24 July, 2006

Hidden News from Lebanon, Israel, and Palestine

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Dear Raja,

You keep on sending your messages from Lebanon, many of which are items of information we would not get from any other source. I’m sure all your friends world-wide wish you well and hope you and your family keep safe during the further outbreak of Jewish barbarism against your nation. I’m circulating this to a few people who might be interested in being added to your list.

I went to church yesterday afternoon — no, I’m not getting religion! — in order to see a film called “The Wall” at the Church of England parish church of Rev. Stephen Sizer, a brave anti-Zionist campaigner here in the U.K. (at Virginia Water, quite near Windsor Castle). I attach Pdf files giving information about him and his book “Christian Zionism”.

It is evident that Israel is turning what remains of Palestine into a series of disconnected concentration camps into which the Jewish “settlers” are pouring their untreated sewage while not engaged in uprooting Palestinian olive trees or stoning Palestinian homes — all under the protection of the IDF!

The situation is appalling, a nightmare. Anybody who sees that heartbreaking film will understand how some Palestinians take up being “Suicide Bombers”. The situation in which they are being forced to live makes entry into the next world an attractive prospect.

I am speechless at the cruelty and hypocrisy of the U.S. and British governments.

Imagine if, ten and more years ago, every time the IRA had let off a bomb in Northern Ireland or in England, killing dozens or scores of civilians at each event (and there were many of them for 20 years!) we had bombed Dublin and shelled other cities in the Irish Republic! The world would have been in uproar! The USA would probably have declared war on us!

This is an exact comparison with what is going on today in the Middle East — save that in this instance, the USA is expediting the sale to Israel of a huge supply of its “smart” bombs!

The Jews have put themselves in a position — by means of bribery, media patronage, intimidation and “Holocaust” propaganda — into a position where they are above the law. This pride must precede a fall.

Did you notice a recent report that a large portion of the $3 BILLION annual grant which the America taxpayer gives to Israel is sent in the form of HARD CASH so that its use cannot be traced?

It is my belief that a substantial tranche of this cash is remitted back to the USA where it is used by American-Zionist organisations to fund the campaigns of the two main American political parties and the campaigns of individual aspirants for office.

So American taxpayers are being forced by law to remit taxes to ‘their’ government, part of which are used to send huge cash sums to Israel which are deployed to bribe American “mainstream” politicians to do what the Israeli government wants! This must be the most gigantic and cynical instance of institutionalised corruption of modern times!

Here is what would appear to me to be clear evidence of this arrangement at work:

Democrats, Republicans Voice Uncritical Support for Israel

The Washington Post

Democratic and Republican congressional leaders are rushing to offer unalloyed support for Israel’s offensive against Hezbollah fighters, reflecting a bipartisan desire to not only defend a key US ally but also solidify long-term backing of Jewish voters and political donors in the United States, according to officials and strategists in both parties. With Israel intensifying its air and artillery attacks on Lebanon and warning of a protracted war, the Senate yesterday unanimously passed a bipartisan resolution endorsing Israel’s military campaign and condemning Hezbollah and its two backers, Iran and Syria.

House Overwhelmingly Supports Israel Action in Lebanon

Associated Press

The US House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly today to support Israel in its confrontation with Hezbollah guerrillas. The resolution, which was passed on a 410-8 vote, also condemns enemies of the Jewish state. House Republican leader John Boehner cited Israel’s “unique relationship” with the United States as a reason for his colleagues to swiftly go on record supporting Israel in the latest flare-up of violence in the Mideast. Little of the political divisiveness in Congress on other national security issues was evident as lawmakers embraced the Bush administration’s position.

Best wishes, Raja — and keep safe.



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    1. alex Says:

      [Via Voz de Aztlan]

      The real aims of the US-backed
      Israeli war against Lebanon

      21 July 2006

      As the onslaught against Lebanon enters its tenth day, Israeli troops are poised for a full-scale invasion that has been prepared by murderous aerial bombardment, and the far-reaching imperialist aims of the war have become all too clear.

      With the full political, financial and military backing of the United States, the Zionist regime is attempting to transform Lebanon into an Israeli protectorate. This military operation is a continuation and escalation of the imperialist geo-political restructuring of the Middle East and Central Asia that began with the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, and whose goal is the establishment of US domination of the entire region.

      The immediate aim of this war-the elimination of Hezbollah as a military and political force within Lebanon-is directed against all mass resistance to Israeli and American domination of the country. The Bush administration and its allies in Jerusalem see this as an essential step toward: 1) the removal of the Syrian Baathist regime, and 2) the launching of a full-scale war against Iran.

      While the Israeli government and the Bush administration endlessly repeat propaganda claims that the attack on Lebanon is an act of “self defense” prompted by the seizure of two soldiers, this assertion enjoys no credibility among knowledgeable observers.

      As the Financial Times of London wrote in its lead editorial of July 17, “Israel’s massive bombardment of Lebanon by land, sea and air in response to Hezbollah’s cross-border raid last week is now about a great deal more than recovering two Israeli soldiers seized by Islamist guerrillas-and it probably always was.”

      Similar assessments have been published in the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal, as well as numerous newspapers internationally. They simply state what is by now obvious: the Israeli attack on Lebanon is the realization of a long-planned act of aggression.

      Recent events have placed in clearer perspective the significance of the February, 2005 assassination of the Lebanese multi-billionaire and former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.

      Hariri was killed by a massive explosion that destroyed his motorcade in Beirut four months after he resigned his post as prime minister in protest against the decision of Emile Lahoud, an ally of Syria, to extend his term as president of Lebanon. The United States and France, the country’s former colonial ruler, immediately blamed Hariri’s death on Damascus. Their anti-Syrian allies within Lebanon, predominantly based on the more affluent social layers, seized upon Hariri’s killing to launch the so-called Cedar Revolution, which resulted last year in the withdrawal of Syrian troops, which had occupied Lebanon since the 1970s.

      If, in fact, the Syrian regime was behind the killing, it carried it out because it had become convinced that Hariri had lent his support to a US-Israeli plan to drive Syria out of Lebanon, in preparation for an assault on the Hezbollah movement, which enjoys mass support among the impoverished Shiite population and dominates the south of Lebanon. It was well aware that this would be followed by an offensive against the Baathist regime in Damascus itself.

      It is, on the other hand, eminently possible that the killing was a provocation organized by Israeli or American intelligence agencies for the purpose of creating a pretext for carrying through the same plan.

      In either case, the current Israeli offensive is the implementation of precisely such an operation. The Cedar Revolution itself produced disappointing results in the eyes of the Israelis and Americans. Under the terms of a United Nations Security Council resolution co-sponsored by Washington and Paris, Syria was obliged to withdraw its troops from Lebanon. The power of its Hezbollah ally, however, remained intact.

      Indeed, at the height of the anti-Syrian agitation, marked by well-publicized demonstrations in Beirut organized by Maronite Christian forces and other Lebanese parties aligned with Washington, Hezbollah organized far larger counter-demonstrations that brought hundreds of thousands into the streets of the capital. With the specter of a new civil war before it, the government that emerged from the Cedar Revolution felt obliged to make a settlement which included the admission of Hezbollah representatives into the cabinet.

      In an article published July 20, the New York Times reflected the frustration within the Bush administration and American ruling circles: “Despite the hopes raised by the so-called Cedar Revolution, which ended nearly three decades of Syrian control, the government remains trapped in the sectarian straitjacket of a system that apportions political offices by religion.” (The Times has no similar objections to the “sectarian straitjacket” of Lebanon’s neighbor to the south, which not only apportions all political power to representatives of one religion, but defines itself as a “Jewish state”).

      This comment points to the real purpose of the current onslaught against the Lebanese people. Its aim is a thoroughgoing political restructuring of the country, in which the fiercely pro-Palestinian and anti-Israeli sentiments of the Shiite masses are to be crushed and the power of right-wing, pro-US forces-above all, the Christian Phalange-vastly expanded.

      This is an attempt to reverse the outcome of the Lebanese civil war, which raged from 1975 until 1990. The US, Israel and other imperialist powers, notably France, played a central role in inciting that long and bloody conflict and keeping it going, including the introduction of American and French military forces and an Israeli invasion in 1982 that was followed by an 18-year Israeli occupation of the south. Washington’s chief ally was the fascistic Phalange, which headed a coalition of right-wing forces arrayed against an alliance of the Palestine Liberation Organization and the Lebanese Left.

      Imperialist intrigue and intervention succeeded in driving the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) from Lebanon, but the eventual settlement curtailed the power of the Phalange, on the one hand, and saw the rise of the Iranian and Syrian-backed Hezbollah on the other. This is what Washington is determined to change. Significantly, the current Israeli offensive has enabled the US to move its military forces into Lebanon for the first time since they were withdrawn in the aftermath of the bombing of the US Marine barracks in Beirut in October of 1983.

