8 April, 2006

Traitor Bush Caught on Film

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VIDEO: Bush Waves The Mexican Flag

Alex — this man is a traitor! He should be swinging from a lamp post with a noose around his neck. Christ, this makes me sick! Anyhow, feel free to post this story on your blog and spread the word. The link is given below. Incidentally, it is from a leftist web-site that will become evident when you read the highlighted caption below. Please take care and accept my very best wishes with success on your current and future endeavors. PS: FUCK THE GODDAMN KIKES! – CJM

bush flag

In recent weeks, hundreds of thousands of demonstrators have taken to the streets all across the nation to protest right-wing immigration proposals. As Media Matters has documented, the fact that some demonstrators carry the Mexican flag has elicited the ire of conservative pundits. For example, Robert Novak has said:

I am no hard-liner on immigration who wants to expel 11 million illegal immigrants, but flags are a symbol of national identity. The student brandishing the Mexican flag signals divided loyalty or perhaps loyalty to a foreign power.

But President Bush himself has publicly brandished the Mexican flag. ThinkProgress has obtained a copy of a five-minute ad that the 2004 Bush campaign distributed to Hispanic supporters. In the ad, Bush can be seen waving a Mexican flag while embracing a young girl.

What Novak and others fail to understand is that carrying the flag is not a sign of divided loyalty but a demonstration of an American value — understanding and appreciating immigrant culture.(Unfuck’nbelievable!)


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  7. 3 Responses to “Traitor Bush Caught on Film”

    1. Fitz Says:

      If Bush had been alive in 1836 at the Alamo he would have been on Santa Anna’s side blowing the bugle calling for taking no prisoners.

    2. apollonian Says:

      Yes, Bush II is errand-boy doing what he’s told by conspirators (see JBS.org and Council on Foreign Relations [CFR] conspiracy) who will leave him hanging, holding whatever bag. Note the pretend game-charade in minds of Jew working class (lower-level Jews) is Israel vs. United Nations (UN). So this is Israel’s cue to denounce UN and urge US to be loyal to Israel. We Americans on other hand are urged to choose Israel to save us fm Mexico and communist UN. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

    3. Coup d'Etat Says:

      Bush is a jew. Do we expect anything more or less from jews? Jews will be jews. They are irrational and destructive. This is why we are to have no foreign nationals in our politics and especially as Presidents. It’s apparent these individuals are in the mix with interests that are not in the best interest of White America – the pioneers in the formation of the U.S. It’s clear these individuals are acting in foreign affairs helping foreign countries take over America.