15 July, 2006

Incoming Links: Neder-nutzen und Canada-Gauche

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LE REVUE GAUCHE – Left Analysis And Comment


[Haven’t found the mention on the above..]

The Netherlog retecool.com goes on at Dutchy length about the Douglas Wright article about Italy, and its lack o’ niggers.

Altijd al willen weten hoe een racist verkaansie viert in La Dolce Vita? Dit reisverhaal spreekt boekdelen. “…First, the obvious: Italy is blessedly light on blacks. In New York City, where I live, this human pestilence is a horrifying 25 percent of the population. So I’m sensitive to even slight drops in the nigger-count.”

I don’t read Dutch, so most of the comments escape me..

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  7. 4 Responses to “Incoming Links: Neder-nutzen und Canada-Gauche”

    1. Shabbos Shabazz Says:


      This site has a Dutch to English translator

    2. Zoroastro Says:

      Why can’t one be leftist and at the same time see the clear fact that 95% of Blacks are from a different evolutionary (counter-evolutionary?) spawn?
      Also, with the judens. Judens are genetically evil, period. Best of all, they are convinced of it the opposite. Be you Left or Right, facts are facts.
      The world of ideas could be so much broader -imagine a right wing anarchist or left-wing National-socialist?
      Why not?

    3. Outis Says:

      Italy is not light on blacks. Anyone who has been to any city in the country from Rome to Milan knows this. It is choking on niggers. Only the South – whose population is condemned by misguided White Nationalists as “part black” anyway – is mostly without blacks or any other immigrant.

    4. Stronza Says:

      Re Eugene Plawiuk of Le Revue Gauche. He is a member of the Assoc.of United Ukrainian Canadians. I don’t know what they do or think in recent years, but years ago, they were the most unreconstructed, 4-star, card-carrying Stalin-lovers in the universe for sure. My family called them “bolsheviks” and I can recall being terrified just hearing that word!