13 April, 2006

The Mestizo Is 80% “Injun”, 10% Negroid, 10% Spanish White — a Failed, Destructive, Degraded Genetic Admixture

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By James R.

Mestizos Are A Short, Brown, Stupid Hybrid Race Prone to Disease, Violence and Criminality. That’s a big problem.

Nothing new below. You know this or should. Just a reminder of the basics.

What is Mexico? Mexico is a geographic location, a geo-political place on the map.

What is a Mestizo? A Mestizo is a biped. A Mestizo is a member of a hybrid race. Race genetics, behavioral genetics, and a specific DNA makeup define what is a Mestizo, not its current changing geographic location.

Mexico and other locations further south of Mexico just happen to be places swarming with Mestizos.

Due to guilty jew enablers opening the gates, 55,000,000 Mestizos have recently flooded-invaded the formerly 90% racially pure White USA.

Mestizos are a poisonous, defective, destructive, throw-away hybrid race.

The physical prototype. The physical specs. Mestizos are short — the average Mestizo male is 5 feet and 5 inches. The squat Mestiza female is often described as having a lowered center-of-gravity, duck-shaped body. Hair is black, eyes dark brown. Skin is brown to blackish.

Along with Negroids, dim-witted Mestizos are preferred tools in the race-mixing jew toolbox to destroy civilized White Man in America, and eventually the entire White Race worldwide. Like Negroid Africans, Mestizos are destroyers of White America. The huge destructive capacity of Mestizos in America may have already exceeded that of Africans.

The 55,000,000 Mestizos already in America now significantly outnumber the 35,000,000 Africans. Mestizo birthrates are far above White birth rates and even exceed those of Africans.

Up until 1980 a Mestizo was a relative novelty in America. “Remember the Alamo!” But as a result of jew-engineered policies to reduce the White majority, there are now 55,000,000 Mestizos (“mixed-breed” Indians) in America today. Mestizos contaminate the White Race’s American land and reduce White political control. They defile and debase White American females and steal White American property. (Mestizos, the race, invading from Mexico and areas further south are politely called Hispanics for politically correct demographic reporting purposes.)


Again, Mestizo is the race from Mexico, and elsewhere south, invading America.

STUPID MESTIZO. WITH AN AVERAGE IQ OF 83, MESTIZOS ARE ONE FULL STANDARD DEVIATION BELOW THE IQs OF WHITES (MESTIZOS — MEXICO — IQ 83, see study by Lynn, see also Coleman). The fully-grown adult Mestizo has a mental age of from 12 to 14 years of age.


VIOLENT CRIMINALS. THE US DEPT OF JUSTICE REPORTS MESTIZOS MURDER 3 TIMES MORE OFTEN THAN WHITES AND THAT MESTIZOS ARE 19 TIMES MORE LIKELY TO BE GANG MEMBERS THAN WHITES. Mestizos are three times more likely than Whites to be in prison. “The proportion of blacks and mestizos in an area is the single best indicator of the crime rate.”


When Anglo-Saxon White Man came to North America, he did not downbreed with Indians. Anglo-Saxons in America did not race-mix or mongrelize with Indians. The insignificant, less than three million degenerate Indians remaining in America are separated out, mostly on reservations.

But, when the Catholic Spaniards and Portuguese came to Central and South America, the relatively few “conquistadors” often downbred their White DNA with aboriginal Indian females. This suicidal racial behavior has produced Third World Mexico and the other Third World cesspools south of the Mexican border. There are Mestizos and mulattos (Africans with a little Spanish or Portuguese DNA) in varying populations throughout Central and South America. This is why Brazil is the murder capital of the world. This is why the
violent, hand-to-mouth savage existence of Central and South Americans countries is endemic — meaning, this is best that these downbred gene pools can ever produce.

