12 May, 2006

The trajectory to war, famine, and economic ruin

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The 15th episode of The Truth Is No Defensive is available for download. This episode is entitled: “Mere anarchy is loosed upon the earth. The trajectory to war, famine, and economic ruin.�

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  7. 26 Responses to “The trajectory to war, famine, and economic ruin”

    1. Olde Dutch Says:

      The federal reserve will continue to raise interest rates in order to strengthen the dollar. The question is how strong of a dollar do we want? Might a much weaker dollar actually be better for domestic manufacture. We have seen the dollar become very weak against the yen in the last decade. Don’t forget in the early 90’s it only took 70 yen to buy a dollar—today the yen is trading around 110-111 to the dollar. So the dollar has a long way to fall against the yen, before even recent historical lows are reached. The euro is a new animal. But, what you are looking at is the old Deutsche mark and the French franc as a common currency along with other minor European monies. Real parity maybe being close to being reached with the Euro. Possibly, some of the minor European players are much stronger—say northern Italy, using a combined Franco-German currency rather than the impossible lira?

      Also, this demographic doom and gloom originated with some woman named Cohn in USA Today…picked up by the British press that you quote. It sounds like so much pro-mestizo political propaganda to me. Sure we have a lot of little brown bastards here who belong somewhere else—but—the jews are exaggerating because they have allied themselves with them!

      We really do need to be vocal about cutting way back on the numbers of legal immigrants…a total time out on all immigration for a period of years! If you really want to be a brave soul you caould say all non-White immigration. But, here I am speaking of your public persona—not your keyboard commando style!

    2. lawrence dennis Says:

      I listened to this and also to goyfire 31. I remember initially there seemed to be hope what with TAA and the initial goyfire broadcasts. The situation we whites find ourselves in looks desperate. The Jews appear to have covered all the bases this time, and unlike in 1920s Germany, they are waiting for the ‘right time’ to deal us a death blow.

    3. Carpenter Says:

      Olde Dutch, Silvio Berlusconi once said that it was a mistake for Italy to join the euro. How can you have an independent economic strategy without an independent currency? The answer is you can’t. The EU establishment always knew this, and their plan was for nations to be forced to plan their economies together more and more – until a European super-state was a fact.

      Instead, the EU has lost more and more credibility. The defeat of the EU “constitution,” really just a document to make hundreds of contemporary laws unchangeable, showed all Europeans that resistance is NOT futile. Suddenly the EU-philes have lost their main argument – that you can’t do anything to stop more integration.

      So now you have nations still making their own economic policies, hampered by a common currency with common interest rates. It is only a matter of time before the first country leaves the euro. There certainly won’t be any more joiners – why would Britain or Poland be so stupid as to join a project that has only caused problems, no benefits?

      Anyway, what do you mean, “your public persona—not your keyboard commando style”? Public either offline or online, the message is and must be the same: Whites must survive. So we need our own living space. What could be more obvious? What could be more necessary?

      If that was not a core message of White Nationalism, then it wouldn’t be White Nationalism, and would be quite useless. You are talking about a “time out” on immigration – what do you mean, let’s stop the cancer for a few years before we let it grow again?

    4. Carpenter Says:

      Turning and turning in the widening gyre
      The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
      Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
      Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
      The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
      The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
      The best lack all conviction, while the worst
      Are full of passionate intensity.
      — William Butler Yeats, “The Second Coming”

      Ah, Yeats. A good poet. And what rough beast, its hour come round at last, slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

      The beast of depression, the beast of the reckoning. Those who don’t think a depression can come haven’t been paying attention. People thought the vast free-market areas of the early 20th century, much bigger than today, were immune to the tribulations of the past, but they were wrong. People think the same today, and they are again mistaken.

