24 July, 2006

IDF: “Hezzbollah Not as Easy to Kill as Ten-Year-Old Girls”

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Fox interviews resting, smoking IDFs, a bunch of soft boys. They’re not precisely down, but they definitely look like they wouldn’t mind being elsewhere. They more or less honestly confirm that yes, Hezbollah fights. It’s not the usual shoot-the-kids-in-the-nuts,-call-it-a-day. This surprises them.  Turns out, they really aren’t any better soldiers than Hezbollah, though they do have better armaments, thanks to the American taxpayer, whose native elite has been murdered or purchased by AIPAC and ADL.

Fox valiantly cues the IDF kids with the WWII-poster answers. Are Hezzies terrorists or an army? One gets it and agrees the Hezz are terrorists — but they’re also organized into an army. The second politely makes it clear the interviewer is dumb as a Fox – of course they’re a army. They have bases, outposts, bombs, bullets. It’s a real fight.

The Foxim are so deep in their own furrow they can’t accept that others actually dare fight back against Israel. Their attitude is that you’re supposed to go out in the street and let them bomb or shoot you, and anything less is anti-semitic. Only a terrorist would dare to shoot back.

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  7. 18 Responses to “IDF: “Hezzbollah Not as Easy to Kill as Ten-Year-Old Girls””

    1. Zoroastro Says:

      Good points. Israeli army is greatly over rated and overall not that much better, despite billions of dollars pumped into it, fighting wise than the Arab fighters. The only advantage comes from the air -with the incessant air raids using all sorts of weapons of mass destruction (cluster bombs, phosphorus, napalm, probably depleted uranium).
      Something to ponder about: Israelis and their shameless bitch puppets in Washington DC are the only real Nazis on this planet. And the only threat to world peace!

    2. Jesus Christ! Says:

      oh christ! not another person comparing some “evil” thing to nazis!!!
      jesus, the israelis are barbaric, with no regard for non-jew life. nothing like the REAL nazis.

    3. confederate Says:

      the idf and mossad, more myth than reality.

    4. Calvin Says:

      If the Israelis are the only Nazis on the planet, maybe we should try to emulate rather than excoriate them?

      There is no such thing as “world peace”. Nature is transgressive not static. Peace is against natural order.

      Israel is not being colonised by Muslims, unlike most of Europe, so however “over rated” the IDF is at least they are employed in fighting their own battles.

      History shows that Muslims can’t fight. They can (and will) die in vast numbers for their cause but it’s only when loss of nerve prevents non-Muslims from matching Muslims in barbarity that they capitalise. Who has lost their nerve, the Israelis or the Europeans?

    5. WhiteFight Says:

      “Israelis and their shameless bitch puppets in Washington DC are the only real Nazis on this planet.” Calling someone a nazi is a compliment and a testament to racial integrity…

    6. Lutjens Says:

      Jews are Bolsheviks. Communists. Filth. Scum. Swindlers. Murderers. never use Nazi and Jew in the same sentence. They are completely opposite.

    7. David Prospero Says:

      You can always tell a jew! No matter what the position they place themselves in, they invariably compare the target of their vitriol to Nazis even if its Israel or the jews’ conduct.
      Their psychology is to muddy the waters…to always link Nazis to the adverse conduct of their target i.e. those fucking Nazi Israelies! Now you would think someone who said that didn’t like our little kike buddies but villifying Israelies is secondary here. They are in control in the middle east. They have the politicians in their pockets so they don’t give a fuck. But the greater dumbed down Goyim population fed their tripe for so long are starting to wake up….starting to question their status, their victimhood, their conduct, their right to exist.
      Such comment as ‘those IDF are Nazi bastards’ is intended to ingratiate themselves with the half awake goy, to plant and maintain the sublimal message that Nazis represent the most reprehensible conduct of man.
      Of coure their reasoning is simple. National Socialism and Adolf Hitler were and and still remain their greatest threat, and any resurgence of it and the Hitler should be prevented at all costs because it remains the greatest threat to their maintaining control over Aryans, the only race capable of rising up and destroying them.
      As they become more and more desperate in silenceing their critics, so will the Nazi link and accusation.