The majority of the Mestizo invaders of America originate from Mexico (though more Mestizo invaders are starting to flood in daily from countries further south). 35,000,000 Mestizo “legal” invaders are in America today officially. There are also an additional 20,000,000 Mestizos in America off
the books — “illegal” invaders. So a total of 55,000,000 Mestizo invaders creep around America today. Almost all these 55,000,000 have arrived in the past 25 years as a result of jews. This fact is no secret — jews themselves
formally take credit for the success of the Mestizo invasion, despite the fact that White America opposed it nearly unanimously. (See the history of the 1965 immigration Act, and its aftermath.) 55,000,000 Mestizos populate what would be a near Mestizo-free America, but for jews. If America had had no jews, it would still have no Mestizos.

Again, Mestizo translates as “mixed race”. In concrete DNA terms Mestizo is aboriginal Indian (“Injun”) DNA mixed with a little African DNA and a little Spanish DNA over a time span of 450 years.

The racial makeup of the 120,000,000 Mexicans remaining in Mexico is 65% Mestizo, 30% aboriginal Indian, and 5% mostly “White” Spanish.

Here are the racial demographics of Mexico accompanied by estimated racial DNA percentages and racial IQ results:

1) 30% of the total population of Mexico consists of 36,000,000 “aboriginal Indians” — Cholos. On average so-called aboriginal Indian DNA is in fact 80% aboriginal Indian DNA and 20% African DNA (from slaves brought to
Mexico) and no Spanish DNA. The IQ of aboriginal Indians is 76. (Aboriginal Indians make up an ever-increasing proportion of the “Mestizo invasion” of America.)

2) 65% of the population of Mexico consists of 78,000,000 “Mestizos”. On average Mestizo DNA is 70% aboriginal Indian, 15% African DNA (from slaves) and 15% White Spanish DNA. The IQ is 81.

3) 5% of the total population of Mexico consists of 6,000,000 so-called “White Spanish”. On average, “White Spanish” DNA is in reality 70% White Spanish DNA, 25% aboriginal Indian DNA and 5% Negroid DNA. The IQ is 89.

Lighter than dark brown skin color and height above 5’5″ (White DNA markers) are the outward signs of higher social status in Mexico — lighter skin color and height equate directly to higher social status. A “White Spanish” (70% White DNA) narco-dictatorsip rules Mexico and discards its most degraded genetic trash to America.

Mexico operates on a strict racial caste system. The 5% “White Spanish” minority race has always dominated and still dominates all aspects of the always unstable, seething political, social and economic predicament of Mexico. The so-called “White” ruling class sends Mestizos and aboriginal
Indians north to America to diffuse their immense race problems. America is their safety valve. Violent revolutions and political assassinations occur regularly, generation after generation, throughout the 400 plus years of Mexican history. In short, a very small under siege “White” minority rules, while “Mestizos toil and Indians suffer”. They all war against each other incessantly. Together they boil in a cauldron of constant crime, violence, murder, and disease.

The addition of Mestizos contaminates America and America becomes Mexico.

Every short, brown, stupid, violent, genetically defective Mestizo that crosses or has ever crossed the border into America makes America more like Mexico.

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    1. Ms Taletha of Texas Says:


      The proper spelling is Brazilian not Brasilian.

      From a campus hottie who can spell!!!

    2. PEDRO SANCHEZ Says:

      in portuguese IS BRASIL with a SSSS not with a Z…!

    3. Ms Taletha of Texas Says:

      OOPS! I did it again!

      I’m not into spelling rules for third world countries!!!

    4. PEDRO SANCHEZ Says:

      who old are you?85? because you sound kinda old..
      i live in braSil and im sorry because my english is not perfect but i can speak 4 languages (portuguese, spanhish, english and italian) and i’ve never been in college because my parents ain’t rich… and maybe im not white because i have native and black blood but i’m smart like every white purson… we are a third world country but we in brasil have white peolpe too.. but they are not like you they are cool and nice people! and non-white people after what ‘white people’ says and do i still think that is just a minority that act like you…

      puta que te pariu Ms Taletha of Texas.. deus não liga não a isso de cor de pele… so gente burra que nem voce! tente ver as pessaos como seres humanos e nao pela sua raça

    5. Ms Taletha of Texas Says:

      I was born on 5-17-84 so that makes me 22. I will be 23 in May of this year. I am thought of by others as part naughty party girl but nice family values girl.