      The historical background

      Israel has a long history of attempting to transform Lebanon, through a combination of military pressure and political alliances with right-wing forces in that country, into a virtual protectorate.

      In March 1978, in the midst of the Lebanese civil war, Israel sent military forces across the border into Lebanon, justifying its actions as a response to PLO terrorist activity. Though compelled by international pressure to withdraw after its military operations had resulted in more than 2,000 Lebanese deaths, Israel maintained control of a 12-mile strip north of the border by sponsoring a right-wing militia, dubbed the South Lebanon Army, under the proxy leadership of one Major Saad Haddad.

      Four years later, in 1982, Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin and his defense minister, Ariel Sharon, set into motion a far more ambitious plan to take political control of all Lebanon and expel the PLO from the country. Once again, a convenient pretext was found when an Israeli ambassador was wounded in London by a Palestinian assassin in June 1982. Though intelligence experts acknowledged that the PLO had nothing to do with this incident, the Begin government used the event as a pretext to invade Lebanon. In an operation entitled, with consummate cynicism, “Peace for Galilee,” Israeli troops swept north toward the outskirts of Beirut, which was subjected to protracted bombing.

      The war forced the PLO’s expulsion from Lebanon and led to the Israeli-sanctioned slaughter of thousands of Palestinian refugees by Lebanese fascist militiamen.

      The United States also became involved in the subjugation of Lebanon, with the Reagan administration stationing Marines in Beirut. But direct US participation in attacks on the poorer neighborhoods of Beirut (which were shelled by American naval vessels) created deep hostility, leading to the suicide bombing in which nearly 250 Marines were killed. The Reagan administration decided to cut its losses and withdraw from Lebanon.

      The Israeli regime, however, sought to maintain control over substantial portions of south Lebanon. It was out of the popular resistance to the occupation that Hezbollah emerged as a powerful military and political force. The guerrilla war conducted by Hezbollah eventually forced Israel to withdraw its forces in 2000.

      Israeli military tactics

      The current war is not only about wiping out Hezbollah, but destroying any resistance within Lebanon to US and Israeli domination. This desired end goes a long way in explaining the means that are being employed. Israel is carrying out an indiscriminate bombardment of the south, the home of the poor Shiite population and the main base of support for Hezbollah. The Israeli military is deliberately targeting the entire civilian population, destroying whole villages and making the entire region uninhabitable.

      The Washington Post reported Thursday that Israel has ordered all Lebanese living in the southern sector below the Litani River to evacuate the region within 24 hours.

      The goal is to turn south Lebanon into a no man’s land so as to prepare the ground for the entry of either Israeli troops or a combination of Israeli and American forces, with perhaps other national contingents operating as an “international peace keeping force” with the imprimatur of the United Nations.

      The Israeli offensive is above all a war against the Lebanese poor. The more affluent residential neighborhoods of Beirut and other parts of the country have been largely spared. This is in keeping with US and Israeli policy during the civil war, when they were allied with the Phalange against the Shiite masses and the Palestinian refugee population.

      The unleashing of death and destruction against southern Lebanon is combined with a bombing campaign aimed at the Shiite southern suburbs of Beirut and against airports, ports, roads, bridges and power stations in the rest of the country. The objective is to wreck the country’s infrastructure. In order to remake Lebanon politically, it first must be gutted physically. This gives some idea of what US imperialism and its junior partner, Israel, have in store for the people of Syria, Iran and beyond.

      Nor is there any reason to believe Israel’s disavowals of plans for a full-scale ground invasion. The more Israeli leaders discount such a move, the more likely it becomes. While the scale of the bombing in south Lebanon is sufficient to kill many thousands of people, it will not achieve Israel’s aims of destroying Hezbollah as a military and political force, and converting Lebanon into a Zionist protectorate.

      Citing the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, NBC’s evening news program reported Thursday that several thousand Israeli troops have begun crossing the border into southern Lebanon.

      The role of the United States

      The United States is playing a decisive role in the war. It sanctioned the war in advance and is working in the closest collaboration with the Israeli military’s US-made and American-financed war machine to carry it out.

