21 April, 2006

Violence Is Politics

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Ireland: The Chilling Story of the Black and Tans

The Independent (London)

Although the Black and Tans force was deployed for only a couple of years, from 1920 to 1922, nationalist Ireland still associates it with murder, brutality, massacre and indiscipline in the years leading to southern Ireland’s independence. … In this instance, its reputation is not based on any republican propaganda and exaggeration, since there is no dispute that “the Tans” killed and destroyed on a large scale. Nor did they make any secret of their ferocious reprisals.

http://news.independent.co.uk/uk/ulster /article359132.ece

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  7. 19 Responses to “Violence Is Politics”

    1. D Noone Says:


      An updated version of that Black and Tans song has been written. Today Ireland’s problem is “Blacks and Tans ” of a more Third world variety.
      Musicians are needed to record this for us . I am sure it will be an underground hit as soon as it is and the media will explode.

      Get out ye Blacks and Tans

      I was born on an Irish street where now bongo drums do beat,
      It seems like a strange terror has come o’er us
      If our dead ancestors could again have sight
      They would rise from the grave and fight
      And admonish us to action with this chorus:

      Oh,get out ye blacks and tans,
      You are not wanted in our land
      Down with the Jews and the captive media that slanders
      Marxist Sinnfein-Ira commit treason under its sway,
      And Fianna Fail betray us for backhanders.

      Jews let us hear you tell
      of your financing of Cromwell,
      William of Orange and the Churchills by whom we were persecuted
      How many Irish will die of Aids
      Brought here by the Spades
      For the Jews our gene pool is mortally polluted.

      Come tell us of the Heidis you had killed
      So that your Talmud could be fulfilled,
      And now you have sent Blair the zionhearted on a crusade
      British still die for the lies you’ve spun
      Just like in World War two and World War one
      We sing this song to make your power fade.

    2. James Morden Says:

      Churchill again!

      Did that fat, drunk, pompous prostitute do anything good in his life?

    3. erik the red Says:

      The next time I go to Britain, I will personally go to Churchill’s grave and piss on it.

    4. H,Schneider Says:

      my (by now) dead inlaws told me of the black and the tans and how they raped murdered and set the torch to whatever they felt like. It seems that the brits have a long history of shooting at women and children.They looked far less impressive when pitted against real soldiers.

    5. jimbo Says:

      what puzzles me is that BOTH sides in the recent ‘troubles’ (Sinn Fein/provisional IRA) and (Ulster Unionists/UDA/UFF) are saying ABSOLUTELY NOTHING abt their countrie(s) getting invaded by muds!….and, YET, all those yrs of fighting and ‘propaganda’ abt Irish freedom of one flavour or another……who was REALLY pulling the strings/orchestrating events in the back-ground all those decades?
      Do i smell a rat here?……a rat with a funny hat and a big schnozz?!
      (a *footnote*: MI5 and MI6 are well-documented as having acted as agent provocateurs over the decades in Ireland and we all know who’s REALLY in charge of them……a six letter-word that starts with ‘M’ and ends with ‘D’!)

    6. SMG3000 Says:

      Yes, the fratricidal stuff has to stop and the focus must remain on the non-White invasion.
      Irish and English both have bad seeds in their midsts, just like any White ethnic group, but they must be suppressed or isolated until we overcome the jew and can begin using eugenic practices to help keep our ‘bad seed’ numbers under control.

    7. Carpenter Says:

      The Brits could build their empire because they lived on a protected island. I gotta say, that’s one European people that didn’t really deserve an island. Had they lived on the continent, I bet they’d never built the strength of even the French Empire or the Germans.

      When a Tan was killed in Cork, they burnt down more than 300 buildings in the city centre and afterwards proudly pinned pieces of burnt cork to their caps. … they disregarded all normal policing procedures, and committed almost casual murders. … “If a police barracks is burnt then the best house in the locality is to be commandeered, the occupants thrown into the gutter. Let them die there; the more the merrier.” … opened fire at a Gaelic football match in the city, causing 12 deaths and wounding scores. … The late Lord Longford wrote of Tans torturing captured republicans, “cutting out the tongue of one, the nose of another, the heart of another and battering in the skull of a fourth”.

