11 July, 2006

Germany: In Depth

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gflogo.jpgTonight VNN Broadcasting releases a very special edition of the Truth is No Defense. ‘Alex from Germany’ joins us to discuss contemporary German politics and culture, along with an examination of the Third Reich.  We’ll also be playing German white power music and inspecting media reports about the nationalist  movement within Germany.

Please join VNN Broadcasting for this special media presentation.

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Media featured in this interview includes:

Faustrecht: (mp3) Deutscher Sozialismus, Die Macht Des Kapitals, Kampf Dem Kapital; Aspeckt:(WMA, 42 MB) Npd-Schule ; Frank Rennicke:(mp3)  Rote Jugendgermany.jpg


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  7. 16 Responses to “Germany: In Depth”

    1. rick Says:

      Enjoyed the broadcast very much.

    2. Will Says:

      Most American sheeple can barely hold a five minute conversation of any note or importance. And if they do it’s about something completely irrelevant and uninteresting.

      Yet this German is having a near fluent discussion in a second language about important matters.

      Yep, the wrong side won the big one.

      And it was a good listen. Thanks.

    3. Operation Wetback 4th Reich Edition Says:

      Best show yet!

      I thought the music at first may be annoying, but there were some kick ass tunes in the middle.

      The NPD, the nationalist party in Germany seems great to me. I saw a picture of a huge rally they had. Hope they make gains.

      I’m very interested in Germany, of course. Awesome show. I believe and notices that other say that your show is much better with guests. A lot of us don’t have a lot of time to listen to every show, but with a guest, it’s hard not to turn that down.

      Hitler was Right.
      Heil Hitler.

    4. GB Says:

      4th Reich:

      Yes, I liked them too.

    5. unbeirrbar Says:

      Germany has 3 “nationalist” parties.

      1.The “Republikaner” which are comparable to a paleoconservative Party of the “Buchanan” style.

      2.The “DVU” which is comparable to the “BNP” in the UK.

      and last but not least:

      3.The “NPD” which is the more radical of the three.Much more “nationalist” and anti-capitalist than the other two and with a much more pro-socialist attitude.

      Needless to say that i consider the other two parties of being “sell-outs”. And by no way am i a blind follower of the NPD.Always suspicious about it,since it has many reactioneries within its ranks.But fortunately enough also a great portion of revolutioneries too.So it is kind of “acceptable” by me.

    6. Music Critic Says:

      Liked the show generally, good inside info on inner German workings and goings-on.
      However, to my taste, the music was pretty bad quality.
      The screamer/metal songs sounded like unintentional parodies, and the last one, with the Hi-Ho bit, sounded embarrassingly hokey.
      Is there any first-rate quality white power music out there? I’d like to know about it.

    7. Outis Says:

      VNN finally catches on! Hey Stan, remember all those CDs filled with German nationalist music I sent you, oh what, a year ago?

      PS, Faustrecht sux.

    8. Olde Dutch Says:

      Ach. For a people who produced Wagner—the music is weak!

      I enjoy reading German alex in “American” on VNN, and, I can read & translate German pretty well. Possibly, alex can enlighten me why many political German’s refer to the Hitler era as the “LV” era?

      One point I’ve made before with alex is that CDU/CSU is a post WWII revival of the “catholic” Zentrum party. I too liked Schroeder of the SPD, but, Oskar LaFontaine maybe the White Knight in German politics.

      BTW, the FDP has had some very outspoken anti-semites.

      Those tiny parties like the NPD really don’t mean much; but they may get the big boys moving.

      Also (a German expression), let’s not forget to send capital “A” Alex a little donation to help him build this fun “German” news network.

    9. sr Says:

      I just listened to the whole show. For me, the payoff was near the end, when Alex (from Germany) said that the front line had moved from SA to the US, Canada and Britain, and Geoff said that white nationalists in the US must remember to reach out to certain elements on the left. Is this an appropriate place to ask about how the show is produced? I a curious about the software tools — is Internet telephony used? I could ask by mail if this is the wrong place.

    10. tj Says:

      Enjoyed the broadcast Geoff-

      Listening brought to mind this reprint from Eric Thomson,published in a German newspaper in 2002.Some Vnn’ers may have seen it,but those who haven’t should give it a read;I found it very enlightening-and something good to have available in a conspicuous place.Snip:

      “Hitler had found a new way, and therein lie his great and unique accomplishments. It is important for you to hear how ingeniously he did it, to the displeasure of the foreign capitalists. Hitler’s Way is called “Folk’s Economy”. Many of succeeding generations know very little about it, so I shall clarify: To alleviate the greatest need of the German people, “Winter Assistance Work” was immediately called into being. Its motto was: “No one shall starve and freeze!”


      This was a first-rate social action, and it had great success. The poor people of these regions made small items, such as woodcarvings, glassware and the like, as tokens for donations received, quickly earning them work and bread. People displayed these tokens to show that they had done their bit to help the poor folk, which spurred the entire German folk to do likewise.

      In order to provide work and bread to the millions of unemployed, the plan to “motorize” Germany was developed. The construction of autobahns was begun, using only German materials. As you know, today’s roads are paved with bitumen or asphalt. This petroleum product had to be imported and paid for in dollars, but we had no dollars. Thus was concrete slab construction invented. The roadway was made of concrete slabs laid together upon compacted earth. All necessary materials were available in Germany. The inventors and builders were the engineers, Dr. Todt and Dr. Dorpmüller.


