20 July, 2006

The Churchill Chuffers

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He was a mass-murdering drunk who sold out to jews first time he had the chance, but that doesn’t stop him from being admired by those who call themselves Americans and conservatives.  Follow Giddy Gingrich at your own risk, real American: he’ll sell your son into military slavery given half a chance. For what higher calling have we lower life forms than to die for Israel?


Here Israel lies that it has halved Hezbollah’s military power.

Fox to the contrary, the overwhelming majority of Americans want no part of Israel’s attack on Lebanon.

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  7. 3 Responses to “The Churchill Chuffers”

    1. Lutjens Says:

      Overwhelming majority of Americans? What, 600+ people? Fuck that. Who cares what those idiots think. The US should intervene, by dropping a 10 megaton nuke on Tel Aviv and disintegrating their missile silos. Our nuke subs should find theirs and sink them to the bottom of the ocean. It is also time to exile the sheenies from our midst. It is US military hardware given to lunatics causing this. Only the US can fix this.

    2. confederate Says:

      cnn is reporting that congo leeza rice will leave for the middle east on sunday. no word yet if the u.s. will prevent her return. we can only hope.
      stay tuned.

    3. Jew Sniffing Dog Says:

      actually, i think israel should expand its borders a bit more, then shove all the jews over there, ALL OF THEM, and let them prey aupon themselves.
      johnny the jew does make ONE GOOD POINT: we shouldn’t necessarily wish israel would cease to exist; for christ’s sake, we’d have a few more million of them blood-sucking us over here in our lands.
      we should make it a condition for jews who support israel to forcibly be re-located there, permanently.