29 May, 2006

The Hawthorne Report #2

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The Hawthorne Report returns for another installment.

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  7. 5 Responses to “The Hawthorne Report #2”

    1. Mia Says:

      I like that guy, Im glad he is doing better healthwise and back in the saddle.
      Go for it James!

    2. James Hawthorne Says:

      Thanks Mia for your kind comments. We need to push VNN Broadcasting further. We need more hosts, more programming, more equipment, so if you have a few extra dollars, pounds, euro’s then please send to

      VNN Broadcasting
      POB 101
      Kirksville MO 63501

      To match the Jews, we have to start putting our hands in our wallets LIKE the Jews !

    3. Agis Says:

      I second what James said. Money sent to VNN is money well spent!

    4. Anonymous Says:


      Google news and reviews…

    5. mia Says:

      can I paypal it?
      (not that i am so lazy I cant send real mail, but it is easier for me to ‘funnel” what looks like credit card purchases,t han a written out check, it all has to do with what the Mr. looks at and doesnt bother to look at as far as where $ went).. Paypal could be anything from an ebay purchase to sheesh, almost anything, its not as obvious as a check and safer than mailing cash..