26 April, 2006

White Vocabulary: skiffle

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New one on me. Quote: “The great Lennon-McCartney tunes of their middle and later periods are ballads, music-hall spoofs, or jumped-up skiffle tunes.” [Steven King choosing Beatles as “Most overrated rock band,” American Heritage magazine, May/June 1999]


Jazz, folk, or country music played by performers who use unconventional instruments, such as kazoos, washboards, or jugs, sometimes in combination with conventional instruments.

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    1. Lokuum Says:

      Rock music is overated. Which reminds me of J.W. Bush’s most famous quote,
      “Fool me once
      Shame on me
      Fool me twice
      won’t get fooled again.”
      He should have followed it up with, “Meet the new boss same as the old boss.”

    2. Theseus Says:

      Oh ya, skiffle bands were about the only thing going in Liverpool at that time.

    3. Des Gedow Says:

      If this is the faggot who supposedly writes books, then this same dickwad is an avid fan of AC/DC. Now something is surely amiss here. While the Beatles may not be in Mozart, Handel or Beethoven’s league, their music does have melody, meaningful lyrics, and a great versatility throughout their range whereas the latter band knows three chords, plays the same jew katzenyammer in every song, has no meaningful message in their songs (I use the term losely) as demonstrated by a singer who sounds like he’s been on a Marlboro binge since birth, and who need to play at full volume in order to cover up their lack of musical ability.
      I guess King’s a jew because he’s pushing a band made by jews to dumb down white kids….if you don’t think so, have a good look at the trash that go to their concerts.

    4. The usual Hegelian trick ... Says:

      These young fellas don’t want Britney, and there’s only one other option: Jew York Doll / David Lee Rothschild / whatever flamin’ doped up zombies can hold the mic or strum a chord will do. Top-to-bottom Judeo manufacture backed by all the Jew trimmings: press, TV, radio, movies.

      Kids don’t have a chance.

      Real white music, “classical,” non-Kosher classical, that is, is never brought up, certainly never played.

    5. The usual Hegelian trick ... Says:

      … and then for the rest, the non-lesbo Kabbala Britney’s & non-wacked-out fag Roth’s get: American Idol.

    6. Tim Johnson Says:

      So give a kid a Beethoven CD. Naxos is cheap. Or burn one of yours and give it for free. Intelligent non-conformist kids like it; plants a seed. Start about 12 – 15 years old. My young relatives know some good music.

      But give plenty of space for them to find, create, discover, celebrate their own culture, even if it’s just crap. If you plant the seed of right values and some classical, the chaff blows away and the seed grows and grows.

      No TV, though!

    7. van helsing Says:

      Start earlier. Music helps kids with their math abilities.

      Even if they dont learn to play very many or real well, it is also good to expose them to a variety of instruments and styles. “Throw stuff at the wall (the kid’s mind) and see what sticks”.

      I dont include rap or hip hop as music.

      I like some rock music a lot and have my progeny listen to it in the truck with me. I like some keyboard in it, especially piano, and I ask them to try to pick that part out while listening.

    8. Alan B'stard M P Says:

      Actually the singer of ACDC is not the original. who was Bon Scott! Personally I love the sex pistols…great stuff!