      An article worth reading. And yes, Jimbo is right, neither side in Northern Ireland ever said anything about the mud invasion. “Our beef is with the Brits!” said the IRA. Of course, the IRA was taken over by Marxist extremists, perhaps the only ones who would still bother with the fight.

    8. James Morden Says:

      The ‘Brits’ are no more the problem than the ‘Americans’ are the problem for the destruction of Europe 65 yrs ago.

      Get a grip.

    9. Orion Says:

      Churchill was half jewish. His mother was an american kikess, if I remember right.

    10. Josh Jericho Says:

      Some serious information was left out of the article regarding the “Black & Tans” in the Irish Revoloution. The writer implies that they were just WWI veterans which is crock (most current histories present this myth too). Most were prisoners from England being sent to Ireland to be thugs because they couldn’t get enough veterans from WWI to sign up to go to Ireland. So they were the bottom of the IQ pool from England and acted as such since they were in charge. A similar situation would be taking the inmates from San Quentin putting them in charge of Bhagdad – I guess that would be a worse situation looking at the combined brain power of the sambos and mexers.

      Jimbo- the mud invasion of Ireland is strictly in the south for now under the talmud law because heaven forbid a precious mud getting shot or blown up in Northern Ireland. That the way the kosher staging point and supply route is set for the invasion of the north when it’s safe which as you point out the white folk there are oblivious to.

    11. Carpenter Says:

      The ‘Brits’ are no more the problem than the ‘Americans’ are the problem for the destruction of Europe 65 yrs ago.

      Get a grip.

      The Brits have serious cultural flaws, with or without jews. I got my grip, thank you very much, you got yours?

    12. NSN Says:

      More communist shite. Only a yank would post Sein Fein propaganda and think it had something to do with White Nationalism. Can’t wait to celebrate Lincoln’s birthday. Now there was one guy who fought to unite a nation.



    13. KingBilly1690 Says:

      No surrender! :)

    14. SouthCoastNationalist Says:

      I do get tired of hearing all the taigs on this site and their blatent anti Brit garbage. You bleat about being ‘occupied’ as part of the Great British Empire. The empire encircled the globe, why would we have missed out your shitty little island? And lets face it, you paddies are so stupid you starved because there was no potatoes.

      The black n tans was a great idea, we get rid of our most violent and terrible criminals, and you tims get a good hiding. Serves you right for all those years of marxist cowardly terrorism.

      Ulster on the other hand is British, and it always will be. Had we left it to you thick cunts it would have been turned into a bog or a spud field.


    15. bryan o'driscoll Says:

      I never cease to be amazed by the narrow-minded stupidity of white people who hate other white people because they grovel before a different version of the big kike in the clouds. Although characters like Mr South Coast Nationalist seems to suggest that Irish Catholics are also an inferior race. Perhaps he feels more comfortable with niggers, wogs, spics, asians and kikes. Remember pal, when non-whites are rampaging down the streets of our cities in the future they will not care whether the white person they want to kill is a Protestant or a Catholic or an atheist. They won’t care whether your ancestors fought with King Billy or died with Patrick Pierce in 1916, or were Confederate or Union, or Nazis or Democrats. They will rape your sister and my sister just as enthusiastically.
      Remember, anything that weakens white solidarity is bad. For that reason Christianity is now a threat to our survival; just as liberalism and all the other isms that plague us. Your only question should be: is it good for the white race? It has worked for the kikes, why not for us?

    16. giles Says:

      catholics are not white.

    17. Pure Celt Says:

      Hitler was white and Catholic and the Jew-loving Brits fought him. Prods love the Jews more than Catholics. Martin Luther King was a Prod. Cromwell was Jew loving Prod.


    18. Van Rensberg Says:

      The UK is finished-there are millions upon millions of third worlders there and thousands more getting in every day-let the old freds who are proud they helped the USSR defeat The Reich now admit Hitler was Right.If it wasn`t for the jew lovers in london we would have a White West not a continent becoming a brazil type multiracial hellhole.

    19. aryan catholic power! Says:

      what dum fuck said catholics are not white! GILES! is that hebrew for mudshark! ya dum nigger lovin cunt