19 July, 2006

300+ Killed So Far by Jewish Terrorists

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BBC: Dozens die in fresh Lebanon raids

[Suckpoop Joe‘s idea of news]
Fox News analyst compares Israelis to Nazis

Raimondo: The U.S. is willing to pay for this war – and of course the American taxpayers have paid for it, to the tune of the $3 billion in yearly tribute to Tel Aviv – but our government is unwilling to rescue its own citizens from the blowback for free. If there is a better way to underscore more vividly the Israel-centric nature of our policies in the region – and how the entire mindset of government officials runs counter to genuinely American interests – I can’t imagine what it might be.

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  7. 8 Responses to “300+ Killed So Far by Jewish Terrorists”

    1. Johnny the Jew Says:

      Put yourself in the position of the Jews. If the Aryans were to number only about 50 million worldwide, and if the rest of the 6 billion people in the world were comprised of Africans, wouldn’t you want to build your own nation of white people? Now, that is not to say that Aryans are as far from Jews as Africans are from Aryans, but the same principle is at work.

      There is no difference between Zionism and White Nationalism in principle. I don’t think you have a problem with Zionism. I think you just use Zionism to appeal to your more leftist-oriented readers who have a problem with nationalism. In your double-standard and contradiction, you are like the Jews who will say anything in order to attain a result: in order to effect a consequence. Your double standards might work, because you are a rabble-rouser; you are not an intellectual of merit. I told you that the last time, and I tell you that now. Be it for better or for worse, you are a propagandist, not an intellectual.

      I hope you learn the real solution to the world’s problems: the Philosophy. There you will learn the root of anti-Semitism. The Aryans are not the only ones responsible for it. The Jews may also be deserving of it. It’s not necessarily bad to hate Jews; but it is bad to hate THE Jews. You should learn which Jews to hate and which Jews not to hate, and why. No pun intended, you should separate the meat from the milk. I’m not asking you to stop hating Jews; I’m just asking you to go about your hatred of the Jews (and love of the Aryans) in a more productive way. If I may be vulger, there are only two kinds of Jews that are worthy of hatred: Jews who are fucking liberal, and Jews who are fucking Aryan women. Those are the bad Jews: the “kikes.” I understand you think that Jews are born to be liberal and that they are born to pursue shiksas, but that’s not the case. Those are acts of ignorance: ignorance of the Philosophy. If the Jews were to know the Philosophy, not one of them would be liberal, and not one of them would intermarry.

      As for the Aryans, they shouldn’t hate the Jews for the crime of being successful, because that is the root of anti-Semitism, which then leads the Jews to unwittingly promote leftism. The purpose of leftism is actually very simple: to just blind the world to the Jews. (It’s a long story as to how that is the case … you’d have to know the Philosophy.) Think of leftism as a bright light that blinds people to the nature of the Jews as a race. That blinding effect born of the doctrine of equality is an act of self-defense that originates from the offense executed by the Aryans, and that act of self-defense serves as another reason to hate the Jews: a reason that you claim is the ONLY reason to hate the Jews, as though the Jews are genetically predisposed to leftism … as though they are born with a leftism gene.

      The solution to the perennial conflict between the Jews and the Gentiles is to eliminate both the CAUSE of anti-Semitism – namely envy – and the EFFECT of anti-Semitism – namely, leftism. And there is only one way to do that: an education in the meaning of life and how to live: the Philosophy. Ayn Rand already hinted at that. She already hinted at a universal and objective philosophy that would – among other things – provide a cure for the disease of anti-Semitism, as well as its symptoms. I finished the job that she started. My philosophy is much better than hers: I’m lightyears ahead of Ayn Rand. But she was the first Jewish philosopher of modern times who really wanted to get to the root of the problem, among other things. Philosophy is not only about the Jewish/Gentile conflict; it would be necessary if that conflict were non-existent.

      You call me “self-promoting.” In other words, you say that I’m arrogant. No, that’s not the case. I’m not promoting MYSELF; I’m promoting MY WEBSITE. Perhaps your remark that I am “self-promoting” is actually an attempt to promote YOUR website because you fear competition from mine. You shouldn’t. Here’s an outline of the Philosophy:

      1. That people should learn the Philosophy.

      2. That the government should be privatized.

      3. That miscegenation should be illegal.

      In the Philosophy, I EXPLAIN why miscegenation should be illegal: why it is immoral and why it should be against the law. I EXPLAIN the nature of leftism and why it is wrong. I EXPLAIN everything: I get to the root of all things. The only thing that I don’t do is talk about history. It’s not a book about HISTORY; it’s a book about PHILOSOPHY. It’s about where we should be; not why we are where we are.

