3 July, 2006

Truth is No Defense #22 Released

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The New Paradigm

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  7. 6 Responses to “Truth is No Defense #22 Released”

    1. Olde Dutch Says:

      Geoff…One of your better broadcasts.

      I think you understand that we are engaged in a public relations & publicity war with the judeo-plutocrats who are turning America into a turd world cesspool.

      Going all the way back to the days of our colonial ancestors the plutocrats have attempted to turn America into a mestizo/zambo nation. Everytime the elite have tried to ruin White America they have been stopped. Bacon’s rebellion is the most known & the earliest example of White political power opposed to turd worldization.

      We do have the new twist today in that the elite are sharing power with a non-White, non-Christian alien elite—the jews.

      One note of caution. Today the jew historians are attempting to make Bacon’s Rebellion a multicultural event. That’s how scared the jews are that we may interpert our own history of that and similar American events.

      Regarding Alex Linder. Many wished Alex a Happy Birthday. I hope that many of you also sent him a donation for his birthday. Politics costs money & Alex has pointed out that he does not have a source of independent income. I realize many of you donate generously. But, many need to put a little money where their finger dance. I’m sure even a few dollars would be appreciated.

    2. subterraneon homesick racist Says:

      your best broadcast to date (that i’ve heard).
      keep going.

    3. New America Says:

      I sent some money to Alex last month, and I’ll do that EVERY month.

      Beck’s concept of a new Paradigm is accurate; we have been dispossessed from our own country, and now have absolutely – I repat, ABSOLUTELY – no alternative whatsoever but to INTENTIONALLY form our own NATION, which will largely exist IN America, but not be OF what America has become.

      The Leadership chose to turn America from a nation/state into an empire/state, and the tool used to define “empire” is multiculturalism. Racial unity, you have a nation AND a country largely coexisting in the same place, at the same time. Multiculturalism is the ultimate “divide and conquer” tool, and it is the ONE cultural policy ALL of out political leaders can be counted upon to support.


      Simply, we sacrificed control of the Culture, through the Culture-Defining Institutions, to our implacable RACIAL enemy, the Jew. The first generation to be rasied pretty much solely on television, and color television, at that, became the generation that ACTIVELY rejected the foundations of their national and cultural – read “RACIAL” – greatness.

      These idiots now control the reigns of national power at all levels of the bureaucracy, and are fully intent upon committing national suicide.

      I noticed Lane Kirkland, leader of the labor movement, flying over America in a Learjet, and wearing thousand dollar suits, in response to the OPEC oil embargo of 1973-74.

      My father told me stories of the Great UAW Strikes of the Thirties, when the CLASS lines were very clearly defined along ECONOMIC lines.

      Now, we literally worship our Enemies, and have adopted their values to the exclusion of our ancestors; seen any whiggers lately?

      In my few quiet moments, I reread “Imperium,” and keep an eye of that wonderful “big picture,” while reminding myself of the words of Savitri Devi – “The NSDAP was only one example, in one place, at one time, of a National Socialist society.” The contemporary example of the economics of the historically etnically homogeneous Scandinavian nations preoves the truth of her insight.

      To give credit where credit is due, we ARE beginning – way too late in the Game, for this cultural moment – to form the idea of the organic unity of Western Civilization, and the White RACE. Full thanks are due Peter Shank, our most articulate analyst in this regard, and Alex Linder, our most articulate cultural counterprogrammer.

      Bob Whitaker’s profound insight, which we should all carry on 3 x 5 cards to review during the day, is that when the Jew-controlled System Media uses the terms “racial problem” or “race problem,” they mean WHITE PEOPLE.

      When they use the word “RACISM,”they mean whatever WHITE PEOPLE do that separates us from the Africans…

      The Answer will be a long time in coming, and, quite frankly, probably too late for this country AS WE KNOW IT.

      The ideas expressed by Harold Covington in his Northwest Trilogy of books, and of Edgar Steel in “Defensive Racism,” all stnad on the same demographic foundation Beck refers to – demographically, America as we knew it is DONE, and it will be replaced by the governance model of Mexico and other Third World Countries – strong men, who work for billionaires, will JOYOUSLY reduce America to third World status.

      Our uneducated grandchildren shall certainly curse us in Spanglish, unless we begin NOW to form, as the Founders did, a new NATION in the country that is currently occupied and controlled by our Enemies…

      New America!

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    4. goyfire fan Says:

      i’m making a personal appeal to alex and company to put up another show RIGHT NOW.

    5. GB Says:

      I second that appeal. His style and talent cannot be duplicated.

    6. brutus Says:


      Excellent show. Well said!

      I particularly enjoyed the description of the mud woman.

      I like to refer to them as little brown potato people. I agree that they are aesthetically repugnant, as is everything else manipulated by the jew. And it’s interesting to note that the jew’s media presentation of these mexicans never look anything like the gnarly little gnomes that we see crawling all over WalMart and everywhere else. On TV, we never see the greasy cowboy-boot-wearing diminutive beaner with beady eyes so close together that he could almost be a Cyclops. Nor do we see those disturbingly ugly squat and barrel-chested Mayan squaws with pinched ass-cheeks and their ever-present litter of five or six unruly little brown clones. The jew always shows us a more Europeanized hispanic. Tall, with a majority of good-looking White features. The jew thinks he’s slick, just like when he shows us the human-like niggers on TV. But we’re on to the kike’s game and we’re telling people about it.

      The rest of the show was spot on! Bravo!

      Your shows are well presented and you are quickly becoming the voice of White Nationalism. Thank you, and keep up the good work!