    8. Mati The Estonian Says:

      army is as good as its men – jews and men ? thats a mindbender LOL

    9. Zoroastro Says:

      Well, apologies to National Socialists. It’s hard not to use that term in historically correct but politically incorrect sense. We’ve all had our brains pulverized for 50+ years…

    10. Zoroastro Says:

      Ok. Let me explain. Lemmings are stupid, right? So in order for them to see some dim light you have to reverse the meaning. They are programmed to think lemmingly: “Joo good, Nazi bad”. Once you reverse the proposition to its historically correct position, they might at least sense something is wrong and that the Emperor hath no clothes, see? Hm, think da niggerball-dazed lemming, so der joo is der evil nazi, and der evil nazi is der good joo”…Something along these lines. It always raises an eyebrow, because the simple truth is always shocking.

    11. alex Says:

      Whites are forbidden group identity.

      Whites are forbidden group protection.

      White males are maligned in the media around the clock.

      Whites are discriminated against in the courts.

      Whites are flooded with third worlders they are forced to house and employ.

      This is genocide on the installment plan.

      Each month we pay a little more until finally we’re owned.

    12. alex Says:


      Israeli missiles hit Red Cross ambulances

      For those familiar with the cold-blooded Israeli attack on the USS Liberty in
      1967, in which 34 American servicemen were killed and another 171 maimed and wounded, the tribal behavior now being displayed in the callous killing of Lebanese civilians should come as no surprise. This is but the latest example.

      Red Cross ambulances destroyed in Israeli air strike on rescue mission
      The Guardian, London Tuesday, 25 July 2006

      TYRE, Lebanon — The ambulance headlamps were on, the blue light overhead was flashing, and another light illuminated the Red Cross flag when the first Israeli missile hit, shearing off the right leg of the man on the stretcher inside. As he lay screaming beneath fire and smoke, patients and ambulance workers scrambled for safety, crawling over glass in the dark. Then another missile hit the second ambulance.

      Even in a war which has turned the roads of south Lebanon into killing zones, Israel’s rocket strike on two clearly marked Red Cross ambulances on Sunday night set a deadly new milestone.

      Six ambulance workers were wounded and three generations of the Fawaz family, being transported to hospital from Tibnin with what were originally minor injuries, were left fighting for their lives. Two ambulances were entirely destroyed, their roofs pierced by missiles.

      The Lebanese Red Cross, whose ambulance service for south Lebanon is run entirely by volunteers, immediately announced it would cease all rescue missions unless Israel guaranteed their safety through the United Nations or the International Red Cross.

      For the villages below the Litani river, the ambulances were their last link to the outside world. Yesterday, that too was gone, leaving the 100,000 people of Tyre district with no way of reaching hospital other than to take to the roads themselves, under the roar of Israeli war planes.

      Missiles strike patients being transfered

      The fateful call to the Red Cross operations room came through at about 10pm — well after dark, a time when almost no Lebanese now dare venture out.

      At the Red Cross office in Tyre, three volunteer medics dressed in their orange overalls, and got into their ambulance. The plan was to drive halfway, meet the local ambulance, and transfer the three patients to their vehicle to return to Tyre.

      By Nader Joudi’s reckoning, the ambulances had been stopped for barely two minutes. Two patients had been loaded: Ahmed Mustafa Fawaz, who had been hit by shrapnel in the stomach, and his son, Mohammed, 14.

      The volunteer attendant was just easing Jamila Fawaz, 80, inside and setting up a drip when the missile struck. He managed to get the old woman and the child outside, but there was no way to reach Mr. Fawaz. “It was horrible,” Mr. Joudi said. “He was screaming, and we couldn’t do anything.”

      One of the members of the three-man crew from Tibnin radioed for help when another missile plunged through the roof. Ambulance crew and patients retreated to the cellar of a nearby building, then waited to be rescued, trying as best as they could to help the injured. “Each of us treated ourselves. There was no light,” said Kassem Shaalan, a medic from Tyre.

