3 June, 2006

World Cup: Lose, England, Lose

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kuntz.gif Here’s a mess of headlines relating to the World Cup. Read them and see how vicious the English are, how bigoted. Their inferiority complex re Germany is on full display.

It’s truly kind of odd, their attitude. The English are so insistent on their winning WWII it’s clear they don’t feel it. It’s kind of the reverse of the ‘Civil War’ in the States. Southerners tend to be obsessed with the north, whereas notherners seldom ponder the South. Germany pays little attention to England, yet the English are obsessed with hating things German. Any insult directed at Germany is fit for publication in Britain, where non-German group-criticism is quite literally against the law. On the world stage, the Germans are the bad guys who are actually the good guys. There is nothing either good or bad but media make it so, as the good Earl would say, were he alive today. Imagine how confused an outer-spacer would be trying to go from the media report of the Jew to the thing in the street. Same in reverse with the German. Someone has to report things right side up, and that’s VNN.

I suspect British hatred of her betters is fed by a growing recognition that not only was the Empire not much in the first place, and in any case long gone, today the sad sandbar sinks unstoppably into dirty, Thirdy sea – and the only thing that could have prevented this was England using the armies Hitler allowed to live – which grace is misrepresented by “fair” and “understated” queensmen as a “Miracle” – to join Hitler in defeating the jew-led monsters who actually carried out the atrocities Germany was accused of. The British are very much like jews – a well advertised race. But the more you know about them, the less you admire them. I encourage all to read Mencken’s descriptions of the Anglo-Americans in World War I. What comes out of an Englishman’s mouth is advertising and moral cant and little else. So it was one hundred years ago, so it is today. Mencken was no more allowed by the Anglomaniac-owned papers to write the truth about the forces producing World War One than the jews owning the media today allow us to discuss the brothers -of-the-cut behind the mass-murder of Iraq. We in the Anglosphere are so unaccustomed to adults speaking as adults that when a foreigner like the Iranian in the post below does it, we’re shocked.

Let’s hope the Wankistanis are knocked out in the first round so they can blubber over their squeak and ale.

First off, a sports article about AmeriKwan masses worshipping their own cruddy selves in the form of, for one of a thousand examples, some keyed-off Alacrooner. Yes, it’s not directly related to other stuff. I realize that. Why don’t you go fuck yourself?

Here’s an article about Dirk Nowitzki. He’s a German who plays for a team that’s about to make the NBA finals. The point here is that Nowitzki, from a country that doesn’t even play basketball, is able to dominate the world’s top league because of his German penchant for practice and improvement, things utterly foreign not just to virtually all American niggers, but most White American basketball players.

Here on the German World Cup victory in ’54. Note this from the Ligerpresse.

In Britain, the Daily Mirror complained that “nothing can stop these unlovable people”.

America truly is British in culture – the same vicious know-nothingism in these British articles is exactly what undergirds patriotardism in the U.S. Stupid – ugly – vicious – hypocritcal – these are the seeds of Albion the promoters and the kirkmen never mention, but they are far more daily determinative than the upside, whatever that actually is. The fact is that Germanosphere is quieter, politer, more civilized, more adult, than the Anglosphere. People didn’t come to America for British culture, they came for space and money.

Here on the British attitude toward Germany, don’t miss comments at bottom. Note these:

the British preoccupation with Germany’s Nazi past has been driven more by the media than by the public.

In his terrific recent book about the British and the Germans – inevitably also titled Don’t Mention the War – the historian John Ramsden traces the national neuralgia in virtuoso detail. His most important – and disturbing – observation is that today’s Nazi obsession has not flowed uninterrupted ever since 1945. On the contrary, it has grown over time, reaching a climax in the 1980s and 1990s. The famous 1966 World Cup final certainly had a second world war subtext, but it was not accompanied by renditions of Ten German Bombers or by Nazi salutes, as it would be today.

Reading Ramsden, one grasps that all this says far more about the realities of modern Britain than those of modern Germany. And it would be perverse not to see that the British preoccupation with Germany’s Nazi past has been driven more by the media than by the public. Ramsden’s analysis of the role of sitcoms, thrillers, war movies and television adverts in sustaining these obsessions is as compelling as his chronicling of the role of the tabloids, especially on football – “Achtung! Surrender. For you Fritz, Ze Euro 96 Championship is over,” as one of Piers Morgan’s Mirror headlines once had it.

Here on growing German prowess in rugby.