      A nation without its own manufacturing capacity is going down the drain sooner or later. Your control of overseas production works only under the best of circumstances. And with more and more blue-collar jobs moving abroad, how are you going to find jobs for your own workers? In a macro-economic textbook they might tell you that you should bet on what your country does best, which in America’s case is administration and leadership, but not everybody can be an academician. The biological differences in men are ignored by economics, like every field. Only the racialist will take biology into account, so only the racialist can really understand reality.

      Washington borrows 800 billion dollars every year – the same amount as the foreign trade deficit. In other words, money borrowed mostly by the Chinese is used to buy Chinese products. Smart. How long does this last? Forever?

      The voters are now used to hearing that they can vote themselves rich – no problem in borrowing money for your consumption, it has worked so far, right? They become immature. You can’t tell them to tighten their belts if you want to win votes. So they consume instead of save – the average American is more in debt today than ever before in history.

      Loss of jobs, trade deficit, huge loans, record debts, and on top of that millions of immigrants moving in demanding welfare and jobs – this is not doomsaying, it’s a fact. This is a nation heading for a depression. Sooner or later you can’t borrow more, and then you can’t consume more of the products you haven’t earned. When that happens, and only then, will the current political establishment lose its credibility. People need to feel the crisis in their own wallets. And that is when they are ready to listen to racialists, and ready to speak up – when they see they have nothing to lose, since they are unemployed and things are going down the drain.

      You can’t vote yourselves rich. A lesson people will never learn. Which is why you can’t have democracy.

    5. GB Says:

      To lawrence dennis,

      It sure looks to me like “they” learned from their failures in Russia and Germany.

    6. Olde Dutch Says:

      As far as the Euro goes, you can’t argue with success, and the Euro is a success!

      The real question is at what point does a natural parity between the Euro and the Dollar happen. some call this an equilibrium, or natural balance, between the two currencies.

      The reason I brought up northern Italy, is that part of Italy is both industrial, and many claim it also has the highest standard of living in Europe, if not the world. I think some of the strength of the Euro is based on these European micro economies which are now not being held back by currency and interst rate manipulation by state central planners/bankers.

      Funny, how Hitler’s plan of a European currency was brought to fruition by the former SPD Chancellor Schroeder—you can kid your German friends about that. Hitler couldn’t achieve what Schroeder did…

    7. SHMUELY Says:

      The economic storm warning signals are ringing, flashing and flying, how can any perceptive observer miss them? The debt pyramid in the U.S. is astronomical, and an accident in the process of happening. Look at the current prices of everything from precious metals to energy. The wild and reckless debt and spending binge is reaching a crescendo, and the ‘Fed’ has no easy way to manipulate a soft landing, this time around. They have drenched the world in devalued dollars in order to maintain the Great American Cargo Cult “economy”, and a repudiation of the ‘world`s reserve currency’ is looming. Which Asian central bank is going to be the first one to start the stampede through the dollar dumping door?

      The U.S. economy is a precarious house of cards, which has been plundered, cannabalized and manipulated to the point of no return. Five percent of the U.S. population, (ie. the plutocracy) currently owns nearly 70 percent of all assets in America. Thirty years ago, they ‘only’ owned 25 percent of the assets. The middle class has been financially dispossessed, and hasn`t figured it out yet! Will the sparks fly when the somnolent white dodo birds finally hit bottom? Hang onto your hats, guns and silver dollars, because the economic, social, racial, and eventually, political hurricane is going to reconfigure the world. The effluvium will hit the proverbial fan!

    8. apollonian Says:

      Complexity Serves Confusion And Jews: Clarity Serves Reason And White People
      (Apollonian, 13 May 06)

      Hey thanks “Shmuely”; note even more simply–we already got Orwellian “perpetual war for perp. peace.”

      Another notable sign is that only Jews and Israelis win/advance. Thus with free internet, perhaps Judeo-oligarchal (see JBS.org on Council on Foreign Relations) enemy’s worst and greatest weakness, tremendous attention of all peoples and races are inexorably drawn. (For Chinese, don’t doubt it’s only topmost Jew-connected oligarchs who benefit.)

