18 July, 2006

Goyfire #34 is Released !

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Alex Linder, Chain, Stan and Geoff Beck discuss: Tomasz Winniki; Border fence fraud;  Nigger gang rapes in: Fresno, CA; South Africa; Denver, CO.; NYC AIDS; and Israeli aggression.

Direct mp3 download (48 MB): gf3448k.mp3 

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  7. 6 Responses to “Goyfire #34 is Released !”

    1. moderator Says:

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      The problem has been fixed. We apologize for any inconvenience.


    2. silverstein wtc7 Says:

      too late for me; i already downloaded at the slow pace; but it was worth it; great show.
      alex was great and funny but dead-on right as usual; and geoff’s contribution – the “intellectual” side, if you will – was really good too.
      i think geoff does best when talking with others; at least it’s more entertaining that way. geoff’s solo show is always informative, but less entertaining, and less likely to hold the attention of not-yet-committed wn’s.
      in short, i was pleasantly surprised at the great contrast between geoff and alex, and i think it worked for the most part, as long as geoff wouldn’t go on too long by himself.
      whatever my opinion’s worth..

    3. Operation Wetback 4th Reich Edition Says:

      I agree that Geoff is great with other hosts or guests.

      Same with anyone, really. Including Peter Shank. Overall it doesn’t interest me to listen to Peter or Geoff by themselves.

      Even Pastor Bob, who is electrifying on Yahweh’s Truth with James Wickstrom, puts on a surprisingly boring show by himself. (radiowhiteaustin.org for archives)

      It’s just true all across the board. Von isn’t very good without Doc, etc.

    4. Operation Wetback 4th Reich Edition Says:

      Plus as I try and remember the first time I listened to Goyfire, it was the amount of different voices and their different ages that appealed to me.

      There’s a psychological appeal to this. If a lemming listens to this, with a roundtable of five different “diverse” people, they can’t write it off as “hate.”

      One of the things that gets me is the irony of various WN hosts with british accents taking the side of the nazis. This is something that really gets to me deep down.

    5. GB Says:

      Silver, 4th Reich:

      Yes, it is difficult to discuss complex topics in the form of a monologue without sounding preachy or professorial. Truth is No Defense will never be able to match the intensity and entertainment value of Goyfire.

      As for the Truth is No Defense, I’ll be doing fewer monologues and more interviews. I’m pleased with the interviews with ‘Alex from Germany,’ Rounder, and Bill White. I’m working on another guest, a publisher from England.

      I may also be doing some retrospectives from my own family’s history – a strain of history shared by many old stock Americans.

      As the saying goes… “stay tuned.”

    6. Tim Says:

      In GF34 Alex was speaking about the correlation between nigger population in a community and crime – a correlation we are intimately familiar with. View the following crime versus race stats for Detroit and Highland Park, aka, the “capitol of Detroit” on the following page: http://www.white-history.com/hwrdet4a.htm

      Da Joos Frankenstein army can really mess up a town! Nice work Jews!