Here on Germany trying to get some good PR out of the games. Germany’s so-called international reputation is almost 100% a function of the lies of the jews who produce public opinion. You want to improve Germany’s reputation? Take the globomedia away from the kike and use them to report factually on what’s going on and who’s responsible.

Here’s a funny story on Budweiser and the Germans who resent its Cup brau monopoly. Let it be said in Bud’s defense, no one ever denied its beer contains alcohol.

Here a site where you can buy pro-England tshirts with slogans like the one depicted above.

They paid Danegeld yesterday; they pay Jewgeld today. England’s proper mascot is not the bulldog but the Maltese.

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    1. whiteskelet Says:

      ” Meanwhile Lebanese Falangists murder fellow Lebs. Northern Italians hate southern. … ”

      All those people are not the same. Many Northern Italians are white, but many Southern Italians genetically are Arabs/Dahlits.

    2. Lokuum Says:

      And now you know why race is so taboo in the West. And it has always been this way. To say something in regards to race you might as well start off with, “yo mudda . . . ”

      And face it, if you thought your race was “superior” would you really feel inclined to say so. Chest puffing is for wimps before the fight.

      Jews play victim and tell themselves they’re superior. You play superior while you are being made the victim.

    3. Nietzsche Says:

      There was a time when it was usual to call the Germans `profound’, and this was meant as a term of distinction: now, when the most successful type of the new Germanism thirsts after quite different honours and perhaps feels that anything profound lacks `dash’, it is almost timely and patriotic to doubt whether that commendation of former days was not founded on self-deception: whether German profundity is not at bottom something different and worse – and something which, thanks be to God, one is on the verge of successfully getting rid o£ Let us therefore try to learn anew about German profundity: all that is required is a little vivisection of the German soul. – The German soul is above all manifold, of diverse origins, put together and superimposed rather than actually constructed: the reason for that is its source. A German who would make bold to say `two souls, alas, within my bosom dwell’ would err very widely from the truth, more correctly he would fall short of the truth by a large number of souls. As a people of the most tremendous mixture and mingling of races, perhaps even with a preponderance of the pre-Aryan element, as the `people of the middle’ in every sense, the Germans are more incomprehensible, more comprehensive, more full of contradictions, more unknown, more incalculable, more surprising, even more frightening to themselves than other peoples are – they elude definition and are for that reason alone the despair of the French. It is characteristic of the Germans that the question `what is German?’ never dies out among them. Kotzebue certainly knew his Germans well enough: `we are known’ they cried to him jubilantly but Sand too thought she knew them. Jean Paul knew what he was doing when he declared himself incensed by Fichte’s mendacious but patriotic flatteries and exaggerations – but it is likely that Goethe thought otherwise of the Germans than jean Paul did, even though he agreed with him about Fichte.
      What Goethe really thought of the Germans? – But there were many things round him about which he never expressed himself clearly and his whole life long he knew how to maintain a subtle silence – he had no doubt good reason. What is certain is that it was not `the Wars of Liberation’ which made him look up more cheerfully, any more than it was the French Revolution – the event on account of which he rethought his Faust, indeed the whole problem of `man’, was the appearance of Napoleon. There exist statements by Goethe in which, as if he was from another country, he condemns with impatient severity that which the Germans take pride in: the celebrated German Gemüt he once defined as `indulgence of others’ weaknesses, and one’s own’. Was he wrong? – it is characteristic of the Germans that one is seldom wholly wrong about them. The German soul has corridors and interconnecting corridors in it there are caves, hiding-places, dungeons in it; its disorder possesses much of the fascination of the mysterious; the German is acquainted with the hidden paths to chaos. And as everything loves its symbol, the German loves clouds and all that is obscure, becoming, crepuscular, damp and dismal: the uncertain, unformed, shifting, growing of every kind he feels to be `profound’. The German himself is not, he is becoming, he is `developing’. `Development’ is thus the truly German discovery and lucky shot in the great domain of philosophical formulas – a ruling concept which, in concert with German beer and German music, is at work at the Germanization of all Europe. Foreigners are astonished and drawn by the enigmas which the contradictory nature at the bottom of the German soul propounds to them (which Hegel reduced to a system and Richard Wagner finally set to music). `Good-natured and malicious’ – such a juxtaposition, nonsensical in respect of any other people, is unfortunately too often justified in Germany: you have only to live among Swabians for a while! The ponderousness of the German scholar, his social insipidity, gets on frightfully well with an inner rope-walking and easy boldness before which all the gods have learned fear. If you want the `German soul’ demonstrated ad oculos, you have only to look into German taste, into German arts and customs: what boorish indifference to ‘taste’! How the noblest and the commonest here stand side by side! How disorderly and wealthy this whole psychical household is! The German drags his soul, he drags everything he experiences. He digests his events badly, he is never ‘done’ with them; German profundity is often only a sluggish ‘digestion’. And just as all chronic invalids, all dyspeptics, have an inclination for comfort, so the German loves ‘openness’ and ‘uprightness’: how comfortable it is to be open and upright! Perhaps it is the most dangerous and successful disguise the German knows how to use today, this confiding, accommodating, cards-on-the-table German honesty: it is his real Mephistophelean art, with its aid he can ‘still go far’! The German lets himself go, and as he does so he gazes out with true blue empty German eyes – and other countries at once confound him with his dressing-gown! – I meant to say: whatever ‘German profundity’ may be – and when we are quite by ourselves we shall perhaps permit ourselves to laugh at it? we would do well to hold its appearance and good name in respect henceforth too and not to sell former old reputation as the profound nation too cheaply for Prussian ‘dash’ and Berlin wit and sand. It is clever for a people to be considered, to get itself considered, profound, clumsy, good-natured, honest, not clever: it might even be – profound! Finally: one ought not to be ashamed of one’s own name -it is not for nothing one is called das ‘tiusche’ Volk, das Täusche-Volk . . .

