4 May, 2006

“Historical Fact Versus Historical Fiction”

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by Eric Thomson

No matter how often lies are repeated, they remain lies. Despite all the ongoing jewish effrontery, slander and maliciousness regarding the so-called “Holocaust,” the jews and their Allied accomplices should be confronted with the following facts:

All German concentration camps had cafeterias, cinemas, theaters, orchestras, sport facilities, swimming pools, bakeries, vegetable gardens, tailorshops and shoe factories. There were also bordellos to prevent homosexual behavior amongst the inmates, unlike American and British prisons, where young male inmates are frequently raped.


Thousands of jewish children were born in the camps, such as the Canadian carpet jew, Givener, who admitted that he was one of many jewish children born in Bergen-Belsen, whose parents joined the Germans in their retreat from Auschwitz, before the advancing Red Army. The Germans also had maternity wards in their camp hospitals. All guards inside the camps were jewish kapos. The Germans guarded the outside perimeters for the inmates’ protection.

The truth is that the jews were under protective custody, otherwise they would not have survived the war, for the peoples of Eastern Europe whom the jews oppressed would have slaughtered them en masse. If Hitler wanted to kill the jews in areas controlled by The Third Reich, none of them would have escaped, so it is obvious that Hitler intended for them to survive, which they did in their millions.

Although the liars call the German camps “death camps,” the Rothschilds of France, Leon Blum, and other prominent jews survived their incarceration quite well. Those who did die were largely typhus victims resulting from supply shortages caused by Allied terror-bombings. The fact is that most jews survived their detention. This is one time in history where millions of living people claimed that “6 million” jews died in German concentration camps, without offering the slightest evidence for this claim. If Germany had been running such an extermination program as alleged, the victims would be silent, as were the 15,000 Poles murdered by the Soviets, whose bodies were discovered at Katyn. In the 1980s, The Canadian Jewish News reported over 5 million “survivors” who were still collecting “reparations” from Germany.

No matter how many “survivors” surface at “Holocaust” reunions, the magic 6 million number remains unchanged, just as it did from its first announcement in The American Hebrew of October 31, 1919!  Six million is derived from cabalistic calculations or numerology, so the supposed ‘sacrifice’ or “holocaust” of 6 million was ‘necessary’ for Israel to be established in 1948. The fact that the ‘sacrifice’ is bogus does not seem to offend Yahweh, who must be pleased to see his ‘darlings’ use that number to fleece Gentiles and to justify their persecution to the Arabs of Palestine. The jews, Gypsies and now the homosexuals, as well as the Allied victors of World War II fear these facts, for to admit any of them would destroy their highly-profitable hate rackets.

Many jews would agree with these facts, but they fear to do so because of Zionist retaliation, including economic sanctions, exile from the jewish community and outright murder at the hands of the Mossad/ADL. The day will dawn, however, when those who loudly claim “persecution” will be unmasked as the world’s foremost persecutors.

* * *

“Gas-ovens” & “Gasvans” are on par with the jew comic ‘inventor’ Rube Goldberg, in which it takes a whole menagerie & a roomful of gadgetry to switch on a lightbulb. I invite all jews & their Goy dupes to try gassing themselves in their gasovens & then have someone try to cremate them in place. After a few explosions, they might learn why U.S. prisons keep their gas chambers far away from their crematoria. “Gaswagen” were propelled by gas made by distilling wood, because of the wartime gasoline shortage. No evidence exists, until some forger makes it up, that mobile gas-chamber vehicles were ever used to gas jewish hitchhikers, when there are & were much more efficient ways of gassing people with carbon monoxide. The M-1 Garands issued by the U.S. Army all had “gas chambers,” but I never heard that they were used to gas all the jews who could fit into one!