      Tell me, Alex. When is the last time you went to an interracial couple – one white woman and one minority – and told them “white people should breed with white people; visit this website to learn why”? I’ve said that so many times that I’ve lost count. I’ve approached white women with half-black children in tow and I’ve said to them “white people should breed with white people.” Tell me, Alex. How many times have you spoken to white girls and gave them a rational explaination as to WHY “the gene pool is not a toilet bowl” (my words). That’s right, Alex. I’m a Jew. But besides that, you don’t know a damn thing about me, do you?

    2. silverstein wtc7 Says:

      easy for you to say shit to mixed-race couples, because if YOU, the JEW, cause a ruckus or even violnece in the process, you KNOW you’d NEVER get hit with a HATE CRIME offense, because you’re one of the CHOSEN!
      you can say anything you want; you can be an EXPERT on anything; because you’re a FUCKING JEW. white gentiles can’t say ANYTHING like what you claim to say to interracial couples; the least bit of trouble or violence to comef rom it, we’d be thrown into jail for decades, thanks to these JEW-SPONSERED unconstitutional hate crime laws.
      you MAKE ME SICK, you hustling, book-selling, parasitic maggot

    3. Coup d'Etat Says:

      Blah, Blah, Blah, – you jews have excuses for everything except why you still exist for which there is no good reason except to make the world a filthy place for everyone else to live in. You filthy bastard jews never admit your wrong doing to anything when you filthy bastards have control of the media, governments, laws for minorities, support the illegal invasion, etc., etc., etc. Oh, I can’t forget about the Holohoax. Still you bastards find a way to explain it all away and blame it on everyone else but yourselves.

      You bastards have no conscience. All of you need to be annihilated — no exceptions and no jews are to be left out.

    4. clay Says:

      Johnny the Jew,
      Now, that’s one incoherent,
      meglomanic, delusional kike.
      Does this hook-nose even think
      one intelligent human being believes
      an ounce of his ravings?

    5. RabbitNoMOre Says:

      I can imagine this fithy rat (johnny the) jew has some pretty tired ‘n sore fingers, after typing a whole big mess of bull shit like that…
      Add to this particular rant all the other subversion he’s into each and every day, and you have one exhausted kike, prattling away at his kike-board.

      You can spew till yer blue hymie, but we thinking White Men can see right through it all.
      You should write tele-plays for viacom.

      Because, no matter how may times you and your ilk attempt to deflect blame through idiotic psycho- babblings about “the philosophy” (wheteverthefuck that is…), endless deception and faslehood, diversion and distraction, you and I both know your rouge state/sanctuary of itz-a-ie is a complete sham, just as much as the hollow-hoax that alowed it to come in to existence in the first place.

      Your facade is crumbling all around you, and soon the whole house of cards will collapse. Or as you would probably describe it : “There’s lots of ‘anti-semitism’ in the world today.”
      Even this term has been hijacked by you parasites, and perverted far from its true meaning.
      I’m no anti-semite, in that I have nothing against Palestinians, the TRUE semites…
      It is you bloody jew parasites that I despise!

      So you see that no matter how many lives you ruin, no matter how many honest people you imprison, no matter how many murders of innocent children you commit, other will fill the gaps to expose you for what you really are.
      Your web of lies is being swept away by the self-evident truth!

      In true jew fashion, you’d rather cause the destruction of the entire planet (a cause you seem to further each and every day, what with the complete idiots you’ve placed in charge of world power) right along with yourseves, than to ever admit to your lies, and your absolute guilt of crimes against civilzation since the day you were spawned.

      Yet, there you are claiming to me that you are God’s (Real name,… certainly not God…duh) chosen people…or better yet “Poy-seh-cuted Viktyms”.

      You demon spawn disgust me.

    6. Charley Says:

      “There is no difference between Zionism and White Nationalism in principle.�

      This is leftist bunk. There are differences.

      White nationalism reflects the political and socio-biological interests of the Aryan. Zionism reflects the political and socio-biological interests of the Jew.