    4. cjay Says:

      hey alex, why don’t you go fuck off back der fatherland if you hate english and irish people so much? oh yeah, because your people don’t have a concept of free speech or individual rights and you would be put in prison. by the way, your precious germans now have two niggers on their world cup team and one on the alternate squad. and your website is a joke.

    5. Peoples and Fatherlands Says:

      What a torment books written in German are for him who has a third earl How disgustedly he stands beside the slowly turning swamp of sounds without resonance, of rhythms that do not dance, which the Germans call a ‘book’! Not to mention the German who reads books! How lazily, how reluctantly, how badly he reads! How many Germans know, or think they ought to know, that there is art in every good sentence – art that must be grasped if the sentence is to be understood! A misunderstanding of its tempo, for example: and the sentence itself is misunderstood! That one must be in no doubt about the syllables that determine the rhythm, that one should feel the disruption of a too-severe symmetry as intentional and as something attractive, that one should lend a refined and patient ear to every staccato, every rubato, that one should divine the meaning in the sequence of vowels and diphthongs and how delicately and richly they can colour and recolour one another through the order in which they come: who among book-reading Germans has sufficient goodwill to acknowledge such demands and duties and to listen to so much art and intention in language? In the end one simply `has no ear for it’: and so the greatest contrasts in style go unheard and the subtlest artistry is .squandered as if on the deaf. – These were my thoughts when I noticed how two masters of the art of prose were clumsily and unsuspectingly confused with one another: one from whom words fall cold and hesitantly as from the roof of a damp cavern – he calculates on the heavy dullness of their sound and echo – and another who handles his language like a supple blade and feels from his arm down to his toes the perilous delight of the quivering, over-sharp steel that wants to bite, hiss, cut. How little German style has to do with sound and the ears is shown by the fact that precisely our good musicians write badly. The German does not read aloud, does not read for the ear, but merely with his eyes: he has put his ears away in the drawer. In antiquity, when a man read – which he did very seldom – he read to himself aloud, and indeed in a loud voice; it was a matter for surprise if someone read quietly, and people secretly asked themselves why he did so. In a loud voice: that is to say, with all the crescendos, inflections, variations of tone and changes of tempo in which the ancient public world took pleasure. In those days the rules of written style were the same as those of spoken style; and these rules depended in part on the astonishing development, the refined requirements of ear and larynx, in part on the strength, endurance and power of ancient lungs. A period is, in the sense in which the ancients understood it, above all a physio­logical whole, inasmuch as it is composed by a single breath. Periods such as appear with Demosthenes or Cicero, rising twice and sinking twice and all within a single breath: these are delights for men of antiquity, who knew from their own schooling how to value the virtue in them, the rarity and difficulty of the delivery of such a period – the have really no right to the grand period, we moderns, we who are short of breath in every sense! For these ancients were one and all themselves dilettantes in rhetoric, consequently connoisseurs, consequently critics – and so they drove their orators to extremes; in the same way as, in the last century, when all Italians and Italiennes knew how to sing, virtuosity in singing (and therewith also the art of melody -) attained its height with them. In Germany, however, there was (until very recently, when a kind of platform eloquence began shyly and heavily to flap its young wings) really but one species of public and ,fairly artistic oratory: that from the pulpit. The preacher was the only one in Germany who knew what a syllable, what a word weighs, how a sentence strikes, rises, falls, runs, runs to an end, he alone had a conscience in his ears, often enough a bad conscience: for there is no lack of reasons why it is precisely the German who rarely achieves proficiency in oratory, or almost always achieves it too late. The masterpiece of German prose is therefore, as is to be expected, the masterpiece of its great preacher: the Bible has been the best German book hitherto. Compared with Luther’s Bible almost everything else is merely `literature’ – a thing that has not grown up in Germany and therefore has not taken and does not take root in German hearts: as the Bible has done.

