17 July, 2006

Don’t Forget Iraq

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Americans and less important folk are still dying over there…

3 American Soldiers Killed in Iraq

Three American soldiers were killed Monday in separate attacks, two in the Baghdad area and one in western Iraq, the U.S. military said. A U.S. statement said one soldier was hit by small arms fire early in western Baghdad. Another soldier died from injuries suffered in an explosion south of the capital, the military said in a separate statement.

[That’s 2,553 since 2003]


Oh yeah. And a bunch of those suckers died, too.


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  7. One Response to “Don’t Forget Iraq”

    1. Kalafan Says:

      They’re fuckin’ idiots to being with, and the sooner you stop worrying about the dumb fucks, whom the Zionists will one day turn on us, the better. If anything, contribute more to their death toll so that we don’t have to deal with as many of them when ZOG decides that civility isn’t doing enough to herd the SHEEEEEPPLLLLEEEE. Now scream “White Power!” a whole bunch of times and surely all of the capable honkeys in the neighborhood will get off their MTV-obsessed asses and revolt!