3 August, 2006

Bottleheart Background

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on Free Live Talk your were talking about Gibson’s wealth. His bio page on the Internet Movie Database says he is the wealthiest actor in the whole world:


Gibson has an estimated fortune of $850 million, according to the “Los Angeles Business Journal”. The size of his fortune makes him the 47th richest person in the Los Angeles area and the wealthiest actor in the world.

Maybe he can use some of his prodigious wealth to remake “The Wizard of Oz,” and feature himself as an old drunk in search of a testicle.

I’d tell the ADLpates to stuff it,
That the Holocaust is rubbish –
If I only had a ball.

Foolish Mel set the machinery in motion by apologizing. It would have been as cool as holding out your hand and then yanking your fingers back through your hair if he had issued a press release apologizing for drunk driving and…-30-.

The jews can do nothing until you lift your leg and submit to their ‘anti-semite’ scam by accepting the terms of the debate: that non-jews are morally guilty creatures who must prove to the jews through money and groveling that they are worthy of being allowed to set up habitaticule in their own private Gaza.

Now Gibson gets to enjoy the forced march through the global monomedia gauntlet to the Wailing Wall, where he’ll have a hate hat slapped on his head, and be encouraged to compose his face as to resemble a cat pregnant with shit. Then it’s on to Wiesenthal’s Wax ‘n’ Waterworks, where he can write a Shwartzsniggerian-sized check, and in return receive a pat on the back from one of the dreydl-dumplings, and perhaps a thatch of Anne Frank’s public hair in a gold-electroplated locket, the better to commemorate his complete, utter, irreversible and unnecessary shaming.

Ah, the sadness, the sadness… To poorly translate, Schiller or Goethe, I forget, The God who let middle fingers grow intended no grovelers.

As I type this, MSNBC douchebag Scarborough, who appears to have recently inhaled a balloon of levitas (ersatz gravitas mass-produced at profit by jews for facade goyim) is getting one of his kiddy kike producers drunk to “prove” that .12 on the breathalyzer does not cause the subject to emit jewtruths. Because Scrotulant Scarby knows that Mel is a hater, and he wants you to know that if no one else, he alone on this sorry mudball will stand up for anti-anti-semitism. Isn’t that gorgeous?

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    1. JimInCO Says:

      Don’t forget the requisite visit to Six Flags Auschwitz,
      walking arm in arm with Oprah Windbag and Elie Wiesel.

    2. JerseyJoe Says:

      Let’s not condem Mel yet. Mel will probably be interviewed by Barbara Walters in a month or so and she will ask him if his father is a lying anti-semetic bigot. Let’s wait for that answer.

    3. Mark Says:

      I wonder what his family, friends, and most importantly his wife, have to say about this? You know it may be more pressure from his personal relationships. I know personally that I lost nearly all of my old friends over my personal beliefs. A man in his position, it’s truly a great burden. I mean, let’s weigh the payoffs. Besides the statement itself, he shamed his name by being drunk, rude, and acting like a lowlife. So coming out against the Jews in that scenario already looks bad, being associated with bad behavior. So let’s say he stands by the comment and elaborates. Then his career tanks, he’s socially stigmatized, most of his friends and family ostracize him, his wife divorces him, he loses half of his assets to the divorce, and it’s an ongoing attack against the man in the media for months. There is no support network for people who speak the truth against the Jews or are pro-white. Barely anyone will side with someone like that. So what does he have to gain? All things considered I don’t blame him. Don’t just blame Mel, blame the white population as a whole for being complicit in creating the environment we’re in.

    4. alex Says:

      The guy has over 800 million dollars. His career can’t tank. He can produce whatever movie he wants. He’s past playing Mad Max. He’s got a bunch of kids and wife – once you have a family, outside opinions matter a lot less. His only interest now is in making movies that might give him a reputation – and just possibly building a distribution network outside the usual (read: jew-controlled) channels.

    5. Outis Says:

      Six Flags Auschwitz.


    6. The School for Wives Says:

      there might be something to the WIFE theory. women, even racially-conscious ones, are so damn wishy washy and inherintly firhgtened of external pressure (they are inherently – i can’t spell that – superficial).
      mel probably would lsoe his wife over thsi -hell, he may anywahy, and his kids – and mel doesn’t want that. god damn, the modern world sucks man ass.

    7. Raoul Says:

      According to psycho babbling kikess Nikki Finke on grovel radio KFI Los Angeles last evening, Mel is “deeply suicidal” and was prevented from wrapping himself around a tree on PCH last Thursday evening by cop encounter intervention. A close friend of Mel told Finke that Mel sees no point in living blah blah. Bottom line is insane jealousy of the likes of Spielberg who hasn’t had a hit for twenty years and would like Mel to be permanently done away with.
      Amazing how the ADL ACLU media machine goes into full operation throttle mode when a goy person of stature threatens the holy race status by impugning criminality as “maker of wars.”
      What a house of cards it all is in reality. One day it will all come toppling down amid many a shreak.

