28 April, 2006

“The World is Uniting Against the Bush Imperium”

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by Paul Craig Roberts

Is the United States a superpower? I think not. Consider these facts: The financial position of the US has declined dramatically. … The federal budget is deep in the red, adding to America’s dependency on debt. … A country that cannot create jobs for its native born population is not a superpower. … A country that fears small, distant countries to such an extent that it utilizes military in place of diplomatic means is not a superpower. The entire world knows that the US is not a superpower when its entire available military force is tied down by a small lightly armed insurgency drawn from a Sunni population of a mere five million people.

From CounterPunch

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  7. 4 Responses to ““The World is Uniting Against the Bush Imperium””

    1. Bond...James Bond Says:

      Soon it will be “RETURN TO THE PLANET OF THE APES”
      Old Uncle Sam has taken a jewish shit kicking for too long. No one really knows the time or outcome from the comming chaos.
      We know its comming but how it unfolds is a guessing game. One thing I can predict is that whites will fight. Its about time we give the jews and mud people a good old fashion ass kicking. The non-whites must learn to fear us once again. The JEW has got to go. No jews in any white country.We must destroy isreal as revenge .
      When whites are left alone they do what they do best, creatie advanced societies that the rest of the non-white world envy’s.
      The future is White!

    2. James MacElroy Says:

      The “Bush Imperium.” Ha, that’s a good one. You might as well say, the Bugs Bunny Imperium. More distraction from the real issues. THEY’RE VAPORIZING SKYSCRAPERS, PEOPLE!
      Where does a 500 lb. gorilla sleep? Anywhere it wants to.
      Who do people with skyscraper-vaporizing weaponry kill? Anyone they want to. Anytime, anywhere.
      Personally, I’m trading in my spit balls and soda straw from a one-way ticket to…hey — there’s no place to GO! HAHAHAHA!
      You’re gonna have a hard time kicking shit when you find yourself suddenly turned into stray neutrons.
      Oh, and you’re uncle Jim says, don’t get vaccinated, for any reason whatsofuckingever.
      There, I just saved your life!

    3. Carpenter Says:

      The U.S. would have been a superpower, working for White interests, had it not been for the East European Jews immigrating in massive numbers in the late 1800s. That’s how it should have been. South America and Africa would have been dominated, and the same goes for the Middle East if there had ever been a reason to. There would be strong economic ties with Western Europe and the honorary Aryans in Japan, excluding other competitors from many branches. This trade block would make up 80 percent of the world’s GDP anyway.

      U.S., British and French ships would have protected White colonies, and possibly created more – perhaps in South America, sweeping away the failures of the Spanish and Portuguese before them. Perhaps more land would have been taken from Mexico and turned into a White habitat, and perhaps islands in the Caribbean would have been bought or occupied for the same purpose. There would be a will to expansion, always, both geographically and scientifically and financially. And the more powerful non-White countries would have appreciated this, as they would have benefited from it, and could not care less about South American or African tribes displaced by a better race.

      California would be one of the American crown jewels, an economic engine full of confident Whites. Hollywood, or whatever city would have filled the same function, would produce a steady stream of movies portraying Whites working together as one to solve problems – journalists, police and farmers all cooperating, like in the old black-and-white movies. None of the cynical corruption where people on your own side are always a bigger enemy than the crooks. The whole world would be watching these movies and wish they could be part of it all. Children would watch them and learn that this is the way to act.

      The Empire would produce its own goods, independant of non-Whites, thereby ensuring that industries stayed White and on safe shores. There would be no debt to non-Whites, no trade deficit, no outsourcing to China – the mere idea would be considered preposterous.

      Whatever Left and Right there were in politics would compete in being the most pro-White, and the debate would be about whose ideas would best further the expansion of the Empire.

      This American Empire would by now, in 2006, have accomplished things we cannot dream of, just like you couldn’t imagine the computer or the internet before they were invented. The literature would have been great, a continuation and development of Western literary tradition. We would have had prosperity, science and culture on a level undreamed of by today’s Whites.

      We can still make it happen.

    4. apollonian Says:

      “Carpenter’s” Details Okay, Abstract Theory Bearing Observations
      (Apollonian, 6 May 06)

      I kinda’ agree w. “Carpenter,” above somewhat; but I’d stress Spenglerian cycle of things for context, political decline beginning at least by Civil War and Henry Clay (US Senator fm Kentucky) preceding, who did so much to pave way for great conquest, Clay and Jew bankers.

      Andrew Jackson, brave hero, was last of “Mohicans” holding line against fraud-banking. Previously Immanuel Kant and English Utilitarians followed for (heretical neo-Pelagianism) ethics, so rationalist-styled, Rousseau’s irrationalist lead against reason and logic.

      Presently, Jews and gentile co-conspirators (as of Council on Foreign Relations, CFR–see JBS.org) make themselves obtrusive by evermore militarist deeds and “victories,” so grim and ruthless, they topmost oligarchs, imperialists, monopolists, enforcers, etc.

      So we antisemites and patriots need merely be honest for details, logical in analysis, gaining some trust as for observtion. Cultural antisemitic levels need be increased by means of neat, informed demonstrations like for example, Prof. Kevin A. MacDonald, so effective with platitudes which Jews profess they hate.

      CONCLUSION: Good information then is so much like the truth we say (sometimes) we like and respect. Info gives inductive details–for neat conclusions following. Note when time comes for serious “revolutionary” activity we hope to be ready as possible, with something of a “plan,” like good soldiers acting w. best info. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian