10 July, 2006

Kirksville Gets a Hero

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KIRKSVILLE – Hundreds of people flocked to the funeral for Marine Lance Cpl. Rex A. Page Sunday to show their gratitude for the sacrifice he made.

The Kirksville Middle School gym was full of people who wanted to let the Pages know they are thinking of Rex and how he selflessly gave his life for the cause of freedom.

“Greater love hath no man than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends,” said Marine Staff Sgt. Henry Rimkvs, who spoke at the funeral. “That is the true sacrifice that Rex has done for all of us.”

Not only was the funeral full of people who were touched by Rex’s sacrifice, hundreds more showed support by standing outside the school waving American Flags.They also came out in droves to wave flags along Highway 63 for the funeral procession down to the military cemetery in Jacksonville, Mo.

I was involuntarily involved myself. Damned Iraqis took up a position behind Pancake City. I was on the way to Wal-Mart to buy some bagel-flavored rat poison when a couple rang out, and one of them actually grazed my bumper. Thank God Lance Corporal Page was there to intercede, because I was unarmed. Thank God – otherwise my baby daughter might have had to grow up without a father.

I ask, with pure heart, of anyone fluttering by, if Rex Page was defending freedom over there in Iraq, what was the guy doing who shot back?

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    1. alex Says:

      ‘Jihad’ in Arabic translates into ‘democracy’ in English.

    2. alex Says:

      Here’s the rest of the story

      At the cemetery, the Pages were presented with the American Flag that draped their son’s coffin. “Taps” was sounded and the Marines honored Page with a 21-gun salute.

      Rex, 21, was stationed in Fallujah, Iraq, when his fire team was attacked, and he died June 28 of wounds he received. He had been in the Marines for just over a year, and during that time he received military decorations including the National Defense Medal, the Combat Action Ribbon and the Purple Heart.

      At the funeral, Rev. Jim Maxey spoke about Rex’s love for the Marines.

      “Rex was proud to be a Marine,” Maxey said. “He was proud, his family was proud and his community was proud as well.”

      Rev. Darrell Draper spoke Rex’s tender, loving nature. While he was in Iraq, Page wrote letters to his parents, Larry and Edie Page, and his brother, James.

      Draper read part of a letter Rex wrote just a couple weeks before he died.

      “I’ll always love you the way a man should love his family,” Rex wrote.

      Draper called Rex one of Kirksville’s finest young men and said he set an example for everyone to follow.

      “As you leave, you can be a little prouder of Kirksville that we sent one of the finest young men into battle and he gave it all,” Draper said.

      After the funeral, one of Rex’s relatives, Linda Brown, said he was a sweet young man and she will remember him as a teddy bear.

      “To see him with his little brother, he was always caring for him and a very gentle person and all-around good guy,” she said.

      She also said Rex loved being in the Marines, and she is glad he was able to find his path in life.

      “He knew that’s where he was supposed to be and he was doing what God wanted him to do,” Brown said. “Not too many of us can go out of this life knowing were doing what God’s called us to do, what he put us in this life to do, and Rex knew that.”

      Brown also said the number of people who came to the funeral to show support was marvelous, and she was touched to see all the people outside with American Flags.

      “I think it’s very important for the community to show support because he did, he died for me,” she said.

      She said the community has rallied around Larry and Edie, and she hopes that support continues.

      “Once this is all over and they go home, Larry and Edie have a peace, they have a comfort from God knowing that Rex is in heaven, but they still have the loss, and that’s really going to come home in the days ahead and they’re going to miss him,” Brown said.

      Two of the ladies who showed their support by waving American flags outside the school were glad the community was doing what it could to show sympathy for the Page family.

      “We have to show our troops that we support them, regardless of politics,” said Georgann Chandler. “He was one of our boys and that’s all that matters.”

      “He fought for us, gave his life for us,” said Anna Newman.


    3. alex Says:

      “Support the troops” is a political position. If you don’t support the war in Iraq, only possible with troops defense specialists inform me, you’re a traitor.

    4. CZ Says:

      “He knew that’s where he was supposed to be and he was doing what God wanted him to do,� Brown said. “Not too many of us can go out of this life knowing were doing what God’s called us to do, what he put us in this life to do, and Rex knew that.�

      Welcome to planet of the Tards. We murder for God, because jews tell us he said to with their magical translator box.

    5. alex Says:

      My letter (online) to KDE. Says it’s posted, but I don’t see it.


