15 April, 2006

Whites Fight Back at Duke

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[A reader writes…]

While some Internet bloggers have lamented a lack of white support for Duke’s Lacrosse team in their time of need, the facts are quite different. CounterPunch web site has weighed in with an essay protesting the outpouring of white support for the accused. It is titled “Privilege Meets Protest,” and here is a section.

“Lawyers for the team have gone on a remorseless counter-offensive. A new well-heeled booster club called the Committee for Fairness to Duke Families hired the ultimate authority in smearing women who “cry rape”: Bill Clinton’s former attorney, Bob Bennett. Bennett has already begun, saying, “A lot of innocent young people and the families are being hurt, and unfortunately this situation is being abused by people with separate agendas. It is grossly unfair, and cool heads must prevail.”

The web site address is:


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  7. 3 Responses to “Whites Fight Back at Duke”

    1. lawrence dennis Says:

      Here is the header of this article, written by two jew, on Counterpunch:

      Duke Didn’t Admit Its First Black Student Until 1961

      Privelege Meets Protest at Duke


    2. Cowboy Zeke Says:

      Moral of this Story?

      Niggers are trouble. Avoid them always.

    3. GasEmAll Says:

      That was Yoda-esque.