20 July, 2006

WhoreHouse Backs Dirty Hymie, 410-8

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Background: Since the October War in 1973, Washington has provided Israel with a level of support dwarfing that given to any other state. It has been the largest annual recipient of direct economic and military assistance since 1976, and is the largest recipient in total since World War Two, to the tune of well over $140 billion (in 2004 dollars). Israel receives about $3 billion in direct assistance each year, roughly one-fifth of the foreign aid budget, and worth about $500 a year for every Israeli. This largesse is especially striking since Israel is now a wealthy industrial state with a per capita income roughly equal to that of South Korea or Spain.

Good News: Izzy copter down, at least one Hate Hebrew defunct!

Bad News:
(Guardian) “The House, displaying a foreign affairs solidarity lacking on issues like Iraq, voted overwhelmingly Thursday to support Israel in its confrontation with Hezbollah guerrillas. The resolution, which was passed on a 410-8 vote, also condemns enemies of the Jewish state.”


Meanwhile: Appeaser Coulter and disturbingly Rachel Dratchlike Dirty Debbie Schlussel are on Fox Blaming America First. American citizens — Americans — in Lebanon, you see, are insufficiently grateful for the honor of being bombed — by American bombers dropping American bombs (excellent point made by reader) — out of home and business. Fox polls its readers to show the refugee’d AMERICANS should be forced to pay for their own relocation. No mention made of the facts above – about Israel receiving $10 million a day, in part from these very same Americans being killed and bombed out of their beds! Fox ought to be renamed the Stockholm Channel. The identification with the captor is complete!

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  7. 7 Responses to “WhoreHouse Backs Dirty Hymie, 410-8”

    1. GB Says:

      Slightly different take here: http://www.sunlitheights.com/

      Permalink: http://blog.vanguardnewsnetwork.com/?p=338

    2. Lutjens Says:

      Maybe it’s time for the nations of the world to start clipping the sheenies amongst them. That should stir up the shit real good.

    3. alex Says:

      Today on Fox…

      Nasrallah has “reared his ugly head again,” according to female Banderas on Fox. She repeats it!

      Partisanship is one thing, but must it be the only thing? At Fox, yes. You ain’t getting it straight at Fox, which fully approves of the jews’ right-off-the-bat destruction of Al-Manar, which covered Hezbollah from a non-Fox point of view. Fact is, taking one with another, the Lebanese like and respect Nasrallah because he drove the jews out of Lebanon. That fact won’t change no matter how many civilians Israel murders. Rather the opposite.


      Fox plays up an IDF funeral, to go along with the earlier wedding. Everything done to encourage Americans emotionally to identify with Israel. They simple don’t show photos or video of Lebanese citizens — not soldiers — murdered by Israel.

    4. SHMUELY Says:

      That`s why it`s known as the FAUX PROPAGANDA CHANNEL, a glitzy open sewer of Anglo-Judeo dissimulation, distortion, disinformation and lies. The toxic effects are everywhere that white English speaking zombies are to be found, playing with their expensive toys, and mesmerized with Negro “sports”.

    5. JimSummers Says:

      Here’s another example of Fox Pro-Israel bias:

      A “headline” I saw yesterday said

      “Israel fights 2 front battle to ensure safety and security”

      See? A cute little Pro-Jew summary for the goyim to chew on.

    6. Shabbos Shabazz Says:

      “That`s why it`s known as the FAUX PROPAGANDA CHANNEL”

      It could be called LOX NEWS, FOX JEWS, LOX JEWS, CROX NEWS, or CROX JEWS.

    7. van helsing Says:

      My, that wasnt a very “diverse” vote…