      Iraq never attacked the United States – the United States attacked Iraq. It may sound good to claim Page died to defend freedom, but it isn’t true. The Iraqis feel about paid killers like Page about the way you’d feel if tanks full of Ahmads showed up behind Pancake City.

      Ms Chandler should know that “Support our troops” IS a political position, as the war can hardly proceed without them. Troops belong, if anywhere, on our Mexican border, keeping out the sort of scum that have already committed two murders this year within our own city limits. Yet the same folks who go Page’s funeral give awards to the employer of Mexicans very, very similar to those murderers. This is how cities and nations die.

      Wake up, people.

      Alex Linder

    6. alex Says:

      Here’s the proper epigram:

      ‘Jihad’ is Arabic for democracy.

    7. confederate Says:

      this sort of mental illness is comedic and entertaining to watch. i do believe the inmates are running the asylum. could you show me to my rubber room suite please?

    8. alex Says:


      ‘Democracy’ is English for jihad.

    9. alex Says:

      Fun fact for “confederate”:

      There was a “Battle of Kirksville” in the Civil War. In fact it was the northernmost battle west of the Mississippi, so it is claimed.

    10. alex Says:


      One of my uncles has written some about this, but I don’t have it at hand.

    11. alex Says:

      Apparently the God-hates-fags crew made an appearance at Page’s funeral. Our boy gov Blunt signed off on some law preventing non-patriotards from positioning themselves within X feet of a military funeral – but nothing in the law touches ceremonies in middle schools!

      With that same Christian “reasoning” that brought us science, Phelps ‘n’ clan think Our Boys are dying in Iraq because we celebrate homos at home. Did you know Jesus came back from the dead? God created a logical, orderly universe…and miracles! That’s just god being god. He likes dressing up and doing the town. But he’s just as comfortable curled up on the couch with popcorn watching the latest movie.

    12. wayne h. Says:

      This kind of stupid double think occurs regularly in my small N MN .community as well .Every time a body of a soldier comes back from Irac or Afganistan every one is asked to show support for the troops by coming out and waving flags or buying those yellow ribbon stickers .No thought is given to why we’re at war or how we got into this stupid muderous war for israel . Yet they are heros defending our freedom and protecting us from the terrorists ,while the real terrorists are in the whitehouse planning the next war .It must satisfy the dupes sense of patriotism to wave the flag and utter irrelevant platitudes to soothe the grieving parents .If only they could see senseless waste for what it is.

    13. jimbo Says:

      ‘defending freedom’ & ‘fighting for us’
      clearly means ‘defending the freedom of the yoos to commit genocide on the White Race’ and ‘fighting for the yoos’

      and some here question why such brain-dead ZOG scum should be excluded from the New White Imperium

    14. Timothy Says:

      Behold the White man:fighting and dying by the millions in Jew-concocted wars for the last hundred years,while his societies crumble to pieces and fill up with the brown scum of the Earth.

      And if you try to get the average White person to think about the WHY of these wars and WHO they benefit,usually you get nothing but a slack-jawed response about ‘supporting the troops’, or your own patriotism is called into question if you bother to ask WHY we are involved in the business of countries halfway around the globe.

      Most of my relatives are salt of the earth,Christian,middle-American Bush supporters,and they really don’t understand anything beyond platitudes they’ve been fed all their lives courtesy of their churches and tvs.I no longer bother to try and talk to them about what is really going on in America because they can’t even get beyond the simplistic and childish false paradigm of ‘Republicans and Bush good,Democrats bad’.And the whole Jew thing is completely lost on them.
      They are simply incapable of thinking in subtleties and thus make the perfect consumers and regurgitators of the swill the jew media pumps out daily.
      I’ve come to the bone-chilling realization these last few years that the mass of people like my relatives would not resist being led to slaughter;in fact,they’d question your patriotism for not going right over the cliff with them.The mass of people are born to be this way and we cannot change them;we can only fight and hope to get the right leadership in place so that we as a people are not led collectively off a cliff to our death.

    15. Will Says:

      “Support the troops” is PCish for “let’s not have a bunch of gahldurn hippies asking for a stoppage to the war”. Meaning, no more Vietnam repeats please, don’t spit on the boys when they come home-they were merely doing their duty to protect America from the dirty Ayrabs.

      I love how Americans think “supporting” means shutting their mouths about things. “I support the war”. Oh, did you send Private Gump a girly magazine and a fruitcake?

