16 April, 2006

Targeted Killings in Maine, or, “Hey, does this work on political molesters, too?”

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[Targeted killing, as the Israelis call it, is an effective way to take out the leadership of the opposition. The story below concerns molesters that may have been shot in their homes by a kid; it could just as easily be neocon warmongers shot at home by relatives of some of the 2300+ soldiers lost in a dishonestly marketed war. I do believe such killings lie ahead of us because the nature of jewish strategy is to deny the other guy representation, both rhetorical and political. There is no debate with “hate.” There is “no place” for “racism.” “Only Whites are racist.” “Racism must be stamped out.” That is four-square policy of genocide against me and my kind and any White men who want to live together as Whites.

Read the following, and see what the future just might hold in store for you, tyrannical jew. A shrimpy little kid, weighing 130 pounds, takes out two perverts. Glub, glub, glubbering, I’m.]

Slain in Maine: 2 sex offenders

State yanks online registry from Web after pair gunned down in own homes

Two registered sex offenders in Maine were shot to death in their own homes this morning, prompting the state to take down its online registry of offenders from the Internet.


  • 12 Responses to “Targeted Killings in Maine, or, “Hey, does this work on political molesters, too?””

    1. Mark Richards Says:

      Don’t be too sure about that. Although there are five or six million Jews in the US, there are only a relative handful actively destroying our country. They are probably no more than several hundred real people with real names who are easily identified by the real things that they do.

      Considering the point of so many WN sites is that we’re in for a really ugly and painful future unless they are stopped, I wouldn’t be at all surprised…

    2. Predictable Reactions Says:

      So long as child molesters aren’t hung, this kind of thing will happen.

      The gummint should be hanging all child molesters & all rapists.

      Take the NAMBLA membership list, get the Sheriff to go down to the Home Dumpot and clean them out of Chinese-made rope and get busy.

      Finally, start the healing. Lobby Congress to pass ammendments to the Talmud, starting with Sanhedrin 54b –


    3. jimbo Says:

      yeh…of course, radical action SHOULD be taken against such ‘people’ but, bear in mind, that THE REAL CHILD PORNOGRAPHERS are of a certain (dare I say it?) ethnicity Also, they are intent on protecting their shabbos-goys in high places:
      (this woman tried to expose paedophile rings involving judges and politicians and was forced from office a few yrs back)


      Bear in mind, too, that it is VERY EASY to make these ‘child abuse’ allegations….one wonders if this ALSO has not been fine-tuned by the ‘guess who`s?’……. http://www.falseallegations.com
      Along with the ZOG ‘terrorism’ lgsltn, this can be an EASY WAY to shut down WN dissent, for instance…..

      Personally: i’d rather be accused of ‘murder’

    4. Carpenter Says:

      Could Whites choose to punish the neocons this way? Possible, but less likely than that they will do nothing. No top brass got hit after WWI, WWII, or the Korean and Vietnam Wars as far as I know.

      Whites should be fighting back, but, alas…. Maybe when we are poorer.

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