24 July, 2006

Released: Goyfire #35

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Moderator Note: Due the explosive growth in listenership we are now uploading this episode of Goyfire to a 3rd party server. When the upload and setup are complete we will post a link to the alternate download location.

Alternate mp3 download location:

http://rapidshare.de/files/26980965/gf3548k.mp3.html or http://www.sskiweb.com/gf/gf3548k.mp3

Alex Linder, Agis, Chain, and Geoff Beck discuss: Lebanon, speech censorship attempts by EU and ADL, Chelsea Brooks, the white girl impregnated/murdered by nigger monster(s), NPR on KKK in Colorado, toenail mites and how to get rid of them (or at least fight them to a draw), cheese – lower duodenum.s best friend?, call for team of writers to help build Sunlit Heights, and it all starts with a rich, ripe laugh at Dick Gregory, the celebrated monkey from Missouri, bearing warnings manganese (pronouce as though mang were Italian sauce), and our president bushy, canting chummily to the niggers duly sedated, pantsed, chaired by the jews offering technical expertise, still, to the NAACP.

Direct mp3 download (58 MB): gf3548k.mp3

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  7. 4 Responses to “Released: Goyfire #35”

    1. wanna-be-an-imPOtent-white-man Says:

      Maybe my opinion is crap;
      Just listented to the show;
      Didn’t like Geoff’s contribution as much as last time;
      Not sure he fits in with the style of the show;
      What the fuck do I know? I’m nobody.

    2. The Talent Says:

      Listened to Geoff’s call for talent.

      Since I’m afraid to communicate via email because it isn’t anonymous, I’m writing here.

      I have a talent (and I’m too scared to even reveal what it is, that’s how scared I am of giving myself away) that could be used by WNism, but my life has been so fucked up by kikes; plus, I’m scared to death to come out of the closet.

      My whole life history is so fucked up by kikedom that I’m essentially useless at this point anyway.

      But Geoff’s call sounded a momentary ring of hope inside of me, only to be dashed as I began this note and realized that, even though I have great talent (as countless folks who know my work would readily attest), the circumstances of life have ruined me, and I lay much of the blame at my own feet, but much of it as well at the god damned jews.

    3. alex Says:

      Then you’ve nothing to lose.

      You’re not Bobby Fischer are you?

    4. GB Says:


      Well, you’ll be a happier man ( perhaps still imPOtent, though ) next week, since I’ll likely not be a contributor.