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  7. 83 Responses to ““Historical Fact Versus Historical Fiction””

    1. Carpenter Says:

      Sandor, that’s a good post. Glad to hear it shows that the loonie is apart from the normals. =)

      I skim through Appo’s posts a little, this is kind of fun in the last one: he goes on in the first paragraph about how others can’t spell, and in the very same paragraph he misspells “weird,” “weirdo” and “you” (he spells them “wierd,” “wierdo” and “u”.) Comic relief.

      In the rest of it, it sounds like he may be a Christian Identitist. Christian Identity, CI, is that story about Whites being the “True Israelites,” and the twelve lost tribes of Israel founding all the European peoples. All CIs are far gone, in my experience.

      I believe Nietzsche said it well: A casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything.

    2. Sulla Says:


      “Can they accept it as an unfortunate effect of free speech, as a funny curiosity, or will they think “Man, this site is weird, allowing lunatics like that one. I can’t recommend this website to my friends. They would laugh at me.â€?

      My point, among others, exactly buddy! Good call!

      Oh, Appholeian, did you say something? I miss your posts usually because they are rehashed xian cuntstantine dribblings. That said, Appholeian, you may want to enlighten us with da Troooo Joooooo dog dooo dooo theology? Let the newbies bask in your particular brand of trooo jooooo – cunstantine – da dude cum back – christ-insanity.

      Nothing like wasting good bandwidth and if Alex doesn’t care who am I to complain?

      Oh, before I forget:

      Dishonest elections and keep the Satanic Fed so my Freemason connections can freely finance more anti-xian actions. Besides I like that pyramid on my 1 dollar bill! Great for putting in stripper’s g-strings. Now they are SLAVES to my brotherhood of Satanic, Lucifer worshipping, NWO Illuminatis, Freemason, Bohemian Grove contacts! Bwahhhahaaaaaaa!

      Appholeian you’re so enlightened, please, please how will I ever push my anti-cuntstantine/jebus message if you keep on enlightening these idiots?
      When the great gun himself, Luciferbaby, calls me forth and is flapping his bat wings in the UN building and later at the City of London HQ and the Freemason Grand Lodge I have to advise him of my effective doings otherwise he’ll whoop my ass. You’re screwing everything up, Appy! When you bring your Trooo Jooo theology to the awareness of the trooo jooos (The Bantus in Africa. Sorry I meant the ones in Vietnam. Oops, actually I meant the ones they found in India recently. Nope. The Khazars? Wrong! They are imposters as are the Jews today, right! So then it must be only the British? Right! So there it is, the British, minus the useless Irish scum the Anglos hate and you have da trooo joooos, right? Whooo, but hey, I heard hottentots were claiming this status too in early SA days? Is that true? Boy everyone these days are the Trooo Joooo chosenites except the Jews themselves, yup, they’re imposters!) you undermine my effectiveness!

      Please, Appholeian, have some mercy on a anti-khrist, Satanist, Freemason, New World Orderian like myself. I just want to fuck up Cuntstantine Xianity. That’s a worthy cause ain’t it? Buddy, pal, friend!

    3. apollonian Says:

      Sulla, Carpenter Prosecute; Defense Rests:
      What Is Real Substance For VNN?
      (Apollonian, 9 May 06)

      Excellent. I must admit u were so kind as to allow me my say. Now a candid world can judge–as if it didn’t always. Just take last paragraph of model of sanity “Sulla,” above. So where it says “no Jews just right,” at heading for VNN now “Sulla” transforms by hyterical paroxyms of stupidity even more intensively to anti-Christianity?

      So well, okay. I will simply rest my case before a candid public. Note I always warned ultimately it will be reason vs. anti-reason, hystericism, and gamesmanship, “Carpenter” now most contemptuously ignoring very words-text plain to anyone.

      VNN thereby as defined by “Sulla” not only stagnates but deviates, Carpenter assisting ably. a bold continuation of the initial “no Jews just right” motto at front. Denouncing “Judeo-Christianity” heresy, they then attack straw-man so savagely.

