16 July, 2006

Kill ‘Em All…

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“Israel has the right to defend herself from terrorists, no matter how young.” — George Bush

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  7. 20 Responses to “Kill ‘Em All…”

    1. High Rider Says:

      FUCK israel!

    2. High Rider Says:

      FUCK bush also!

    3. tj Says:

      Some current pictures and commentary from Beirut:

    4. Lutjens Says:

      hezbollah rockets landing in Israel… where is their Patriot missle defense system now? hahahahahaha!!! Hezbollah will outlast the Israelis once again – they are more fanatic and determined. Go ahead, fuck with Iran, see where that gets ya.

    5. GB Says:

      The slideshow is posted at Sunlit:


    6. CZ Says:

      I can’t watch that slideshow, it’s horrible.

    7. Biff Baxter Says:

      Told you – Jews could drive drown the street just killing Arab children for sport and Bush would claim it is Jeboos will.

      Imagine if there really is a Jesus Christ, how he feels about that. Not too happy I bet. Poor George will really get quite a shock at the Judgement Throne when he turns to his yoo friends for a character reference.

    8. Lutjens Says:

      Pretty disturbing to hear the Prez say words like that. Not very statesman-like at all. I am sure Jesus Christ is rather displeased with many things going on in the world today. Maybe it is time for him to come back in all his glory with St Michael’s army behind him :D We can watch it all transpire on CNN. Bet Lord Blitzer and company would cream in their pants on that one.

    9. John Says:

      I think that Hezbollah needs to take the fight to America by targetting pro Jew U.S. politicians and media outlets.

    10. George Crane Says:

      (One Honest Jew/Israeli Exposes Israeli Policy):

      Israelis suspect that attack on Lebanon may be part of a larger conspiracy

      Re: “Explaining Israel’s actions in Lebanon”, Opinion, July 16.

      Israeli Ambassador Yael Rubinstein’s article seeks to justify Israel’s attack on Lebanon (and, lest we forget, on Gaza). It is of course an official Israeli government statement designed to “explain” the nightmare the Israeli defence forces are inflicting on the Lebanese population.

      But many Israelis disagree completely with that view of the present conflict and its root causes. Peace activist Uri Avnery published an analysis on July 15 entitled “The Real Aim” that argues cogently that the real reason for the present carnage is to “change the regime in Lebanon and to install a puppet government”.

      “That was the aim of Ariel Sharon’s invasion of Lebanon in 1982. It failed. But Sharon and his pupils in the military and political leadership have never really given up on it,” Avnery writes.

      “As in 1982, the present operation, too, was planned and is being carried out in full coordination with the US … That’s the main thing. Everything else is noise and propaganda.”

      Avnery’s full analysis is available online at: http://zope.gush-shalom.org/home/en/channels/avnery/1152991173.

      This huge military operation has been ready to go for a long time, just waiting for an “incident” to launch it. That is clear to virtually all Israelis. It is being sold to the Israeli and international public as an operation to “rescue” two captured soldiers and to “destroy Hezbollah”. But the brutal campaign was itself engineered to provoke Hezbollah into firing a barrage of rockets into northern Israel. That border has been quiet for a long time. The incursion in Gaza provoked Hezbollah to show hands-on solidarity with the Palestinians under siege there. That too is clear to most Israelis.

      Once again, our fellow Israelis are the victims. And scores of totally innocent, simple Lebanese have been killed, and hundreds of thousands terrorised. Refugees fleeing Beirut are speaking of “catastrophic haphazard bombing”. To the south, the entire population of Gaza is plunged into a humanitarian crisis, their plight now vanished from international attention under the barrage of the “attack on Hezbollah”.

      Ominously, a secondary aim of this bloodshed may be to restore the Israeli army’s injured pride. It has suffered a severe blow from the military actions of Hamas in the south and Hezbollah in the north. And the new Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, untried in military matters, may be trying to demonstrate to an Israeli electorate and to the generals who run Israel that he and his new defence minister Peretz are “tough”.

      Many Israeli citizens will be protesting in Tel Aviv against this insanity unleashed by their own government. The Thai public deserves to know there is vigorous debate in Israel on how to achieve peace and stop the current spiral of violence, which some believe is a prelude to an attack by Washington and our own Israeli defence forces on Iran.

      That ominous prospect of escalation may have been echoed in Ambassador Rubinstein’s closing statements: “A moment of truth is rapidly approaching for all those in the region and the international community who seek peace and stability for the Middle East … It is time for the defenders of peace to fight back.”

      Gershon Giladi


      [from L-T-E in THE NATION newspaper, Bangkok, Thailand]

    11. Olde Dutch Says:

      A local jew newsboy had a column in a local newspaper this morning in which he stated almost word for word the same position as Kristol and Eagleburger stated on C-Span later in the morning: destroy the “terrorists” & Iran, Syria etc.

      What is it with these jews? How could a local jew columnist have known what two big jews would say on TV hours after his story was published.

    12. SS-Sturmführer Says:

      Nuke Israel!

      Heil A.H.!
      Heil Ahmedin!

    13. Wewelsburg Says:


    14. saltriver Says:

      In the Middle East,there are more muslims than jews. My great hope is that they will somehow unite and wipe those hook-nosed, filthy bastards out.

    15. Fuhrer Schickelgruber Says:

      Alex the jews came to the outskirts of some villages and told the Lebanese to “get out now or else” and when the villagers packed what they could carry they left in mini busses and small farming utility trucks , that’s when the kikes swooped down in their f-16’s and blew these families to peices.

      see here http://angryarab.blogspot.com/2006/07/i-have-just-received-these-pictures.html scroll all the way down for all photos.

      the photos will enlarge if you click on them also.

    16. Fuhrer Schickelgruber Says:

      Sorry to spam Alex but here’s some proof


      also check this out http://www.currentissues.tv/ it’s worth it, go to the joe cortina interview , it has audio problems but it’s worth the trouble.
      Forget about Texe Marrs he’s deluded he thinks kikes can be saved or something.

      And finally this one http://easylink.playstream.com/currentissues/KHODR.wvx this is when the kikes used gunship fire upon families picknicking on the beach in Gaza !

    17. alex Says:

      Angry Arab has some interesting stuff, check it out. He has the photos they will not run on Fox. Would take up the time for the 100th rerunning of ball-bearings.

    18. Kalafan Says:

      When Izzy’s doing it to Pali’s kids, it’s just horrible, but when Pali does it back to Jew school children, it’s perfectly excusable as self-defense. The Zionists stooges who’ve never been near a battlefield take the inverse position, and yet they’re somehow inferior to you fucks.

    19. Jim Says:

      Kikeafan – what better proof that the holocaust never happened? Because if it did, the world would be a better place.

    20. Francesca Says:

      “Maybe it is time for him to come back in all his glory with St Michael’s army behind him :D We can watch it all transpire on CNN. Bet Lord Blitzer and company would cream in their pants on that one.”

      Nah, there’d just be a media black out. Hardly anyone would hear about it-and those who did make mention of it would be dismissed as crazy haters. Then the whole event would disappear down the memory hole.