10 April, 2006

White Vocabulary: Flagitious

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  1. Characterized by extremely brutal or cruel crimes; vicious.
  2. Infamous; scandalous: “That remorseless government persisted in its flagitious project� (Robert Southey).

The flagitious behavior of the Judeo-AmeriKwan warmongering elite in Iraq, where an estimated 100,000 innocent citizens have been bombed, starved, or shot to death, explains Iran’s interest in developing a nuclear defense capability.

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    1. alphabeta Says:

      Sadly such caitiff behavior is typical of our teratoid nation.

    2. Jew killer Says:

      Hey Alex,

      These are great cartoons at http://www.boomka.org/. Which one (s) did you submit?

      Love your work on the TRUTH.

    3. GB Says:


    4. Kalafan Says:

      And Whitey can’t be like this on his own? Holocaust or no Holocaust, Hitler did more harm to his own people than any group of Jews could ever have hoped to do, and it was on more levels than just one. Loathsome as Bush may be, he’s barely even been able to put a dent in Hitler’s level of military blunder. Hitler, who’s more or less idolized by many of this site’s readers, got his nation (and indeed, all White Nationalists) into an unwinnable and disasterous war, the reprecussions of which we’re still feeling to this day. Although the Jews provoked Nazism, racist White Nationalism, etc. against them, perhaps they INTENDED to provoke it to the scale of Nazi Germany. Population swell or no, Germany is still pretty fucking tiny when it comes to building immense international empires. Though his military was huge by present day standards, how the hell he indended to keep most of Europe, North Africa, and the motherfucking USSR of all places under his control with the Jew-allied Brits and Americans gnawing at his ass is mind-boggling. Aside from wasting valuable men and resources in the North African campaigns, he essentially set himself up from the beginning as a dangerous expansionist instead of playing victim and letting the USSR, which the US and Britain had hated until the screaming Austiran gave them some halfassed reasons to gang up on him, make the first act of agression.

      Then there’s his other “mistakes” (some circles would call them crimes, but then again, those circles aren’t particularly romantic about destroying half a continent before the enemy’s give one a reason to). Like so many other military commanders of recent times, he apparently thought he could Blitzkreig his way through Stalingrad during one of the harshest winters in the civilized world, and then effectively subjugate a tract of land more than twenty times the size of his own. What’s more, he’d probably have to kill millions more Whites (Slavs, whom he hated, but they’re still White, damnit) to effectively suffocate the Stalinist mentality that by then had been thoroughly ingrained into Soviet society. The brutality the Wehrmacht inflicted upon the Soviets, both Jews and Slavs, only made the Germans seem more evil in their eyes and would have made any long-term occupation of Russia and supression of Sovietism even more difficult and costly. Yeah, and now Russia and Eastern Europe, home of the Slavs that the Nazis regarded as “second-rate human beings,” are literally the last defendable fronts of mass White hegemony in the world, and even they are slowly beginning to decay.

      The paper-hanging ex-tramp from Braunau am Inn may have hated the Jews above all else, but he did them a bigger favor than any excessively-bribed race-traitor of a politician could’ve ever done: he provided them with a HUGE portion of the foundation upon which they’ve based the modern Anti-White movement, in all of its various guises. Had Hitler not agressively invaded Eastern Europe, set up slave labor camps, and (perhaps unkowningly) allowed so many inmates with typhus to be put in them, perhaps the “Kosher” world would be remembering him as one of Europe’s less-shitty 20th Century dictators at best, instead of the 20th Century Satan that they still portray him as to this day.

      What’s Bush got so far? 3,000 of his own dead and an (estimated, probably inflated) 100,000 Iraqis dead? Johnson would’ve killed his own parents for statistics like that. It’s fucked up a good number of Whites, but they had it coming to them when they signed up, the dumbfucks. Why we should worry about a bunch of people we don’t know who’re gladly detracting from/tainting their race’s gene pool is beyond me. “Oh, but we Whites gots’ to have more kids before we go extinct!” The American family is in a rut, the kids are enstupidated by the schools and mostly on drugs, and you guys think that adding more to the mix will solve the problem? The Jews, Illuminati, Freemasons, whatever chickenshit group of freaks you want to blame, have it in for us anyway, and the sooner we stop worrying about the future of a skin color and facial structure that’s shared by the descendants of the group of Homo Sapiens that developed in Europe, the sooner we, as individuals, will be free. ZOG is only as powerful as you make it. Protesting it both publicly and on the Internet is tantamount to some smelly, Communist excuse for a young White man from Berkley bursting into a neocon fanclub convention and shouting about Imperialism and oppressed minorities… Resisting it outright is futile and technically criminal, but you can control how much of your money you give to it, as this guy explains: http://www.fredoneverything.net/LiveWell.shtml