      Note above “Sulla” confirms Judaic subjective, fraud, and suspicions are confirmed. By preserving the fraud, “Sulla” intends to the surviving of Jew plague, helping them make their getaway. And “Sulla” furthermore makes fun of dear Saint Constantine, the only victor over Judaism in history, except maybe for Ferdinand and Isabella in 1492.

      CONCLUSION: “Sulla” and “Carpenter” are the madmen obsessed w. equivocation Christian and Jew, fallacy, etc. Thanks for instruction as to what is not, purest hystericism and mysticism. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

    4. jimbo Says:

      i don’t think the yoos will get such cosy treatment NEXT TIME……arriving sooner than you think, Mr Yoo!

      the yoos’ evil and sinister role in WWI/WWII could perhaps be forgiven and forgotten EVEN WITH the multi-million fatalities suffered by the White Race but THIS GODDAMN FILTHY TRIBE have JUST KEPT ON GOING with their evil garbage……..counter-cultural revolution of 1960s-1970s/abortion/homosexuality/feminism/globalisation/multi-culturalism/political correctness/’free trade’/’gun control’/almost total destruction of white civilisation/mass immigration of hideous mud people to peaceful and prosperous white societies(turning them into Turd World dung-hills!)/9-11/Iraq invasion/numerous terroristic incidents going back to the founding of Yidsrael(Irgun/Stern gangs, massacre of Palestinian women & kids,attack on USS Liberty, assassination of JFK, Bali bombing, Beslan school massacre, London Tube bombing, Madrid bombing, Oklahoma bombing, bombing of Marine barracks in Beirut 1982 &c &c &c)……it’s all down to the YOO…which proves, basically, that the ENTIRE TRIBE deserves little better than THE RWANDAN SOLUTION

    5. Carpenter Says:

      Sulla … that was pretty funny. =)

      Appo, claiming superior spelling skills, what is “hyterical”? By the way, Constantine being the only “victor over the Jews” in history – ever heard of Hitler? Then again, you are anti-fascist as you say, so I suppose you’re no friend of Hitler or the Third Reich.

      So why are you posting in a thread like this one, the purpose of which is to show the many distortions of the National Socialist era and their actions? If you try to hijack a thread for your own far-fetched theories – which you harp on endlessly in thread after thread – don’t you realize that people will react?

      Isn’t there a Christian Identity forum you can post in about Whites being the True Israelites or something?

    6. Sulla Says:

      Defense rests??? Com’on I’m not done prosecuting! Appholeian, I realize your time is constrained with your scurrying in the Arizona catacombs (sewers) and taking care of the statues you have set up, like that of Cunstantine et al (having to clean them of rat shit too) and do have a hard time finding quiet time due to the library computer you use has to be unoccupied and the librarians home for the day before you can slither out of your apphole (get it? apphole/manhole — yuk, yuk) and tap, tap away your Cunstantinian Khrist-insanity Troooo Joooo Chosenite theories, BUT I’m not done. I got to still make a case for the Satanic Fed and dishonest elections!!! I gotta explain why the NWO symbol on the 1 dollar bill is justified and we all need to embrace Lucifer in the Grand Lodge sing Kumbaya.

    7. Sulla Says:

      Defense rests??? Com’on I’m not done prosecuting! Appholeian, I realize your time is constrained with your scurrying in the Arizona catacombs (sewers) and taking care of the statues you have set up, like that of Cunstantine et al (having to clean them of rat shit too) and do have a hard time finding quiet time due to the library computer you use has to be unoccupied and the librarians home for the day before you can slither out of your apphole (get it? apphole/manhole — yuk, yuk) and tap, tap away your Cunstantinian Khrist-insanity Troooo Joooo Chosenite theories, BUT I’m not done. I got to still make a case for the Satanic Fed and dishonest elections!!! I gotta explain why the NWO symbol on the 1 dollar bill is justified and we all need to embrace Lucifer in the Grand Lodge singing Kumbaya.