      We’ve got to get on track with the necessary PLAN, the military-political objective of removing Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) counterfeiting machine, then dealing in outright military and summary style with the traitors-collaborators.

      Hence then we must see to the larger abstract climatic context for world information-opinion, ever-increasing antisemitism, within which our anti-Fed plan can enact and succeed.

      And one obvious example is in presenting obvious truths like real nature of Christianity being ANTISEMITIC, necessary, demonstrably, most emphatically. This Christian-understanding will have inexorable effects upon the legions of “Christian”-styled “Janissaries” as presently persist in supporting Israel, the “Judeo-Christians.” (See Whtt.org.)

      CONCLUSION: All honest people and folk understand white volk must have their own space; thus we focus upon antisemitism, maintaining most eminent reason and rationality as only white people can and do. Hence, for example, VNN must tolerate Christianity, properly understood fm its strict literature, as an aesthetic for rationalism, as it was originally meant. There can be no negotiations on this Christian front-issue; VNN MUST CHANGE, and if it doesn’t it will simply go down the toilet of irrelevance as it deserves. (“Carpenter”–I deal w. u in other blog on Eric Thomson.) Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

    9. Lokuum Says:

      The US will be able to pull this off as long as they have military dominance. The petro dollar theory I’ve come to conclude is bunk. As long as our ships run the seas and F16’s the skys people will use dollars to trade. It will be the rise of another military power to challenge us that will put an end to the dollar, something those boneheads on the eastern seaboard just about accomplished with China. The middle east isn’t about our need to control oil. It’s about Israel and a bunch of boob gentiles willing to take the bad press for millions in profit.

    10. TJ Says:

      Gb- Enjoyed the Broadcast as always. Some random thoughts:

      Putin is following Iran’s lead in proposing an oil exchange priced in local currency:http://en.rian.ru/russia/20060510/47915635.html

      In the following video renowned and brilliant economist Dr. Mark Faber remarks the U.S. $ ” will be worthless”: http://www.abc.net.au/insidebusiness/content/2006/s1632456.htm
      These are startling comments from such a mainstream and accomplished individual.

      None of us know how this scenario will play itself out,but the remarkable thing is the gradual nature of the engulfing economic malaise.Its a slow motion collapse , propped up by oceans of liquidity and “managed” markets and government stats. The cultural doom has been quicker, more dramatic and obvious.

      I think you were implying something, I’d like to spell out: Worse is not Better ! Those clinging to this notion should examine the experience of Russia and South Africa. Civil disorder will lead to several generations of Tyranny.What grows out of it is far off in the future.The Lemmings have to be reached NOW-while the internet is still available and some vestige of free speech is still alive.In my opinion the window is 2-3 years.Personally,I am putting contingency plans in place.

    11. Olde Dutch Says:

      The key thing to remember is that the federal government, and government in general can only get revenue in two ways—the government can borrow, or the government can raise taxes. Those are the only ways the governmnet can get money to operate.

      The more the government borrows—the higher the interest rates are set to attract money that will buy the government’s debt. The higher the interest rates the slower the growth of the economy. Also, don’t forget the higher the interest rates the stronger the dollar.

    12. GB Says:


      Enjoyed your comments. You’re right, it is entirely possible that the much predicted upcoming economic and social strife might lead to worse form of tyranny than that which we now suffer under.

    13. wayne h. Says:

      Very good comments by all. In my experience most people I know only listen to mainstream media financial info ,the stock market.The stocks are overvalued and earn very little after taxes and inflation .Commodities are going up at historic rates ,and the smart money is hedging against inflation in commodities and hard assets .I think we could see another 29 type crash .The fed Gov is spending more than ever ,54 trillion in unfunded liabilities,foreclosures are up dramatically the real estate boom is over, good paying jobs are leaving the country, but when you listen to the financial news inflation is under control ,the economy is growing ,and unemployment is 4.8% .Nothing to worry about .The bankers are getting ready to cause a crisis and fleece the middle class . Then it will be jews to the rescue ,to make harsh economic changes or more wars to revive the economy. The Police state and confiscation of gold ,seizing bank accounts are all possible .