      “Love your work on the TRUTH?” Yeah, it must be the truth alright, which is why you have to tell us it is. Notice that that’s what the Soviet government named its official misinformation department. “I done saw id’ awn th’ In’ernet, id’ mus’ be real!” In terms of propaganda tactics, if you really want to get any kind of real base going for your chicken-shit cause, you guys really need to start aping the more mainstream sources instead of doing this fucked-up journalistic frontal assault shit. Hell, just ask the BNP to teach you how to gain as much ground as they have. “Jew Killer?” With names like that, no wonder nobody listens to you amateurs.

    5. A. Says:

      Hitler had no choice but to fight. It was only a question of time. The Soviets were on the move. Shows how much you know. At least announcing your ignorance early on helped stop me wasting my time reading the rest of your comment.

    6. Carl Loerbs Says:

      Kalafan – some of Hitler’s campaigns were launched to bail out the Italians. North Africa and Greece were two of the most prominent examples.

      Hitler’s big blunder was Stalingrad. He should have allowed Von Paulus and Sixth Army to execute a strategic withdrawal. To this day, I’m not sure Hitler got accurate information about the situation in Stalingrad. Don’t forget, Hitler replaced strong independent-minded advisers like Heinz Guderian with lickspittles like Keitel and Jodl. Martin Bormann was notorious for filtering information delivered to the Fuehrer. Goering constantly oversold the capabilities of the Luftwaffe, and God knows what was really on Himmler’s mind. Rarely was a leader more ill-served by his entourage than Hitler, except for the faithful service of Joseph Goebbels and Albert Speer.

      Regarding the BNP – they may be gaining the foreground with their compromises, but they’re losing the background to the BPP.

    7. James Hawthorne Says:


      My, oh my, where to begin? With such a plethora of disinformation it’s difficult to know. Instead of quoting the various errors in your rambling and typical of the English (and by the way I AM ENGLISH) “White Nationalist” version of World War II and Hitler, I’ll just correct some of the most obvious with comments of my own.

      The thesis of Kalafan’s argument is: Hitler is to blame for the present state of affairs. False. As everyone knows who studies history the guilty parties are Churchill and jew-descended Roosevelt who WERE SUPPOSED to defend White Western Christian civilization but did the exact opposite. Churchill, the Englishman, is the worse of the two and deserves to have his statue shat upon and his likeness burned in effigy every year. It wasn’t Hitler’s desire that the British Empire be dissolved nor that the wogs and niggers should be given free access to England and her white daughters. England and France declared war on Germany, as we have to constantly remind people. Germans in Danzig were being killed and persecuted and Hitler had to put a stop to it. It was America and England who fought on the wrong side of the war AGAINST Hitler when they should have been fighting with him. Don’t take my word for it. Read the letters US General George S. Patton wrote to his wife.

      Another false assertion by Kalafan: Hitler hated Slavs and wanted to subjugate Russia. Bullshit. What most people do is focus on Hitler’s criticisms of Eastern Europeans and the Lebensraum plan. (and the negative attitude about Slavs wasn’t unusual as the American journalist Donald Day heaps the same criticisms upon them from his first hand knowledge in his book Onward Christian Soldiers) What they fail to understand is that, as Leon Degrelle WHO KNEW HITLER PERSONALLY said in his great lecture “Epic: The Story of the Waffen SS,” is that Hitler came to believe that the Russians and other Slavs should NOT be subjugated by the Reich but rather they should be freed and thereafter a cooperation would be worked out. The truth comes out in movies on occasion. In the film Enemy at the Gates, about an encounter between German and Russian snipers, the fact that the kommissar was a jew is allowed in along with a bogus “atrocity” story about the horrible nazis drowning innocent civilians to save bullets but one part that is glossed over is what the Germans played on their loudspeakers which is factual. Out of the loudspeakers would come, “The German Reich is not your enemy. Your enemy is your own government. The German people are not your enemy. Your enemy is the Bolshevik menace.” etc. And that was a fact.

