24 July, 2006

Government Activity = ?

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[Reader writes…]

I am in medicine. We are having a training session, on wednesday, with Homeland Security,Fema,South Carolina Emergency Operations Center and County Officials about Management of Flu Pandemic. As you all know, when a government entity starts paying attention to something it is way past time to prepare for whatever it is.

I would advise all to stock up on “cold medicine” because when it does come there wont be any to be had. Stock up on things like Tylenol,Ibuprophen,Robitussin,Mucinex,etc. Things that will help clear up chest congestion. Get a lot more than you think you will need. You will have family,friends, and so forth to take care of. Remember,this starts out as “the flu” but will change into pneumonia and thats what will kill you.

I can’t think of a better argument for getting food and such put up because one of the things they will do is to quarantine. They have plans to quarantine people and places up to a year.For those that don’t believe me, check out Fema,Homeland Security,etc for the details.

They are looking for a death rate of over 2 million. Bird flu has a mortality rate of 50%.

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    1. alex Says:

      If you buy more than a couple packs of cold medicine in Missouri, the retailers are suppoed to report you to the cops for meth precursors! I kid you not.

    2. alex Says:

      [from Daily Reckoning]

      We’re still intrigued by the point we made last week: The major wars of
      the 20th century were not necessarily won either by the good guys or the
      smart guys. (In World War I, all the combatants were about equally wicked
      and equally stupid. In World War II, the Soviet Union was the big victor,
      but it could hardly be described as good. The Bolsheviks made their
      country more miserable, in many ways, than even the Nazis managed to make Germany.) Instead, the victories went to those who had oil. Especially, in WWII, strategies were determined by the absence or abundance of fuel. Germany and Japan had limited access to energy; so they had to turn their military forces away from purely military objectives in order to secure fuel supply lines.

      Now, America is the world’s biggest importer of oil. It is she who worries
      about her fuel supplies, and she who bends her foreign policy toward oil
      fields. She puts her soldiers to work guarding gas stations.

      *** Another Internet bubble? We hope so. The first one was so much fun.

      Once again, the Internet money is flowing like cold beer on a warm day –
      $5.6 billion was put into new deals in the first quarter alone.
      Spectacular prices are being paid for Web sites with little revenue and no
      clear way to bring in more.

      You’d think investors would have learned better. But investors are like
      voters. They can never remember more than four years back.

      *** “Errors hurt 1.5 million,” says an AP headline.

      Our theory, here at The Daily Reckoning headquarters, is that all things
      age – including empires. And as they age, parasites lodge in their nooks
      and crannies, taking away more and more of the organism’s energy and
      diminishing its effectiveness. As time goes by, more and more money is
      spent on, say, defense, while people get less and less real defense from
      it. The same could be said for many other institutional activities –
      corporate management, money management, health care, education, and
      government generally.

      The AP continues:

      “More than 1.5 million Americans are injured every year by drug errors in
      hospitals, nursing homes and doctor’s offices, a count that doesn’t even
      estimate patients’ own medication mix-ups….

      “Perhaps the most stunning finding of the report was that, on average, a
      hospitalized patient is subject to at least one medication error per day,
      despite intense efforts to improve hospital care in the six years since
      the institute began focusing attention on medical mistakes of all kinds.

      “The new probe couldn’t say how many victims of drug errors die. A 1999
      estimate put the number of deaths, conservatively, at 7,000 a year. Also
      unknown is how many of the injuries are serious.”

    3. UNIT ALPHA Says:

      the bolsheviks never knew how lucky they were that the zar was only an aristocrat knowing nothing about the army and for that didn’t notice that his army was missing something that at that time all other modern armies had = a sanitary system. the absence of a functioning logistics system ( not enough munition for ari and the soldiers rifles at times ) bad rotting food and incompetence of leadership lead to disastrous results-meanwhile the germans could listen to their radio messages and know what their were up to. the situation deteriorated as an important factor was added to the sad state the russian army was already in = famine. the famines with the food and ammunition shortages didn’t only lead to mutinies they created the foundation stone of infectious diseases-developing in decline of moral and fighting spirit and since the medieval times not seen outbreaks of epidemics ( small pox/typhoid fever/typhus/dysentery=TYPHUS WAS THE BIGGEST KILLER ). units just left the theater or mutinied. the whole army was in disarray-trying to help there family to help farming and help with the crop thousands left the theatre to go home. they met their farming families which were in a very bad state as they suffered through the famines that ravaged russia. at the accord of brest litovsk 03/03/1918 the army was done. the russian units in the west weren”t affected by this as the sanitary system of the ENTENTE CORDIALE armies prevented this horror that the russian army experienced in the russian trenches. in germany nov/1918 after the truce the socialist and red spartacist uprisings heavily supported by jewish groups took nearly over germany. NOW HERE THE COMMIES DIDN’T HAD A FRIEND CALLED TYPHUS TO SAVE THEM. the german army was not destroyed and broke. they destroyed under the leadership of a despised social democratic party these commie uprisings and with that prevented total jewish control of germany. the russian army was not in a state to do this as it broke down and was the diseased army of a obsolete idea of army warfare which didn’t took into consideration a sanitary system and for that was defeated by TYPHUS. there was no army with integrity which could be lead in to the field to destroy the bolsheviks. the reds would have folded quickly as their power was only of foreign money and the brain power of jewish brooklyn boys which became the founding fathers of todays anti defamation league. in every country uprisings were engaged by the army in europe at that time wherever they occured as the police forces weren’t able to handle these mass red revolutions.the allied intervention of russia came on behalf of lenin and ended in the victory of the bolsheviks. TYPHUS And diseases ( chaos & anarchy ) were their best friends. as always they can’t do it in order-only chaos rules in their sponsored realms.