    14. lawrence dennis Says:

      The unsound economic position of the US has many causes. One of the them is the real estate bubble:

      Precis of article:

      Magazine cover:

      The current issue of Harper’s features a lead article entitled “The New Road to Serfdom: An Illustrated Guide to the Coming Real Estate Collapse” by Michael Hudson. Here is a precis of the piece.

      Thanks to Marinite, proprietor of the Marin Real Estate Bubble blog, I read a lengthy 2003 interview of economist Michael Hudson on Alexander Cockburn’s always-provocative website Counterpunch: The Coming Financial Reality. Hudson is a big-picture guy with a non-standard view of our economic system and the housing bubble.

      Hudson identifies several key points in all great speculative bubbles: a government which fosters the conditions for a bubble, and a speculative mindset which eschews actual investment for “making money with money.” Referring to the classic South Seas Stock Bubble, he says:

      “Every stock market bubble in history, starting with the South Sea and Mississippi bubbles in the 1710s in Britain and France, has been sponsored by government. The driving force has been the government’s attempt to cope with debt obligations beyond its foreseeable ability to pay. Creating a bubble has been a way to solve their public debt problem–and to pay off political insiders at the same time, thereby killing two birds with one stone.

      “Modern governments are not politically able to simply default on their debts–at least, not debts owed to their own bondholders in their own currency. The problem has to be solved through “the marketplace.”

      “Stocks in the South Sea and Mississippi Companies were issued in tranches, permitting people to buy on margin with only a small proportion as down payment, so that they could quickly double their small initial payment as the stocks were engineered upward in price. It seemed that money could be made off money itself. This is a basic illusion that is necessary for bubbles to take off.

      “Saving, stock and bond speculation and real estate speculation do not by themselves lead to new investment. In fact, the higher speculative and financial returns are, the less incentive there is to actually tie down money in building new factories and expanding business.”

      Hudson makes many other fascinating points in the interview, but for now, let’s focus on the connection to the housing bubble. What can be gleaned from his analysis?

      * The Federal Reserve engineered the housing bubble by lowering interest rates to an inflation-adjusted rate of zero.
      * With legitmate investments earning low returns compared to housing, the mindset of money for nothing, i.e. a “free lunch,” became embedded in the real estate market.
      * In the euphoria of profiting from high leverage, i.e. putting no or low money down and leveraging the value of real estate with an interest-only mortgage, people have forgotten that the borrowed money has to be paid back.
      * As housing values decline, they fall below the amount due on mortgages–negative equity, in which the hapless homeowner owes more than his house is worth.

      Here is a list of the article’s 20 illustrated points:
      # 1. Mortgages account for most of the net growth in debt since 2000
      # 2. A $1,000 monthly payment can carry different levels of debt
      # 3. Interest rates have been falling since 1981
      # 4. Corporations hide their real estate profits behind depreciation
      # 5. The tax burden has shifted from property to labor and consumption
      # 6. Real estate prices have far outpaced national income
      # 7. Capital gains are taxed at a lower rate than ever
      # 8. Housing prices have far outpaced consumer prices, even as monthly payments remain affordable
      # 9. Mortgage debt is rising as a proportion of GDP
      # 10. The production/consumption economy
      # 11. The Keynesian economy
      # 12. The FIRE economy
      # 13. The miracle of compound interest
      # 14. The rentier economy
      # 15. Rich people are getting a bigger share of overall economic rent
      # 16. The miracle of compound interest will inevitably confront the S-curve of reality
      # 17. In Japan, real estate prices fell as quickly as they rose
      # 18. Interest rates are on the rise
      # 19. The annual sale of existing homes has more than doubled since 1989
      # 20. Negative equity traps debtors

      This is the conclusion to the great housing bubble Hudson foresees: millions of indebted households paying interest on mortgages which are greater than the value of their homes. The interest will be collected by a new “rentier” class of mortgage holders who are not even capitalists, in the sense that they are not creating value or wealth with their capital and knowledge, but living off the “new serfs” who will struggle for decades to pay off their massive mortgages.

