17 July, 2006

Bush League

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bushleague.jpeg Fox News for Children and Dogs reporting Bush, chomping away with his mouth open, not realizing sensitive mics pick up his words to Blair, more or less: See, what they need to do is pressure Syria on this shit, then it’s over.Fox devotes a couple full minutes to a single Katyusha rocket hitting some ugly woman’s house in Israel – slightly more than it gives to Israel destroy whole apartment buildings, roads, harbors, radar installations, airports, hotels, …

Fox shows a bunch of Israeli children. We can only imagine their horror, having to grow up amid the threat of a handful of 1950s rockets sprinkling their land every now and then.

Tens of thousands are being driven out of Lebanon by jewish hate, and jewish bullets and bombs paid for by the U.S. Fox isn’t even interested on reporting on Americans, let alone Lebanese. The identification with Israel in its opinioneering masquerading as reporting is 100%.


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  7. 3 Responses to “Bush League”

    1. ericthered Says:

      I suspect that this “accidental” eavesdropping was designed to lead us to believe that our moron in chief actually has anything to do with running things. As bad as things are, I’m glad to know he doesn’t.

    2. Coup d'Etat Says:

      What’s even better is to listen to him stating that Hezbollah started the fighting like he really knows what’s going on. The false information, in fact, was given to him by his lying master the hebe. Yes, the hebes picked a good one. One who has blown his mind away on alcohol and cocaine which have resulted in the severe lack of critical thinking skills.

    3. Francesca Says:

      Remember PNAC raving about what a blank slate W. was?