31 July, 2006

Canada, Continued

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[I thought the woman reporter I spoke to was with the Ottawa Sun, however I may have been mistaken. I don’t pay much attention to such since one agenda-burrocrat is as good as another. Anyhow, one more jewstream article has been printed that I’m aware of, and Bill White has two here from Overthrow, the usual mix of fact and fancy.

The bottom line is that VNN did nothing illegal, but Canada, including Warman and possibly other parties, did interfere with our lawful business. The line under that is we will…


Vanguard News Network Returns Despite Canadian Threats
No Police Action To Be Taken Against Linder

7/31/2006 10:56:18 AM
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LSN Staff

Internet — The Vanguard News Network website returned to the internet late Saturday night and resumed publishing yesterday despite the impotent legal threats against it being hurled across the border by Canadian-Jewish lawyer Richard Warman.

Linder’s site was taken down Friday by his internet service provider after the government of Canada threatened vague “legal action” against it.

A chain of Canadian newspapers owned by the Zionist Jew Israel Asper then published derogatory news stories attacking Linder and claiming that he was facing investigation from Missouri State Police.

However, as the dust settled Monday it was clear that Linder had committed no crime and that no legal action would be taken against him.

Warman is a Jewish hate lawyer who is responsible for the recent imprisonment of Thomas Winnicki, a Canadian political dissident who was convicted of publishing material critical of the Canadian government on Linder’s website.

In Canada, it is a crime to criticize the official Canadian government policy of diversity and multiculturalism, or to criticize the role that Canada’s Jewish power structure plays in controlling government decisions.


Canadians Try To Have My Email Pulled
Angry I’m Supporting Alex Linder

7/30/2006 5:49:22 PM
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Bill White / Canadian Press

Ottawa, Canada — The Canadian government tried to have one of my email accounts shut down this weekend because I wrote a letter to a Canadian newspaper that they disgree with. (They failed to have the account shut down). Now the Canadian press is going bonkers because I ran that essay the other day calling for the Canadian government to be overthrown.

I stand by that statement. Canada is a petty tyranny, and all right thinking people should take up arms, expel its Jewish masters, and put them to the guilotine before they stop just imprisoning political dissidents and start executing them. As I wrote in my essay on the Mob, the Mob never stops with half-measures — they get bolder and bolder until they turn to genocide. Just as the Czar’s refusal to execute the Bolsheviks, Rhodesia’s refusal to execute Mugabe, and South Africa’s refusal to execute Mandela led to anti-white genocide in their nations, the Canadian people’s refusal to overturn a handful of Bolsheviks in the Canadian government is going to have long term disasterous effects there.

And if they think this is bad, they have not seen the print edition of our new magazine yet.

I have had personal problems with Alex Linder in the past. However, the behavior of the Canadian government in this matter is outrageous, and Alex has 100% of my support in his efforts against it.

Note the sideways mention of us that has appeared in a number of Canadian newspapers today. They won’t mention me by name unless they somehow suceed in getting me shut down:

http://thechronicleheral d.ca/Canada/518597.html

“The Internet service provider pulled the plug on Linder’s website Friday, but another site has carried Linder’s call for the assassinations and has even posted Warman’s address.”

And note that Warman’s address is in the phone book and probably dozens of other websites as well, including the Canadian court websites in which he is constantly filing his pleadings.


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Sun, July 30, 2006

Death threats a ‘concern’

Web posting puts neo-Nazi-fighting lawyer Warman at centre of supremacists’ rage — again


OTTAWA LAWYER Richard Warman is a man white supremacists love to hate and, once again, he finds himself at the centre of their rage over a recent court ruling.

Police in Missouri have launched an investigation into a call on a white supremacy website that demands the murder of Warman and a Canadian federal judge.

The posting was made in response to the jailing two weeks ago of London, Ont., supremacist Tomasz Winnicki, who posted frequently on the Vanguard News Network — a U.S.-based supremacy website.

Winnicki was jailed for refusing to obey a Federal Court order prohibiting him from spreading hate messages online.


The site’s administrator, Alex Linder, posted a message saying his organization supports the murder of Warman, Federal Court of Canada Justice Konrad von Finckenstein and any members of the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

An Internet service provider pulled the plug on Linder’s site Friday, but some of the information made its way onto other sites, including Warman’s address.

“It’s certainly concerning,” said Warman, who has been exposing neo-Nazis whenever he can by taking them and their websites to the Canadian Human Rights Commission, which can force them to pay thousands in fines.

“I think any time you have someone on a major U.S. neo-Nazi website attempting to incite the murder of you and a federal court judge … has to be cause for concern,” said Warman.

This isn’t the first time Warman has felt the wrath of neo-Nazis in North America.


Warman has been called “an enemy of free speech and enemy of freedom” and the “high priest of censorship,” has received death threats and has had his picture, address and even pictures of his parents posted online by white supremacists.

Warman told the Sun last year that a lack of action on the part of police and the Human Rights Commission has forced him to fight the cyberspace battle himself.

“What am I supposed to do? The stuff is there. Something has to be done about it,” he said. “It would be nice if the system was going after it, not me.”

Warman said he hasn’t received any threats as a result of the website post and said he’ll “be happy to keep it that way.”


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  7. 7 Responses to “Canada, Continued”

    1. alex Says:

      Remember that it was the jew-controlled mob, Meyer Lansky in specific, that arranged the assassination of JFK.

    2. brutus Says:

      So you vant to be a victim, too? Oy Vey!

      Another solid gold propaganda opportunity. Let’s maximize it’s potential!

      If Warman isn’t a jew, he’s placed there by the jew to take the heat. Any shady action taken against Warman will feed the jew’s propaganda mill by creating a heroic martyr who they will claim fought so valiantly against the evil hate mongering racists. Result; the jew gets greater ability to gain additional power via exploiting their manufactured victim status.

      The harder we hit them, the more powerful they become. Two can play at that game. We have the advantage because our victim-hood is real.

    3. Bill White Says:

      And what fancy is in the Overthrow articles today, oh seer of factual news?

    4. Mike Graham Says:

      Tho’ I’m forty, it is only recently that I have stepped into the open with my National Socialism. I’ve always been a lone wolf, despite some critical activism. The reactions around me are stunning in their repitition of the jew lie.
      I must applaud those who, like Mr. Linder, have always been open and at the forefront of events.
      While we wait anxiously for the reappearance of the Hitler avatar, VNN serves the race.
      You will be remembered, sir.

    5. alex Says:

      Calling Warman a jew is fancy. He’s quoted saying he’s WASP.

    6. brutus Says:


      Fancier; to decorate, elaborative, ornamental, to embellish, etc. At least he didn’t call you a liar. You should graciously take the compliment and point your lethal pen at the enemy.

    7. van helsing Says:

      A lot of folks with names ending in man or mann, that sound odd, are yahoodi.