      Who needs action when you’ve got words…

      It’s not their fault, it’s the jewsmedia. I just need to remind myself. Poor dears. They were just doing what the TV people told them to.

    16. alex Says:

      Good description, certainly fits Kirksville mentality. The inevitable thought is, if these people are willing to throw their lives away for some cheap lies and a ritzy funeral, why should I care?

      The jews are forcing Whites to evolve: either by interbreeding with muds, as they tell us, or by recognizing our most dangerous enemy and doing the opposite of its misleading. Jews are pressuring Whites to become more like jews: ie, more revolutionary, more enemy-perceptive, less respectful of Authority. More like VNN readers and less like dirt-eating Rapture bunnies.

    17. Will Says:

      Little doses of even the nastiest diseases will produce an immune reaction. The body of the White race is currently getting overdosed however.

      That’s what they did with polio, and what they do with Tetanus. Very weak versions of the virus were introduced into the subjects. Their immune systems would recognize the unknown threat and create the proper antibodies. If a stronger version were to come along, the immune system would be more than prepared.

      We here are just trying to administer the VacciNNation as best we may given our limited resources. All it takes is some knowledge and the corresponding natural desires for liberty, freedom, and race identity.

    18. Sandor Says:

      I know a reservist who was sent to Afghanistan after 911. Was pissed about it, said it was a big waste of time, was generally ‘unpatriotic’ in attitude. After a few tours in Iraq, he’s ‘bonded’ with his buddies, and is completely on board. However, his description of what goes on over there is at odds with any reason to be ‘on board’. They’re calling him up again in January. 18 years down, 2 to go. Wife and 2 small kids. “what if you don’t come back?” Turns out it’s also about the money. Get the 20 years in, go out with an officer’s pension. Don’t feel too sorry for the reservists, or the naive, patriotic goyim. Kissinger was right.

    19. alex Says:

      KDE is printing comments, I’m not sure why they weren’t up yesterday. They did censor mine, as expected. It’s their own little way of defending freedom.

      You’re right about the money incentive. If there’s one thing that makes me puke it’s reading the fodder-moms blathering on about their heroic sons “serving” our nation. They are drawing a check, right? I mean, they do get paid, right? They do live out of taxpayers’ pockets. They’re not doing it for free, are they, ma? Of course these stupid broads have no idea that the Founders were dead square AGAINST standing armies. Of course every able man would grab a gun if we were invaded by Iraq – but that isn’t the case. WE invaded Iraq. While we were being overrun by Mexico, which invasion is smiled on by the jew-bought morons who send Flyover Fodder 8,000 miles away to war for Greater Israel.

      VNN readers, don’t EVER let anyone tell you that members of the military are poorly remunerated for their “service.” It is a Big Lie.

      Here are the link and comments:


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      The Harrelson Family wrote on July 09, 2006 10:08 PM:”Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. Words can’t say enough.. but by the people that stood out today in honor of him, goes to show he will be very much missed, and was looked highly upon. God Bless…Semper Fi.”

      The LeWain Dysart Family wrote on July 04, 2006 10:15 AM:”Our hearts our saddened with your loss. It was a pleasure to know that one of our students from Kirksville Christian School, Rex Page was serving our country and gave his life. He will also be remembered and our prayers are with you the parents and James. God Bless you and the USA!!!”

      Stephanie Conner-Cooter wrote on July 03, 2006 2:20 PM:”Our prayers are with your family, my son 2nd LT. Jasen Hoffman, served with Rex in the 3/5 Lima Co, 1st platoon and he along with all of the Marines are so saddened by the loss of their friend. It is the courage and sacrifice of people like Rex that we enable us to have the freedom that we have in this great nation. May God Bless your family.”

      Louann Martin-Miranda wrote on July 02, 2006 3:56 PM:”I am so sorry for your loss and I thank your son — and your family — for his honor and sacrifice for this country and for each of us. I pray for your comfort and peace. May Kirk always be rememembered and appreciated.”

      David Olmstead wrote on July 01, 2006 11:01 PM:”Our prayers are with Larry, Edie and James. All our hearts have been deeply touched at the Sperry Baptist Church and we are here for you if you need anything. God Bless You!!!!”

      Diann Ahrens wrote on July 01, 2006 7:11 PM:”To the Page family: It is with a heavy heart that I extend my sympathy to your family. Rex served along side my son, LCpl Drew March 3/5 Lima Co. 1st.Plt. His memory will forever live with Drew. Our prayers will be with your family during this difficult time. God Bless American, Home of the Free Because of the Brave.”

