20 July, 2006

Dick Gregory, Folks, Dick Gregory

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Bush goes and speaks to jew-organized NAACP niggers, and one of them comes up with this (story with video):

“Malt liquor is made by white beer companies but only sold in black neighborhoods, and you don’t get suspicious?” he asked. “They put a thing in it called manganese, and once you get so much manganese in you, you will kill your momma, but they’ve got you believing that’s normal for you to act that way.”

Analysis: Dick Gregory has been around the world, he has more extensive experience with whites and the wide world than any nigger this side of Bill Cosby, he can actually read, and… he actually believes what he’s saying. So what do you think the average nigger believes? And “our” president, who would never speak to a pro-White group, Whiteness being illegal as an organizing priniciple, according to the jews who demand that Bush appear before hostile, jew-organized nigger groups, brags about how quickly he’ll sign off on the latest bill letting every nigger more than a minute from lethal injection votespew his hatred of human Whites.

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  7. 18 Responses to “Dick Gregory, Folks, Dick Gregory”

    1. mia Says:

      WTF is DIck Gregory again?
      I didnt even know who Sharpton was until 2003-4.
      Anyway, he seems “uppity” as well as believing in “voodoo brewing”

    2. alex Says:

      Nigs ACTUALLY like malt liquor because there’s more bang for buck. Higher alcohol content..

    3. High Rider Says:

      nigger are not news. Bush is a fuckin’ jew! THAT’S THE NEWS!!!

    4. Stronza Says:

      It is a fact that ingestion of too much manganese can cause neurological symptoms, incl. hallucinations and violence. Whether they are deliberately putting it into beer or not I couldn’t say.

    5. Tim Says:

      Nice crackpot anti-white conspiracy theory from Dick Manganese Gregory. All the malt liquor does is keep them somewhat dazed and oblivious. If anything, it ensures some measure of urban tranquility.

      The skinny on manganese is that you need it for proper formation of bone and cartilage. RDA reccommends 2.0 to 5.0 mg a day. I don’t know how much is in a 40 ouncer but I’m sure that upon further examination, DG’s retarded assertion would pop with a pin prick.

    6. wayne h. Says:

      Who forces Rufus to drink malt liquor or smoke weed or shoot heroine or use crack?Even Bill Cosby preaches self control.It’s got to be those white devils cause they make the stuff to cause niggers to kill dey mamie. and anybody else thats around.bush is trying to get NAACP niggers to vote republican in Nov. Not a problem just sign the extention of the voting rights act for another 25 years and sambo will vote republican.maybe.

    7. lawrence dennis Says:

      Ah, yes, Dick Gregory. One of the supposed ‘heroes’ of the snivel rights era, his ‘autobiography’ (which was actually written by Robert Lipsyte) was called “Nigger”:

      I think http://www.amren.com periodically publishes news articles about various foods and beverages and et cetera that prominent Afro-‘Americans’ believe to be deliberately adulterated. Among these are fried chicken, various alcoholic beverages, soda pop, Kool cigarettes, jello, …. Indeed, these black ‘leaders’ believe the most outrageous conspiracy theories about how whites deliberately keep them down and drive them to drink and drugs and violence and bad health. And, when you think about it, what alternative is there for them to believe? Certainly not the truth: that Negroes are stupid, impulsive, prone to violence (particularly brutal violence), full of hate for all the lighter races (especially the ones living near to them that the routinely rob and rape and murder); that they are easily fooled, that they are soon separated from their money, that sloth is common among them wherever work is not mandatory, and so on.

    8. lawrence dennis Says:

      Oh, I forgot to mention his background. He was a fatherless welfare baby. From wikipedia:

      Richard “Dick” Claxton Gregory, (born October 12, 1932) is an American comedian, social activist, writer, entrepreneur, and nutritionist.

      Born in St. Louis, Missouri, United States, Gregory was one of six children who grew up poor and fatherless. His family was supported by a combination of his mother’s wages as a maid and welfare benefits. Enduring taunts from other children because of his family’s financial condition, he began using comedy as a way of disarming their attacks….

    9. jimbo Says:

      apropos ‘Dick Gregory’:
      ‘Malt liquor is made by white beer companies’

      shouldn’t that be: ‘Malt liquor is made by JEW beer companies’

      was this what he actually said/meant? who knows?
      perhaps these sub-Saharan retards might be of some use to the White Race yet?
      Sambo vrs Izzy would sure as HELL save US a lot of time & effort.
      The yoos have ‘sicced’ the niggz on US for the last 40yrs or so.
      Perhaps it’s time we returned the favour?

      This Prfssr Tony Martin character, for instance, looks like he might have interesting pssblts

      FCK! from his ‘pic’ he could almost be mistaken for a white nordic with a ‘Riviera sun-tan’ (as per the back-ground lighting, of course!)

    10. CZ Says:

      I never knew that malt liquor was being sold in Haiti, Africa, and Europe too, cause it seems niggers act the same way no matter where you go. This puffed up and fuming chimp looks like he just got a coconut stolen from him by another primate.

    11. SHMUELY Says:

      You forgot to mention ‘hot fries’ among the junk foods that are being “forced” on the simian tards.

    12. Coup d'Etat Says:

      Niggers hallucinate about anything anyway. That’s why they make up such outlandish stories about anyone. This is to be chuck off as another black folk lore where niggers are blaming everything on Whitey. I wonder where they got this from? Well of course, it’s the J – E – W.

