14 April, 2006

“Stupidity Redux”

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File this under: Don’t bother me now! I’m too busy looking the other way.

Check out this article from Alan Stang http://etherzone.com/2006/stang041406.shtml.

Just look at all those evil Muslim rapist and pillagers in Sweden. Oh those stupid Swedes, but no mention of stupid Americans and the Negro on white rape rate or the fact that the rapacious Negro has long been an indigenous animal to America. And what about the lewd playboy porn ad featuring a half-dressed blond that accompanies the article, (below) strange that she just happens to look Swedish. You don’t think this type of display might contribute to any brown bucks getting a hard on for white women do you? Muslim men couldn’t possibly interpret a half dressed white women in public as a two-bit whore asking to be raped could they? Why do the Muslim cultures insist that their women cover all their charms, even their faces, anyway? And why is it this ad seems to be in direct conflict with the intentions of the article? Never is there a question of why every white western country in the world is under siege from turd world immigrants. Never is there any discussion of who made this to happen, who made the policies that let these bastard into the white countries, nope it’s just those evil Muslims. Oh wait a minute, maybe it’s the schools fault, but we really don’t need to look too hard at who is directing school policy do we? I can certainly rest assured the jews have nothing what-so-ever to do with any of this, shit just happens you know. I’m going to have to stop reading web news, I don’t think I can stand the stupidity any more.


Could this type of advertising be one of the reasons why young mud buck immigrants think white women are free for the raping? These immigrants aren’t too good with their English, maybe they interpret the logo on this buxom lass’s shirt as reading, “Fuck me, I’m the whore next door”, ya think?


Arch Stanton

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  7. 3 Responses to ““Stupidity Redux””

    1. Zardip Says:

      I think sex with a black man is superior to anything else I’ve ever experienced. Thanks! :[email protected]

    2. Jim Says:

      Zardip – shouldn’t that be Tardip???????????

    3. whiteskelet Says:

      “Could this type of advertising be one of the reasons why young mud buck immigrants think white women are free for the raping? ”

      I’m afraid they don’t need that.
      I’m afraid it’s not a question of “culture” but of “race”.
      Blacks in the USA are Christians, right?
      Muslim Arabs have Black blood, right?