17 July, 2006

America’s Worst Enemy, America’s Only Enemy

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Will We Go to War for Israel?
Israel says “Jump!”
Americans ask: “How high?”
by Justin Raimondo

Listening to Newt Gingrich bloviate on Meet the Press, advocating U.S. intervention on Israel’s behalf against Syria and Iran – and the pathetic Joe “Me Too” Biden effectively agreeing with him – one can only wonder how or why anybody listens to these crazies. As Newt, the megalomaniacal has-been, gleefully declares that “World War III” is in progress, and weaves a conspiracy theory linking Iran, Syria, North Korea, Hezbollah, and – believe it or not! – Venezuela, old Joe just sits there nodding out. Given a chance to reply, his only objection to Gingrich’s vision of war on all fronts is that, yes, we need to go to war, but we have to do it with the support of our allies. “Fighting Joe” Biden is no weenie: his voice hardens as he avers we should tell the North Koreans that we have the capacity to “annihilate” them. Gingrich smiles.


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  7. 9 Responses to “America’s Worst Enemy, America’s Only Enemy”

    1. Whitepride Says:

      The biggest advocates for war with Iran and Syria are the right-wing crazies: Rush, Hannity, Gingrich, Coulter; and the looney Christians: Robertson, Falwell, and Hagee.

      These traitors are all “Whites,” not Jews.

      I’m beginning to wonder if the “White” races deserve to live anymore. They’ve become so decadent, corrupt, ignorant, and stupid, that I’m beginning to think our time has come and gone.

      I’ve been to so many message boards with the average White American and their attitude matches those of the traitors I mentioned earlier. I’ve posted links to various websites, I’ve tried to explain the situation countless times to these “Whites,” and it’s gotten me nowhere.

      Nothing I do will get through to these lemmings. We’re probably going to have to take a small percentage of Whites and create our own homeland (like the Jews did) and scuttle the rest.

    2. Clifton Mitchell Says:

      I’m in full agreement Whitepride. BTW, it’s almost a misnomer to have a moniker like Whitepride. There’s little difference between the nigger and the wigger nowadays. Most young white males are either queer, drug addicts, criminals, effeminate, lazy, stupid, crude, vulgar, uncouth, or just plain nigger imitators. Matters little if they’re from inner-city Jew York or the hills of W. Virginia – only difference is the accent. I live in a 95% white small town in the mid-west, but the whites here do their best to imitate niggers and queer jew actors on the electronic jew tube. Nigger music blares from their car radios and they all do their hair in corn rows. I can’t think of too many whites that I would want to see survive the upcoming apocalyse. This country we live in is on rapid melt-down and about to degenerate into total chaos. I guess we have no one to blame but ourselves. But, as my best friend from Ft. Worth often says, “the worser it gets – the better it gets”.

    3. Jim Says:

      Hate to say it, but I have to agree with Whitepride. Forty years of talking to people, passing out tens of thousands of pieces of literature and donating tons of money to the ” movement ” has netted me exactly ” zero “. I get tired of seeing eyes roll in the heads of people I seem to bore at dinner parties. Until the last few months, I felt a lot like some people on the forum that fighting to the end was the honorable thing to do. Now I ask myself, whom are we fighting for? I certainly haven’t met anyone I’d care to lose a fingernail for. I can’t begin to tell you how much sleep I lose at night trying to wrestle with the question to leave or stay. Fortunately, I have the option of doing either. And neither is an easy decision. Do you want to stay in a nascent police state where just about everyone is your enemy and a potential government informant as in the Kwa? Or do you want to give it a try someplace else with all the inherent problems of language, etc.? I see the rumblings of positive change in the East. Not so here. If I were younger, I don’t think I’d be so indecisive. But heading for sixty, either choice is a hard one. When I think back to all the problems my activism caused me, it almost all came from fellow whites, egged on by jews. There are very few jews in Italy and points East. I know they still call the shots but I think they can be toppled more easily in a basically homogenous country or at least one where a majority of the people have a common ancestry. I might give it a shot. All I know is that I’ve had it with the Kwa and ALL of the Kwans.

    4. alex Says:

      Raimondo says essentially the same thing: he feels like he’s written the same thing over and over again. All WN or Iz-critics have to feel that way.

      Jews and Israel will continue to act the way they do until they face consequences. Right now, there are none. Until there are, they will continue to smear and murder at will.

    5. SHMUELY Says:

      How true and how sad. Guess that`s why there are so many bitter cynics at this site. Pissing into the wind is a thankless task. White lethargy, apathy, treachery and willful ignorance are the problem. We are likely dealing with bred-down, dumbed-down, dysgenic, quasi-tards genetically drifting to racial oblivion. Whom the Gods would destroy, they first dumb-down!

    6. Bavarian Gauleiter Says:

      Wenn alle Brüder schweigen.

      Brothers! Please don’t despair. I also have felt the same and submerged myself in a pool of alcohol.

      There are two big points to keep in mind when thinking about our situation;

      1) the masses of people are — and will forever be — followers. They are sheep in need of a shepherd. There is no more eloquent spokesman for this on the internet than Dr William Pierce (other great thinkers such as Hitler and the lesser known but extremely important Frenchman Gustave Le Bon: “The Crowd” cover the same issue). Over the years I noticed that Pierce kept reducing his estimate of the number of “the elite”: those among our people capable of understanding reality. 30% to 10%, 10 to 5%, and finally, 2 to 3%. And this is the way of nature. If not, we’d have the proverbial “too many Chiefs and not enough indians” scenario.