      Kathy Lanning wrote on July 01, 2006 4:21 PM:”To the family of our wonderful Marine, LCpl. Rex Page, I just want you to know that you are in my prayers. I want to thank you for raising such a wonderful young man who was willing to fight for our freedom. He will never be forgotten. God Bless all of you and God bless all our Marines who are watching our backs.”

      darlene gaugh wrote on June 30, 2006 10:42 PM:”I would like to express my sympathy to the family. Please let everyone keep them in your prayers as this war goes on… God Bless You Larry, Edie and James Your friend Mark and Darlene Gaugh”

      Tom Flowers wrote on June 30, 2006 8:49 PM:”To the family and friends of Kirk: I am extremely saddened to read about your loss. Though I never knew Kirk, I’m proud of him. Please accept my most heartfelt condolences. Semper Fi. Thomas F. Flowers, former Marine. Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.A. ”

      Jason wrote on June 30, 2006 8:37 PM:”Your family are in our prayers. This is a special time of the year, and I am forever gratefuly for people like Rex who have faught to protect our rights and defend the rights of others. May God bless and comfort you during this hard time.”

      edallasboy wrote on June 30, 2006 5:45 PM:”God bless this young man and his family. He will not be forgotten.”

      Kathy Woodruff wrote on June 30, 2006 5:37 PM:”I will pray for you and your family. ”

      Kathy Woodruff wrote on June 30, 2006 5:36 PM:”My prayers go out to you and all of your family.”

      Larry R Wendell Jr wrote on June 30, 2006 3:25 PM:”For the Parents of LCpl Rex Page, U.S.M.C, Thank you for your Son’s Duty to Our Country and Flag. My Prayers are with the Page Family. God Bless Them and God Bless America.”

    20. SHMUELY Says:

      Yeah, and God bless Africa too!
      Not to disparage the dead, but why are the white bunnies so deluded about the realities of life? I am always dumbfounded about their hopelessly programmed mindset, that will believe damned near any lie, as long as it is promoted by the hijacked government stooges and the Judeo-media. White folks, a la Kirksville, are leading a sheltered, fantasy world, Norman Rockwell life, which keeps shrinking in around them. They seem to be way behind in the learning curve, compared to every other racial group. A racial/social/financial/political reality check is coming, and they are about to be paid back in their own coin, which is going to shock the hell out of them. I see the same gullible manupulated white folks everywhere that I go in the USA, and it makes me wonder if we are dealing with a genetically flawed people?

    21. Tyler Durden Says:

      A family in my area has a shrine in their front yard for their kid (killed by the freedom fighters in Iraq). Photos, flowers, gold star and American flags all over the yard. Right next to the shrine is their suv with a made in mexico sticker on the rear window. Fuck them and their jackpot baby kid. The more spics and niggers and queers die over there the better for me. These spics in the military can be killed by freedom fighters in the middle east now or killed by freedom fighters in America in the near future.

    22. -JC Says:

      Who are the terrorists? Wayne H: Northern Minnesota is one of the most communist places on earth. It was Gus Hall’s base of operations. An adjacent township to my former home was “Balkan.” How appropriate. Read the sensitive comment of police state St. Louis County Sheriff’s SWAT team leader Lt. Randy LEHMAN and company’s sensitive comment after they terrorized another (This was not the first time) young White woman: “It’s just a fucking game.” http://www.thefiringline.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=38728

    23. wayne h. Says:

      Thanks for the linc,I haven’t heard of this swat team incident.This is the coming Police State -New World Order .In the end the victim is punished for standing up for her rights.Obviously the Swat team are the terrorists,These assholes have a licence to kill .Just like the troops in Irac.The recent rape and murder of a 14 year old and her family comes to mind.That kind of sadistic trash goes on all the time in the various wars for freedom,and it’s usually just covered up as collateral damage .The folks at home know nothing of it ,or are too deluded to care.It ‘s a fact that MN is socialist haven for minorities ,but if your a white male you have to buck up and pay your taxes.It’s a very fucking scary game…

    24. van helsing Says:

      Talked to niece’s husbin last week while visiting. Mid 30s, middle manager downsized by quiitting after accused of theft. He mentioned his friend is in convoys in Iraq (and he re-upped – which I considered a comment on the job market here!). Yes they have orders to shoot military age Iraqis when in doubt and if they dont have a heater on them, donate one.

    25. dfg Says:

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