      On the diplomatic level, the Bush administration is openly aligning its moves with the military objectives and political calculations of the Israeli government. Washington is coordinating US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s impending visit to the region with Israel to give the Israeli military all the time it wants to inflict maximum possible destruction in south Lebanon. As the New York Times reported on July 19, “American officials signaled that Ms. Rice was waiting at least a few more days before wading into the conflict, in part to give Israel more time to weaken Hezbollah forces.”

      There is no precedent for the US government’s open opposition to a ceasefire. The Wall Street Journal, in a fairly frank assessment of US policy published July 19, began by recalling Washington’s diplomatic role when the last major conflict erupted between Israel and Hezbollah:

      “Ten years ago, when Hezbollah and Israeli forces engaged in a multiweek bloodbath, President Clinton sent Secretary of State Warren Christopher to the region for six days of intensive shuttle diplomacy between Damascus and Jerusalem. In the end, he won a cease-fire deal that ended the fighting, at least temporarily.

      “Today, the Bush administration has a starkly different approach.”

      The US is fully and openly legitimizing war as an instrument of foreign policy. This is a continuation of its military aggression in Iraq, and an anticipation of future aggression against Syria, Iran, and other countries. It is bound up with the Bush doctrine of “preemptive war,” which has been embraced by the entire American political establishment and both parties of American imperialism-the Democrats as well as the Republicans.

      Washington’s determined effort to allow Israel to continue the slaughter in Lebanon underscores that the current war is part of US imperialism’s drive, by any and all means, to establish American supremacy throughout the Middle East.

      Whether this reckless and criminal military adventure will, in the short term, further this objective or lead Washington into an even deeper debacle in the region remains to be seen.

    2. alex Says:

      [more from or via Voz]

      The Untermensch Syndrome: Israel’s Moral Decay

      July 25, 2006

      The labeling as anti-Semitic of anyone critical of the state of Israel’s policies in the continued destruction of Palestinian identity and the increasing domination into American foreign policy no longer has the sting of threat or intimidation it once mastered. For too long this masquerade has been used to silence those opposing anything Israel, shouted at anyone disseminating truth and seeking justice. Like the boy who cried wolf, this charade has lost its power or hypnotic control, and today only serves to breed more anger and resentment against the apologists and smear mongers protecting the cancerous tentacles of Zionism and the crimes against humanity it spawns.

      A once powerful marketing tool used to sequester valid criticism and deny truth to millions has been eroded thanks to its overlords’ continued over abuse and labeling of the term ‘anti-Semite’ to anyone even remotely critical of anything associated with Israel and the tentacles of Zionism. To criticize Christianity does not make one anti-Christian. To criticize Islam does not make one anti-Muslim or anti-Arab, just as uncovering truths about the Bush administration does not make one anti-American or unpatriotic. To speak truth about any government in the world does not make us racist or xenophobic to the people of that nation. Why then should criticism of Israeli and/or her government’s policies subject us to false labeling and acts of intimidation whose only purpose is to silence truth into submission and hijacking justice from ever emerging and being served?

      The time has come to stop bending over to the dictates of intimidation and scare tactics used by Israel’s protectors, defenders and apologists. The time has come to say “Never Again” to such fictional libel and slander whose only purpose is the continued subjugation of truth and awakening. The labeling of “anti-Semite” does not bother us, nor does it stop us from writing truth to justice and reality to intimidation because we refuse to be frightened into submission and silenced into acquiescence by a mechanism we know to be false.

      Our convictions, search for truth and want for justice supercedes the trash invented to protect the malfeasance ruining humanity and the crimes perpetrated against our fellow human beings. The time has come to stand up and be heard, refusing to believe the smears and the labels, instead living life in truth, devoid of veiled threats and intimidation tactics whose power over us continues to erode thanks to its incessant overuse and abuse. So smear if you must, defenders, appeasers and apologists of human wickedness, continue to blindly believe in the majesty of a fiction you know to be false, ensuring your daily complicity in the crimes against humanity being committed by those you protect and defend.

      We are above your labels, above your intimidation and smear tactics, following the path of truth in the voice of our writings and in the convictions of humanity. If pursuing truth, fighting criminality and awakening justice makes us anti-Semites, then guilty we are. If seeing the dehumanization, exploitation and utter destruction of the Palestinian people makes the voices of reason anti-Semitic, then guilty we stand. To defend the humanity of other Semitic people is to defend humanity itself. To speak out against injustice and dehumanization makes us human, to defend it makes you complicit.

