22 May, 2006

James Hawthorne Returns to VNN Broadcasting

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After a long intermission James Hawthorne returns to VNN Broadcasting to host The Hawthorne Report. James is known to many on VNN as the host of Aryan Matters.

Archives Page: here
Latest Broadcast Streams: 16K and 48k
Mp3 download: thr015220648k.mp3

Welcome back James!

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  7. 13 Responses to “James Hawthorne Returns to VNN Broadcasting”

    1. Theseus Says:


      Aryan Matters was awesome! (no pressure)

      Any word on how Lee’s doing?

      You two made me realize that not only was I a NS, but that I always had been.

    2. Mark Says:

      No offense to Mr. Hawthorne, but the accent is too much for me.

    3. Olde Dutch Says:

      The Hawthorne Report is a parody. Ain’t it?

    4. Tim Johnson Says:

      I like the accent. Very White sounding, as compared to the Amerikwan accents all around me. (Would prefer German accent, though.)

      Olde Dutch, why is this a parody? His call for legal actions? Just asking.

    5. Mark Says:

      I was watching the UFC reality show and one of guys was from London. He had one of those thick Cockney accents and they had to use subtitles. LOL!

      It’s okay sometimes, it has it’s niche, for instance I really enjoyed Only Fools and Horses.

      What do you mean by Amerikwan accents?

    6. Theseus Says:

      I have a southern accent. I used to hide it.

    7. James Hawthorne Says:

      I dunno… people with an accent American folks seem to listen more. Plus what better than having a White Brit bringing you White Nationalist news from a European perspective. It is just one more string added to the VNN Broadcasting bow. Get Ready for VNN Europe !!!

    8. Tim Johnson Says:

      Kwa accents: objectively, we’re extensively influenced (knowingly or not) by all the nigger talk promoted around us. Listen to Whites in movies in the 40s – vs. Whites in media today. Yeah, they’re still White…but different. Not for the better. (Some holdouts are in Minnesota, Maine, places like that. The South – forget it. Niggerized tongues.) There’s probably a bad influence in UK, too, but probably less so: those class-addled Britishers seem to hold on to their Eton and Groton and Cockney. Whatever, it’s all White. Not nigger. Not paki. White. GOOD TO HEAR.

      Subjectively, all the divershitty talk I’ve ever heard personally came from a “fellow Amuricon.” When a boobeoisie prates in my ear, it always be “a good old American” dumbass. I’m sick of this country.

    9. Mark Says:

      The Southern accent is not synonymous with nigger talk. Plenty of your so-called “white” accents and dialects from the UK for instance have bad grammar, without African influence. There are plenty of wiggers in the North and West too.

      The fact is, and people in the media know this, that accents are usually a hinderance in television and radio. Having a generic voice is better, as it’s not a distraction. For me it depends how strong the accent is. I don’t mind a little, but if it’s too thick it gets in the way.

      Anyway, this is just my opinion. Don’t let it dissuade you, Mr. Hawthorne.

    10. Theseus Says:

      Southern accents are not “nigger accents.”

      Anyone who has taken but a cursory glance at the South and its history knows this.

    11. .50 Sniper Says:

      Nice show welcome back sir…..

    12. James Morden Says:

      You do a great ‘talkradio’ job when going through the news. You had me laughing along about the Afreekan story.

      At some point it would be good to hear a live (& archived) phone-in show – without the jewish filter – and hear some ordinary white people get things off their chest. I thought it was good to hear the (NW Eng.?) accent – maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner :D

    13. Tim P. Says:

      Thanks James. Yours is a great voice for Anglo-Americans. Refreshing.