23 July, 2006

Jews First, Jews Last

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Liberal gWaPo might defox some war coverage? Not likely. Not when fellow kikes are in the mix.

Since Israel has inflicted far more damage on Lebanon than it has sustained, a heavy focus on the more than 300 civilian victims in that war-ravaged country could help tilt public opinion against the Jewish state. But that would overlook two key facts: that Israel retaliated only after Hezbollah crossed a U.N.-sanctioned border to kill and capture several Israeli soldiers, and that Hezbollah fighters hide — and hide their weapons — among civilians to make counterattacks more difficult. 

“…could help tilt coverage” — does your practiced eye recognize stand-up comedy? Which channel out there shows the Lebgore? Not one. Which channel hints at the disparity in weapons, money or plays it any way but tiny, heroic Israel fighting back against forces-that-wanted-her-destroyed-from-day-one? All channels except Al-Manar, which American-gifted Israeli F16s took out the first day of the war, follow Fox in denying the reader the background and the facts necessary to gain the whole picture – regardless of the viewer’s bias? Not one. They’re all run by jews, and lib or con or com, a jew is a jew is a jew is a jew. You haven’t been reading VNN long if you don’t realize that. Each Katyusha reachable by fruity Cooper is treated with loving, synthetic horror. And let’s face it, the Katys are much more embraceable – literally. You can get your arm around them; pick them up and stick ’em in the camera. You can point and shriek at the new skylights they thoughtfully open. Not so easy to do with Godzilla stomps ten miles to the north. Fox covering Israel is as neutral as Dick Vitale covering Duke. Someone ought to outfit Shemp Smith and the rest for pleated skirts.


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    1. Will Says:

      The sheer noive! Kurtz takes a clever line on the conflict. To wit: the coverage might actually lean a bit in Hezbollah’s favor if only those nasty Lebanese terrorists weren’t using civilians to hide amongst, those cowards! The coverage is unbiased! Hezbollah is obviously such a bad group of people that the unbiased coverage is completely pro-Israel in every word, report, and nuance.

      Always when civilians are being killed, the aggressor makes the age old excuse that the fighters are using the civilians. It’s THEIR fault. When civilians die, it’s because the fighters were using them to hide amongst.

      The coverage of this war in the AmeriKwan MSM is a wonder to behold. The sheer onesidedness of everything is utterly appalling. Jews lack any sense of honor or sportsmanship. Oh, I’ve heard an Israeli general remarking on the good fighting qualities of the Hezbollah boys, but as far as the media goes, Israel is ALWAYS in the right 100% and Hezbollah is dastardly and diabolical and much more formidable and dangerous than people imagine. Israel is beset, Israel is in danger, Israel has a right to defend herself, Israel is under attack, etc. Hezbollah is just like us, except without the awesome war machines. You know-tanks, bombers, cruise missiles, artillery, choppers, satellites, all that stuff. Oh, yeah, and they’re terrorists. We’re a proper army.

      What’s the difference between a soldier and a terrorist? Whatever the media says, and the uniforms.

      One expects this kind of cheerleading in any war, but with the Jews’ war there isn’t even an acknowledgement of the other guys right to fight and live. Very unsporting.

      Nice try, Kurtz. Hezbollah brings the bias on themselves. Nothing at all to do with the media.

    2. justin jEW H8TER Says:

      I am at the point where talking is just not going to cut it anymore.

    3. Sarcastic Son of a Bitch Says:

      “I am at the point where talking is just not going to cut it anymore.”

      Well, you could try shouting.