clear we are willing to die when we can’t have what we want and that in this process we will take everything with us. Because the jew fears dead. This is our agenda for the long run.

      We must overcome or we must end everything.

      The jews and their shitskin allies and whiggerslaves must know we mean business. No room for us will mean:


      Better to die fighting as the wolf, then to live like a whigger dog in slavery.

    19. Anglo Saxon Is True Israel Says:

      The whites better get off their behinds and take control while they still can. I would just as soon commit cosmic suiside than to let the Jews and the rest of the beast races take over.

    20. awaken Says:

      What really i wonder about is the fact that when non- white women search for white men, is in 90% of cases for money and stability; while white women just search for non -whites men(mostly blacks and arabs) just to “discover different cultures” or because they’re “real men”. I have every day more the impression that white men are everyday more and more disrespected or even hated by “their” women.
      Can’t believe western women can be so influenced by stupid and shitty programs offered by medias (rap / multiculturalism a.k.a. anti-white culture),very sad but true.

    21. joseph benson Says:

      i am of a norwegian father and i think that all of this bull-shit is offensive, obnoxious, and irritating. and you have no idea what youre talking about!

    22. Mantis Says:

      Some info you neo-nazis might want to consider: Only 0.1% of the population of Scandinavian countries are Jews. This is the lowest percentage of Jews in all of the Western countries, yet these countries are arguably the most leftist and liberal. Norway has just over 1000 Jews living in it. Thats 0.03% of the population. You guys are trying to say 1000 Jews dictate Norway’s immigration agenda and are subverting the media? That’s fucking ridiculous. It’s liberal Whites that are the cause of this, not Jews.

      As much I hate to see non-White immigration in our countries, it’s becoming a necessity if we want to maintain a healthy economy and support our elder population in the future, since White birth rates are so low. Falling birth rates are strongly linked to: the weakening of the family in the West; the downfall of Christianity, and the fact more Women are persuing careers. These are the things we must tackle.