    3. alex Says:

      [via reader]

      Toadying Up

      All of California stands by Israel in its just struggle against extremist Islamic terror organizations who oppose all peace arrangements, said the former Hollywood star.

      Schwarzeneeger: We are all with Israel Photo: AP

      … and stressed Israel’s right to self-defense.

      Large police forces guarded the area and prevented a handful of Arab supporters of Hizbullah and Hamas from approaching the demonstration.


      Rally: All of California stands with Israel

      Governor Schwarzenegger addresses thousands of pro-Israel supporters in LA; Police prevent pro-Hizbullah Arab protesters from approaching areas
      Eitan Gilboa

      After a week of protests all around the world against the IDF’s operations in Lebanon it was nice to hear different voices on Sunday.

      Thousands of Jews and Israel supporters were not scared off by the hot weather – 32 degrees – and dedicate two hours of their day off to hold a demonstration in Los Angeles to support Israel and her war against Hizbullah.

      UK Support

      London: Thousands rally for Israel / Hagit Klaiman

      About 7,000 people rally for Israel in London day after anti-Israel demonstration
      Full Story

      The demonstration, an initiative of the Jewish Federation of Los Angeles, saw over ten thousand Jews and Israelis living in the United States and immigrants from the former Soviet Union, as well as Christians and many other non-Jews take part.

      In the early afternoon a long section of a Los Angeles’ splendid Wiltshire Boluevard was closed to traffic.

      The street was packed with people and it was difficult to see where it ended. Large police forces guarded the area and prevented a handful of Arab supporters of Hizbullah and Hamas from approaching the demonstration.

      Speakers included California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Wiesenthal Institute Head Rabbi Marvin Hier, Israel’s General Consul Ehud Danoch, rabbis from all streams of Judaism and heads of Christian churches.

      The speakers harshly condemned Hizbullah, Hamas, Iran and Syria, and stressed Israel’s right to self-defense.

      Thousands turned out to back Israel in LA (Photo: AP)

      They mocked the United Nations for failing to realize its own decision on disarming Hizbullah and the spreading out of the Lebanese army on the border with Israel (resolution 1559).

      Remembering kidnapped soldier

      At the start of the demonstration the names of three kidnapped IDF soldiers were mentioned – Gilad Shalit, Eldad Regev, and Ehud Goldwasser. Demonstrators carried placards showing, among others, pictures of UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan shaking hands warmly with Nasrallah.

      Rabbi Hier criticized the Lebanese government for declaring that its army would fight the IDF when Israel uses ground forces in southern Lebanon.

      “For six years, they didn’t do a thing to stop Hizbullah, but suddenly they have motivation and energy to fight Israel,” Rabbi Hier said.

      Governor Schwarzenegger told of his many visits to Israel, and recalled that his first trip abroad after being voted into his role was to Israel.

      He offered support for the Israeli people and especially northern residents under attack and forced to sit in bomb shelters.

      All of California stands by Israel in its just struggle against extremist Islamic terror organizations who oppose all peace arrangements, said the former Hollywood star.

      Some speakers condemned what they said was the self-righteous criticism of countries and organizations, especially that of the European Union, and its claim that Israel is responding disproportionately to the Hizbullah attack. If they faced the same situation, the speakers said, their response (The EU) would be much harsher.

      Eitan Gilboa is a lecturer at Bar-Ilan University and is currently a visiting professor at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles

    4. alex Says:

      BEIRUT (Reuters) – An Israeli air strike on Tuesday hit a U.N. base in southern Lebanon, killing four United Nations observers, Lebanese security sources said.

    5. jackumup Says:

      Uncle Jewey tells me that Jews have a right to a homeland (nobody else does) and all of TV land Backs him up, Uncle Jewey tells me that the suicide bombers are sick and we must punish their families and all of TV Land backs him up, Uncle Jewey tells me that if any of my Christian Brothers feel bad for the arabs then their offending their God (First Testament) and must be labled Anti-semite and TV land backs him up, Uncle jewey tells me that I should do what he says because he is Jewish and smarter than me thats why the best doctors, lawyers, polititians, and teachers are jewish and TV land backs him up. Uncle jewey has to tell me this and TV land has to back him up because if they didn’t I would’nt know this to be true

    6. James Woroble Jr. Says:

      The filthy murdering kikez western media monopoly wall of deceit is indeed a thousand feet high… but itz only one foot wide. Simply side step the inhuman jew degenerates for the truth.


    7. Robert Ericsson Says:

      “. . . killing four United Nations observers . . .”