    8. apollonian Says:

      True Antisemtism Is Most Rational
      (Apollonian, 10 May 06)

      “Carpenter,” u blockhead, u’ve already admitted u don’t read the posts to the blogs, so u’ve reduced urself to absurd (again). I don’t “hijack”–I absolutely support putative antisemitism of VNN; thus I promote white culture and aesthetics and make historical comparisons which the occult and insane “Sulla” hysterically refuses to acknowledge.

      “Sulla” and “Carpenter” can’t seem to understand true antisemitism requires reason, not hystericism and madness which they demonstrate and which is actually more Judaic. “Carpenter” is mere buffoon comedic for his “normality.”

      CONCLUSION: Hitler did not win “victory” over Jews, certainly not over Jew masterminds whose tool Hitler was–not that that makes Hitler bad; he and everyone did the best they could. Soon my essays will be back up at NewNation.org under “commentary” heading, so “Carpenter” could go for reference. I also posted a neat essay at blog for 14 March VNN, “New Testament is Antisemitic,” see also archive list at right under “Christians Who Fight The Jew.” Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

    9. Gerry Frederics Says:

      We revisionists are maling the mistake of painting camp life as one of comparative pleasure. That clearly is incorrect. Life in an internment camp, no matter how benign, is never pleasurable. Yes, the jews were rounded up wholesale AFTER 1941. Yes, many were left alone and even had ratioincards issued. I have never seen an article explaining exactly which jews were left alone, and which ones were rounded up. I think this is an important matter. Also, the reasons for the round up of the jews, homosexuals etc. is rarely if ever mentioned. Jews had in fact declared themselves to be the deadly enemies of the German people as far back as WW-1, during which they were instrumental in bringing the US into the conflict via forged documents (courtesy of Henry Morgenthau Sr., and blackmail of President Wilson courtesy of Herr Untermeyer at the behest of world Jewry). There are numerous quotes by very important Jews calling for the annihilation of the Germans long before Herr Hitler ever made his appearance but NO objections of ANY Jews to these outrageous demands. In addition we have the official declaration of war of World Jewry against Germany one day (!) after Herr Hitler had been democratically elected to lead the utterly devastated nation. Clearly this outrageous provocation had been planned long before and the British Press had long before agreed to publish it, when given the word. As far as homosexuals go, the ONLY ones who were incarcerated were those who were known to be sexual predators. The rest were left to their own perversions, sorry devices. The orchestras, post office etc. are very simple to explain – the camps were WORK camps in which the UNDESIRABLES of the population were made to do something useful (for a change) Gerry Frederics

    10. apollonian Says:

      Jew (Talmudic) Philosophy-Religion Of Lies: Understandable For War-God
      (Apollonian, 10 May 06)

      I only just now spotted it at very lead of blog, Mr. Thomson saying that lies remain lies no matter how often repeated, of course he’s mistaken.

      Surely Mr. Thomson is really just joking as we know Jews believe lies can turn into truth, as in self-fulfilling prophecies–aside fm miracles, which if possible would surely be most possible of all to God’s very most-“chosen.”

      Hence then such lies, as they’re believed and acted upon become delusion and psychosis for so many of the weak in the population-culture. But Jews want to cultivate these weaklings, esp. among the gentiles, to rule over the gentiles–the very demonstrable theory of Prof. K. A. MacDonald of U-Cal-Fullerton, I believe. Jews harvest stupidity, running a great and thriving Mammon culture built upon fraud, conspiracy, and heresy so sublimely wonderful and organized so intricately; what genius, and yes, it’s why they rule, why not?

      Humanity fights among itself, and Jews are there as catalysts, stoking things along, organizing, benefitting–hey why not?

      It’s the virtue of “Judeo-Christianity” (JC) which Jews induce upon very most stupid dolts of population, getting these dolts of the dregs of the population to being such willing slaves to Jews–thinking all the while they’re “faithfully” Christian as they enforce Judeo-oligarchal imperial “morality,” featuring “hate-crime.”

