15 July, 2006

Jew-Tyranny Canada Gives Winnicki Nine Months for Free Speech on VNN Forum

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Jews in Canada, as in the U.S., import colored animals that rape and murder Whites.

When Whites fight back, even if merely by speaking out, their resistance is treated as “hate crime,” a construct that is alien to the White mentality, and which never existed before jews took over the media and courts.

Comes it now that a White man speaking his mind on VNN Forum, Tomasz Winnicki, has been jailed for nothing more than expressing his opinion. No criminal charges have been pressed – he is in jail solely because he expressed opinions against those held by the jewish dictators that run Canada.

This is tyranny.

As Jefferson said,

The tree of liberty must be refreshed with the blood of tyrants.

Warman and the jews who operate him, including the kikes at the Canadian Jewish Congress, are tyrants. Make no mistake about them. If we tolerate their dictating what we can say, then we tolerate slavery and show ourselves abject cowards, worthy only of the slavery jews find fit for us.

Killing Warman, “judge” von Finckenstein, or any of the jews who make up the dictatorial “human rights” council that persecutes loyal Canadians such as Winnicki would be a genuine act of patriotism. That is Thomas Jefferson’s view, and it is VNN’s view too.

We will continue to provide a free-speech haven for all Canadians and English and Germans who wish to speak the truth, unimpeded, about the way jewish dictators are destroying their countries.


Globe & Mail

An unabashed neo-Nazi who defied an court order to stop spreading hated over the Internet was arrested Thursday after being sentenced to nine months in jail for contempt, a punishment his lawyer called harsh.

[How neat. Free speech redefined as “hatred” and outlawed. This is only possible where people who think like me control the media.]

In a scathing decision, a Federal Court judge ruled that Tomasz Winnicki, of London, Ont., had shown blatant disdain for the justice system in continuing his hate campaign against Jews and people of colour.

[What’s the term for the X campaign waged against White humans by jewish exotic animal importers?]

“(The messages) have the same vile content and the unrelenting message of hatred for Jews and contempt for people of the Black race and/or immigrants,� Justice Konrad von Finckenstein wrote in his ruling released late Wednesday.

[Jews assert their right to dictate your opinion, your living conditions — your lives. Will you tolerate it, loyal Canadians?]

Online hate monger jailed

Konrad von Finckenstein

p2p news / p2pnet: Last October a Canadian Federal Court ordered white supremacist Tomasz Winnicki to stop spreading hate online.
The injunction was to remain until the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal had ruled on a complaint against Winnicki.

But he ignored the order and his messages continued to have, ?the same vile content and the unrelenting message of hatred for Jews and contempt for people of the Black race and/or immigrants,? Justice Konrad von Finckenstein said, jailing him for nine months.
?In obscenity-laced messages on a U.S.-based neo-Nazi website, Mr. Winnicki attacked the tribunal, the Canadian court system, multiculturalism and the Canadian Human Rights Commission,? says the Canadian Press.
Bernie Farber, ceo of the Canadian Jewish Congress, is quoted as saying, ?This was of the most obnoxious, passionate hatred that one could put out on the Internet, and basically Winnicki just didn’t give a damn.
Winnicki also faces criminal charges in Toronto after weapons were found in a car on its way to a rally in support of deported neo-Nazi Ernst Zundel in 2004, adds the story.

In 2004, von Finckenstein dashed the CRIA’s (Canadian Recording Industry Association of America) hopes of forcing Canadian ISPs to hand over the names of clients said to have been sharing music with each other online.


Racist web postings land white supremacist in jail

Janice Tibbetts, CanWest News Service
OTTAWA — For the first time in Canada, a white supremacist has been jailed for ignoring a court order to stop spreading hate messages against Jews, blacks and immigrants on the Internet.

The Federal Court incarcerated Tomasz Winnicki of London, Ont., for nine months for contempt of court for refusing to cease his “vile and unrelenting message of hatred.”

Winnicki, who is in his early 30s and immigrated to Canada with his parents when he was a child, has described himself as London’s “biggest hater.”

Justice Konrad von Finckenstein sent Winnicki to jail for flouting a Federal Court order last fall to stop his Internet postings while a complaint against him wound its way through the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

The court ruling is considered unique because it is rare for people to be jailed in the absence of a criminal conviction and nobody has been sentenced for contempt of court for defying an order to stop posting hatred on the Internet, said commission lawyer Monette Maillet.

“Hopefully, it will send a message to people that, firstly, they should not be practising hate in Canada and secondly, if you are going to do it and the courts tell you to stop, they mean it,” said Leo Adler, director of national affairs for the Simon Wiesenthal Centre in Toronto, a Jewish human rights organization.

Adler estimated about two dozen people in Canada have been jailed for hate crimes on the Internet, but they were all criminally convicted.

Police in London have never laid criminal charges against Winnicki, despite pressure from Jewish groups.

Adler said websites promoting hate have increased significantly in the last few years, with the most recent count at about 6,000.