      I wonder what they observed that they were not supposed to?

      Where is the original information from Raja? I’m desperate to see some reports and images coming directly from Lebanon as well as Gaza.

    8. alex Says:

      Al-Manar (HezTV)

      Al-Manar Braves Israelis Missiles

      By Hadi Yahmid, IOL Correspondent

      “When I’m on air, I feel like battling the enemy alongside Hizbullah fighters though we sit on our cozy armchairs,” said Berri.

      BEIRUT — Despite repeated Israeli attempts to silence the voice of the Lebanese resistance, Al-Manar TV continues to brave the raining Israeli missiles and the voice of its staff continues to prevail, feeding millions of viewers in and outside Lebanon with updates about the battle against the invading troops.

      In the early hours of Wednesday, July 26, the TV channel broadcast a televised speech by Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah, threatening to fire rockets at targets “beyond Haifa” in northern Israel.

      To the staff of Al-Manar, now broadcasting from an undisclosed location after its headquarters was kicked out by Israeli warplanes, what they do is a sort of resistance but in their own way.

      “We are waging a media warfare that took the Zionist enemy aback,” hijab-donned news anchor Fatma Al-Berri told IslamOnline.net.

      “When I’m on air, I feel like battling the enemy alongside Hizbullah fighters though we sit on our cozy armchairs while they fight diehard battles in the south,” she added.

      Berri and her colleagues refused to cower or be deterred by the Israeli bombing of their television earlier this month when Israel launched its devastating assault on Lebanon, which has killed so far up to 410 people, mostly children and civilians.

      Al-Manar reportedly only went off the air for less than 10 minutes during the grisly pounding.

      But the merciless Israeli weaponry made it incumbent on Al-Manar crew to go underground and be extremely cautious in their hands-on coverage, bearing in mind that the Israeli missiles do not differentiate between a journalist at his/her studio, a fighter at the battlefield and a civilian at home.

      Three of Berri’s colleagues were wounded in the Israeli shelling of the TV’s offices and relay antennas in Beirut’s southern suburb.

      The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) has condemned Israel’s bombing of Al-Manar TV.

      “The bombing of Al-Manar is a clear demonstration that Israel has a policy of using violence to silence media it does not agree with, said IFJ Secretary General Aidan White.

      Well Planning

      Al-Manar has readied itself for the worst-case scenario with an emergency wartime coverage plan and alternative secret transmission places.

      “We have of course well-planned for these hard times,” Berri said. “Each one of us knows very well his/her role at time of war.”

      Berri said Al-Manar’s recipe of success is credibility.

      “We don’t resort to cheap propaganda, which is the norm in wartime,” she stressed.

      “The Lebanese people believe us because we are more credible even than some ‘independent’ Lebanese media outlets.”

      Journalists and media people did not escape the Israeli inferno during the ongoing onslaught, now in its 15th day.

      Layal Najib, 23, a freelance photographer for the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation (LBC) and Agence France-Presse, was the first victim of the Israel war.

      She was in a taxi on Sunday, July 23, trying to meet up with a convoy of villagers fleeing the Israeli bombardment of the south when she was hit by shrapnel from a missile on the road between the villages of Sadiqeen and Qana. She died at the scene.

      On July 22, Suleiman Al-Chidiac, an LBC technician, was killed during Israeli air attacks on television transmitters and telephone towers in north Lebanon, well away from the fighting in the south.

      In Al-Qura, in the north, a technician for Tele-Liban, Khaled Eid, was seriously injured in an attack on a telecommunications tower belonging to the station.

      Terrestrial transmission by all these stations, including Al-Manar, was interrupted but they remained on the air via satellite.

      “We put our lives on the line every working day,” said Berri.

    9. Mark Says:

      “Did you notice a recent report that a large portion of the $3 BILLION annual grant which the America taxpayer gives to Israel is sent in the form of HARD CASH so that its use cannot be traced?

      It is my belief that a substantial tranche of this cash is remitted back to the USA where it is used by American-Zionist organisations to fund the campaigns of the two main American political parties and the campaigns of individual aspirants for office.”

      That is a very interesting piece of information. If someone could prove that they are doing that, it would be a huge blow to Jews and Israel.

    10. van helsing Says:

      Hell, why didnt they just do what FDR did for Uncle Joe Stalin and give him his own $1/5/10/20 printing presses (IAT the fed)… close enough the way it happened I guess…