      “I think you just use Zionism to appeal to your more leftist-oriented readers who have a problem with nationalism.�

      Jewish Zionism and Communism are international and supremacist. Jews used the latter to politically or militarily divide and conquer the Aryan nations and the former to conquer and rule. A Jewish patriot can be both Zionist and Communist.

      White nationalism is about Aryan rule and free association within the Aryan nations. Zionism is about Jewish rule and free association both internationally and in Israel. Zionists would have their cake and eat it.

      “I don’t think you have a problem with Zionism. In your double-standard and contradiction, you are like the Jews who will say anything in order to attain a result: in order to effect a consequence�

      Jews are proficient liars and intentionally hypocrital. We are poor liars and our hypocrisy is due to error or ignorance.

      “Be it for better or for worse, you are a propagandist, not an intellectual.�

      We don’t have the media, kike, and our books are banned.

      “It’s not necessarily bad to hate Jews; but it is bad to hate THE Jews.�

      The hatred of Jews will diminish when they leave the Aryan nations and become self-supporting or are eradicated from the face of the earth.

    7. Johnny the Jew Says:

      Charley said:

      “The hatred of Jews will diminish when they leave the Aryan nations and become self-supporting or are eradicated from the face of the earth.”

      I agree that the Jews should leave the Diaspora and return to Israel. But Alex thinks it’s bad for the Jewish state to exist. See, you leave us Jews no outs. You just want us to die. That’s all that you want from us. And yet you blame us for our efforts to defend ourselves. See, White Nationalism is a big contradiction. You want us Jews to die for no other reason but that we are Jews – because we have bigger average noses and bigger average brains – yet you call us evil and vicious and “without conscience.” It doesn’t matter what we do, you just want us dead, yet we are supposed to be the evil ones.

      Charlie, I think you rise above the rest of your NAZI pals when you say that there is a condition upon which the Gentile world would leave the Jews alone: the condition being that the Jews are self-sufficient. Well, that’s the inspiration for the Israeli kibbutz in particular, and the state of Israel as a whole. Yet you NAZIs think Zionism – the desire to have a Jewish state – is evil. You are death-worshippers. You have no respect for the Jews as an asset to man and to civilization. But I must admit, Charlie, that perhaps you are a bit wiser than the average NAZI when you say that there is actually a condition upon which you Gentiles wouldn’t want to kill us kikes, and I respect that opinion tremendously.

      Okay, Charlie. Let’s say that the Jews move to Israel and become self-sufficient. What happens if you Gentiles want to trade with us? What happens if we Jews – with our slightly bigger noses – sniff out a cure for cancer, and you Gentiles want to partake of it. Then what would you do? If you trade with us, then we are no longer self-sufficient because then we take of the Gentile world, just as you take of the Jewish world. You NAZIs are economically and morally ignorant because you don’t know MY JEWISH PHILOSOPHY. You don’t realize that the best situation for all life-loving people is not to exterminate the Jews or to force the Jews into a state of isolation, but to trade with the Jews peacefully, in which case the Jews would naturally become wealthier because we are – on average – slightly more intelligent than you. And that’s when the hatred begins. That’s when you Gentiles start hating the Jews because you don’t know MY JEWISH PHILOSOPHY. If you were to know MY JEWISH PHILOSOPHY, you would treat the Jews with respect, and the cycle of anti-Semitism and counter-anti-Semitism and counter-counter-anti-Semitism would never begin. It would be in everyone’s interest – Jewish and Goyish – to learn MY JEWISH PHILOSOPHY: i.e., a philosophy that came from a kike such as myself because I happened to have been born of a Jewish mother.

      I take it that your reference to me as a “kike” means that you consider half-Jews kikes. That’s fine with me. I am not the least bit ashamed of it. And that I have been reading this VNN for a little over a year now – and enjoying it – doesn’t subtract from my self-respect.

    8. silverstein wtc7 Says:

      hey jew john:
      1. israel isn’t self-sufficient; they leach off america’s tax dollars to the tune of more than 3 billion a year.
      2. i’m all for israel becoming self-sufficient; and leave the rest of the world alone.
      3. yeah, i’m sure some jew is going to find the cure for cancer (ha! good one).
      4. my suggestion to johnny the jew: move to israel, now. please. thank you. get out.