    6. Sulla Says:

      tpo said the following useless comment:

      “If Russia is the future of the white race, the white race is an AIDS-infected alcoholic with a declining population.”

      Well, idiot, one can denigrate practically every *white* country if you really want to get down to it? England is a control-obsessed shithole. Amerikwan is full of shit. Kanada is too PC. Germany defeated, Italians couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag. Spain is socialist.

      Shit for brains, I was talking about their mindset. It is still largely uncontaminated from western political correctness and from every one who’s been there that I know LOVED IT! It was/is white & European. Yet, you somehow have managed to shit on this sentiment with the usual asshole commentary that serves absolutely nothing and is worse than useless. You’re a fucking asshole!

      Now anyone on here who is and whom resides in the picture of perfection raise your hand so I we all know what a moron extraordinaire looks like!

    7. Friedrich Braun Says:

      Saying that Great Britain (or the English) is more German than Germany is inaccurate, of course.

      1) British Have Changed Little [genetically] Since Ice Age, i.e. before Germanic invasions

      2) Extensive racial mixing with East Indians brought the Hemoglobin D disdorder to Great Britain and Ireland:

      Hemoglobin D is a genetically transmitted blood disorder which originated on the Indian sub-continent, and which spread to England, Scotland and Ireland during the colonial period when many soldiers – Englishmen, Scots and Irishmen – took Indian wives back to their homelands.

      Additionally, it is also false to assert that East Germans are nothing more than Germanized Western Slavs, as one particularly aggressive anti-German commenter said:

      Genetic differentiation follows political borders in Europe: Y-chromosome variation in Poland and Germany

      M Kayser et al.

      “To test for human population substructure within Europe we have investigated Y chromosome diversity using seven microsatellites and ten binary markers in samples from eight regionally distributed populations from Poland (n = 913) and eleven from Germany (n = 1215). Based on both marker systems we observed statistically significant genetic differentiation between all Polish and all German regional populations but also genetic homogeneity within each of the two neighboring geographic regions.

      In conclusion, to say that Germans aren’t Germanic is politically-motivated nonsense aimed at slandering Germans.

    8. orieleye Says:

      Here’s another news story about English-German rivalry at the world cup: http://www.rte.ie/news/2006/0610/hooligans.html

    9. 051023 Says:

      “Southerners tend to be obsessed with the north, whereas notherners seldom ponder the South.”

      With a comment like that, it makes me think someone has been watching too much Bill Maher. This form of elitism towards us Southrons, both here in the states and abroad, does not accomplish anything. I fear the day after our victory day when people have this sort of complex.

    10. Zoroastro Says:

      Compared with Luther’s Bible almost everything else is merely `literature’ – a thing that has not grown up in Germany and therefore has not taken and does not take root in German hearts: as the Bible has done.

      No, the Middle Eastern shizophrenic rabbis’ diahrrea known as the Bible must be flushed down the toilet.

    11. apollonian Says:

      “Bible Flushing” Is Miserable Idea–Much Advocated By Jews, Actually
      (Apollonian, 11 Jun 06)

      “Zoroastro,” u’re a dualistic moron. Bible “flushing” was done in two historical episodes, among others, and what transpired? In French Revolution, no particular good came of it, neither then in the Jew-bolshevik revolution in Russia whence millions of white Russians and Christians were ruthlessly murdered.

      I’d rather say the still-prevalent heresy known as “Judeo-Christianity” (JC–see Whtt.org) is far more the greater problem, deluding the minds of so many goyim and gentiles.

