10 July, 2006

Vot a Cuntry! Another Sports-Nigger Gang Rape

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fresnorape.jpg Calif. Cops: More Arrests Likely in Rape
By OLIVIA MUNOZ , 07.10.2006, 10:21 PM

Police said Monday that more arrests are likely in a rape case involving an 11-year-old girl who may have been attacked by as many as 10 men.

Two arrests have been made in the Saturday attack, and officials said they have identified eight others as persons of interest. Most or all are students at either Fresno City College or Reedley College, police said.

The alleged victim went to an apartment complex on Saturday night to visit an acquaintance, said police spokesman Jeff Cardinale. While she was inside one of the apartments, she allegedly was sexually assaulted multiple times by several men.

The girl fled the apartment and sought help from a couple on the street, who called police. She suffered no serious physical injuries, but was taken to a hospital for an examination and is now in the care of Child Protective Services.

mackeydavis.gif Mackey Davis [right – note that (William George) “Mackey Davis” was a Confederate general, of all things], 20, and Eddie Scott, 19, were arrested on suspicion of child molestation with a victim under 14 and oral copulation with a victim under 18. Both were being held on $100,000 bail.

The rape allegedly took place in apartments that house some Fresno City College football players. Davis and Scott were students at Reedley and may have been in the process of transferring to Fresno City College, Cardinale said.

“We’re very much concerned about what’s going on,” said Ned Doffoney, president of Fresno City College. “Right now we just want to look into what ties there are with the college and make sure that everyone’s rights are being respected.”

Officials at Reedley College said they were working with police and did not want to comment on an ongoing investigation.

It was not immediately clear if Davis and Scott had attorneys Monday.

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  7. 34 Responses to “Vot a Cuntry! Another Sports-Nigger Gang Rape”

    1. alex Says:

      We’ll see how many niggers are involved, and whether Newsweek runs a cover story.

    2. alex Says:

      Fresno City College background… They’re the rams, you know.

      They’re very proud of the percentage of nigballers they forward to four-year non-penal institutions. If that ain’t higher education, this aint AmeriKwa.

      Three of the first five forwardingos: Dion, Roosevelt, Marcus


      Here’s the media guide, where you can verify that most FCC “ballers” are non-white.


      FCC appears to have a nigger president.

      Here’s Reedley College, which I’ve never heard, probably a new thing for a new city to serve some of the 350 billion peoplelike creatures arrived in California over the last 2.5 years.


      Were you the one who voted to allow jews to rewrite our immigration policies to naturalize the third world? No? Me either.

      Appears they have vid clips of their grid-groids in action…


    3. alex Says:

      I am a health worker employed in a rural region of South Africa (I wish to remain anonymous).

      In this past week alone I saw two boys (6 and 8 years old) who had been repeatedly sodomised. Now they are having nightmares, cannot control their bowel function, are fighting with other children. One of them has contracted a sexually transmitted disease.

      Probably the worst part is that one of the boys was raped 2 YEARS ago. After the dossier going missing at the police station and other acts of total indifference by the authorities, the case is finally going to trial. How does the child interpret this? – he thinks he is to blame – you can add tremendous guilt and self-hate to his list of symptoms!!

      If this wasnt bad enough, his teacher has told all of his classmates what happened (after the family confided in her) .Now the child is being teased mercilessly and has very little trust in adults / caretakers.



    4. Orion Says:

      Hey! Now maybe the FILTHY PIGS in Fresno might let that couple the arrested for lawfully assembling GO? No. These niggers will be walking in no time, with the help of jewish lawyers, no doubt.

      The blood redemption grows day by day.

    5. alex Says:

      Nigger “president” be all about rights bein’ respetted an’ shit. When nigs be the imaginary victims, why, it be all about justice.

      A great big house of niggers gang raping what appears to be a white girl.

      Sounds like America to me.

    6. alex Says:

      Duke White students were FALSELY ACCUSED of rape by a nigger stripper – and the jews made sure it ran on every tv network and in every newspaper and newsmagazine.

      How many reports on this genuine nigger on UNDERAGE GIRL GANG RAPE will appear anywhere?

      This country is a joke and it has been for a long time. A joke with atom bombs, maybe, but a great big red white and blue joke.

    7. alex Says:


      America allowed jews to turn being-a-nigger into a credential, and now we’re surprised at the result.

    8. alex Says:

      According to this black source, ALL of the suspects are NIGGERS. EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM.

      Two Men Arrested, Eight Others Sought in Rape of 11-Year-Old Fresno Girl

      Date: Tuesday, July 11, 2006
      By: Michael H. Cottman, BlackAmericaWeb.com and Associated Press

      As many as 10 black men — most of them current or former football players at local junior colleges — may be responsible for the rape of an 11-year-old Latino girl in Fresno, California, police told BlackAmericaWeb.com Monday.

      Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said Monday that the 11-year-old victim and another juvenile identified as 15-year-old Jamie Gonzales ran away from a Fresno group home on Friday, June 7.