      Jews thus successfully “lobotomize” and program the excess of the hubristic, decadent population which has now produced too many inferiors and weaklings. Gentiles are programmed to “self-destruct,” serving Jew purposes.

      So it’s Jews who are hysterically against reason which is all we need to pt. out–though more effectively and practically. One good observation is in steady string of Jew imperial “victories,” lately, definition of very theory in and of Oswald Spengler’s “Decline of the West.”

      CONCLUSION: So I differ w. Mr. Thomson: Jews show lies are brilliant weapons for religious delusion upon losers, inferiors, and weaklings, which white population must have produced too many. Such is the necessary conclusion in history. Guilt is upheld as virtue, value, ideal in the negative subjectivist world of Jew-Talmud. Of course Mr. Thomson is forgiven as he only lives in the objective, traditional Western reality. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

    11. Carpenter Says:

      Appo, you bag of air, stop hijacking the threads for your own boring xtianity message. This is supposed to be a thread on concentration camps. Not once do you actually comment on the news article at the top; you read the heading at the most, never make any reference to the content, showing that you don’t read it. An embarrassment, you are. In need of a good pin-pricking, followed post-haste by a vacation in a cozy asylum near the coast, where you can listen to the seagulls squawk-squawking almost as incessantly as yourself. Come on, we’ll raise the money if you only raise your ass from your chair.

    12. apollonian Says:

      “Carpenter” Continues Sucking Along
      (Apollonian, 11 May 06)

      U lie, “Carpenter,” and that’s how people think u’re working for Jews. I continue to assume there will be honest people fm gentile population who cks internet and reads these blogs (unlike u Carpenter, the moron who proceeds to assert brainlessly anyway). Some of them (readers) are good, antisemitic material, unlike u Carpenter. I’m true antisemite Carpenter; u’re just a suckalong, wannabe, pretender. White race should be defended by white people acting white, hence rationally, not merely hysterically like u and “Sulla,” utter disgraces, though u are good reductios for ad absurdum (seriously). All we need is non-censorship and folks who read will know who is white. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

    13. Sulla Says:


      Good post. Educational.

    14. Carpenter Says:

      U lie, “Carpenter,� and that’s how people think u’re working for Jews.

      Uh … yeah. Maybe you’re working for Jews – you job would be to alternately bore WNs to death and make them laugh until they die from asphyxiation.

      Start reading the thread articles, Appo. Then you can start commenting on them too. You have to agree that would be nice for a change, give you a feeling of, ya know, being part of the conversation? Then you could slowly change your theme song from “Wasting Away in Margaritaville” to “Eye of the Tiger,” a la Rocky hardening his softened body. Soon you’ll be standing at the top of the stairs, arms raced in an “I did it!” salute! Three cheers for Appo!

    15. Paul87 Says:

      Much of apollonian’s syntax (small example: “I’m true antisemite” instead of “I’m a true…”) suggest he’s black. Would you care to comment apo?

    16. apollonian Says:

      No thanks “Paul87,” wouldn’t care to. “Carpenter” likes to tell people what to do and how–though he himself doesn’t and can’t. I’m glad “Carpenter” read enough about “working for Jews”–for how would this be done but by Carpenter’s methods?–or not? Carpenter has been refuted several times; my info is best for patriot cause and people. Great thing to note is how naturally Jews and Israel get such wide attention, especially with free internet. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

    17. Carpenter Says:

      That is, like, the lamest response ever, appo. By the way, have you read the thread article yet? No, didn’t think so. Cuddos for only mentioning the “Fed” though, not Spengler or xtianity. You are improving! Maybe some day you can even write posts that are on topic.

      I’m glad “Carpenter� read enough about “working for Jews�–for how would this be done but by Carpenter’s methods?


      What a nitwit.