    8. jackumup Says:

      mel gibson is in the gun sights of the jews more than any other humanbeing on the planet he has children, jews invented abortion they would think nothing of killing his kid try putting yourself in his place.

      Remember he has done more damage to the jews than all white patriots combined.

    9. Arminius Says:

      Caught being drunk, driving drunk, denouning jewry in front of hostile police shows what a pathetic, silly character Mel actually is. Playing Jesus fitted that well.
      If he had some guts- no problem with 800 millions- he could have told ADL and their stooges denouncing him to go to hell- he would donate now 80 million to VNN and the National Alliance. Which would help to shut up the kikes- possibly for good. And thus he would become America’s greatest hero since Washington. Alas, Mel’s not the man for that. In vino veritas!

    10. Jim Says:

      Now Mel will be doing to the jews what he suggested the English do to the Scots. Stop at every house you pass, knock on the door and beg their forgiveness, then kiss their ass.

      NEW YORK (AP) _ The Museum of Jewish Heritage has invited actor Mel Gibson for a visit as part of his “journey of understanding” following his anti-Semitic tirade during a California traffic stop.

      “I have followed with great interest the events of the past several days and take your recent public apology very seriously,” museum Director David Marwell said in his Aug. 2 letter. “In that spirit, I would like to invite you to visit the Museum of Jewish Heritage _ A Living Memorial to the Holocaust.”

      He added, “We hope that you will consider this offer in good faith and look forward to the opportunity of participating in your journey of understanding.”

      Gibson, 50, was charged Wednesday with driving under the influence of alcohol and having an elevated blood-alcohol level and an open container of liquor in his car when he was pulled over last week. Gibson reportedly told the arresting deputy: “The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world,” and asked him, “Are you a Jew?”

      Gibson has apologized twice. In his latest statement he addressed the Jewish community, apologizing for his “vitriolic and harmful words.”

      Gibson has had a troubled relationship with Jewish organizations since his 2004 blockbuster “The Passion of the Christ,” which some criticized for portraying Jews as responsible for the death of Jesus. Supporters say the movie followed the Gospel story.

      The letter from the museum director was sent care of Gibson’s publicist, Alan Nierob, who did not immediately return a call seeking comment on Thursday.

      The museum, in Lower Manhattan, teaches about the Holocaust within the context of 20th century Jewish history.

    11. Anty Ep Says:

      Dont softpedal this. Let’s not pretend we’re not disappointed by Mel Gibson whining his apologies to the kikes like a candy ass.

      With an income of 800 million he’s got enough to tell them “fuck off.”

      Mel groveling before the Jew is like Peter denying the Christ during the time when the Kike Sandhedrin was spitting on him and “trying” him for blasphemy prior to handing over the Romans to do their murderous will. Mel no doubt can’t get away from this image– from the man in the mirror– so when he denies Him the third time– ere the cock crows– will he hang himself like a Judas goat, or maybe hit the bottle, or will he rally back like Peter and do what’s right– in a word, fighting Jews?

      We shall see.

    12. NO EXCUSES Says:

      No excuses for Mel until he changes gears. Keep sending his company emails and letters denouncing his belly-crawl to the kikes.

    13. 8Man Says:

      Mel must have good ‘jewdar’ .. even when drunk. James Mee, the cop who arrested him on PCH is a jew. So his question “Are you a jew?” makes a lot more sense.

      See: http://www.topix.net/content/cbs/1081429737366329480540206172043792112510?threadid=TD4VDS4U2VFIJK4N

      It’s too bad people like Gov. Arnold, Marlon Brando and Mel Gibson can’t speak the truth for ‘fear of the jews’.

    14. What the ....? Says:

      What the fuck is so damn fearful about the jews, other than the obvious we’ve discussed at length on here and elsewhere?
      There must be something else to this. A man worth close to a billion dollars is afraid of them. If I had a billion dollars, what would I have to fear from the kikes? I’d have the best security in the world, I’d have impenetrable fences, homeschol the kids, etc…
      Arnold is fucking GOVERNOR! he has real POWER now! what does he have to fear other than losing his job as governor, which would only highlight the jews to america more? he could start a fucking revolt against them if he wanted to.
      Marlon Brando, almost ditto to Mel.
      No, the jews must have something even bigger than we can imagine, some form of control we haven’t even thought of yet. Think about it