      By the time patients and ambulance crew reached Tyre, Mr. Fawaz was
      unconscious after losing one leg, and suffering severe fractures to the other. His son had lost part of a foot, and his mother’s body was riddled with shrapnel. Mr. Joudi had shrapnel wounds in his left arm, and Mr. Shaalan cuts to the face and leg.

      Red Cross insignia clearly visible

      He was adamant that the ambulances, with their Red Cross insignia on the roof, were clearly visible from the air. “I don’t think there can be a mistake in two bombings of two ambulances,” he said.

      Although the air strike marked the first time ambulances have been hit by Israel in this war, for Mr. Shaalan and the other Red Cross volunteers it was only a matter of time. After two weeks of strikes designed to choke off possible supply lines to Hizbullah guerrillas, travel to many villages was just too dangerous.

      Coastal villages even within a few kilometers of Tyre are cut off. In some, corpses remain trapped in the rubble for days.

      But nothing is more perilous than traveling by night, and no more so than just before midnight that Sunday when another Red Cross crew set off from Tyre to pick up their injured colleagues.

      “I was trembling,” said Ali Deeb, one of the volunteers on the mission. “It was too dangerous, and helicopters buzzing, and all through this, I am thinking one thing: the ambulance that left half an hour before you has already been injured, and you could be next.”

      Later yesterday afternoon, two missiles landed in the building across the road from the Red Cross office.


    13. JESUS CHRIST! Says:


    14. Outis Says:

      The “Hezz” has one advantage: they don’t waste themselves in sexual dissipation in everyday life, as do the Israelis. It’s like a football team not having a party before a game. You become as tight as your nutsack.

    15. Antagonistes Says:

      Israeli fighting ability?

      I saw the top trainer of Israeli hand-to-hand combat techniques square off against an American wrestler in the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

      The Isreali karateka did not get to throw a single punch or kick–the wrestler took him down and it was over in seconds.

      As has been said, their fighting ability comes from our money and technology.

      The myth of Israeli invincibility also comes from the Bible, in which legends of Hebrew conquest are put forth to bolster the claim that Israel has divine backing. The evangleicals want the Israelis to win, and channel money to them, in the hope that the Israelis success will actually prove that God exists. It works like this:

      Evangelicals believe that God exists and that Israel is his people;
      since Israel has divine favor, and it was prophesied that Israel would be established in the “end times,” she cannot be wiped out by Gentiles;
      when Israel is victorious, it proves that God exists and that the Bible is his “word”;
      evangelicals reason, the promises of God in the Bible that they shall live forever are true!

      Outrageous? Yes.

    16. van helsing Says:

      The Nazis were too nice and naive. They thought they could be humane and get work out of (yahoodi) prisoners. If they had killed 6 mil (remember: Jewish census records says their population GREW during the war), we wouldnt be having all these problems now.

      BTW some Jewish colonel, one Aron somestein, was on teevee the other day. they must have found the blondest and most aryan looking israeli they could to be their face for teevee…

      Or are they inducting all them Amurrican soldiers (emergency flown to Lebanon from Baghdad) into the IOF, sorry, IDF and giving them yahoodi monikers?

    17. Shabbos Shabazz Says:

      “Evangelicals believe that God exists and that Israel is his people;
      since Israel has divine favor, and it was prophesied that Israel would be established in the “end times,” she cannot be wiped out by Gentiles;
      when Israel is victorious, it proves that God exists and that the Bible is his “word”;
      evangelicals reason, the promises of God in the Bible that they shall live forever are true!”

      This is what I call a SILLYJISM

    18. tavor from israel Says:

      Jews are Bolsheviks. Communists. Filth. Scum. Swindlers. Murderers. never use Nazi and Jew in the same sentence. They are completely opposite.

      Just shut up you Neo-nazzi, like all of the Neo nazzi on this forum.
      You are right they were to nice, they didnt destroyed the future Islamic Europe.
      So my dear Jew haters get a life and stop taking drugs.