18 July, 2006

The Big Nig

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We can fix Iraq! Our dad’s a tv repairman. He’s got an awesome set of tools! . . .

bigdig.jpgShit, dude, we can’t even built an underpass in this country anymore…  After $14 BILLION handed out to the minority subcontractor Epoxy & Strut, turns out all the bolts supposed to keep the concrete in place are withdrawing and bolting like Rumeal & the Babydaddies. Cement panels affixed to the ceiling by an affirmative-action epoxy that mimics real glue about as well as nigs mimic humans ain’t getting the job done.

The niggerization of AmeriKwa, by way of the jewish catalyst, amounts to the dropping of standards, whether in sport or sex or…public works. Niggers can’t do anything well. Their virtues are wholly a function of jewish publicity. The cost is paid in ruined White lives.

What other time and place do we associate massive, crappily executed public works? How about the Soviet Union? Isn’t the so-called Big Dig more than mildly reminiscent of the old USSR? Unnecessary in the first place, massively expensive (most expensive U.S. ‘public work’ in history), rapidly crumbling — spreading death and misery where it was supposed to shed light and joy.

Remember when America was peopled by humans hewing to human standards? Me either – I was born too late.

Then there’s Bush himself – talking into an open mic he thought was shut off (apparently), talking with food in his mouth, splayed over a chair like a nigger, cursing at a formal dinner. What a turd. What a Texan. The unfortunate truth is that Bush is representative of America – America the stupid smirking slob. Sit up straight and wipe the jewcum off your lips, shithead-in-chief.

Are you unembarrassed to be an AmeriKwan? Then your feelers don’t work.


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  7. 4 Responses to “The Big Nig”

    1. Totally Confused Says:

      i read the entire article. i couldn’t find any indication that the contractor was minority owned.
      where did you get that information?

    2. Tom Bradley Says:

      The true Texan is part of the nation who concieved the original white Euro race America and then fought the ex-New Spaniards ex-Asian migrants who had been conquered by Spain over 300 yrs earlier and forced to learn Spanish and catholicism aka white man religion until winning their independence in 1821.

      Whites ignorantly bitch about these spics speaking Spanish as Latinos when in fact this is not their native tongue whatsoever and neither are they Latinos since this is a term associated also with Latin speakers in Spain and Europe.

      Furthurmore these spics who speak white man language and worship white man religion, never owned any of the border states as they claim with this “conquistor” brainwash notwithstanding all the Spanish names in the southwest and west were not spic named or spic owned or spic related yet they and their protectors aka jews craftily allow whites to assume this lie when in fact European Spain who spoke Spanish a derivative of Latin making these so called Latinos nothing but imposters and pretenders to not only the Latino name but everything else associated with Spain or Spanish.

      Spain conquered these original Aztecs or Myans 500 yrs ago around 1510 they not only forced their European white language on these indian Asian migrant savage pagans but also forced the religion on them and used Spanish names to label most everything. All of these red race mongoloids were labeled New Spaniards and the nation called New Spain. Less than 50,000 of them lived in the “northern territory” of what is now the border states. Actually less than a couple thousand lived in what is now California in 1821 only 185 yrs when they assumed the name Mexicans and Mexico named for the Valley Of Mexica. If only a couple thousand lived in California as earlier as 1821 then in 1510 when they were defeated by Spain there were probably zero of these Myans or Azecs living there thus they have absolutely no claim to the state whatsoever as the Aztec and Myan empires were thousands of miles away to the southeast. Spics are therefore lying and ignorant about alleging they ever owned California even before 1510. This is a 100% lie making all their jew media claims as 100% bogus.

      Mexico only came into existence in 1821.

      Texas kicked all the rest of the ex-New Spaniards out in the Mexican-American war in 1848.

      Lay to rest all of these lies. Advise these spics that they not only speak white mans language Spanish and worship white mans religion but also that they NEVER owned any of the border states they allege to own and all of the Spanish or Latin names in the southwest and west are 100% European white named so they cant continue to use the word association of all the Latino or Latin white names.