      Do we have any proof that Hitler and the evil “nazis” could be so magnanimous in their treatment of a nation they defeated in war? Absolutely. It’s called France. Even after the French declared war on Germany and the nazis swiftly kicked their bums, the Germans let Frenchmen run their own affairs! Petain was put in charge and allowed to order German troops around! Incredibly nice treatment from a country that was still at war. Ah, but maybe it was another “mistake”. People always talk about Hitler’s making “mistakes” without knowing the real facts behind the issues. Again, I leave the details of how Hitler didn’t make mistakes to Degrelle, Skorzeny, and even David Irving. Even though it’s extremely difficult to write objectively about persons in history, Irving constantly tries to correct himself when he’s realized that an anti-Hitler remark or accusation he has made was in error. In a lecture Irving gave about “Hitler’s Place in History”, he remarked that he had learned that at the same time of the Stalingrad offensive (if I recall correctly which battle he was referring to) he had since learned that Hitler was in bed for a week with dysentery and had no say in the attack nor was he happy about what his generals had done later. Degrelle said that in nearly all cases where Hitler had judged a military situation his general staff would only give him about 30% of what he asked for and thus the operation had only that less of a chance of success.

      And what about the “slave labor camps”. Another bullshit story and double standard applied to the Third Reich. Most of the inmates at German labor camps were PAID. It might not have been much, but it wasn’t “slave labor”. It’s difficult to piece together any exact rules that they operated under, however the general and logical conclusion was that the camps that were nearly entirely made of hardened and violent criminals were the ones wherein the inmates were not paid. Now you can call this “slave labor” if you want to, but then you must also call nearly all of the prisons and detention centers in the US “slave labor camps” as well. Of course, one of the problems with these types of arguments are with the definitions and what we like to call “semantics”. Just because the USSR thought someone was a criminal didn’t mean they actually were. And this only makes sense that a government founded by lying kikes would be unjust while a government founded by supremely intelligent and brutally honest Aryans like the Germans would be just and fair. What do we English and Americans do? We engage in jewish soviet style show trials such as in Nuremberg. Well done.

      And finally, Kalafan asserts the BNP is the way to go. With all due respect to Nick Griffin and all the members of the BNP, and I wish them all godspeed and success, they have no right to preach to anyone because they have not won power and started to change things for white people. There are only three ways that our people can be woken from their racial slumber: the mass media (and this includes what the BNP does -> media is politics), an economic crisis (where whites are thrown into the streets and ask what the hell happened?) or a race war (which happens in small manner with local riots between pakis and whites, south africans and coons, etc). We can’t cause the latter two to happen on a mass scale so the only thing we can do is build the mass media to reach our people. If you think a political party can gain power and make changes that are pro-white, and continue to keep power WITHOUT having the mass media under control, you’re dreaming. The jewish mass media will destroy that party unless and until the day there is mass media that counters the anti-racist propaganda. Which is what VNN is trying to do. No one — not the BNP or anyone — can say they have won or are winning for our people until they gain power and CHANGE laws in a pro-white manner and keep them in place. Until that happens they’re struggling just like the rest of us to take power away from the kikes and our treasonous and dishonourable shabbas goy politicians.

      Hitler was not infallible. A case in point would be when his ruling against a general was overturned by the Reich’s judiciary. Some dictatorship, eh? And Hitler was certainly not the cause of the multiculty morass and racial mess we find ourselves in today. If he was, he’d be a hero to the jews and the leftist commie scum. But he was a great man and his ideology is the cure for most of our people’s ills just as it was for the Germans. Time we English face up to that fact and admit when we’re wrong. Like real men. And I say, HEIL HITLER! Look out for my new show, the Hawthorne Report, that is in the works at VNN!

    8. Kalafan Says:

      Thank you for that historical ass-kicking, guys. Really, that was great, like when we learned what semen was in 6th grade Biology.