    15. Carpenter Says:

      Olde Dutch, excuse me? The euro is a success? It has been a strait-jacket on national economies since day one, that free-fall day. You didn’t read any of what I wrote?

      Okay, let’s try this then: if the euro a success, then how come no more nations want to join it? Swedes voted massively against it in a referendum. In Britain it would be near-suicide politically to suggest that the country join the euro. Denmark is perfectly fine without it, and so are the East European nations.

      France, Germany, Greece and the Belgium and other states have consistently broken the rules for budget deficits and government spending set by the euro agreement! The whole affair is a continuing disgrace! Have you not read of the scandal two years ago, when Germany wasn’t fined for its blatant rule-breaking? The Germans argued: “if we’d follow the idiotic euro rules to the letter, we’d be nuts.” The French, also unpunished, argued: “hey, the purpose of the euro is propaganda, we have to deal with reality. We’ll break the rules or be broken by them.”

      So how is the euro a success?

      Again: it is only a matter of time before the first prime minister (or, likely, French president) decides his country should leave the euro, to the cheers and applause of his people.

      “Hitler couldn’t do what Schroeder could…” Yeah, Schroeder is a friggin’ hero. Nonsense. You’re looking at a tool taken completely out of context. As if it would be a success to have a common currency for an anti-White Europe, a Europe of many nations that need many currencies.

      You mean to tell me Hitler’s purpose in life was to create a common currency for Europe? Funny, I thought his purpose in life was to rid Europe of the Jews, and create a German Empire. That the empire would then have a common currency, that goes without saying, and is a side effect. I dare you to find a speech where Hitler demands: “Europe must have a common currency….” You could just as well say: Hitler wanted the same fishing regulations for all of Europe! A Europe finally united in its fishing policy! Why, yes, the German Empire would have only one policy on fishing, like any government, but that was hardly the point….

      Besides, you’re wrong: Hitler did not want a common currency, or common anything, for Europe as a whole. Since The German Empire would be located in the East, and not include e.g. France, which the Germans would leave as soon as Britain stopped its attacks.

    16. Olde Dutch Says:

      Carp—you obviously don’t read much European news. The anti-Euro advertising campaign in Britain featured Hitler as the father of the Euro.

      The Euro is on the verge of “possibly” becoming the world’s reserve currency, and is already an alternative investment safe haven, and you knock it for some reason…have you been studying with the great appy??? Is death to the fed your next mantra?

      I wonder what Connie von H. would have to say about all of this? He hasn’t written for Herr Linder for awhile…he’s probably too busy spending his new found wealth in Euros’.

    17. Carpenter Says:

      Olde Dutch, you could not be more wrong, as I am European. “The anti-Euro advertising campaign in Britain featured Hitler as the father of the Euro.” LOL Case closed, eh? The anti-Euro side chose to use the old and tried Hitler-smear, and you pick and choose.

      Ah, I understand your motivation now: you think that anything negative about a currency that is not the dollar, is pro-dollar, therefore pro-ZOG. So this is an article of faith for you.

      News flash: the euro is also an anti-White production, its purpose being to erode national identities, and to force the separate nations to unite their economic policies to the point where they become one super-state. There. Is it easier for you to accept the information I gave you now?

    18. Olde Dutch Says:

      Carp—sorry I don’t let ideology blind me from reality—I’m strictly a pragmatist.

