14 April, 2006

This Week in Hush Crimes

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coles.jpgFirst up is Joseph Coles. This fine Des Moines nigger is charged with roughly 250 counts that translate into being a nigger, i.e., using his dick on watermelons, 40-ounce bottles, his own sort-of daughters. During this time period the victim was between 10 and 15 years of age. On two separate occasions, the victim became pregnant as the result of these attacks, the first time being at the age of 12, detectives said. Raping your own daughter and getting her pregnant twice before she’s fifteen? Even for a nigger that’s good! Don’t wait up for the Lifetime movie on this meat monster. There’s a reason these crimes are hushed: jews don’t want innocent white girls to learn the inevitable consequences of hooking up with niggers. What you don’t know can hurt you, girls. It can hurt your children too, as the next story shows.

Remember Susan Smith? The white mother who drove her kids into the lake, then blamed a black man? The media carried on about that for years. Having spread the lie that crime is an equal opportunity employer, the media could blast as racism what was merely a plausible cover story. Here we have another story about kids drowning in a lake. The kids are White. The murderer is a black man. He hooked up with a snow ho, and the bother of the nits drove him nigger nuts. So he dunked the little bastards to death. Nice work, Maurice LaGrone! You one hibbity-pibbity nigger. Maurice received life in prison, not the death sentence it deserved.


It appears that the nigger talked the white woman into murdering the kids. He was a real winner, this nigger. Here’s what lies in store for the white girl who believes jewmedia lies that niggers are suitable partners:

Hamm’s former neighbors describe Lagrone as a guy who liked to play with the children — teaching Christopher to play basketball and often playing with the kids in the yard. But he couldn’t keep a job and wouldn’t baby-sit while Hamm worked, putting more pressure on Hamm to support the family, Danison said.


king.jpgWhat if you don’t want to rent to niggers because they’re violent, stupid, diseased, dumb, and just plain loud and obnoxious? It doesn’t matter, says ZOG. You have no right to free association, it has been exchanged for the jewish right of coerced integration. When the nigger tenant murders the White owner? That’s “Fair Housing.” Jews enjoy seeing white men murdered by uncaged beasts. They insist upon it. You have no right not to rent your house to William King. Genocide travels fastest by the horses of ‘fairness,’ ‘equality,’ and ‘civil rights.’

Next up a heaping scoop of refried beaner incompetence. Remember what boffo bushy says: if you don’t think America should be filled with license-plate-switching mass-murdering no-espica-inglesies, you’re a hate-filled “vigilante.”


“Shock rise in racial crime,” lies Scotland’s Evening News

Part of the hushing in hush crime is putting out the lie that “minorities” (actually huge global majorities) are under attack by whites, the exact reverse of the truth. Dig the photo above – it is posed by models, perhaps the most ridiculous thing we’ve seen in a paper in the last two years. If you think the text accompanying is any less fiction than the photo itself, you’re a fool. Newspapers simply don’t print 99.99% of crimes in which whites are the victims of blacks, and 100% of the time they fail to put crime in factual racial context. Thus, the white newspaper reader is not merely uninformed, his native ignorance is converted into misconception. The white man who buys a newspaper pays his enemy to fill his head up with lies. The hate criminals in Scotland and your nation are the jew-dominated elite who bring in Pakis and other third-world scum to displace native Whites. The Paki is a symptom, JEW IS THE DISEASE.

When it comes to invading mexicans, things are peaches and cream, according to the loxist rag on your newsstand. Mexicans and crime? Mexican nationals taking up a quarter of America’s federal prison space? That, they don’t talk about so much. But it turns out the media are interested in victims of Mexican crime – as long as those victims themselves are Mexican “immigrants,” i.e., criminal invaders. Colored victims of coloreds receive sympathy; White victims receive silence.

Look at the photo the Dallas Star-Telegram uses of the Mex victim.


Jose Estrada, 25, flanked by photographs of his late wife, Florencia, 20, who was sexually assaulted and killed in a home invasion robbery, speaks to reporters Thursday.

White victims of nigger crime are never depicted sympathetically. They are either ignored, or race is written out of the story. Typically a nigger or mex on white crime receives a two or three paragraph writeup in the local paper, with no photos, and no wider circulation. Jews in New York, who have stimulated huge interest in “true crime,” see to it that only politcally useful or at least neutral crimes are popularized nationwide. White women are warned about the white man next door, the white man in their own house, but about the colored who actually commits the violent crimes in huge numbers, they are told and shown that he’s a wonderful, vibrant fellow human being and natural partner for all intimate relations.

Here on Alice Springs taking over as Australia’s top crime spot. “Physical and sexual assaults ballooned 50 percent in the past year. Fifteen people have died in the past 16 months from alcohol-related violence.” Alice Springs is ringed with aborigine camps, teeming with the very dumbest humanics on earth, with IQs so low barely register on human tests.


The new face of Stormfront

When you hear talk of a crime problem, you’re hearing a substitute for the plainer race problem, which is what our crime problem really is. White America is as crime free as Europe, and Europe, having let in the third world, is now as violent as America. Euphemisms and general terms tend to becloud understanding unless very carefully used. The people who write newspapers are not well intentioned, as that term is normally understood. Their mission is to hide what is going on, not describe it and educate people about it. The best you can do is pick your way through the reporter’s lies and evasions and see what he isn’t saying, as in this article about crime in a section of a county in Florida. This following sentence is about as far as a controlled media report ever goes in laying out the real story.

