31 July, 2006

David Irving: Stroke Story Not True

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Earlier today I got the message below from a correspondent I consider
A.R. Butz

I heard it from a normaly reliable friend in UK just now via an E-Mail.

I immediately (10 A.M. C.S.T.) telephoned David’s brother John, and spoke to his wife who said it was

NOT TRUE as they had just spoken to him on Sunday, and it had been first posted on the internet on the 26th !

I can only imagine someone made a comment to the effect that “at his age under those prison conditions, he COULD suffer a stroke at any time”; and then it
took off from there

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  7. 2 Responses to “David Irving: Stroke Story Not True”

    1. NSN Says:

      Thanx for posting that, Alex. There seems to be a bit of a flux on some forums over this “rumour”.

    2. John Smith Says:

      Cats and kittens, you’ve heard it here first. Don’t be surprised if you hear that Irving’s done a “Milosevic” at the Wiener Grey Bar Hotel.