      Bible flushing also happened in Mexico early in 20th century, then also much in Spain by Jew-communist “Republicans.” Bible “flushing” is much advocated and attempted by Jews who essentially want to do same here in US replacing Bible with cheap popular religion of holohoax.

      So if u want to “flush” Bible, what then do u say about Judaic Talmud? Isn’t the Talmud the actual problem?–or not? Tell us ur great information pls. Did u know New Testament (NT) is absolute antithesis of Talmud?–what do u have to say about it? U need a leg to stand on, an argument, by way of proving u have anything of real patriot substance to offer for information.

      CONCLUSION: “Flushing” Bible is miserable advice and plan; u suck, “Zoroastro,” u dualistic fool. What we rather need is more rationalistic, more overtly and self-assured antisemitic Christian aesthetic to stand up to such as the presumptuous (to say the least) false religion of holohoax. Ck for more of my essays on NewNation.org under “commentary.” Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

    12. Zoroastro Says:

      Judeo-Christianity ist kaputt. The Emperor Never Had Any Clothes, with all due respect……….

    13. Sulla Says:

      For anyone who may “think” the disrespectful cunt named “tpo” knows his ass from a hole in the ground, as per David Duke:

      “I have many German friends and I could never dismiss the crucial battles fought by the Teutonic knights in protecting Western Europe from historical invasions of the Mongol hordes. But with all due respect and reverence to the Germans, it is not Germany who has most earned the moniker, Bulwark to the East, for the Russians fought a hundred battles in defense of European mankind over the centuries for every one fought by the Teutons.

      And now, in some ways they take the lead in this fight for our European Genotype all over the world. All of us must feel quite humbled to be here. We must also send our hopes that your President and his successors will resist the non-Russian powers of nihilism and deracination and that of the traditional anti-Russian, alien power that has always threatened Mother Russia. May he lead this great nation to its vital role as a prime defender of not only the Russian ethnicity but defender of European and American interests wherever we may dwell.”

    14. That1 Says:

      The Philosemite

      My Jew is a lovely Jew, how could you so dislike him,
      You say he aims to ruin you and ‘sheeny’ him and ‘kike’ him.
      And I reject your every word, a friend he is to me,
      With whom I share my business plans and life’s philosophy.

      But your Jew is a horrid Jew, the one you so admire,
      Is filled with hate, and my ruinate, is all of his desire,
      And I must confess, I’m unable to guess, as my business he steals away,
      To know by what chance, he knows in advance, each move that I make each day.

    15. That1 Says:

      It is a bit annoying that Alex should emulate the ‘Humourless German’ stereotype, of ‘not getting it’ that the Brits, and the English especially, love to wind people up- See how Brit soldiers rag American ones as colonials, cowboys or over Vietnam-as in arses kicked by gooks- The Irish, Scots. The French and Italians especially, and each other- southerners-V- northeners etc.
      Possibly Alex is demonstrating some higher- Germanic humour, that ‘we dumb Brits’ ‘don’t get’?

      But the (apparrent) blinkered view of what is essentially gutter press reports of excessive zeal and sillinesss, in a sport which attracts the silliest and most boorish people, also ignores the more favourable comparison with non yob sports.

      Formula 1 motor racing for example: A sport which- unlike football, remains a white, man’s sport. (despite Michael Schumacher’s truly idiotic attempt some years back to court press ‘PC’ popularism, and introduce the first nig into it in the form of his negroid ‘guru’ which -as I predicted then- went ape soon after and had to be put down or something)

      British and English, fans of this sport are just as keen as their soccer counterparts, but never engage in WW2 stuff, even though the long era of British driver dominance has ended and the (above) German has reigned supreme for years.

    16. seelow heights Says:

      “The English take nothing seriously, not even WWII. “-Angle
      A people who can’t even take their own extermination (“disappearance” or “replacement ” for superwankers) seriously are worthless pieces of shit. BTW, is it OK in the UK to tell nigger and kike jokes? We all know the answer. They do take SOMETHING seriously.

    17. Coup d'Etat Says:

      After reading all the posts, I can see how some Brits would take offense to the generalization of being condemned of hating the Germans. Question: Who started the hatred against Germany because the jews didn’t succeed in taking over the country? Hitler was too strong for them, and the jews are angry. This we know. Besides, this is the kind of tactic the jews do and want – to divide and conquer nations and cause hatred and disputes between countries. Isn’t this want we are trying to avoid as White volk? I think we need to better understand how far and wide the jews’ hatred and revenge has progressed their domination over nations before general attacks and assumptions are made.