      I don’t know what the last paragraph means but a real man would’ve said it in English so I could understand!!!

    6. PEDRO SANCHEZ Says:

      nice family values girl?? thats funny… lol
      whats really sad is that you are young i thougth that peolpe from my genaration (i’m 20years old) was more open mind! and why you just like ‘white people’ ? did you ever had a conversation with a black guy or any purson of color? i know that some blacks and hispanicos are gangsters and things like that but they have never had education never go to school and grew up in that kind of environment its not easy and the only way to have money is to steal other people! thats wrong i know.. but no one can judge because no one help that people! and i am what i am now just because of myself because i always wanted something for my life and i love read to know more and be more inteligent!

    7. Ms Taletha of Texas Says:

      I am considered ‘attractive” and I grew up being teased and taunted by ennvious females who were non White. I tended to stay with my own people. I will never ever forget one day in my early teens walking from school with a black boy and girl and my father beat me so badly that my mother got in between us or I would have been severely hurt. I always stayed with my own group. Recenlty, a white girl who i went to high school with stole $300 from me so I don’t know who to trust

      Why do you laugh when I say family values girl?. I am active in my church as a volunteer. I have a high grade point average in college. I spend much time with my small daughter when I’m not in school or waitressing. I take my mom to the doctor a lot because she always took care of me

      Enjoy your life Pedro and yes read, read, read!!!!

    8. PEDRO SANCHEZ Says:

      you just need to trust in good people (black or white) and if you believe in God.. and i believe too i dont know your religion but i think that for god we are all people you know? dont matter the religion! i’m cristian catolic..! your father beat you because you were with a black guy??????? damn… that was your tip of education and some one that is a volunteer in the church thats kind of hypocritical!!! i have a small son too…

    9. Ms Taletha of Texas Says:

      I was a small girl when he thrashed me for walking from school with a black boy AND girl from my class. It wasn’t the first nor the last time it happened to me. I was broguht up a Methodist. I am not hypocritical about my involvement in the church. It’s sincere and it always will be.

    10. PEDRO SANCHEZ Says:

      …but your father didn’t like because the guy was black or just because yo
      u were with two people and he wont you to walk alone? i can’t understan…
      i dont know nothing about methodist, never hear about that majority of people were i live is catholic!

    11. alex Says:

      Alex, Alex, Alex… tsk, tsk, tsk
      Just like every “great” empire in history, your U.S. of A will crumble to the ground one of these days. Someone in Europe, or the Middle East, Asia, north or south of the border, South America, will take you down… You hate everyone else in the world but tsk… the world hates you back even more.

    12. azul Says:

      white amercans are divide 3by 3 diffrent catogor the frsit one is smart amercans that look at the world the way is changing in every century

      the 2 catogroy are the egnore that don’t care about what happen in the world that is good or bad.

      and the third are the stupid egnore and poor white thrash that only look in the world with out any nologe about the present and only read about the past. and god bless these stupid people.

    13. shockley transistor Says:

      the catholic spanish lost their heritage the race-mixing sephardic jew infiltrations, before the time of the “conquistadors.”

      the spanish jews were in already in mexico city by the 1600’s.

      they catholics made a poor attempt to run them out, and were unable to completely do so.

      the jews went north and planted themselves in northern mexico. monterrey mexico became a jew outpost. the region of northern mexico was populated by these jews. the geographic region between monterrey, nuevo leon, mexico and san antonio, texas is sociologically different from either southern mexico, or the united states, to this day.

      the inflitration into america by this jew race-mixing ideology continues along our southern border. if it is not stopped, eventually all of america will look like the border – a dangerous, crime-ridden, drug-infested population marked by high illiteracy, poverty, and disease.