      Fresno police took a missing persons/runaway juvenile report and broadcasted it to all patrol units. Police believe Gonzales may have been with the victim at the Fresno-area apartment complex where the rape took place that houses several members of the Fresno City College football team.

      Police said Gonzales was not a victim of sexual assault herself, but may have socialized with or knew the suspects. However, the Fresno Police Department said it’s concerned for Gonzales’ safety and is asking for the media’s help in finding her.

      Police arrested two men in connection with the rape Saturday night, and officials said they identified eight others as persons of interest in the case. Most or all are students at either Fresno City College or Reedley College, police said.

      Mackey Davis, 20, and Eddie Scott, 19, both black, were arrested on one count each of child molestation with a victim under 14 and oral copulation with a victim under 18. Both were being held Sunday at Fresno County Jail on $100,000 bail.

      Fresno police spokesman Jeff Cardinale told BlackAmericaWeb.com that all of the men suspected of raping the girl are also black.

      “We do know that a sexual assault did occur,” Chief Dyer said at a televised news conference, noting that physical evidence had been obtained at the site that “substantiates the victim’s account.”

      Dyer told The Fresno Bee that other arrests are likely in the case he described as “tragic” and “disturbing.”

      “It’s a tragedy on two fronts,” Dyer said. “Number one is that you have an 11-year-old victim that was obviously taken advantage of by a number of individuals and sexually assaulted. What heightens the tragedy is the fact that these are individuals that we believe to be attending our local colleges and involved in our athletic program, playing football for at least one of these colleges.”

      The victim, a runaway from a group home, went to the Villa Hermosa apartments in southwest Fresno on Saturday night to visit an acquaintance who lived there, said Cardinale.

      While she was inside one of the units, she allegedly was sexually assaulted multiple times by several men, he said.

      The girl then fled the apartment and sought the help of a couple walking on the street. They called police around 9 p.m., Cardinale said.

      According to the Bee, “the football players occupy two of the complex’s apartments. The apartments are separated by a courtyard. Five live in the second-floor apartment where the alleged assault occurred; three others live in a bottom-floor apartment about 50 yards away, Smith said. Two additional players — it’s not clear where they would live — arrived during the past weekend.â€?

      Nicole Smith, 27, told the Fresno Bee that some of the players are originally from Florida, but they played in Memphis, Tenn., last season.

      They all moved into the complex within the past month and were excited about the upcoming season, Smith told the newspaper.

      “They were just getting ready for school to get started — and the season,” she said.

      The Bee said “some of the players showed Smith video of their past games and scrapbooks that included newspaper articles about their games and accomplishments. Over the past two weeks, two or three players went for evening runs to get in shape. They also went to a local gym, according to Smith.�

      “For the time they’ve been here, they haven’t thrown any wild parties,” she told reporters. “They haven’t been doing anything crazy. They stay in the apartment. … I feel bad for them. That’s just their life thrown away for something that childish.”

      The victim, who suffered no serious physical injuries, was taken to University Medical Center for an examination.

      Calls and e-mails to the Fresno City athletic department were not immediately returned. Calls to Reedley went unanswered.

      KFSN-TV reported that officials from both schools had planned to meet to discuss what course of action to take.

      Chief Dyer has asked the California Department of Justice to “fast-track� the processing of physical evidence.


    9. alex Says:

      Which will be the first jew-produced prime-time drama to depict a case in which a runaway nigger girl is raped by a dorm full of White football players?

    10. alex Says:

      The black source above says the girl is “Latino.”

    11. jimbo Says:


      here’s another one they tried to ‘memory hole’!

    12. jimbo Says:

      re: anon ‘health worker’
      ‘I am a health worker employed in a rural region of South Africa (I wish to remain anonymous).
      In this past week alone I saw two boys (6 and 8 years old) who had been repeatedly sodomised’

      is this a black-on-white crime or what?
      please be specific.
      why should WNs care one whit what niggas do or don’t do to each other?

    13. jimbo Says:

      re: previous cmmnt

      the crimexposouthafrica site doesn’t work too good!

    14. jimbo Says:

      re: prvs prvs cmmnts!

      proves once again what i said on VNN forum:
      the overwhelming majority of child molesters are either niggs or yoos
      white, male heterosexuals are being accused @ an alarming rate of this ‘crime’ on the flimsiest of ‘evidence’ while the real perps walk free as birds!
      WNs should be very sceptical indeed when such allegations are made against white, male heterosexuals as this amply demonstrates

    15. CZ Says:

      Is there a fan of VNN who could translate the meaningful elements of this story into spanish? Dropping flyers with the story of a gang rape of an 11 year old latino girl by niggers in spic infested areas can only help us.

    16. Biff Baxter Says:

      Oy! An outrage, itz! Call the screenwriter, tell’im to go to work!

      FAR SHOT

      A tiny negress runaway girl, shivering in the rain and kvetching …



      A large muscular white football player suddenly enters the frame, cock hanging from the open zipper on his pants.