    18. apollonian Says:

      “CARPENTER”–Get A Clue, Dipshit: Anti-Christ Is Anti-White
      (Apollonian, 13 May 06)

      Carpenter u poor pathetic scummy coward: again I challenge u–are u more anti-Christian or antisemitic? It’s such a fatal question for u, isn’t it?–u poor, brainless, ignorant moron.

      Carpenter: I’ll read and comment as I think appropriate, not as an ignorant puke like u demands. Get a clue u dumb shit.

      Carpenter: why are there so few new readers checking in on VNN blogs? Who is ultimately financing VNN pretending to antisemitism, but actually just bullshitting and stagnating with dumbass puke like u, “Sulla,” et al.?

      Surely u fool urself most of all, eh, u Judaic-inspired moron?–Judaic in style and substance for ur thought, so many words, phrases, and tactics meant to intimidate, not inform, MISLEADING WHITE PEOPLE TO AIM AT “JEWS-MEDIA,” FOR FOREMOST EXAMPLE, NOT THE FED.

      Carpenter, u poor brainless puke: white people think and reason–didn’t u know that? Hence thought must be founded upon OBJECTIVITY, u poor stupid moron. Constantly harping upon ad hominem style and tactics (subjectivism), imagining u can just intimidate ur way about, is Judaic and negroidal. Carpenter: ask urself who u think u’re fooling. Apollonian

    19. Mati The Estonian Says:

      appolonian, sulla , carpenter – stop the prick-picking or whatever you name this endless useless word fight YOU have here …
      we have few good posts here – then it goes you picking then it gomes some gems like gerry – stop wasting time us and you.

    20. Jackumup Says:

      I just finished the amazing stories of survival published by people magazine, there are stories of survival, heroism & astounding luck but oddly enough two stories from the holycost soooo it must be true , right?



      I’m just going to get a beer and mind my own business

    21. Lina Says:

      What gets me is the fact that they still claim ‘6 million’ even after the the figure on the Auschwitz plaque was changed from 4 million to 1.5 million dead.. would that not give us 3.5 million gassed and burned then? It’s frustrating and pitiful at the same time. I mean, we live in a time where we have information, yes-some not so good, at our fingertips, yet still they (pure whites) don’t want to know. They’ll come up with some crap like “my grandpa (soldier) saw the gas chambers,” or something. And then when I reply with “do you mean the building with windows and cheap wooden door…” they think I’m the nut.

    22. apollonian Says:

      What Is “Estonian” Really Trying To Prove?
      (Apollonian, 20 May 06)

      To “Mati the Estonian”–hey, are Estonians Aryans?–I seem to have heard they’re more related to Mongolian types like the Finns. Anyway, I agree we shouldn’t “waste time,” but I’ve a substantial pt. to make w. “Carpenter”–if u’re anti-Christ, u’re anti-white. To be white u don’t necessarily have to be Christian, BUT U MUST BE RATIONAL, hence u must reasonably tolerate Christian and Christianity (Hitler did as he knew he absolutely had to). There will be no negotiations on this Christian pt, comrades.

      “Mati,” u rather somewhat exhibit Jew characteristics as u equate my clarity and poignancy with Carpenter’s dull-wittedness–what could u be trying to prove? This was one of my best blogs with several incisive entries, as u may see. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

    23. Carpenter Says:

      Carpenter u poor pathetic scummy coward:

      Get a clue u dumb shit.

      just bullshitting and stagnating with dumbass puke like u, “Sulla,� et al.?

      Surely u fool urself most of all, eh, u Judaic-inspired moron?

      Carpenter, u poor brainless puke

      u poor stupid moron.


      Is this guy funny or what? You can just hear the vein in his forehead pulsating and pulsating until pop! – there it goes! Making a sticky mess all over his keyboard. :D

      I gotta say this is one of the most uninformed comments ever from a WN – but wait, he says he is anti-fascist and not a WN. Well, from a racialist then, or whatever:


      Now, anyone with half a brain, who has followed White Nationalist discussions, knows that we agree with Dr. Pierce: it is because of their grip on the media that the Jews are powerful. This Appo, well, he has a long way to go. And now he even implies VNN is financed by Jews. Oh, dear.

