13 August, 2006


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[Reader writes:]

If you like this: شده بود تا ايران به بازار مصرف

Then you’re gonna love this:


This guy is amazing. He will not be out-done.
Iran’s president has launched a Web log, using his first entry to recount his poor upbringing and ask visitors to the site if they think the United States and Israel want to start a new world war.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, whose speeches are riddled with anti-U.S. rhetoric, also described how he was angered by American meddling in Iran even when he was at elementary school.

Ahmadinejad swept to a surprise victory in last year’s presidential race by promising the country’s poor a fairer share of Iran’s oil wealth and emphasizing his own humble origins that led many to vote for him as an “outsider” to Iran’s ruling elite.

“During the era that … living in a city was perfection, I was born in a poor family in a remote village,” he wrote in a blog dated Friday, after opening with Islamic greetings.

His origins as the son of “a hard-bitten toiler blacksmith” may have been humble, but he says he excelled at school where he said he came 132nd out of 400,000 in exams to enter university.

As well as promising a better life to the poor, Ahmadinejad has sought to bolster support by refusing to bow to what he says is Western pressure to stop Iran’s civilian nuclear program. The West says Iran is building an atomic bomb.

His defiance in the stand-off with the West has often played well in the Muslim world, where many are angered by U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East.

Analyst Saeed Laylaz said the site — available in Persian, Arabic, English and French at www.ahmadinejad.ir — may be seeking to win support from abroad.

“Do you think that the U.S. and Israeli intention and goal by attacking Lebanon is pulling the trigger for another world war?” the president asks visitors to the site, offering them the choice to vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

Ahmadinejad describes how in the first grade at school — for those aged about seven — he read newspapers with the help of adults about how the then shah of Iran gave Americans living in Iran immunity from prosecution under Iranian laws.

“I realized that Mohammad Reza (Shah) attempted to add another page to the vicious case history which was the humiliation and indignity of the Iranian people versus Americans,” he said.

He describes listening ardently to the speeches of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the shah’s vociferous critic and later leader of the 1979 Islamic revolution that overthrew the monarchy.

He also discusses Iran’s bloody 1980-1988 war with Iraq, in which Ahmadinejad fought as a Revolutionary Guard.

But he admitted his opening blog, which runs to more than 2,300 words in the English version, was too long. “From now onwards, I will try to make it simpler and shorter,” he wrote.
The White House must be seething! Watch Bush start a blog next week.


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  7. 10 Responses to “Ahmedineblog!”

    1. Antagonistes Says:

      You have to admire this guy.

      They really want to get him. “He was one of the terrorists who kidnapped our embassy personnel during the Carter years! See, here is his picture!”

      Did the guy have a nose-job, or something? From what I can see, the noses of the guy they claim was the young Ahmadinejad and the one today DO NOT MATCH. Am I crazy . . . am I the only one who has seen this? Am I imagining things?

    2. Ahmadingyjihad the Falsi Speaks Says:

      Ahmadingyjihad on 60 Minutes tonight with Jew Wallace.

      First he says Hoax is Hoax, followed by if there was Hoax, why isn’t Israel in Germany?

      Wallace asks why wipe Israel from map? Sure: Dingy gonna wipe Farsi Jews from Iran? … Sounds like he’s wiping the asses of the true Axis of Evil: Jew York, Lox Angeles, & San Franfreako. What about Minyami Beach? … Chicagoah?

      Dingy quotes the UN. Says people in world should just get along these days.

      Says America & Britain support Israel too much. No hint nor mention of ZOG [or it was edited? … I seriously doubt it].

      Falsi Flaggot prepping Iran for ZOG boycott/invasion.

    3. America First Says:

      Haaaaahaaahaaa, does any one think twig could write 2000 words by him self that a person with an I.Q, over 95 would or could read it. Seriously.

    4. ftwainth Says:

      Yes, this is a Man. How sad, that the Arabs now show the character we are accustomed to see in Aryan man, when White youth are often wanting much in this regard

    5. brutus Says:

      I Saw Mahmoud Ahmadinejad interviewed by Kike Wallace on 60 Minutes. Ahmadinejad came across as sincere and as a rather decent man. Wallace is nothing more then a jew shill and very difficult for me to watch without kicking a hole in the screen of my TV.

      Surely by the jew’s editors, the important questions weren’t allowed to be answered. For example, “Why does President of Iran call for the annihilation of israel?”

      Wallace did mention the 40,000 suicide bombers that Ahmadinejad promised if we try to nuke his country. Ahmadinejad artfully didn’t respond to that probe.

      I was amazed that 60 minutes didn’t do more of a hatchet job on him, especially in the after-interview segment. This tells me that the jew is either playing with Ahmadinejad or they are desperately afraid of him.

      I wrote a congratulatory message to Ahmadinejad on his new blog. I also gave a plug to GOVNN.com, let’s see if it makes it through the censors and vast volume of other messages that he’s sure to receive.

    6. Always Suspicious Says:

      I hope he’s not really working for Izzreal, forcing the issue to make sure the war with Iran goes as ‘scheduled’ for the haters of all mankind.

    7. Zoroastro Says:

      There’s something to be said about this man’s courage and integrity. He has far more in common with men like Jefferson, Washington, than any of the present-day Amerikwans! The Declaration of Independence was created by men of such uncompromising moral greatness.
      I really admire him. Usually I wouldn’t touch any “politician” with a shyte stained stick.

    8. Glenn Miller Says:

      I watched about 15 minutes of his TV interview by Kike-Mike Wallace. I found him to be very chrismatic, though in a non-Aryan sort of way. His smile seemed noble as well as disarming. And the kike could not rile him. But I’ll bet the best parts of the interview ended up on the cutting room floor. Still, he kicked the kike’s ass.

    9. Mati The Estonian Says:

      I dont trust politican – not before I can see his/hers real works – something like uncle Adolf http://www.the7thfire.com/new_world_order/life_in_the_third_reich.htm
      – sometimes I give them Benefith Of Tought – and at this moment I am ready to give him one BOT…
      at least his rethorics are good and should US all remaind the shit we standing in our respectful countrys – kikes are over our heads :-(

    10. -JC Says:

      I can’t find his blog in English but the link on the blog page to president.ir has an English option, including the ability to e-mail him. I’m not convinced that everyone in the world hates Americans just because the media tells us so; many nations have corrupt rulers and imperial government operations. I think it is a part of the pysop. Part of the dividing & conquering strategy is the fact that it is easier to hate someone who you think hates you.

      Democracy depends on ignorant 19-year-olds for soldiers and voters. I recall that young GIs frequently had nothing laying around except Playboy and, after they’d done their business with the photos, those who could read frequently digested Austrian Jew Heffner’s left-liberal-libertine “Playboy Philosophy.”

      Pretty much anything goes today, with morality and manners pretty much relics of the past. What Heffner facilitated ruined America– and the fact that many young people don’t recognize it only testifies to how insidious, pervasive, and effective it was. It was the prelude to MTV, etc., which would never have been tolerated in America when I was a young man. I have a hard time blaming Islamic nations for not wanting their young men and women exposed to Judeo-American popular culture. Perhaps that is what George II means by “they hate our freedom.”

      A story on NPR, listened-to because of outstanding musical programming in my area, paid-for for the most part with extored tax money, recently noted that the local University of California campus is one of the top feminist, lesbian, gay, and– get this– “transgendered” FRIENDLY schools in the nation. Its not enough that they are facilitating the mestizo invasion of Norte California, Federal tax money is advertising for sexual/gender perverts to come here.

      Here’s the response of an American man my age to it all: http://www.conspiracypenpal.com/rants/theyhate.htm