Winnicki’s lawyer, Dominic Lamb, argued in court there is no proof Winnicki posted the messages, and that someone else posing as him could have done so. Furthermore, even if Winnicki did post the messages, they could have been edited, Lamb said.

“In my view, none of these arguments are sustainable,” wrote von Finckenstein, noting Winnicki had never previously raised the possibility of someone else making the postings in his name.

In April, the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal ruled against Winnicki and fined him $6,000 for his “vicious and dehumanizing” messages.

Winnicki “called for the forced expulsion of non-Caucasian people, he threatened violent action against the targets of his hatred and enthusiastically supported a ‘racial holy war’ in which all non-Caucasian people will be destroyed. He made use of exceedingly gruesome photographic imagery to draw in his readers and to communicate his messages of hate all the more powerfully,” said the human rights ruling.

The complaint against Winnicki was filed by Richard Warman, an Ottawa lawyer who is pursuing about a dozen cases in his personal quest to stop Canadians from posting hate on the Internet.

Winnicki’s case ended up in the Federal Court because the human rights commission asked a judge last year to issue an injunction ordering the hate-monger to cease his activities until the tribunal made a ruling.

Von Finckenstein ruled Winnicki’s postings after the injunction were every bit as offensive as his earlier messages.

“They have the same vile content and the unrelenting message of hatred for Jews and contempt for people of the black race and/or immigrants,” the decision said.

“They send a persistent vile message, which in essence suggests that there is a Zionist conspiracy, that Jews dominate all levels of government, that those of the Black race are lazy, AIDS-infected, criminals and welfare cheats, that all non-white immigrants fall into the same category and that multiculturalism is a policy conceived by Zionists to perpetuate non-white immigration.”

The human rights commission’s power over Canadian hate-mongering on the Internet was first applied more than five years ago when it forced Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel to shut down his website.

The commission has investigated about two dozen complaints of Internet hatred in total, but the tribunal has rendered only five rulings, said Maillet.

Winnicki’s lawyer could not be reached for comment Thursday.
© CanWest News Service 2006

[Here a newspaper chips in on the side of the tyrants. Again: jews import coloreds to destroy a White living area; jew-controlled newspapers celebrate the jailing of any who resist, even if all they did was speak against it. This is tyranny.]

Proper verdict in hate case

The nine-month jail sentence handed Tomasz Winnicki for spreading an “unrelenting message of hatred” over the Internet was appropriate given the nature of the offence and his refusal to stop posting hate messages.

Winnicki, of London, had called for a holy war against non-whites and non-Christians, warned Jews that he and others were coming after them and told blacks they should leave this country.

After a Canadian Human Rights Commission tribunal heard the case last year, Winnicki continued to post hate messages, prompting the commission to seek a federal court order banning such activity until the tribunal ruled.

When the court order was issued and the messages continued — many of them altered to attack multiculturalism and the justice system — the commission took him back to court this month to face contempt charges.

Federal Court of Canada Justice Konrad W. von Finckenstein ruled that the “substance of the messages are the same. They have the same vile content and the unrelenting message of hatred for Jews and contempt for people of the black race and/or immigrants.”

There is much confusion in the minds of some people about what comprises a hate crime. Some would suggest taking a position contrary to their own — such as opposing same-sex marriage — constitutes a hate crime. It does not.

The Criminal Code is clear:

* Section 319 (1) requires two elements for an offence. There must be a public communication inciting hatred against an identifiable group and this communication must be likely to lead to a breach of the peace.

* Section 319 (2) requires communications that promote hatred against an identifiable group subject to exceptions in subsection 3 that include truth, a good faith opinion on a religious subject and discussions for the public benefit relevant to subjects of public interest. Also, the promotion of hatred against an identifiable group needs to be wilful to be an offence. Recklessness is not wilful.

It would seem that the law gives the benefit of the doubt to the accused, as it should. But when such actions continue, especially in defiance of a court order, “wilful” is no longer in doubt.

The court’s decision is to be applauded.[As ever under Jewish Tyranny, the law is written to sound neutral – but it isn’t. You can say, write, and in large measure ACT however you want against Whites, and nothing will happen to you. The function of law and media is to prevent Whites from defending themselves against jews and marauding coloreds – from interrupting their feeding session. There is no natural end point to the current organization of things except White extinction, and in fact that is the intent of all “hate” law and “diversity” celebration.]

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  7. 13 Responses to “Jew-Tyranny Canada Gives Winnicki Nine Months for Free Speech on VNN Forum”

    1. Celtic Warrior Says:

      The time for ACTION is fast approaching. Let’s just make sure WE choose the time and the place.

    2. Mark Says:

      Let’s see Jared Taylor explain this one. This is completely Jewish in origin and execution. Jews in power decide what is hate, then they decide what happens to those who violate their decisions. As politically active and outspoken as Jes are, there are NO Jewish groups that fight this, only white groups. This is a real violation of human rights and freedom.