    24. Carpenter Says:

      Watch out, Mati! Now you’re a Jew too, according to Appo. He doesn’t even know Estonians are White, so now do you see why every once in a while we must explain to him the impact of his low IQ on his reasoning ability?

      Love Tallin by the way, didn’t know there were still old Swedish buildings there.

    25. apollonian Says:

      “Carpenter” Continues To Wiggle And Squirm
      (Apollonian, 22 May 06)

      Hey “Carpenter”–ever hear of the “duck-test”? Inductive logic works by means of generalization, specific instances leading. Okay, so consistent Jew-behavior then leads to inductive conclusion regarding Jew-status. Another non-white characteristic is the blind-faith adherence to such as “leaders” like W.L. Pierce, mystic and Pelagian heretic–not that he was any terribly bad guy otherwise. But conclusions must have premises founded ultimately in sense-perception–for real white people, anyway–not justified in logic simply because of authoritarian citation.

      Jews are powerful, first in the abstract, under present historical conditions, as they are foremost subjectivists, hence frauds, capitalizing upon the hubris (and heresy) of the “greatest generation” of degenerate white people, their (Jew) overwhelming power (in concrete practice) stemming then first fm the Federal Reserve Bank counterfeiting fraud WHICH THEN FINANCES SUCH AS THE mass corporate “JEWS-media” and other arms and creatures of such MAMMONISTIC fraud culture–politics and electioneering, the judiciary, and public education. U lose again Carpenter, in case there are any interested laymen who may be checking in to read these blogs. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

    26. Carpenter Says:

      Still gnashing your teeth over your inability to understand the thread essay, I see? Appo, Appo…. Let us help you! Just sit back all quiet and attentive, like a school boy in his best Sunday wear, and listen to the big boys talking. Some will be right, some will be wrong, but all will sound wiser than you, and you’ll get a chance to study our spelling too!

      What do you say, Appo, what do you say? Since you are unable to comment on the thread essays on your own, I think this is the best deal for you.

      By the way, calling everyone who disagrees with you a Jew agent – not very smart. People’ll think you’re an idiot or something.

    27. apollonian Says:

      “Carpenter” Continues To Continue
      (Apollonian, 22 May 06)

      Hey “Carpenter,” I’m actually quite confident in the free market opportunity provided by this blog here all by itself, not to mention all the other blogs. People can use this blog to see what u have to say versus what I present. All I say is u act like a Jew; u write and express urself much like a Jew in so many instances. Hence inductive conclusion is u’re either Jew or associate–or just a poor dupe. By all means keep talking. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Aollonian

    28. Mati The Estonian Says:

      Tallinn was a city allready around 1100 AD something so we have some very nice buildings around here ;-)
      apollonian I didnt say anything about You style – it’s quite intresting actually but after a while its just getting kind of boring you now – samo old stuff again again again and again … bashing jews getting old – with out money they are nothing so first we need to get cut the money flow so like you telling us – “Honest elections and death to the Fed. Aollonian” (I dont think elections will help any time soon but Feds are different stoy) – guys take a time off from the web and read a book like Jim Marrs – Ruled By Secrecy – very useful …

    29. apollonian Says:

      “Mati” Continues To StoneWall
      (Apollonian, 25 May 06)

      “Mati,” u crass charlatan, if “Ruled By Secrecy” is so good, why don’t u explain how so? I say most effective work is within Christian camp to explain to folks how Christianity is necessarily antisemitic. What is history of Estonians–are they Aryans? Apollonian

    30. Carpenter Says:

      Shit, appy, you’re one weird dude. Matti suggests some reading – and I strongly suggest you listen to him, you have a lot to learn – and you bite his head off for it. And yes, Estonians are far more Aryan than you are. Because you are a nigger. We can all tell from the typically niggerish flaws in your writing style.