“(The gangs) are made up of Hispanics, Asians, blacks and a few whites,” Wells said. “They are virtually exclusively young men.”

They are virtually exclusively colored, too, but he doesn’t say that. Diversity is our greatest strength only if violent crime makes us stronger. When you admit coloreds to your community by failing to control and eliminate the jewish pests who want them, your society moves only in one direction thereafter. Soon you need special sections of the police dealing with gangs. Their work is never done, and no amount of money or time can make the problem go away because it inheres in the nature of the colored. Niggers are exactly what they seem to be. Niggers, not solutions awaiting clever tinkerers or religious crusaders. Just plain niggers. They’re all the same, just like the coon in this photo.


During the first 100 days of 2006 there were 100 confirmed shootings in Manatee.

Niggers. We can’t fix ’em. But they can destroy us.

Ask Uncle Hymie how…


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  7. 6 Responses to “This Week in Hush Crimes”

    1. alex Says:

      Here’s a particularly nasty hush crime from South Africa:

      # Robbers ‘boil’ couple’s feet
      # Farmer’s Achilles tendons slashed
      # Teen shot in farm attack
      # Farmer lucky to be alive
      # Cows slain in kraal bloodbath


      Robbers skin farmer’s feet
      12/04/2006 22:31 – (SA)

      Vryheid – Robbers cut the soles off an elderly man’s feet before forcing him and his wife to put their feet in a bath of boiling-hot water.

      Koos van Wyk, 62, and his wife, Martha, 56, the owners of Mgobhozi Game Farm at Gluckstadt near Vryheid in KwaZulu-Natal, were overpowered about 22:30 on Saturday.

      Mrs Van Wyk was watching television while her husband was having a bath.

      Police spokesperson captain Vusi Mbatha said Mrs Van Wyk heard the front door being forced open and ran to her husband in the bathroom.

      Five armed men overpowered the couple, threatened them with firearms and demanded money.

      The suspects took R250, six firearms, two sewing machines, a CD-player and Mrs Van Wyk’s diamond ring before forcing the couple into the bathroom, where they were forced to put their feet into boiling-hot water.

      Flesh found in the house

      Mbatha said the robbers probably did this to prevent the couple from going for help.

      A police official close to the investigation said the soles of Mr Van Wyk’s feet were sliced off before he was forced to put his feet in the water.

      “The police found the flesh in another part of the house,” he said.

      The Van Wyks, who had serious burns, are still in a critical condition in hospital.

      Mbatha said they had not arrested anybody yet in connection with the attack.

    2. Megasaurus Says:

      After slicing off the soles of the elderly couples’ feet, the intruders then forgot to cut the phone wire in the bedroom, right?

      So it wasn’t exactly demonic malice, just that they didn’t want the couple able to run for help before they made a clean getaway into shanty-town down the way.

      Or something to that effect. These reports always have a reason or excuse for the niggers actions. Rather than simply tying them up, they destroyed their feet.

      And will they get caught? In Africa? Yeah right. That’s like looking for a nigger in a nigstack.


    3. jimbo Says:

      these sth African atrocities won’t end until sth Africa has been ‘Zimmed’
      what puzzles me is why the whites there(depending on how many are left, i guess) don’t take up arms(the gun laws were pretty liberal until recently l believe) and declare OPEN NIGGER SEASON? they can’t be labouring under the bullshite jd-xian delusion that niggas are actually HUMAN can they?

      there AIN’T no other options except to ‘cut and run’…….to where? another effin’ ZOG colony? (unless yr prepared to back Russia as the New Great White Hope?!……it’s possible!)

    4. whiteskelet Says:

      About this White Russia:

      Remember communist Russia was supposed to be under Jewish control for a century. That was at the core of anti-Semitism in the 1930s. When Hitler fought communists, he was fighting Jews. Communism was a Jewish trick to dominate the world. Yet communists prevailed.

      And now, after so much, so long, blatant Jewish domination, it appears to be the last White nation? Something is wrong there! If Jews are so intent on importing coloured people to destroy the White race, why hasn’t it been done in Jewish dominated Russia? Only now that Russia is adopting “free market” economy and Western values (sort of), it faces a coloured sneak invasion.

      Could someone explain?

    5. george Says:

      Russia is economically screwed and on a downward spiral
      ther is some yiddish mafai but there are richer pickikngs for the chosen people RIGHT NOW in america…there are only 14million of gods so-called chosen people so they cant really get round to controlling everyone. but i’m sure they’ll try

      my thanks


    6. jimbo Says:

      *And now, after so much, so long, blatant Jewish domination, it appears to be the last White nation? Something is wrong there! If Jews are so intent on importing coloured people to destroy the White race, why hasn’t it been done in Jewish dominated Russia? Only now that Russia is adopting “free market� economy and Western values (sort of), it faces a coloured sneak invasion.
      Could someone explain? *

      well….the kikes HAVE been known to make mistakes……not multi-culturalising Russia could prove to be a FATAL one for them……Russian doesn’t need ‘free marketâ€? economy and Western values’….that’s JEW!
      ….that’s ZOG…….as for ‘a sneak invasion’……i think the ‘invaders’ are quickly getting the mssg that they’re not wanted and not welcome……no-one’s gunna settle in a country where they’re likely to be shot stone dead in the streets for being ‘other’
      Russia has over 100000 neo-nazi skin-heads and gets a BIG TICK from David Duke……that sounds promising at least as far as it goes!