      How strong will the Euro become vs. the dollar? How much more downside is there for the dollar? From watching British BBC correspondent jew (?) Palast on C-Span this morning, I fear we may have a long way down to go against the Euro. Not because of what Palast said, but, because of what he didn’t say. Neither, he nor spokesman for Big Oil Tyrell of the conservative American “something”magazine, will talk about the influence of Big Jew and the Jew Homeland on our problems in the moslem world and elsewhere!

    19. SHMUELY Says:

      The United States is a mega walking bankruptcy case, waiting to be declared. It is a near defunct financial and military world empire which is headed for life support, or worse. It has plundered the world, while being itself asset stripped by its own plutocracy and inner party predators. It has fouled its own nest, it has come to believe its own arcane propaganda, and it has bought into its own ethnic death wish. Many white American patriots may hate to admit it, but facts say otherwise. White America is being devoured by the parasites at both ends of the wealth spectrum.

      Naked military power is the only thing that the U.S. still possesses, and the cost of the military burden is crippling the federal budget, and actually acclerating the insolvency. At the rate China is growing its technological base, to say nothing of its economy, it will in time be able to neutralize America`s blue watter navy, without building one of its own. It has already leap-frogged into the cellular age, without going through the hardwire phase.

      The world clearly does not appreciate America`s thirteen, or so, nuclear powered aircraft carrier battle groups out there bringing them “democracy” with cruise missles, cluster bombs, and ‘shock & awe’ air strikes, while robbing their energy resources and intimidating them. The serious erosion of U.S. militray supremacy is only a matter of time, technology, and racial decay. If the U.S. can`t control or defend its own Southern border today, or defeat a rag-tag insurgency of 5 million Sunnis, then the hand writing is already ‘on the wall’. White Americans are headed for minority status in their own country in less than 3 decades, so the Balkanized disaster is creeping to its conclusion. The atavistic historical/racial, process is likley to run its disasterous course, unless the white nationalists get one hell of a lucky break. The bottom has been torn-out from under the USS Titanic, to use the classic metaphor, and we are gliding to the bottom, despite the denial of the inane Captain, the neocon hijacked crew and the delusional, white paying passengers, both rich and poor.

    20. Jim Says:

      Well, looks like Schmuely summed it up quite nicely. Wheres the lifeboats?

    21. Carpenter Says:

      Olde Dutch, your last post, like the ones before it, did not explain what would make the euro a success. My posts, on the other hand, give a few pointers to why it isn’t – the fact that the major nations have repeatedly broken its impossible rules, for example. While escaping punishment, just because they’re the major nations. Thereby further eroding the public’s trust in the EU. Thereby further convincing the UK, Sweden, Denmark and the East European newcomers that they have been very wise in staying out of the project. Thereby hastening the day when the first euro nation, probably Italy or France, will leave the rotten euro project and go back to an independent currency/interest policy.

      The fact that the euro sucks – yes, big suckage is the only fitting description – does not have to mean that the dollar isn’t facing a beating in the future. These are not the only two currencies. Failure for one doesn’t mean success for another. Personally I hope both of them will burn like so much paper, as they are both ZOG tools now. Let the beast slouch to Bethlehem to be born.

      The EU with its destructive currency is a much worse golem than the U.S. state in my opinion, though not as powerful in its foreign policies. Its purpose is to destroy the laws of separate and unique nations, and make it impossible for a nationalist reaction to come to power in any nation. So far it isn’t quite there – the separate nations still have the sovereign power to kick out aliens and set their own immigration laws, despite EU directives – but if the ZOG has its way, the EU will become a real super state in the future.

      The EU right now has, in most fields, more power over the separate nations than the U.S. government had over the separate states right before the American Civil War. Something to think about.

    22. apollonian Says:

      Imagine Whirled Peas
      (Apollonian, 15 May 06)

      JBS.org indicates I believe Euro is just as Rothschild-Jew-“Banking”-controlled as dollar.