      Either way, it still doesn’t change the fact that the alliance with Japan helped fuck up Hitler’s chances of winning even more severely than they already were with just Britain and the USSR on his ass. Roosevelt was obviously a Zionist warmonger who tried to appeal to the peace crowd until he had a good excuse to go after Germany. Yet another example of what happens when you seriously attempt to destroy/weaken ZOG; It gangs back up on you with everything it’s got and clobbers you in the face with a brick. It’s similar to the Chechens trying to separate from Russia, Moscow fearing that allowing one rebellion to succeed will lead to similar rebellions throughout the Caucasus region and possibly result in a loss of their Eastern warm-water ports altogether. The difference between that and ZOG is that ZOG fears a big enough anit-NWO alliance could potentially challenge and destroy it, which is why it has currently secured power (or at least obedient docility in some cases) in all the important nations at this point. The formation of a Middle-East (military) coalition with anti-Zionism as one of its main guiding principles would be swiftly crushed as soon as ZOG found a defendable excuse to do so.

      What region of the world is host to populations that hate ZOG more than most? America and Europe have been thoroughly emasculated, any White Nationalist movements with serious potential being forced to camouflage themselves in “Kosher” clothing as the BNP has, and they still catch hell from the press. The Chinese have been discovering food and money for the past few decades, and while they still have the potential to “explode” (Mao’s Cultural Revolution), it will most likely be a “Kosher” explosion (Mao’s Cultural Revolution). South American Marxists are too distracted with hating the fuck out of Yankee to bother noticing that Hymie is the one pulling Yankee’s strings. What’s that leave us with? The Muslims of the Middle East, a good number of whom apparently want a return to the Caliphate of olden days, but many of whom find themselves too busy with their families, jobs, debts, etc. to want to bother, hate the US, Israel, West in general, and represent what could someday be a solid popular front against ZOG, which is why ZOG has been taking such a heightened interest in the last few decades. They won’t stand any more of a chance than the Axis did, though, as ZOG’s subject nations still have massive military forces at their disposal.

      Honestly, White racial suicide isn’t really a bad prospect in the long run. Whites let their nations get like this, they deserve what they get coming to them, and will end up depriving ZOG of a punching bag. You say a scary race war is on the horizon? Kill yourself, and encourage your family to do the same. We’ve had our run, guys, and it’s been enjoyable inventing crap, trying to impose it on pig-ignorant brownies, watching the brownies continue to butcher themselves anyway, but we’re wearing out our welcome. Brownies world-wide keep fucking like rabbits, and Whites think that birth control is the best thing since toilet paper. What makes you guys think that you have a fighting chance? These days, if a Socialist doesn’t win an election, a Blight Winger does. The coming Race War may in fact be Whitey’s last stand in the world, but something tells me that he, his security/order-obsessed wife, and his drugged-up, oversexed kids who have to count on their fingers, won’t be up to the challenge, since over half of them are friends with Brownies of varying character, as I’ve observed. Or you could move to Antartica, which you could rename “Whiteland,” for obvious reasons.

      See you all in White hell!

    9. Carpenter Says:

      That is an excellent post, James Hawthorne. I am glad to see that many do know the truth about that war, a truth that has been distorted in so many ways. Through the internet, the facts are passed on.

      It is true, Hitler had good reason to believe the USSR would eventually attack the Reich. Throughout its existence the USSR had declared its communist intention to wage war on the world, and it was run by Jews, even though Stalin cleaned out some of them. Clearly a confrontation was only a question of when. Better to do it before the Soviets had nuclear weapons.

      Also, the Reich intended to open up a front in India, which would force England to move troops there, which would take the pressure off German and Italian troops in Africa. The Indians could be counted on to revolt, if they got some outside help. Same as in Egypt, where Black mid-level officers in the British Army planned a revolt as soon as the Germans reached Kairo, and they were in constant radio contact with Rommel’s army.

      But I digress.

      A general observation about the war: Hitler had correctly observed that only the empires were autarchic – only empires contained within them all the different kinds of production they needed, so that they could be truly free, without having to depend on other nations. And the world was divided between empires. Hitler also observed that colonies across the seas were lost sooner or later; you needed colonies connected to your own country on land. Enlarging Germany eastward was the logical step; and in any case, without German influence Eastern Europe would fall to the USSR. In a world of empires, you have to decide if you should be a subjugator or subjugated. And the world hasn’t changed; though words like “colonies” and “empires” are no longer with us, the world is still divided between the strong, though through different means. Hitler correctly judged that this would never change – and that when Jews are also in the game, not fighting for power is suicidal. This is all in Mein Kampf, by the way.