      Matti, let’s recap some of appy’s weird beliefs. He tells us that:

      -VNN is financed by Jews
      -VNN is worthless as it is not xtian
      -Alex Linder is a retard
      -Pierce was a “heretic” and propped up by the Jews
      -appy is a journalist (!)
      -George Bush is controlled by the Council on Foreign Relations
      -The United Nations was modeled on the Soviet Union
      -Fascism is the enemy
      -Baltics are non-White mongrels
      -You are a Jew agent if you say that Jew media, not the Federal Reserve, is the main problem
      -Poster Sulla is a Satanist for not being xtian
      -Human biology is cyclic (because Spengler wrote about historical cycles….)
      -The Bible contains messages to appy about today’s hidden conspiracies
      -Practically anyone who criticizes appy is hired by Jews

      …and he admits to not being a White Nationalist.

      But what do you expect from a guy who worships an offshoot of Judaism.

      Christianity, converting non-Whites for 2,000 years and counting!
      Follow the example of the twelve Jewish disciples, call Jew Jesus your rabbi! Celebrate Jewish holidays just like Jewsus in the Bible! That’ll teach those dirty kikes a lesson!

    31. Mati The Estonian Says:

      some of apollonian beliefs you carpenter quoting is actually close …
      never heard of Alex Linder but I havent never heard of lots of people so its evens things up ;) Estonia is tramped over lots of guys (from sweden, germany, vikings and ohh gees russians to) … about our mutual “friend” senjoor El Busho then I guess he has to many controllers so its getting kind of confusing LOL … all “ism’s” are enemys communism, facism, judaism …
      my old mentor from KGB school back in Siberia told me 1 intresting thing ” it’s allways someone behind someone” – I didnt understand this first but after a while and lots of reading and digging in arhives (we have nice ones in Estonia – lots of diff. rulers and they leave intresting things behind) I did start “get the picture” … so I did start looking to find “people behind the people” and then I did find events whats leading to events and people manipulating with those events and did came to 1 intresting conclusion ( actually more then one but i goes with context you last post carpenter ) Jesus (fact or fiction – real or not) did fight against money – kind of intresting – donts You think ?! And then I remembered book I read when I was around 10y old – A.Asimov – Foundation and pamflet from old days “Protocols of Learned Elders ..” and I realised those 2 books are connected – they both are talking about manipulating people and how to use them … And then I remembered some things from my early childhood before 11-12 some intresting images I draw to my school notebooks and after I did some more reading (Velikovsky-Worlds in Collision, Sitchin.12 planet, Icke-Children of Matrix) i did put picture togheter – but thats another story and yet ready to written down ….

      “Divide and Rule” – “Bread and Circus”

      PS. so as you can see lots of reading and nightshift makes one wonder –
      how much we really now ???

    32. apollonian Says:

      Carpenter Says Same Things Repeatedly
      (Apollonian, 27 May 06)

      “Carpenter,” let’s take this (latest arguments) to the Bill White blog; u make same stupid arguments there. I had to leave early before really finishing my essay (in reply to ur latest) like I wanted, but what I got down there is quite good enough. U just never stop Carpenter, never arriving at conclusion–do u notice? Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

    33. elbrus_arya Says:

      NASER POORPIRAR, an Iranian historian has published a book named” twelve centuries of silence” in which he reveals the greatest ancient conspiracy against humanity in Mesopotamia and Iran which until now has been a jewish secret known as PURIM feast and in fact was the greatest holocaust in ancient times (nearly 2500 years ago) in which the wild jews in association with “DARIUS I “the Achamenide tribe leader wipe 32 ancient civilizatins off the world map and as they say massacre 77000 people there. he says in his book that the humanological signs show that after this butchery there has been no civilzed human activity for 1200 years , the time when Islam rises.