      And 2) the masses of people will only listen to their authority figures. When you or I enter a chat room or blog and post a few messages, we are no one to the lemmings. If we were people to reckon with — which today means politicians, actors, billionaires and media people — then they would listen. That is why when someone who is an authority says the wrong thing (e.g. Paul Findley or Marlon Brando or Ahmadinejad) they must be shut down and neutralized in the minds of the public as crazy, a fanatic, or an “anti-Semite.”

      The only way to combat this then is to become an authority in the eyes of the masses. And the only way to do that is to reach them with the truth the same way their authority figures do — television. It’s not enough to have radio or newspapers. The most popular medium in the history of the world is television.

      And even if we were to reach this goal — to have our own media equal to combat jewish lies — we would still not convert the masses of people to our side. That’s ok. We only want the minority or “the elite” because that’s all we need to take our country back. No revolutions in the past have been popular or grass-roots movements. They have all been accomplished by a small group of highly-organized and dedicated members. The 2% of the Kwa’s 50 million or so white males (for example) would be 1 million pissed off aryan elite. That’s enough. Enough to march into Washington, DC and shut that fucker down. Actually, many wouldn’t even need to march to DC because I hear numerous generals and officers in the Pentagon have been ticked off at the kikes since 9/11. But the media outlets must be secured first in order for the truth about the reason why the pissed off aryans are taking back their country will be heard so that the lemmings don’t rise up and slay their own saviors.

      The most effective white nationalist spokesman should be familiar with William Sargent’s “The Battle for the Mind” and its applications. As Commander Rockwell said, those against the use of propaganda or rhetoric to win our people to our cause or missing the point — the JEWS will use it AND HAVE BEEN USING IT if we don’t. Just like those against a central government have to understand that SOMEONE will organize a central government sooner or later, and it might as well be US. The good guys. Otherwise, the laissez-faire attitude will lead to the fucking kikes or the immoral and criminal elements of our own people to get in.

      When you despair about working to save the mass of the idiots and ignorant that you meet on the internet or in the typical classroom or at the mall or airport, think of those people that you would like to see survive and thrive instead. Think of beloved individual family members and friends, or even someone you admire that you’ve never met. Like Alex Linder, Luke O’Farrell, William Pierce, George Lincoln Rockwell, Charles Lindbergh, Thomas Edison, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Paine, or Socrates, or yes, even Josef Goebbels, Erich Hartmann, Hanna Reitsch, Otto Skorzeny. The list goes on.

      When you dwell on the mass of stupidity, it is certainly disheartening to say the least. Don’t do it.

      Hitler! Zu befehl!

    7. alex Says:

      Well put, and I’ve said these things before. The masses are feminine, as Hitler said, and, as you say, they take direction from Authority, no matter who that authority is. People who can’t think can’t be converted, only redirected. If we controlled tv, we’d be Authority, we’d be right. The same people who were believing little girls’ tales of witches 300 years ago haven’t evolved an inch, it’s just that races are the ones making the cows go dry today.

    8. SHMUELY Says:

      Ditto, BG, build cadre wherever we can, frustrating or not. The racial predators`draining of the milk herd will be one of the keys to our getting their attention, as they are not hungry yet, and haven`t really been hurt, yet. When the racial and financial reality check whacks them “up side their silly white heads”, we need to be ready.

    9. jimbo Says:

      ‘BG’ makes some good points in his post

      however, i think that virtually ALL white children under, say, 17yrs can be quickly turned into ardent National Socialists….Hitler recognised this and clearly focussed his attention(s) on this group primarily.

      The clerics, commies and ‘social democrats’ were all fuming and foaming @ THE MOUTH as the youth of Germany deserted their ranks in droves for what their clear, un-adulterated intelligences quickly recognised as the fulfillment of their racial being.

      Hence, the large n° of children that fought even unto the bitter end with the HitlerJugend.

      ALL HAIL to their precious memory!

      the artistic, creative and intellectual abilities of the White Race is STILL IMMENSE. That is why the main target of the filthy dirty, child-abusing kikes are our precious children. Children under 17 are capable of being ‘de-programmed’ of ZOG-filth.
      Children under, say, 12 are capable of being de-programmed quickly and easily.

      THESE are the ones we should be concerned about and the ones we should target. They may also, unfortunately, be the hardest to get ‘access’ to. One possible methodology is to reach out to those young skin-head comrades, say, in the 15-20 age bracket and get them to educate and inform those, say, a couple of years younger and so on down the age bracket.

      Once over 17yrs, our efforts should ‘taper off’. THe older people get, the more set they are in their ways and the more scared they are of ‘change’ or anything that ‘upsets the apple cart’. Hence, our efforts to reach such should not be over-strenuous. Indeed, we should also be mindful that many of these may well fall into the category of ‘race traitors’.
      Being a ‘race traitor’ is not just manifested in actions but also thoughts.
      Why? Because thoughts precede and determine actions.
      If yr not living White, then yr not living RIGHT!

      I’v said it here before and i’ll say it again…..we may well have to jettison every white person over, say, the age of 30 in the interests of racial survival (and i’m trying to be as liberal and as flexible as possible with that age estimate)

      UNLESS, of course, there is a clear demonstration, however minor, of support for and/or membership of White Nationalist organisations and/or causes.

      we cannot afford to take chances with these schmucks or with their fickle loyalties. Our very survival as a species is @ stake.

      In such a situation, ALL BETS ARE OFF!