      “Okay, it’s time to put those bluegums to work, bitch! Get down on it, there’s nothing more I enjoy than slave monkey lips doing the nasty on my shlong! I’m evil and a creature of impulse! I can’t control my own sexual urges and must have them satisfied – now!”

    17. Mark Says:

      Rape is the standard in Africa. Very few African females make it to adulthood without having been raped. These people need to evolve, there is no doubt, they need help. However, pretending we’re all the same, and loading the third world into the first world is certainly not the solution. The problem with the majority of blacks is they won’t take responsibility for their people. They’re too busy hating white people and fighting for their “rights”. They will only improve when they are by themselves and separate from whites. Racial separation is good for whites and blacks.

    18. Biff Baxter Says:

      They’ll never improve. The idea of “improvement” as something that happens naturally and organically only applies to white societies.

      You had the right idea about separation, however. We’ll certainly improve in their absence.

    19. Will Says:

      “America allowed jews to turn being-a-nigger into a credential, and now we’re surprised at the result.”

      “I is black” is all the nigger’s resume need state when Keyshawn gets his stroll on into the Fortune 500 company in search of gainful employment an’ shit. All the qualifications are automatic.

    20. Antagonistes Says:

      When the Christian Churches learn of this there will be holy hell!

    21. George Crane Says:

      More TNB [Typical Nigger Behavior]. This is the one who murdered a woman, as stated, because she was white and had blond hair; thus “had to die.”


      New York reaps what is sowed? Just a short while ago, back during that social unrest of the 1860’s, New York was quite proud to murder good, decent Confederate men (and teenage White men) so that New York’s niggers can rape its women and murder more blonds. (Hope the New York grandsons are proud of what their grandfathers did for them.)

      This nigger should have been executed long ago by any legitimate government; in which case, the woman would still have a life.

    22. alex Says:

      Please post here if you see any coverage of this rape on ESPN. I checked the website, there was a small mention on their “page 2.” ESPN ran literally hundreds of articles on the Duke hoax.

    23. lawrence dennis Says:

      From the first article above, we see how the ‘rights’ of the ‘suspects’ are ‘protected’ by the ‘journalist’ OLIVIA MUNOZ:

      “The alleged victim…”
      “…she allegedly was sexually assaulted multiple times…”
      “The rape allegedly took place…”

    24. Celtic Warrior Says:

      There is a posting on Heretical.com to the effect that ‘congoid Africans’ are probably a variant of long extinct Homo Erectus! How likely is this? If true and the information is widely disseminated the consequences are likely to be earth shattering.

    25. GB Says:

      Where is commentary by La Voz de Aztlan?


      10 niggers rape a Mexi girl and nothing from the reconquistas?

    26. -JC Says:

      Fresno County was once a good place to live. After attending summer session, during registration at my first semester at FCC, I confronted the administration about the supposed requirement to purchase an Associate Student Body card from the cashier as the last step to enrollment. It presented a hardship for many students and, if it was truly required– like stepping forwarding during forced military induction (draft), why was I “asked” to do it. It turned out that it was optional, the Dean of Men– a football coach and welding teacher– tried to intimidate me into keeping quiet. Seems most of the take paid for the electricity for the stadium lights. The student body president and their newspaper were pleased to publish my discovery. I attended 18 months before transferring to Fresno State without anyone connected with the college so much as giving me a dirty look. How times have changed. FCC and Fresno State in the late 60’s was where I first observed MEChA http://www.azteca.net/aztec/mecha. Today Fresno is essentially no different from Southern California, arguably one of the worst places in America. It is amazing how the nation has gone down the toilet since 1965.

    27. .50 sniper Says:


    28. van helsing Says:

      i am simply not sure that Kali, esp Socal, is worth saving at this point. All this crap tends to put a different spin on why pro foobah hasnt jammed a team back into LA. Whites are leaving, soccer fans are moving in, and africoids are merely doing what comes naturally. No wonder the Romans simply considered them entertainment, like circus animals…

    29. Jack smith Says:

      “I have a dream” has turned out to be a nightmare! You can take the negro out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of the negro!

      Equal opportunity huh? You take the negro out of the ghetto, give them money, try to educate, Ha! that’s a laugh, and the negros turn around and rape an 11 year old! Let’s hear it for equal oppurtunity!

    30. tania Says:

      Hey didnt know there were so many stupid white people untill I read the comments on this blog. Gosh are you guys for real???????

    31. S.A. Smith Says:

      What, tania, not a single cross word for the rapists of this young girl? And to the rest of you, “latino” does not necessarily mean non-white. “Latino” is not a racial designation, regardless of what the idiots at La Raza might have you believe.

    32. Locky Says:

      And then you may get a nigger to be your president. America and the UK were on the wrong side in WW2 now we all lose our national identity through multicultural nonsence. If the nazi’s has not of gone in to Russia and lost in stalingrad things would be very different today and people in the world would have a national identity.

    33. Wes Freeman Says:

      Don’t waste time arresting these scum bags, Castrate and then hang them by the neck until they are dead.

    34. white Better Says:

      NO nigger president!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111