      Dispel this myth the jews allow to fester. Names like “Los Angeles” or The Angels are WHITE EUROPEAN names named by European Spain. Italy and Spain both played a role in the west coast names with Valdez and Balboa.

      San Francisco is a Spanish white man name for Saint Francis. Las Vegas in Nevada is a white man name for The Meadows in white man tongue Spanish.

      Dont allow these ex-Asian ex-New Spaniards to get away with claiming they own Spanish. These imposters are not real Latinos at all. They were forced to speak Spanish and probably spoke some mumbo jumbo Asian tongue before Spain conquered them 500 yrs ago.

      The real trick by the jew media is allowing whites to think spics speak their native tongue and that they owned all the border states and this is why they are named for Spanish names everywhere and on the west coast. This is all a jew lie.

      Jews are craftily allowing whites also to reject Spanish in America because it is a Mexican tongue and this is a lie obviously when in fact it is a white mans language.

      Reverse psychology is a tool the jew media serpents use and even the best white brains are tricked by such simplicity.

      Whites need to understand that Mexicans NEVER owned the border states. Their empires were in what is now Mexico since 1821. Mexicans also speal Spanish only because they were conquered by the white man and this is not their true language since in olden times the conquered were required to learn the victors tongue for many reasons but mainly because of intepretation and comprehension. Mexicans and spanish speaker non-whites prove this today when they use Spanish to hide their conversations with English speakers speaking 2 languages. This is why these illegal scumbags need to be executed on the spot since America does not require English only in todays modern puke diverse puke multicultural society due to the jew protection of the niggers and spics.

      Whites are ignorant about their own race, their own history and their own tongues.

      Europe is the headquarters and always has been for the entire white race and the white man religion and involves many different white languages that while different are still under the total umbrella of the European Caucasian white man race and this includes the many tongues who came to America including the Spanish and Italians who actually discovered this land for Europe, English, French, German, Swedes, Portugese, Russian, and others. These Europeans warred with each other as family members all do but they were self contained as one white race of Europe collectively.

      Mexicans are a red race from Asia originally. Niggers are from Africa as part of the Negroid race and only got here due to jew slavery that was not only the biggest mistake ever made by the white race but has been the biggest destroyer of the white race with their jew tool masters.

      Whites need to stop destroying their own Spanish language and start reminding these imposter lying ignorant Mexican spics that Spanish is not their native tongue but a white man tongue and that the border states were never owned by any spics thus all their re-conquitor lies are born of pure 100% ignorance and brainwash by the jew media who knows the truth but refuses to allow it because whites and spics are brainwashed into thinking Spanish is not from the white race.

      All of this could have been avoided had Spain not allowed these spics to have their independence in 1821 and would have continued with their nation called New Spain in the same way the French kept Quebec.

      Spanish is no more a spic tongue than English is a nigger tongue since Africans shipped here as slaves were required to ditch their native nigger babble and speak only English otherwise be shot or hanged. No exceptions.

      The border states are also no more spic owned than niggers owned the states they were slaves in. Lets dispel this jew lie that whites never even thought about in their brainwash. Spics only crossed into California and Texas and Arizona because jews gave them the green light in DC in 1965.

      Whites should only be living in California. Whites should only be living in Texas. Whites should only be living in Arizona. etc etc. Obviously you would have a few niggers there but no spics.

      Spics never owned any of it. Spain owned it. Dispel the jew myth lies. Educate ignorant brainwashed whites. Spanish is a white man language. Dont know it. Spics are imposters to Spanish.

      Dispel all jew lies and jew myths and jew brainwash. Take nothing for granted. Learn the truth. Kill the jew and then the dirt comes out of the wash and everything is white again clean and pure.

    3. DMS Says:

      Sounds like Simpson Strong-Tie epoxy. The stuff works great if you use it right, hardly at all if you do it half-assed. One of the critical things is that the hole in the concrete must be thoroughly cleaned of all dust and drilling debris. Another is that the epoxy must be injected into the hole in a manner that does not cause air pockets.

    4. maria Says:

      fuck all you crackers, it’s about mexico bitches!