    13. Nigger Sniffing Dog Says:

      and don’t forget that niggers in africa believe that inseminating a virgin will cure them of aids.

    14. Mark Fuhrman Says:

      Damn, Dick, I didn’t know about your book.

      Where were you at the trial?

      Look, Dick, put down the St. Ides for a minute and follow up on jimbo-jambo. Yep, Dick, here’s Ole Ebil White Debil-Honky, Mista Ford — with the “N” word! … several times!!

      In Collier’s Weekly, during the year 1908, solid truths appeared, which are in point today as proofs of what was transpiring. There was a specially scathing attack on what was called “nigger gin,â€? a peculiarly vile beverage which was compounded to act upon the Negro in a most vicious manner. Will Irwin spoke of this gin as “the king iniquity in the degenerated liquor traffic of these United States.â€? This author and Collier’s started a new fashion in giving publicity not only to the names of certain brands of liquors, but also the names of the men who made them. It turned out that the maker of a brand of “nigger ginâ€? which had spurred certain Negroes on to the nameless crime, was one Lee Levy. Mr. Irwin wrote:

      “Because the South is not through with Lee Levy, and because its citizens may at least drive him out of business—if they cannot get him behind the bars—one declaration of the Commercial Appeal is worthy of reply. That paper raises a question of fact—it charges that Levy’s gin, Dreyfuss, Weil & Company’s gin, Bluthenthal & Blickert’s gin, the Old Spring Distilling Company’s gin, do not exist; or that, if they exist, their sales are insignificant. Let me present my own evidence on that point.�

      Mr. Irwin then details some of this experiences. The gin which he was discussing was provocative of peculiar lawlessness, its labels bore lascivious suggestions and were decorated with highly indecent portraiture of white women. “I bought, for evidence, many other brands, some emanating from the big liquor cities and some put up by local people; but I could always get Levy’s. I never saw it in any saloon which bars the Negro.

      “In Galveston, which prides itself on its clean government, some brand or other was for sale in nearly all the corner grocery ‘drums.’

      “In a Negro street of New Orleans I saw five saloon shop windows in one block which displayed either Lee Levy’s or Dreyfuss, Weil & Company’s. This latter firm is more clever in its work than the others, much more delicate and subtle in its labeling policy. It takes one who understands the Negro and his slang to appreciate the enigma of their wording; it all comes in a ‘caution label’ on the obverse of the bottles.

      “. . . Such gins were sold everywhere in Birmingham . . . . a bottle of the stuff, half empty, had been taken from a Pickens County Negro just after his arrest for the nameless crime.

      “Levy—so the gossip of the liquor trade has it—grew rich through this department of his business. Dreyfuss, Weil & Company advertise everywhere that theirs is ‘the most widely sold brand in the South.’ And more and more one hears of tragedies that lie at the end of this course.�

      That is a sample—an expurgated sample—of what went on in every part of the country. Newspaper reporters will remember how the police used to wonder about the change that came over certain foreign communities. “They come here nice people,� the experienced police captain would say, “but in a short time they are giving us all sorts of trouble. They don’t do that in their own country.�

      “It’s the drink,� somebody would suggest.

      “No, they drink in their own country, they drink all the time there. It’s the kind of drink they get here that does it—the ‘rot-gut,’ that drives them wild.� That was the captain’s diagnosis, made a thousand times, but no one was the wiser. No one saw the key, which was the Jew.

      Oh Henry, how the Chosen hate thee!

      In the South a terrible lynching period came and divided the country into pro-lynching and pro-Negro parties, but still no one saw the reason for it all. The race question rose to threatening proportions, the Americans of the North and South looked at each other askance, there was a cooling of sympathy between the regions. Northerners were inclined to look at Southerners as unjust and inhuman in their treatment of the Negro, and Southerners were inclined to look upon Northerners as temperamentally unsympathetic and stupidly ignorant of what the conditions were.

      Behind it all were the products of men like Lee Levy and Dreyfuss, Weil & Company, to use only the names quoted from Collier’s.

      The ancient Jewish policy of Divide-Conquer-Destroy was in operation. Jewish policy favors disunion as a preparation to the kind of union which Jewish leaders want. Jewish influence was strong for disunion in the Civil War. Jewish influence is directly behind the present attitude of the Negro toward the white man—look at the so-called “Negro welfare societies� with their hordes of Jewish officials and patrons! Jewish influence in the South is today active in keeping up the memory of the old divisions. And, with reference to the Negro question, “nigger gin,� the product of Jewish poisoned liquor factories, was its most provocative element.


      And Dick, what about all those “W”s [shshhh … the “W” word] monkeying “N” behavior and gettin’ manganesthesized?

    15. Agis Says:

      From, ‘Nigger’ the autobiography:

      “It’s a sad and beautiful feeling to walk home slow on Christmas Eve after you’ve been out hustling all day, shining shoes in the white taverns and going to the store for the neighbors and buying and stealing presents from the ten-cent store, and now it’s dark and still along the street and your feet feel warm and sweaty inside your tennis sneakers even if the wind finds the holes in your mittens.”

    16. jackumup Says:

      wasn’t he in the movie “The Planet of the Apes” as a General or something? Is that suit off the rack?

    17. Stronza Says:

      CZ – you have a way with words! Your funny little post about the fuming chimp had us screeching with laughter here.

    18. van helsing Says:

      Time for another hunger strike for Dick!