    10. Carpenter Says:

      The Jews, Illuminati, Freemasons, whatever chickenshit group of freaks you want to blame, have it in for us anyway, and the sooner we stop worrying about the future of a skin color and facial structure that’s shared by the descendants of the group of Homo Sapiens that developed in Europe, the sooner we, as individuals, will be free.

      Uh, and this guy supports the BNP? They got some whacky supporters.

      This is the kind of guy who will scream and shout insults, and try his hardest to find excuses for not getting involved. (But if nationalists ever succeed they will come out from their hiding places.)

      This is something you see every now and then on the internet: the nationalist who absolutely hates other nationalists. He will pour obscenities over them – for being too obscene! You soon realize where the hatred comes from: only by turning other nationalists into his enemy can he justify why he isn’t getting involved himself. These guys are never, ever, activists.

    11. Kalafan Says:

      I never said that I supported the BNP. I’m from America anyways and I don’t worry too much about what happens to the Brits. And I only got this cynical recently. What the fuck base is left? What, you’ve got under six thousand signed onto your forums, you call that something that’s going somewhere? “But Hitler started out with little more than a few dozen sumbitches and look where he got!” Yeah, because the VAST MAJORITY of the people in Germany were German by ethnicity, plus they had the utter humiliation bestowed upon them by both the Versailles Treaty and the aftereffects of the Great Depression. He appealed to a people who felt beaten (WERE beaten) and sought a return to glory. Present-day America is a fucking two-faced, immoral hodge-podge of “diversity” that would make the denizens of a Weimar bordello cringe, and is only held together by the fledging vitality of the Almighty Dollar. Another Great Depression followed by a full-blown Race War might give Whitey a fighting chance for his racial nationalism, but I doubt it, looking at most of today’s Whites, the best (and in some cases worst) of whom are wasting their lives in the Middle East.

      And yes, I know how the Germans all just Loooovvvved the Slavs, and some WNs still hold toned-down versions of this opinion: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/4/43/Antiruss.jpg

      You can make fun of the BNP all you want (http://www.heretical.com/British/bnpfun.html) but that doesn’t make it any less obvious that they’re the only “White Nationalists” that can bring in any significant amount of votes in the Western world. Doing the direct approach, as this site and countless others do, doesn’t bring in jack shit except the million or so fringe elements that still agree with Nazism. Look at the recent protests supporting the Mexican invasion. MILLIONS poured out to show their support for newly-arrived Paco, his wife, their 13 children, and the 12 million or so Illegals like him. How many White Nationalist protests have there been in the past twenty years that can muster even 10,000?

      Seriously associating your group with Hitler has made it an almost guaranteed losing bet in terms of national, or even local success. The Blight Wing occasionally complains on the Internet that although it (apparently) makes up the political majority of the US population, it is still too fragmented (as the German states were before Bismarck united them), disorganized, and underrepresented in the MSM to ever hope for any major political successes. They’re partially right, as the Republicans are only slightly more “Conservative” than Al Sharpton, and the Bush worship churned out by FOX News doesn’t correctly characterize many of them. Yeah, non-racist Conservatism/Libertarianism that more or less bows to Israel can’t win the country back through the ballot box, but overtly pro-Hitler Whites (who constitute a political minority within their own race) can. Sorry for the redundant (and perhaps pointless) negativity, but a race-based Civil War is really Whitey’s last and only hope. If anything, my (perhaps misinformed) diatribes have at least emboldened you guys even further to continue educating fellow Whites about ZOG. If and when Race War comes, I’m not stepping aside like countless others will most likely do if the opportunity presents itself, but that doesn’t mean that in the mean time I’m going to go back to sheepishly regurgitating every line fed to me by a group of people who’re almost as good at twisting words and stretching/concealing the truth as the Jews they villify so much are.


      Good day, folks.

    12. Tim P. Says:

      The anti-russian graphic which states “The russian must die, that we might live” is taken out of context, and refers to the war. Some dont seem to understand the reasoning behind aversion to Slavs, which comes from the fact that so many who call themselves “Slavs” or “Russian” are actually euro-mongol “eurasian” hybrids with varying levels of asian admixture.