      While I’m not Christian Identity, I do agree with the racialist message, and find its claim that Jews are spawned from the devil more believable the more I learn. Would make for a great movie anyway.

    3. Computer-Bound Coward Says:

      Like Celtic Warrior, we are all talk (and type), and no action. he says the “TIME FOR ACTION”.
      what a joke. none of us has the balls. i certainly don’t.
      i’m perfectly comfortable, and plan to remain that way until nigs or other sub-humans actually start invading my property and my phsical well-being.
      even then, i’ll probably just run like the coward i am. and like most of you are.

    4. Stan Sikorski Says:

      CBC, why do you bother? Your one of three things: either a defeatist, a satarist, or an instigator.

      If a defeatist then that is just plain sad.

      If a satirist, then then you have struck a nerve that has made me examine my approach to this situation and how I will be dealing with the likes of Warman and others like him. Action can be many things. I was terribly missquoted in the London Onterio jewspaper today. I got a personal lesson in the tactics of the kike and kike-appeaser. Escalation of operations on my end are forthcoming. I do have the balls, the intelligence and the stamina to take the fight to the enemy. I’m not waiting until I have niggers jumping over my fence or thought police kicking in my door.

      If your an instigator? You’ll find nothing here to satisfy your thirst for controversy. You’ll have to make something up like you did in the paper today. Snip a word here, move a comment there… Oy!! Poifect! Go to print Hershel!

    5. confederate Says:

      that tree of liberty seems to be getting awfully thirsty.

    6. Zoroastro Says:

      And today the same judeo mafia (with american fighter jets) kills eight Canadian civilians in Lebanon. It would be nice to learn what judeocratic spin they gonna put on that one?

    7. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Action can take many forms. Those who are only now starting to sow their balls back on can begin the fight on the verbal level.

      Surely it is not beyond our ability for each WN to make one convert from our friends, relations and work mates?

      An even easier task; start wearing a cap with the White Pride World Wide logo.

      When the nigs and muds are braking down front doors it will be too late.

    8. Computer-Bound Coward Says:

      if you wear that white pride cap, or spout off enough racist stuff, the establishment will make sure sooner or later you go to jail for some trumped up or faked charge.
      the only way to be a little safer is actually to come full out into the open like alex and company, hal, etc., where they won’t just kill you and make it look like a suicide because it would be too obvious.
      you are in real danger when you just spout off a bit here and there, get it known that you don’t think right, that you’re a racist, and a possible future trouble maker, and you’ll end up dead or in jail, i guarantee it. well, i think so, anyway.
      either keep the trap shut, or come full out like david duke or alex or hal or pierce, etc

    9. jimbo Says:

      re: Computer-Bound Coward

      for me, the jews have FUCKED my life up!
      The least i can do in return is to FUCK THEM UP
      it’s PERSONAL.
      then, there’s all the countless innocent white lives they have destroyed and all the countless innocent white children they are corrupting and murdering even as i ‘blog this!
      you wouldn’t even be a coward if you didn’t react to THAT….you’d be less than a slug crawling out from under a stone!
      even the smallest, weakest animal like a rabbit will fight desperately to protect it-self and its young. can an aspiring WN do less?
      ‘Courage can be taught as a child is taught to walk’ Euripides
      ‘self confidence is the basis of self-respect and self-respect is the basis of courage’ Thuciydes
      ‘Few men are born brave. Many become so through training and discipline’ Vegetius
      ZOG may take my life (they’ve pretty much already accomplished that any-way) but, if i’v got any say in it, i won’t go down alone!

    10. Stronza Says:

      Winnicki’s rantings don’t help this cause one damn bit.

    11. Computer Bound Coward Says:

      jimbo: can you tell us how the jews have fucked you up? i’m sure they have, but i’m just curious about how.
      stronza: what did winnicki say that was so horrible?

    12. jimbo Says:

      re: ‘Computer Bound Coward’

      i’m not gunna detail my ‘life story’, such as it is, on a public ‘blog.
      ‘log on’ to VNN forum & check my posts if you like.

      suffice to say though: i ain’t Robinson Crusoe

      with the yoos’ strangle-hold on Western culture most white people’s lives have been FUCKED UP to a greater or lesser extent (and there’s much worse to come)

      compared to what life for most white people was like even as recently as twenty yrs ago, i would hazard an educated guess and say that the lives of most white people now is increasingly becoming ‘nasty, brutish & SHORT!’ all courtesy of the hook-nosed fiend.

      and, of course, as the saying goes, ‘when you’ve got nothing, you’ve got nothing to LOSE!’

    13. Stronza Says:

      CBC: TW’s contribution to the “cause” consisted of screaming kill da jooze and deport all da deepees, etc. Neither Zundel nor Irving ever did this.

      How have God’s Pets managed to take over the western world without ever resorting to this kind of out-of-control, insane-sounding rant? They are laughing at us all for our sheer stupidity and lack of self-control.