      We’re in Orwellian “perpetual war….” Fed counterfeiting conspiracy machine is at center; must be taken out. Cultural implications are enormous.

      More abstractly we need better, more substantial antisemitism, for which we’ve had luxury of the free internet so far to underscore with solid info just how in real analysis only Jews-Israelis benefit fm and advance in so many developments. What happens as internet is evermore strangulated?–for then we’ll be relegated to philosophy-religion-art.

      Note how bright economic prospects might be. Indeed, note how liberation REQUIRES debts be forgiven; next currency is properly adjusted-evaluated. Dope has to be legalized to break current monopoly upon it held so ruthlessly by Jew-bankers (Rothschild-Sassoon), as fm Chinese “Opium Wars.”

      CONCLUSION: Coming/prospective monetary “collapse” will be opportunity-test for objectivistic-type law of American founders, for example, featuring rule-of-law and sanctity-of-contract. Jews and accomplices/co-conspirators fm among gentiles must be confiscated of course, in accord w. law. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

    23. SHMUELY Says:

      Jim, secure a wetsuit, or a good lifeboat however you can, because the clueless white lemmings and their brain dead shepherds certainly don`t see the disaster coming. The perceptive among the inner party chart forgers know what`s looming, and are trying to hedge their bets, but they may very well be consumed by the racial tsunami that they helped generate. Parasites eventually die with their weakened hosts, if they can`t find another.

    24. Harry Tuttle Says:

      Aircraft carrier groups were a great military idea – back in 1945.

      Today they are just mounting evidence of the increasing inability of the U.S. to adapt to changing conditions and the general failure of innovation in their society.

      Each month the Chinese are turning out at least 100+ nuclear cruise missiles, a handful of which could destroy the entire American navy in 1 fiery second.

      Looks like dumbass Amerikwans will be showing up for WW3 with the blade of naval power … alas, everybody else will know it is a nuclear gunfight. Too many suits at Haliburton think military strategy should be a slave to corporate needs. That’s why Amerikwa has been stuck in a time freeze since the second world war ended.

      I predict WW3 is largely over in the first 48 hours and it leaves the U.S. a smoking glassed over crater which will never be rebuilt. Amerikwa has no idea of any kind how to make its way in the world and be taken seriously, at any level … military, economic or culturally.

    25. van helsing Says:

      We will lose WWIII as long as the jews are running the show over here. Even when the neocons arent in power they still hold sway way out of proportion to their ‘numbers’. If the population and whatever politician happens to be in power happen to have some sense and quit saber rattling to regroup and re – republic – ize this juke joint, the other kept pols will impeach, remove, and start rattling all over again. dont discount that type of cycle relative to the clinton impeachment and bush’s current troubles. perversely, this fall might actually be a good time (post election) to rally to bush (altho i would personally like to see him evicted). what would come with a replacement? what do you say, lawyer harvey?

      The jews are concerned about their survival – not ours, and extending/preserving/sugarcoating their dominance of the world – not ours, thru whatever host they can glom on to. It matters not to them who that host is.

      Ultimately, due to Israel’s repeated tendency to sell secrets to the Chinese, it should be extremely obvious whom the jews would wish to glom on to next.

    26. van helsing Says:

      Other EURO criticisms aside… right now…

      1 EUR = 1.27380 USD

      1 GBP = 1.85630 USD


      I know we are in a little lull in the downward trend but… Since the financial boat is sinking, at least for most Americans, all new national purchases are obviously on your great grandchildrens’ dime, i.e., credit. To those who say that we will just keep all dem furriners in line by threatening to kill them, a. that is how we got to where we are, and b. ammo (and friends) is getting shorter in supply – greater in demand – and not as cheap anymore. Especially the kind that big guns fire.

      To them that like to read all kinds of prophecy into the revelation rantings in the bible… maybe we and our little buddy are magog and gog.