      The German auto industry made its proposal: the price per automobile would be between 1350 and 1600 Reichsmarks, but these prices were too high for Hitler. Hitler proposed the building of a new and modern auto for the folk. Dr. Porsche built this new auto, the Volkswagen. This auto was new in every respect and was the most-built and most economical car in the world. At that time it cost 995 Reichsmarks, which could be paid off in small instalments. We will not forget that “Volkswagen” was the word Hitler personally chose, a term which the postwar spirit has been unable to eradicate. Think about that when you see a VW.

      In order to keep Germany independent of (largely jewish) international finance, German chemists made tires from domestically available German materials, chiefly coal, by means of polymerization. The Buna Works in Merseburg was built for that purpose. The tires made of German artificial rubber were also stronger than those made of natural rubber.

      Cars also need gasoline, and this is a distilled petroleum product. Oil could only be purchased from overseas with dollars, which we did not have. German inventiveness and enterprise produced gasoline from coal-liquification. Thus came about the Leuna Works at Merseburg. Even today, South Africa produces gasoline according to this technique. The German inventors were the chemists, Fiscner and Tropsch.

      The Germans needed clothes, but cotton could only be purchased with dollars from overseas. It was thus under Hitler that the first practical rayon fiber was invented. The rayon factory remains today in Schwarza, Thüringen. Combined with German sheeps’ wool, this material made comfortable clothing. After Germany lost the war which was forced upon us, the Americans stole the patent for this fiber as war booty, and sold clothing made of it back to us, for dollars!


      There were no dollars available to purchase the rich iron ore of Sweden, with its iron content of 81% to 85%. Therefore, a new process, the ” Krupp-Renn Process”, was developed. This enabled us to use domestic German ore, with only 23% to 26% iron content. The German miners, steelworkers and metal-working firms went back to work without being in debt to jewish financiers of the victor states of England and America, thus avoiding their interest-slavery. Their displeasure was not only evident, but so was their desire to change this situation, by means of war, if necessary! ”

      From: Life in The Third Reich a speech by Friedrich Kurreck. English translation by Eric Thomson.

    11. SHMUELY Says:

      Speaking of Eric Thomson, we miss his prescient articles, is he still writing for VNN??

    12. Stan Sikorski Says:

      sr – Contact me directly at [email protected]

      tj – That was some fantastic information. I love the German use of science and engineering. Truely innovative and of quality, German engineering has always fasinated me. I am an aircraft fan and have always enjoyed any information regarding the NS era developments in flying machines of all types. The first operational jet aircraft and tactical missle were just some of the developments that were way ahead of anything else.

      Thank you for your post. Most enjoyable.

    13. apollonian Says:

      Information Leads To Inspiration
      (Apollonian, 13 July 06)

      Yes, thanks to “tj,” above for the outstanding history. Thus Germans so heroically attempted to survive the war fated upon them by Jews, victors of WWII which they continue to consolidate to this day through the Orwellian UN and “perpetual war.”

      Jews are the brokers and empressarios of internecine war btwn gentile nations, thus cultivating (“exploiting” according to Marx) the sinful nature of humanity, thus controlling “overpopulation.”

      Next cultural advance for white volk to be made is to fully unite the culture, much as that can be done, against Jews as by means of information, journalism, and art. What Hitler did for Germany on basis of rationalist antisemitism, must now be done for the world–something perhaps in the way St. Constantine the Great did for Roman Empire of 4th century.

      With the internet and now info like tj’s, above, the volk is so much better armed for such information.

      CONCLUSION: People, enough of them, then can and must have that “Pentecostal” inspiration, built upon such information and history as tj’s and LOSE THEIR “FEAR OF THE JEWS.” Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

    14. Antagonistes Says:

      Geoff Beck said that unlike past decades we are now able to speak (and listen and read) without a filter placed between us and the truth. On the internet, not on talk radio. I believe that talk radio is controlled (old news to a lot of you.)

      Glen Beck, on the radio today, somehow ended up blaming Iran for the problems between Israel and Lebanon. He also said that Iran wants to take over the whole world, imposing Islamic law and beliefs. Incredible.

      I envisioned that a monstrous hand had grabben him by the cahones, making him bleat out that Iran is behind it all, Iran must be stopped, Iran must be destroyed. That monstrous hand also has Bush eating out of it.

      My prayer is that Bush will get confused and eat Glen Becks cahones, out of that monstous hand.

      I prefer Geoff Beck.

    15. brutus Says:


      Es ist nicht eine Überraschung, zum zu hören, daß Deutschland die gleichen Probleme wie Amerika hat. Ihr Englisch ist ausgezeichnet und Sie sind ein sehr guter Repräsentant der deutschen Leute. Danke für das Tun dieses Interviews. IchBIN mit Ihnen einverstanden. Kapitalismus ist Pferd Schmutz!

      Bester Respekt,


    16. alex linder fan club Says:

      saw the “alex in germany” quickly and thought it meant alex would be interviewed from germany. yes, alex linder.
      how disappointed when i listened to the broadcast and learned it was some other alex.