      Maybe there is some truth that some Whites have fallen to the jew’s idea of conflict and hatred from one country to another, but I think we need to have a correct perspective on who has started the problem to begin with instead of generalizing the hatred between two original White nations. As far as conflict between nations in the sports arena, isn’t this child’s play? I probably would be concerned if the flaming and attacks from one White nation to another continues in a fashion as to be a nasty trend. If this sort of ill mannerism continues, then the audience, team players, and the media need to be carefully looked at and scrutinized, not the general population.

    18. rob jersey,c.i. u.k. Says:

      you blokes make me laugh.
      you slag the brits.how many new yorkers gave to the ira before 9/11.we are becoming a minority in our country,because of colonisiusm.you want to mouth off,your going the same way.your full of slaves,mex,and any other subrace that turns up.you might dislike our old ways,but its called history and culture.yours is catching you up already.and by the way,we won the war.both of them.and loads more in the middle ages.where were you guys at agingcourt?or at waterloo?the later figuring out how yo put your only culture onto reservations.

    19. rob jersey,c.i. u.k. Says:

      and most brits have alot of respect for the germans.we have simalarities.a sense of humour.and also a deep sense of honour and loyalty.i served in germany in the 70s.and tons of respect for them.and yes im an english fan.

    20. GB Says:

      Rob Jersey UK:

      BTW, the Germans were at Waterloo and were critical to the success of the English. Too bad the Brits and Germans didn’t join-up with Hitler to smash the JewBolsheviks! The wrong side won that war.

    21. van helsing Says:

      Well, my old man (USAF propaganda plane navigator) always said that we (U.S.) fought on the wrong side in WWII.

      But then again, he was a southerner and not particularly of German descent. What the hell did he know?

      A lot, that’s what. But then he was educated, and unlike some veterans, didnt think much of talking about the war or going to veterans roundups.

      I think more folks are aware these days, but it didnt seem to be that way a few decades ago. As Yankeeism (read: modern liberalism) spreads south and elsewhere, more sensible thought also goes other places. It is a slow process. But, it is heartwarming to see the south and southern climes ‘speaking truth to power’ regarding the immivasion.

      Nothing personal against germans or german-americans, but it wasnt just irish conscripts that wore blue in the civil war. A couple of my co-workers are of serious german descent. I routinely send them info an articles regarding the war, immivasion and racial matters. One “gets” it. The other is still quite swayed by war propaganda, and thinks that Zarqawi’s death is meaningful. And that burying him wrapped in bacon will “teach them a lesson”.

    22. the anarchist Says:

      With all due respect to Nowitski, he (and everyone else) was outplayed in the championship series by Dwayne Wade.

    23. van helsing Says:

      That’s easy when Shaq is allowed to charge at will.

    24. Gerald Morris Says:

      The case for excluding Anglo-Sucksomes from any pro-Aryan, anti-jew operation is a strong one. The fact of the matter is that England, which devolved into the Jewnited Kingdumb as a consequence of it’s tri-color folly, has been ruled by jews for 3.5 centuries. Over that time they’ve been selectively bred by their jew masters for obedience and docility to jews. Very few anglo-sucksomes ever break the grip of jew mind control at all and among the few who do, such as David Irving or buffoons like Oswald Mosely serve more to the less degenerate Euro-Aryans as exaMPLES OF WHAT TO AVOID RATHER THAN what to emulate. The Nazis tragically disserved their wards, der Deutschvolk first, then the rest of us Aryans with their insane, slavish anglo-philia. for all purposes, its best to regard the WASP as a jew in Aryan hide, an aspiring jew and NOT as a genuine Aryan.

      Thus do I urge all of you genuine Aryans to exclude the WASP from your organizations, indeed, your very lives, as if they were jews. FaIure to do so will assure your own misery and collective failure, just as it did for Hitler, the NSDAP, Germany and Humanity at large in jew Churchill’s War.

      Let the WASP organize itself as it will, and put the onus on it to combat jewry alone. The rest of us will be better off without them until such time as they prove themselves worthy of reconsideration as Aryans and NOT as mere “white” wanna-be kikes.

      Aryan, not “white. Human, not amerikwan,

      Gerald Morris

    25. Zoroastro Says:

      English people were always way too kind, naive and ingeneous in regards to the judeo shape-shifting vipers. So, what you said G. Morris, is very true. And the fact that they never woke up to the fact was their tragic undoing.