21 July, 2006

‘The Eternal Jew’

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“The Eternal Jew” and Why It Still Matters Today

The Nazi-produced film “The Eternal Jew” [1940] is a black-and-white documentary which is often grainy/sort of unfocused, and which has an “old” feel and appearance to it in general.

But nonetheless, it is also a film which is still important today. In fact, it should be considered a “must see” documentary. Why? Mainly because it shows what very few other films do: it shows the Jewish people as outsiders, as “aliens,” as people who aren’t White or Western and who should not have entered White societies in the first place. That message is very important, and seeing it – rather than just reading it – makes the message even more powerful.

“The Eternal Jew” also highlights a sick Jewish practice: the ritual, kosher slaughter of farm animals via the cutting of the animals’ throats. The animals are left to bleed to death. This cruel habit is shown in graphic detail – so much so that squeamish viewers may want to skip that part of the film.

“The Eternal Jew” can be viewed online, or, it can be purchased as a DVD or videotape [in our opinion, DVD or video is the better choice for best picture quality]:

Online: [note: if you have a dial-up computer connection, it may take awhile to download]:
http://www.solargeneral.com/library/video.php [scroll about 1/3 down the page]
http://www.american-thule-society.org/video.htm [scroll about 3/4 down the page]

On DVD or video: here.

Or: here.

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  7. 7 Responses to “‘The Eternal Jew’”

    1. jackumup Says:

      SAW the Film, Two thumbs up I grew up with Jews in my neighborhood looks and acts just like the ones in the film.

    2. Shabbos Shabazz Says:

      I saw this last night on The History Channel. . .

      Actually, this is well done and needs widest distribution.

    3. Graachus Says:

      This was the film that started me questioning everything I’d been told about the second world war. Growing up poor in NYC I learned from Kindergarten that jews and other SHPOS (sub-human pieces of shit) were nothing like pbs and the public school system insisted they were, but this film was the cap-stone on a lifetime of observation (and abuse) in the belly of the beast. I showed it to my wife when we were dating and her reaction is why she’s my wife now and the mother of my children. She came from Europe to work as a nanny for a jewish family and was kept as a virtual slave until she managed to escape them. She was very easy to convince as a result and only needed to see it all put together, which this film does with typical teutonic efficiency. I keep multiple copies on HD, CD, VHS and DVD just so it won’t be lost before I can show it to my kids. That’s how important I feel this film to be. It should be left around like those ubiquitous AOL cd’s, there are so many people who are sitting the fence and need just that push to get them over. We’re gonna need everyone we can get to rebuild when the time comes.

    4. alex Says:

      Great story! The film is powerful..

      Remember, the jew who denounces nazis for making the inevitable rat/roach analogy uses the same to describe us when we leave the cities full of loosed niggers. In other words, both jew and nazi compare their opponent to vermin, but only one of their comparisons fits!

    5. Sara Says:

      wow you guys are fucking retarded
      none of this is true
      its all propaganda
      this is one of the things hitler did to turn people against the jews
      so People would be mean to them
      and by making people hate jews
      it would be easier for him or his nazis or SS men or whatever to capture them
      people need to get over this whole jew hatred shit.
      Remember, it was all hitler who turned people against jews because he wanted a perfect race.
      so lying about them, and saying that they did awful shit made people hate them

    6. jane banett Says:

      its pretty bad that people can still believe the movie today. I mean it was practically a fsilure back then because its so full of lies. I mea hteres no difference between jews, christians, catholics and whatever alse is out there but what they believe. So to say they look different is just ridiculous. The only reason this movie was made was because Hitler wanted someone to blame and he thought why not the Jews.

      And if someone is not a good person and they are Jew doesn’t mean all Jews are bad. I mean you wouldn’t judge all the blond guys in the world by the actions of just one. So this is propaganda and it is not even effective. If you get sucked into this you are just a mindless puppet being brainwashed by the media. BY very bad media which is not subtle.

    7. Paul Says:

      The links are gone now. Nobody seemed to notice?