8 April, 2006


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…are jews so ugly?

…is it called “National Public Radio” when it only employs jews, and only discusses topics of interest to jews?

Real Americans want to know….


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  7. 7 Responses to “Why…?”

    1. Cowboy Zeke Says:

      Every time you listen to NPR it’s one of 4 things; Homos are great, Non-Whites are great, the Holohoax rememberers, or a jew leading a symphony.

    2. Arch Says:

      Terry? Gross!

    3. ZyklonB+jews=partytime Says:

      NPR sucks.

      People, these media are nothing but BIG MONEY.

      There is no magic. These people don’t have any answers. They are not authorities, experts, or anything at all except JEWS who are the employees of BIG MONEY.

      Same with TV, magazines, weeklies, newspapers, and everything else.


      That’s it!

      Why are jews ugly? Indeed. Trust your eyes with jews. Never trust your ears.

    4. bumblefish Says:

      NPR has twice advocated (once on Ira Glass’ show) throwing homo p*rn mags into children’s sports playing fields as a revolutionary and righteous act. And I heard this twice not even being much of a listener to NPR! This is criminal!!!

    5. Tim Johnson Says:

      Terry Gross only interviews jews. At least that’s the impression I got from the years I listened to her show before one day shutting off the radio and shouting:
      “Shut UP!”

      Gross’s show is called “Fresh Air.” Why does fresh air smell like jewish verbal flatulence every time?

      Note that Gross’s paranoia, in the characteristic shape of questions that reek of arrogantly denigrating implications, is particularly sharp when discussing non-jews. But she can be a deliberately thick-headed insulting bitch with her fellow jews as well.

      Jewish farting. Who needs it?

    6. Tim Says:

      Last time I listened to NPR they were doing a puff piece on the rapper Easy-E, who had just died of AIDS. They mentioned that he fathered seven children (all boys) all out or wedlock by seven different mothers – future stormtroopers.

      Anyway, when the NPR jew said something to the effect of “Easy-E wote stwong songs about powice brutawity…” I screamed out in disgust, shut off the radio and haven’t heard NPR since. I had a spic roomate who used to listen to NWA (Easy-E’s rap group) and am familiar it. The NPR jew liars didn’t mention what the ape sang about – gettin $$, gettin laid, gang banging hoes and killin hoes who didn’t pay him on time, etc.

      NPR news is ridiculous and should be ignored.

    7. Outis Says:

      A friend of mine once heard kikes on NPR about retaining a shabbos goy for household duties.