29 July, 2006

Free Tomasz Winnicki, Canadian Political Prisoner of Jewish Dictatorship

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[Reader writes…]

I talked with a person at Maplehurst Correctional Facility this morning (where Tom was held).

Tom is now being held in Penetanguishene.

Letters can be sent to him addressed as follows:

Tomasz Winnicki, inmate
Central North Correctional Centre
1501 Fuller Avenue
Penetanguishene, ON
L9M 2H4

Here is their phone number in case anyone wants to visit Tom:
(705) 549-9470, press “0” for operator


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  7. 2 Responses to “Free Tomasz Winnicki, Canadian Political Prisoner of Jewish Dictatorship”

    1. Lutjens Says:

      I just got done watching a program on C-SPAN in regards to scholars of 9/11.


      The next 6 months are going to be interesting times for us.

    2. JimInCO Says:

      I’ve confirmed that Tomasz is indeed at this
      location. In the unlikely even that he is moved
      to yet another prison, the mail will follow him.

      Items allowed: letters, cards, photographs,
      articles cut from magazines.

      Anything that is not allowed will be put into
      his “property”, and will be given to him upon
      his release. So, if in doubt, send it anyway.

      According to the prison’s automated phone
      system, you can leave a voice-mail for a
      prisoner. I did not try this yet, however.
      The number is (705) 549-9470 – just follow
      the voice prompts.